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2 PACK - 3 MONTH TriForce for CATS 5 lbs & OVER

Item Number: 2PK14015
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TriForce for CATS 5 lbs & OVER provides pets with the ultimate protection.

  • Kills adult fleas, eggs and larvae
  • Kills ticks (deer and black-legged)
  • Repels mosquitoes up to 1 month

  • Contains three mL squeeze on applicators. Active ingredients are: Etofenprox - 55.00% Pyriproxyfen - 2.20% Other ingredients - 42.80%
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    Customer Reviews

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    4.06 rating based on 17 reviews
    works amazingly well! by Dana08/06/2009

    My 2 indoor and outdoor cats would get their ears and noses so bit up by mosquitoes every summer in north Texas. I searched for a product to help keep the mosquitoes off and found Triforce. It works so well! No more bites from mosquitoes at all!

    Give this a try! by Barbara06/27/2008

    I have battled fleas on my 5 cats for three years. (We moved into a house that was infested and we didn't know it when we bought the place) I have spent lots of money on Frontline and it didn't seem to be working at all for my pets. I combined this product with the CAPSTAR tablets and my pets went from infested to FLEA FREE in one day. It is a week later and I have seen only 1 live flea. This product seems to be working and it sure is a LOT less expensive than Frontline.

    by from 10/16/2011

    I bought this product for my three adult cats who had a light flea problem. Not only did it not get rid of the fleas, it made all three of them sick, and one VERY sick - I am afraid I may lose her.

    product by is from cheapI


    Tri Force by Divanor from Miami, FL02/14/2014

    This product did not work for my pets. It may be cheaper but it had no effect on my animals.

    Great product for a great price by Farmer Ann from Oklahoma04/17/2012

    This product is easy to use and works great. A great value for the price.

    by from 02/28/2013

    Made my cats sick by Razmataz from Cincinnati, OH10/16/2013

    I used this product for a few months and my cat started sneezing and ripping out her fur. Took her to the vet and he said she was having an allergic reaction. My male cat also sneezed and had a runny nose. They did not have fleas, but they got very sick from this product. I have stopped using it and still have a few months left of it. Wish I could have my money back.

    by rditrolio07/05/2012

    Tri-Force works well. Have used it on 9 cats - no fleas or ticks! (One cat, however, did lose hair in the spot where administered so use another product for him.)

    THE BEST!! by RUTH12/16/2009


    Flea Free by Peter03/16/2012

    Easy to use, works great. Not only kills the fleas on Julius but in a short order the whole house was flea free. No more fleas in the carpet, in the furniture etc. The cycle from eggs to larve to flea is broken. We are happy but most of all Julius is happy and that's what counts.

    making cats sick? by marge03/21/2012

    think it may be making my cats ill, uncoordinated, hair loss?

    Does NOT work by Carrie from New York07/01/2013

    Unfortunately, this product does NOT work. I used it on my 2 cats, and they have fleas. It did not protect them from getting them. Very disappointed!!! It was inexpensive, so I should have known!!

    by from 10/23/2014

    I used this when frontline failed me. Priced so wonderful, nobody had any side effects and worked great for the fleas and the ticks. would recommend

    the by one from forgoing


    Ti-Force by Kitten07/21/2013

    The product is good and working great on my 4 cats.

    Bad Reaction by Sara's Mom from Addison, TX06/16/2012

    Sara did not react well to this product. She seemed out of it for several days and didn't eat much during that time. She's fine now, but I won't use it again. I wanted to save some money, but she's definitely worth spending more.


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    3 MONTH TriForce for SMALL CATS 2.2-5 lbs3 MONTH TriForce for SMALL CATS 2.2-5 lbs
    Reg price: $13.99
    Sale price: $9.99
    3 MONTH TriForce for CATS 5 lbs & OVER3 MONTH TriForce for CATS 5 lbs & OVER
    Reg price: $14.99
    Sale price: $10.99

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