• 3 Packs ADAPTIL (DAP) Collar for Puppies and Small Dogs

    3 Packs ADAPTIL (DAP) Collar for Puppies and Small Dogs

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    ADAPTIL (DAP)Collar contains DAP and offers a natural and convenient way to help manage stress-related behavior in your dog. Designed to provide comfort to puppies and adult dogs in stressful situations, ADAPTIL helps responsiveness to behavior therapy and training.

    Nursing mother dogs naturally produce an appeasing pherome. Clinical studies have demonstrated that a synthetic analogue of this pheromne (DAP) helps provide reassurance and comfort to puppies and dogs of all ages.

  • Helps reduce stress in challenging situations (louds noises, boarding, travelling and new surroundings)
  • Promotes learning and improves adaptation to modern lifestyle, helping prevent potential stress-related behavior problems in adulthood.

  • *The efficacy of ADAPTIL has been proven by numerous clinical studies published in scientific journals or presented at international conferences (under the trademark D.A.P.). Please refer to the directions on how to fit the ADAPTIL Collar.

    The ADAPTIL Collar will last up to 4 weeks. Unless you are shampooing the dog the colar must remain on at all times.

    The ADAPTIL Collar may be used with ADAPTIL Diffuser or ADAPTIL Spray as required.

    ADAPTIL can be used with traditional medications.

    ADAPTIL is behavioral pheromone treatment, not veterinary medicine. If there are signs od disease or other medical issues, consult your veterinarian.

    For best result, carefully follow instructions and precautions on the package insert.
    Frequently Asked Questions


    Usage Information

  • Place a finger in the plastic loop situated in the inside of the collar close to the buckle
  • Using this loop pull the thin plastic to uncoil the collar
  • Fasten the collar
  • Place over your dogs head to tie loosely around the neck.
  • Tighten the collar to fit snugly with your dog's skin
  • You should be able to place no more than 2 fingers between collar and dog's skin.
  • Ensure the collar is fixed inside the buckle
  • Cut off the excess portion of the collar

  • ADAPTIL Collar wil last 4 weeks. Replace collar as required. Unless you are shampooing the dog, the collar must remain on at all times. Duration of use must be determined by the nature/cause of the fear and according to the duration of combined behavior therapy.

    Remove the collar before bathing or shampooing your dog and replace it after the dog's coat is dry. Collar will not release pheromone when wet.
  • Do not use collar on dogs with extensive skin lesions
  • D.A.P. Collar is not a pharmaceutical product

  • Composition
    Canine appeasing pheromone analogue.....................5%
    Excipients. q.s..................................1 collar 100%

    Customer Reviews

    DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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    adaptil (DAP) collar by anne from Urbana Il01/28/2014

    I found it a helpful product for my dogs issues. I can tell when the 30 days is up by the increase of her issues. I have recommended this to others.

    Company doesn't stand behind product by Lexi's mom06/18/2013

    I purchased this for my Cocker Spaniel and after 2 days it broke. Called the company and they would not replace it, so we super glued it back together and it seems to be holding. Seems to work okay, but I am not sure I would recommend the product because the company does not stand behind the product. Cheap construction!

    Wonderful product!! by cacooper from North Carolina07/11/2013

    I have a greyhound with Separation Anxiety and shyness. The DAP collars work for her. I can tell when it is starting to "wear" out, too. They do only last about 4 weeks.

    by Carolyn07/16/2012

    Have used the product for over a year now with much success..

    Super fast delivery, great product by Point Cook Dog Training from Point Cook, Australia01/10/2012

    This product is fabulous and works so well on many stressed dogs. Delivery this time round was super fast.

    Works great by Rory & Quin from Vancouver, British Columbia11/12/2012

    Purchased to help my dogs with the Halloween fireworks in the area. Collars and defuser together work very well.

