• 3 Pack Frontline Spray LARGE (1500 mL)

    3 Pack Frontline Spray LARGE (1500 mL)

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    Frontline Spray is convenient, highly effective and only needs to be sprayed once a month over the body to give your pet superior flea and tick protection. This is probably the best flea/tick spray available. It does not contain the potentially toxic insecticides found in most pet store sprays. A good choice for rapid activity in severe flea infestations. It's also good to have on hand if your pet is suddenly exposed to fleas, even when your pet is already on monthly flea control like Frontline topical or Advantage. The NEW large 500 mL bottle gives you twice as much as the old one and you save money as well!


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    satisfaction guaranteed by llamalady04/24/2013

    The Frontline Spray very successfully does what I want it to do..........kills mange mites on my alpacas. The high cost of shipping does make the product quite expensive, however. Getting it from Entirely Pets gives me the confidence that it is not a counterfeit product.

    Best product there is for house with cats and dogs by Jose from Puerto Rico02/05/2013

    This is a really effective product with a lasting effect. Excellent against ticks and fleas and safe to use on dogs as well as cats. For those cats who don't like to take long baths and need to have protection against fleas, Frontline spray is a great option.

    Frontline spray for cats by Dolly from Bucharest, Romania10/23/2012

    This summer we were experiencing very tough moment with our cats, it was an invasion of a very different type of red fleas, therefore no other product was efficient. We immediately used the product and as of the next day, fleas were destroyed. We are from Romania and we have 26 stray cats so for us it was really difficult to buy treatment for all of them but we decided to make a financial sacrifice. We r very happy we used your products. Thank u Frontline.

    buy this product from someone else... by mom06/25/2014

    This is a great product...however this company took a WHOLE MONTH to send it to me...I called them often and they had to wait to settle with FEDEX for losing my order before they would ship me a new order....what a way to do business . NOT...never will order from them again...poor quality customer service....

    Great Product by LYL10/12/2013

    I recommend this to anyone who has concerns about flea and tick control in addition to the monly treatmenr. It works great!

    FANTASTIC AND works on horses by nomorefleas from Owensboro, KY12/08/2010

    Bought for the dogs and cats, but found that it can be used on the horses to kill ticks. Had a horrible problem last year, no more with this. Good stuff!

    frontline spray by Debbie11/21/2011

    I was happy to find that you first of all sold frontline spray, as it is hard to find now that everyone uses spot on products. It was really nice that you sold the large bottles and then I could save more money by buying the 3 pack. The product was as I ordered it and in good shape when I got it. I recieved it in a reasonable amount of time, especially for not having to pay shipping. Very satisfyed.

    good by amyh12/27/2012

    works great. we had no issues with flea.

    by Carole09/12/2014

    I and several friends have been using Frontline Spray for years to prevent Lyme Disease in our horses. We do this on the recommendation of out late vet who was part of a study which found it useful in preventing tick bites. Before using Frontline, my horse got Lyme every 1 and 1/2 yrs to 2 yrs. . In the 8 yrs using it he has had it once.

    excellent product(s) by thunder21104/20/2012

    When used with a spot treatment, frontline spray worked better than any products I've tried.I've recently purchased "knockout" and siphotrol area spray and siphotrol yard spray.Knockout impressed me greatly.Products from the grocery and home improvement stores were a waste of time and alot of money.In one room knockout did in 30 seconds what all 3 of the other products couldn't do at all.The siphotrol yard spray worked but we had 3 days of heavy thunderstorms hours after I treated the yard,so that has to be resprayed. The siphotrol area spray I haven't used yet because I wanted to save the "Big Guns" for last.I hope people understand that the products I've purchased from your company, though somewhat pricey,is actually a savings because they work.$10 to $15 for a gallon of spray from the store and be covered in fleas hours later,or about $10 for a can of "Knockout" and be rid of them. Do the Math. I ordered from Entirely Pets because you appeared to have the best prices and free shipping over $85. Total between 4 houses we care for 5 dogs, and over 60 cats. We couldn't afford to keep buying products that didn't work. Glad we found you. Thank you.

    Great product & pricing by BuzznHum from McMinnville, OR08/01/2014

    We use Frontline Spray on our alpacas. Just a few sprays between the toes and they're good to go! With a herd of 40 alpacas, the large 3 pk bottles insure we don't run out & Entirelypets.com has great pricing. We recommend Frontline Spray to many of our alpaca breeder friends to help combat, mites and ticks and it's works!

    Frontline Spray by Sheena from Queensland Australia11/09/2012

    I've used Frontline Spray for ten years since I moved to rural Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. Brilliant for ticks, which are a big problem here on the coast. Cannot recommend the product and Entirely Pets highly enough. Product and service 5 star.

    by ltbrahma from Saint Charles MI12/19/2012

    A great product, that works. We use the product, on our poultry, which takes care of mites, for at least 30 days. Nothing else works as well.

    Save money on frontline products by d.b from Texas11/07/2012

    Fleas and ticks thrive in Texas because of the warm climate, so, With three large Dogs and a couple of Cats I am always looking for the best price and best products to keep my pets healthy. With Frontline and Entirely pets product pricing, I've found both. I paid about 40% less than at the vets office, and all shipped free.

    Great product! by CP06/04/2012

    I found this product very effective and easy to use. A very much needed product for GAWT Goa but too expensive.

    best by Maxx11/03/2012

    best i can find to kill fleas! you should wear rubber gloves to apply.

    Great Product by alpaca farm girl from Glencoe Alabama05/29/2012

    Frontline spray is the best way to cure a kind of mange mite that alpacas get. And the easiest treatment for it.

    Frontline Spray for Alpacas by Karen from New Waterford, OH10/17/2013

    I am using Frontline Spray on my alpacas to kill chorioptic mites. It is amazing the improvement after 3 treatments. One of my alpacas who had lost the hair on her face and ears due to scratching from the mites now has hair back on her ears and face. My alpacas are happier and more relaxed now because they are not scratching all the time.

    Best Deal I've found by Mike from Dallas, TX03/29/2013

    Buying the big spray bottle of Frontline beats buying the applications individually and is a timesaver if you're treating several dogs. We have our own rescue with over 50+ dogs, so this is a must!

    Best Treatment on the market by jumbanadogs from Cambridge, UK06/16/2010

    Always use it, brilliant treatment. Definately reccommend it to all dog owners :)

    Great Product by LJ01/30/2013

    I really like the frontline spray it seems to work best for my dogs. Best Price I could find and product arrived quickly.

    Frontline Spray by Juli11/24/2012

    I have found this spray to be remarkable, I rescue kitties so this is the most economic way for me to make sure that they do not have fleas or get fleas. I waited to long to order this product so now I am having a hard time getting rid of the fleas, but that was my fault not the products. I have recommended this product to several different people and they really like it also. I am going to order more soon to continue getting rid of these fleas. Thank you so much for carrying this product.


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