• 3-PACK GlycoFlex 2 (360 Soft Chews) + FREE Joint Treats!

    3-PACK GlycoFlex 2 (360 Soft Chews) + FREE Joint Treats!

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    Try Bonies Dental Bones - Hip & joint FormulaThese delicious, chicken flavored, soft chews are recommended to provide comprehensive support for joint function and connective tissue health in dogs with moderate joint dysfunction. GlycoFlex 2 represents Stage 2 of our comprehensive stage of life program for joint support. It's also recommended by veterinarians for adult and maturing dogs, sporting and working breeds as well as a follow-up to orthopedic surgery.

    More Effective alternative available for only $83.99 (480 chews)

    Comparison between old and new formulas.

    Usage Information

    Direction For Use:

    Initial (4-6 Weeks)
    Up to 30 lbs 1 chew daily
    31-60 lbs 2 chews daily
    61-100 lbs 4 chews daily
    101 lbs & over 5 chews daily

    Maintenance: (After initial period)
    Up to 30 lbs. 1 chew every other day
    31-60 lbs 1 chew daily
    61-100 lbs 2 chews daily
    101 lbs and over &3 chews daily
    If giving than 1 chew daily divide between AM and PM.


    Active Ingredients Per 2 Chews:
    Glucosamine HCI (Shrimp and Crab) 750 mg
    Perna Canaliculus (GlycOmega™ brand Green-Lipped Mussel) 600 mg
    Methylsulfonymethane (MSM) 500 mg
    N,N-Dimethylglycine HCI (DMG) 100 mg
    Manganese (Mn Proteinate) 10 mg
    Inactive Ingredients: arabic gum, brewers yeast, calcium suldate, canola oil, chicken liver flavor, citric acid, citrus pectin, glycerin, maltodectrin, mixed tocopherols, oat flour, propionic acid, rosemary extract, rye flour, silicon dioxide, sodium alginate, sorbic acid, soy lecithin, vegetable oil, water.

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    HARD AS A ROCK by JEiseman04/09/2013

    I purchased these before from entirelypets and they were hard as a rock, so I called I complained and got a partial refund. I don't know why, but I gave them a second chance and these "soft chews" are also rock hard. When I tried to call, I was on hold for at least 15 minutes and hung up in frustration. Not going to give them another try. If I wanted hard treats I could buy them but I pay the extra for the soft chews. Very Disappointed. And of course I bought the 3 pack for $80. Poor dog will just have to chew harder. I will say over all they help my dog who has had surgery on both knees for ACL repair.

    Definitetly Helps by Dirt Road from Californai Foothills02/17/2014

    Purchased to try and aid our almost 11 year old German Shepherd. He is a fairly large and active dog but began showing signs of difficulty when getting up after lying down particularly at night. While this is not a miracle supplement, it has had a positive effect and he appears to use significantly less effort to rise.

    The right stuff by Rick from Daalas, TX03/08/2012

    My Golden Retriever 18 months ago, was not able to walk very well. I started using the Glyco Flex II and double it for a yr. Now, at 14 & 1 /2 yrs. old he is walking great. It really help me & I so glad every day. He lets me know when its time for his treats and he loves them. Thanks to Glyco Flex II, he is back to normal for a old golden retriever. Rick

    Great Product by Laura04/03/2013

    I have been giving these treats to my dogs for about 6 months and they really seem to help them and they love the taste.

    Sheltie love it by John from St. Louis MO10/30/2011

    I have a CH MACH 10 year old Sheltie who still loves agility so I supplement her with GlycoFlex chews-she loves them and I can see an approvement when she runs a course

    Picky Dog Loves These by keeshondlover from Lavonia, GA06/19/2013

    My Keeshond with a very refined palate - aka PICKY - eats these without hesitation. I call them his "strong bone" treats.

    Recommended by my vet by Golden Friend02/19/2013

    My dogs love these chews and they are the only ones my vet recommends. She is a certified hip and joint specialist. My young dog is extremely picky, but his face lights up for these.

    Works by jen06/09/2012

    This really is helping my dog to be able to move better.

    Great product by BMW from Vermont05/27/2013

    We have been using these products since our dog was diagnosed with arthritis at 2 years old. She is now 7 and can still chase squirrels, a ball and anything that moves. She occasionally limps if she is around other dogs and plays too much but overall she does very well.

    Really good stuff by Clayton12/20/2012

    Our 8 year old German Shepard has gotten excellant results . She likes the new chewables.

    love it by mojomom10/23/2012

    I have been ordering this supplement for my dog for years! He loves it and one would never know he has hip dyslasia.

    by from 02/15/2013

    The chews are very easy to give. Our dog thinks there are treats. A great product and the pricing is excellent.

    that by is from negativeMy


    again...pricing by is from excellentI


    Good price if you want to wait by Luar 05 from Texas09/10/2013

    Great price. Only complaint is that it took about a week and a half to arrive.

    Very effective supplement by Patio from California03/14/2012

    This product has helped my older dog stay comfortable and mobile. I recommended it to a friend; she had the same success. I place the nuggets in his food but also accepts it as a treat.