    Less Tension in the House by alby from Sacramento, CA11/08/2013

    The D.A.P. collars have been effective in keeping several of my American Cocker Spaniels calmer. Of the 5 I have, 3 wear the collars always. I believe it makes them feel calmer and it seems to make them respond more quickly when I ask something of them. They are only effective for about 3 weeks for me and I can tell when the period is ending because a couple of the dogs get edgier. I'm so glad I found these. I also use an Adaptil diffuser in my living room where all but one of the dogs spend most of their time.

    awesome service by Chiara at PCDT from Point Cook, Australia02/14/2013

    great as usual, fast order, fast delivery, super reliable

    Calms pet by Ash from Charlotte, NC04/28/2013

    Works great. She's instantly calm when I put one on her.

    Didn't work! by Wild Bill from San Jose, CA07/25/2014

    In use for over a month before the 4th, used in conjunction with pheromone defuser,

    great product by bc from valley city OH06/25/2014

    Our dog was always nervous with people outside and these collars have calmed her down. Also works well with thunderstorms.

    Love these collars! by Divergirltina04/06/2013

    My dog loves these collars & i highly recommend them!

    by from 11/13/2011

    When our (then) puppy's behaviorist recommended these to us we were frankly quite skeptical. I am happy to say we were wrong! He has severe separation anxiety disorder, and these collars have made a huge difference in his overall anxiety level. It's obvious from his behavior when it is wearing off, but what we find really amazing is that when we get the new package out he is all over us! We can barely open it and cut it to size because he's climbing all over me, licking my hands and face - we're afraid we're going to accidentally snip his snout in the process.

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    by from 05/27/2014

    Great product:

    - by 11 from monthWe


    DAP Collar Calmed Her Down by Rosie's Mom11/12/2011

    We are in the process of re-training our 8 year old toy poodle who is extremely attached to her Mom. This collar was recommended by her pet trainer and it works. Rosie is much calmer when she has the collar on and it will be much appreciated when we fly with her across the country in December.

    Wouldn't be without them by Taz02/04/2014

    One dog has submissive urination and is super hyper and nervous. This collar calms her down and the submissive urination is much better. Also I put it on her when she goes to the groomer and I spray some of the spray on a blanket and put it in the car when we go to calm her down there. The behavior specialist we went to with both of our dogs recommended the collars. The other dog is a little testy sometimes and it seems to mellow her out. If they calm down it is easier for them to learn and build confidence and the confidence clears up a lot of behavior problems. Don't give up on dogs/cats with behavior problems, it takes a little work but it is worth it.

    Helps Ease Severe Separation Anxiety by PuppyMama08/07/2010

    I'm the lucky mama of a 6 month old beagle mix with severe separation anxiety. She starts scratching at the door, crying, barking, and howling within minutes of us leaving the house. We tried kong toys, lots of exercise, low key leaving/greetings, and none of it was making much difference. I bought the DAP collar after reading positive reviews. I wasn't sure how much of an impact the collar was having until I took it off one day when we went to the dog beach to avoid getting it wet. She had gotten to the point where she could stay 10-20 minutes alone without crying or yelping. Well, the day we took the collar off her, she started crying the moment the door shut. I was surprised by her strong reaction and then realized that her collar was off. I put it back on and she was back to her "normal" self. I noticed the same pattern about 4 weeks after we bought it when it needed to be replaced. She showed much more frantic behavior when we would leave, so I replaced the collar and now she is back to herself. While the collar is far from a cure for her, it has taken the "edge off" her anxiety enough that I think with time and patience we will be able to train her to stay alone. I would recommend it to others facing similar problems.

    disappointed by ron from greenville sc09/16/2013

    didn't work for my 15lb mixed terrier-7 yrs old

    Reformulated Product Concern by Murpher from Indiana03/27/2012

    Original D.A.P. collar immediately calmed my Golden Retriever of noises, storms, other dogs and was totally awesome! In the second box of the 3- pk. (month 2) as Entirely Pets informed me, was a newly reformulated D.A.P. collar. It had no effect for a few days, we removed it for a bath, and he has since been lethargic, edgy and appears to be depressed. I'm afraid to put it back on, or leave it off! Loved old formulation, fear new one.

