12 MONTH PROGRAM Brown: For Dogs up to 10 lbs

    12 MONTH PROGRAM Brown: For Dogs up to 10 lbs

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    This item is has been on MANUFACTURE DISCONTINUED. We recommend trying Capstar Flea control medicine - Capstar for dogs

    PROGRAM Flea Control Brown for Dogs up to 10 lbs

    PROGRAM (Lufenuron) flea control for dogs comes in the form of Flavor Tablets. This product controls Fleas by breaking the flea life cycle at the egg stage and prevents flea eggs and larvae from developing. PROGRAM Flavor Tabs contain Lufenuron, the active ingredient of PROGRAM, is an insect development inhibitor that stops the development of immature stages of the flea.

    Flea Cycle

    Female fleas feeding on treated animals will produce eggs out of which no larvae will hatch. The interruption of the flea life cycle results in a long-term, very effective flea control on the animal as well as in the environment. It is important that all pets in the household, both dogs, and cats should be treated with Program Flavor Tabs to effectively kill the flea cycle or else fleas will hop on to untreated pets and continue to lay eggs.

    Effectively eliminates the flea population!

    Program Flea Control is administered once a month oral tablet given with dog food. It may not work effectively if you don't give Program tablet to your pet with a full meal. Since Program Flea Control works at the egg stage, it can take several weeks to work at its full benefits. Program Flavor Tabs does not have effect on the adult fleas but it does control flea populations by breaking the flea life cycle at the egg stage. Each packet includes 6 tablets providing 6 months of total protection for your dog. The new Program Flavor Tablets are tastier and easier to administer.

    Flea Pyramid

    PROGRAM Flavor Tabs is EPA approved and registered. It's guaranteed to be the exact same product sold by your Veterinarian. Click here for more information on EPA-approved pet products.

    PROGRAM Flea Control Brown
    for Dogs up to 10 lbs
    • PROGRAM Suspension is safe and effective in preventing and controlling flea populations
    • Immediately starts working to breaks the flea life cycle
    • Can be used with Capstar Flea Treatment Tablets to kill adult fleas
    More Info
    Got Fleas?

    A product guide to flea and tick products.

    Flea Facts You Should Know

    Interesting flea facts to help your pets be pest-free.

    Fleas: Understanding the Enemy

    All about fleas and prevention.

    FAQ about Fleas/Ticks


    Helpful information on Ticks and your pets.

    Program helps dogs with flea problems
    Program is available in:
    Dogs (0 - 10 pounds) Dogs (11 - 20 pounds)
    Cats (0 - 6 lbs)
    Dogs (21 - 45 pounds)
    Cats (7 - 15 lbs)
    Dogs (46 - 90 pounds)
    6 month
    12 month
    6 month
    12 month
    6 month
    12 month
    6 month
    12 month

    Usage Info

    PROGRAM Flavor Tabs is 100% safe and effective in preventing and controlling flea populations and is usable with other flea products. Flavor Tabs provides month-long protection against flea infestations.

    Simple to Use

    Always give PROGRAM with a meal to ensure proper absorption. Make sure all pets in your home are protected against fleas.

    Recommended Dosage Schedule
    Body Weight Dose Lufenuron Per Tablet
    Up to 10 lbs One Tablet 45.0 mg
    11 to 20 lbs One Tablet 90.0 mg
    21 to 45 lbs One Tablet 204.9 mg
    46 to 90 lbs One Tablet 409.8 mg

    Dogs over 90 lbs. should receive the appropriate combination of tablets.




    Lufenuron is stored in the animal's body fat and transferred to adult fleas through their bite. Adult fleas transfer it to their eggs by its presence in the mother flea's blood, or by the larva feeding on pre-digested blood. This breaks the flea life cycle.


    After biting a PROGRAM Flavor Tabs treated dog, the female flea ingests Lufenuron which is deposited in her eggs. Lufenuron prevents these flea eggs from developing into mature adults. This safe and convenient approach to flea control effectively breaks the flea�s life cycle and controls flea populations.

    Main Purpose

    To break the flea life cycle and stop further infestation.

    Active Ingredients Amount
    Lufenuron 45 mg

    To prevent harm to you and your pet, read the entire label and enclosed directions before each use. Follow all directions and precautionary statements carefully. Avoid contact with eyes, and wash your hands thoroughly after each use.

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