    Highly recommended by shelterdogmom11/13/2011

    I have one dog who has had 2 ACL surgeries, and one dog who is 11 and doesn't quite have the spring in his step that he used to, so my vet recommended Glyco Flex II chews. They both love them, but more importantly, I believe that the Glycoflex has helped them. It doesn't happen overnight, but now my ACL girl walks normally without that slight limp and hesitation, and also after a run in the backyard with her siblings:) And my 11 yr old boy can now keep up with his siblings during our stroll around the block, no limping, no problem:)

    excellent price by ryaner8083 from PA & Fla12/07/2011

    I checked other sites and Entirely Pets was the best deal by far !

    great joint compound ! by crtrlvr from North Lakewood, WA.03/28/2012

    I love this product for my almost 10 year old sibling Rotties ! They act like yearlings again and expect me to keep up (:->)

    great product / great price by chaos from Cincinnati05/30/2012

    my dogs love them(always a plus) and they work great too. great deal with 3 packs of the glyco flex plus the free joint treats

    Great Product by lautere11/13/2012

    Vet recommended this product for my German Shepherd after his leg surgery and it has made a huge improvement in his mobility.

    great buy by zookeeper from Portland, OR10/09/2013

    My dog loves these and thinks they are a treat...she knows the morning ritual and doesn't let me forget to give them to her....she will stand in front of the cabinet and wait for them. Priced well and an extra support for those joints.

    Love Glycoflex II chewables! by shelterdogmom from Pittsburgh, PA10/29/2012

    I have a 12 yr old Lab/Newf who was having some difficulty walking that comes with old age and arthirits; I also have an 8 yr old Lab mix who has had 2 ACL surgeries and the eventual arthritic changes. So the vet recommended Glycoflex II chews for both of them. It takes a while to see results, but it truly has made a difference in activity and comfort levels for my babies. I strongly recommend!

    It really works! by Goldenluvr from Fairfield, CT03/27/2012

    When I mentioned to my vet tech sister that my 12 year old Golden was no longer jumping up on the couch to snuggle as much as she used to, she recommended the the GlyciFlex II for her, so I ordered it immediately. I started noticing withing about a month's use that is is now hopping back up. She has always been active and spends more time ever playing with my 6 yr old Golden. I really believe the GlycoflexII has put her back in action. Also shopped it out, and found your prices to be the best!

    gooooood by yvonne11/11/2011

    My little doggy is happy. It might be delicious~~ I think she is going to healty~

    Good product for dogs with arthritis by Grammy05/29/2012

    I have been using GlycoFlex for my Golden Retrievers who have had hip surgeries and arthritis for several years. Excellent product recommended by our vet.

    my 3 legged dog loves it by cassidy's mom05/23/2014

    From the start Cassidy's doctor advised us to start the Glyco Flex to insure the remaining front leg stay strong for his mobility and enjoyment of life. He is nearly 8 years old and still loves his daily runs. It's a great product.

    My dog and I are both happy by Susan from Gig Harbor, WA11/27/2012

    GlycoFlex II is a great product and I have been giving it to my dog Dexter since he turned 10. He is now 13 and shows no signs of joint problems. Entirely Pets is the cheapest and fastest way to buy this product. Each time I have ordered, I have received the order within a few days. Pleasure doing business with Entirely Pets. Thanks!

    GREAT!!!!! by MAndy02/16/2009

    My Peanut recently had knee replacement surgery and they found arthritis during surgery. She has been taking Glyco Flex for 6 months and is doing great!! She does prefer the soft chews, they are more like a treat. They truely are great!!

    Great Deal! by Nana10/26/2012

    I was very impressed with the promptness of the delivery of my order and the amazing savings over what I had been paying at the vet's office. The bonus treats for our dog were very generous. I will definitely be ordering from Entirely Pets again.

    Working great for my dog! by WJ12/30/2008

    Woogie loves these...use a ziploc bag because the packaging is difficult but the chews do dry out.

    Great Value! by JB from Raleigh, NC04/09/2012

    Product was exactly what expected, arrived in specified time-frame, and bonus treats are nice touch!

    Glyco Flex II by Vivian07/30/2013

    Easy order, quick delivery, and exact product I normally get through veterinarian but for much less. Also received free joint treats which my dog loves :)

    Great Product!! by Ellen Beck10/16/2008

    I have a 14yr old dog who could barely go on walks.She was in pain and limped on her front leg. I started her on Glycoflex ll and after awhile she stopped limping and had more energy. I won't change brands, Zoee and I are very thankful for this supplement.

    best for joints by brooke03/19/2008

    The tablets my dog refused to eat, but he likes the soft chews. They just stink!

    by LauraD from Fort Myers, FL05/30/2012

    Good product, works well. Dogs love the taste.

    Great Product! by GoldenLuvr from Fairfield, CT12/04/2012

    I have had my Goldens on GlycoFlex II for a year now. It has made a noticable difference in my older girl. Highly recommended.

    works great by jen from Jeannette,Pa04/26/2013

    will continue to purchase as long as i own pets

    Good value by goldensmomma11/01/2011

    I am a comparison shopper, and Entirely Pets offers the largest quantity of this item for the best price! I buy for 3 dogs, so I like to buy a large quantity to last a few months. Good deal!

    Joint Treats by Smurph from Maryland11/06/2012

    The Glycoflex are great - my complaint (such as it is, is with the free Joint Treats ... they changed the recipe and they are not as soft and gooey now. I used to use them to hide my dogs pill in - I could break them in half and put the pill in the middle and squish the Joint Treat back together. Now they are more brittle and can't be squished!!!


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    This product has met all of the stringent quality and safety standards set by the NASC.

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    6-PACK GlycoFlex 2 (720 Soft Chews) + FREE Joint Treats!6-PACK GlycoFlex 2 (720 Soft Chews) + FREE Joint Treats!
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