    Calming Miracle by relieved owner08/24/2014

    This collar has been saving grace for our rescue dog. We got him two months ago after he was taken from an abusive home where he spent his first year of life. He is a nervous character prone to aggression in uncertain circumstances. The vet tech recommended the product to us.The collar transforms him. I am not kidding. As we neared the end of the 30 days, at days 25 and 26, suddenly he was lurching again and trying to strike. I decided to replace collar and within hours that behavior stopped. In our case, we will replace every 21-24 days rather than 30.

    EXCELLENT by JERSEY01/27/2014

    This product is excellent. We use it all the time. The dogs don't seem to mind the collar either!

    great by rgh from Bremerton WA05/30/2012

    the collar works very well for my dog's anixity

    Better Than Drugs by Yo12/25/2013

    My 3 dogs get into fights over resources. We ordered the DAP collars to complement behavior modification programs. They seem to improve their ability to deal with stressors and heighten the reactivity threshold. They also work fine regarding thunderstorm anxiety.

    works wonders by resqchick from Vacaville, CA07/31/2013

    My dog has been suffering from anxiety for years. We have tried everything including numerous drugs which I hate using and only knock my dog out. She has a tremendous fear of noises fireworks, thunder and even birds outside. She has severe anxiety attacks and has not had a single one since she has been wearing the DAP collar. I realize not everything works the same on every dog but this is definately worth trying. For a complete review and video go to my FaceBook page at WagZone Pet Care.

    In the arsenal for my anxious dog by Laura from Crested Butte, CO11/08/2011

    I've been using these on my sweet but very nervous and neurotic, fear aggressive rescue dog for about a year, now. I really believe they keep her calmer. After about a month, I can tell her stress is rising and she needs a new collar. For my dog, the DAP collars have not been miraculous by any means (I wish they were) but in combination with amitriptyline and various behavioral modifications, her anxiety is less extreme and easier to handle. Definitely worth a try.

    dap collars by cam from australia12/25/2012

    I love this product but am awaiting your reply regarding your sending the wrong product. Your prompt reply would be appreciated.

    Amazing ! by Potsie from Minnesota06/01/2013

    I put this collar on my super hyper rat terrier and she immediately calmed down and slept for 2 days after being beside herself hyper for 2 years. Her barking has decreased, she can now lie calmly next to me. It starts wearing off around 3 weeks on her. I purchase 3 at a time. I will never be without these for her again.

    by from 11/08/2011

    These are the best for assisting a neurotic dog calm. I first used them to help a recently rescued Sheltie settle into his new home. He had been constantly shaking and experiencing GI issues due to his new stress. The DAP collar and plug in kept near his crate helped tremendously. Now my second Sheltie is using these collars in addition to Prozac to help with his fear and anxiety issues he has recently acquired. The medication and the DAP collar work well together and the fears are subsiding. I recommend these collars to others when asked while at the neighborhood dog park. Two others are now using them also with improvement in their dogs' fears also.

    that by it from takesThe


    sanity by puppymom07/31/2012

    This little collar has been a terrific help in calming our anxious three year old puppy. She is small so we liked the old style, thinner, black collar rather than the new bulky grey collar. But sure have suggested it to many we see. Great idea.

    Great! by CricksMum from MSP09/22/2013

    With an end of life dog who has accidents in the house I recommend the collars. Our pups noticeably more calm and having fewer accidents inside.

    Great for calming! by lilachaze from Upstate NY10/23/2012

    This was originally prescribed through an animal behaviorist to calm our dog; it does work, but you have to be sure to change them when recommended. And, much more reasonably priced here than via a vet!

    Adaptil collar for small dogs by Peanut from Alberta, Canada04/14/2014

    We thought the collar was helping a little, she did seem a bit better. But even weariing it, she went into full blown panic attacks last week. It was not enough. We don't really know what has set her off. We have added the Adaptil Diffuser and have been playing classical music which has made more of a difference. However, she still does start to wind up and we also have meds from the Vet and a Thundershirt. So far, we feel the Thundershirt has the best effect.

    Fight Saver by Maryh from St. Louis, MO02/05/2013

    Calming collars have helped reduce stress and fighting between 2 young female dogs. Use in combination with the atomizer. I have not had a fight-related vet visit since I started using the collars regularly. The effectiveness seems to last about 30 days sometimes less. I would definitely give them a try if your pet has stress/anxiety issues.

    Effective by Sam from Richmond, Va.04/09/2013

    Seems to be very effective in releaving anxiety associated with agility trials.

    Great Product! by beth from Murfreesboro, TN06/23/2014

    Our Vet recommended we get the Adaptil collar for our dog Max who is anxious much of the time. The collar has worked to keep him calmer. I had thought that maybe it wasn't working until I took the collar off to bath him and forgot to put it back on. Then I realized just how good the collar really worked and got it back on him. I would recommend this product to anyone!

    Solved a huge problem for us! by beachmusic from Tampa, FL10/22/2012

    These DAP collars are amazing. Our dog had a severe storm/fireworks phobia and we hadn't found anything to solve this trauma. Our vet tech recommended the DAP collars and they have worked wonders. We leave them on all the time and replace the collar every month. Plan to use these for many, many years to come.

    Awesome Product by LB from Kansas City12/06/2011

    I foster dogs and most are VERY stressed when they come to me. I see such a calming change come over them within a day or two after putting on the DAP collar. I like the collars better then the plugins because they are great for stressful travelers. My last foster dog was being sedated by her owners during thunder storms. I did not have to give her any sedation she just a DAP collar.

    Great non-drug option! by Schnoodle Mom from Ohio10/27/2011

    I adopted a dog and she was really upset/fearful at first. These collars really work great. After putting it on she calmed down a lot. Really would recommend this product to anyone with a dog with anxiety problems.

    Adaptil Collar by Pat from Hemet, CA09/27/2013

    This collar worked real well for us with the dog we got from the local shelter. He is a corgi mix and is terrified of thunder, gun shots or other loud noises. Once we put the collar on him, it made a big difference in keeping him calm during these happening. He still gets nervous, but at least he no longer hyper-ventilates and tries to bury himself inside you. I recommended to a friend and unfortunetly, it didn't have the same results. So each person has to try it themselves to see if it works.

    DAP COLLARS by JERSEY04/30/2012

    I purchased the DAP collar for my dog on the recommendation of the vet I took her to in a new town where we had recently moved. My dog was having some anxiety about the move and the new place. I tried the collar on her and she was much calmer. Her behavior was much different (better) and I would highly recommend this product.

    by from 04/02/2013

    Great for Anxious Dog by Martha from St. Louis, MO11/07/2012

    Our vet behaviorist told us to get this for our anxious/agressive dog and it's been amazing. I would recommend this to anyone.

    DAP by JERSEY07/25/2012

    This is a great product for dogs to use on a daily basis. It usually keeps them calm during stressful situations, like storms and when your family moves. I will say that when I first received the product from DAP, it was solid black and worked a lot better. It now comes in grey and says ADAPTIL on it. I don't think it works as well. But overall, I think it is a great product. We even use the diffusers that plug in the outlets.


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    6 PACK ADAPTIL (DAP) Dog Appeasing Pheromone REFILL (288mL)6 PACK ADAPTIL (DAP) Dog Appeasing Pheromone REFILL (288mL)
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    ADAPTIL D.A.P. Collar - Dog Appeasing Pheromone SmallAdaptil DAP Collar
    Reg price: $32.28
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    ADAPTIL (DAP) Collar - Dog Appeasing Pheromone Small & Medium DogsADAPTIL (DAP) Collar - Dog Appeasing Pheromone Small & Medium Dogs
    Reg price: $32.99
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    3-PACK ADAPTIL (DAP) Collar - Dog Appeasing Pheromone Small & Medium Dogs3-PACK ADAPTIL (DAP) Collar - Dog Appeasing Pheromone Small & Medium Dogs
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