• 4-PACK Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews (960 Chews)

4-PACK Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews (960 Chews)

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Joint MAX® Triple Strength (TS) Soft Chews

Triple Strength (TS) for Dogs is recommended for joint health with powerful active ingredients that enhance the functions of joint and connective tissue as well as antioxidants to help reduce oxidative stress. The Joint Max TS proprietary blend was selected to target every aspect of joint health: lubrication, cushioning of tissues, and support of cartilage, connective tissues, and bones.

Use Joint MAX TS for Maximum Support
This powerful joint supplement is intended for older or middle aged large dogs or smaller dogs with maximum joint health needs or soreness from daily activity or exercise.

Joint MAX TS Active Ingredients
The ingredients in Joint MAX, Glucosamine and Chondroitin, work together to support joint health by supporting the structural integrity of joints and connective tissues. Joint MAX is a highly palatable supplement. Joint MAX can be given with prescription drugs.

Joint MAX Family of Supplements

Available in a variety of formulas, Joint MAX® supplements deliver customized support to match the specific health needs of your pet. Joint MAX comes in three strengths and a variety of delivery methods for easy administration. There is a proper strength of Joint MAX for every size and breed of dog, cat, and horse that needs it. Joint MAX also offers a Hypo-Allergenic (HA) formula specifically designed for animals with sensitivites to known allergens or animals on restricted diets. The Hypo-Allergenic formula is free from the top 9 most common dog allergens: beef, corn, soy, wheat, dairy, chicken, lamb, rabbit, and egg.

Key Features:

  • Glucosamine 1000 mg
  • MSM 600 mg
  • Chondroitin 150 mg
  • EPA/DHA 54 mg / 36 mg
  • Antioxidant Blend 375 mg
  • Delicious Soft Chews are Easy to Give
  • Joint MAX is proudly manufactured in the USA.

    Dogs Needing Joint Care
    by Size

    Joint MAX TS Highlights
    • Veterinarian Recommended
    • Maximum Joint Support
    • Powerful Antioxidants
    • For Dogs of All Ages!

    Common Areas Needing Support

    Roll over each area to learn more.




    Intervertebral Joints




    "Our dogs are 5 & 7 years old & really seem to feel better after starting them on this supplement. They are very active dogs & used to limp at times after vigorous exercise but not anymore! The difference has been incredible!!"

    "Joint MAX has done wonders for my 8 year old Lab. He is more active and happier and even loves the taste."

    Read More Joint MAX Testimonials!

    Joint MAX® is also available in:

    Regular Strength

    Double Strength

    Triple Strength

    Liquid Formula

    180 Tablets

    60 Soft Chews for Cats

    80 Capsules for Cats

    Granules for Cats (60 Doses)

    120 Tablets

    250 Tablets

    120 Soft Chews

    120 Capsules

    250 Capsules

    120 Tablets

    120 Soft Chews

    240 Soft Chews

    Granules (120 Doses)

    Granules Hypo-Allergenic (120 Doses)

    Granules for Equine (180 Doses)

    32 fl oz Liquid for Dogs

    8 fl oz Liquid for Cats

    60 ml Liquid Hyaluronic Acid


    Usage Info

    Directions for Use
    For Use In: Dogs
    Administration: Administer soft chew directly to dog. Can be given during or after meal time.
    Loading Administration: Double the daily amount for first 3 weeks.
    Size of Dog Daily
    Under 15 lb 1/2 Chew
    15 - 30 lb 1 Chew
    31 - 60 lb 2 Chews
    61 - 100 lb 4 Chews
    Over 100 lb 5 Chews
    After 3 weeks loading dose, if positive results are seen, reduce to maintenance dose. Since each pet's body is different, results may take longer in some pets. If positive results are not seen, continue loading dose.

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    Active Ingredients per (2 Soft Chews):
    Glucosamine HCl (Shellfish Source) 1000 mg
    Methylsulphonylmethane (MSM) 600 mg
    Creatine Monohydrate 400 mg
    Chondroitin Sulfate (Porcine Source) 150 mg
    Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) 54 mg
    Vitamin C 50 mg
    Vitamin E 50 IU
    Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 36 mg
    Boswellia Serrata 20 mg
    Hyaluronic Acid 2 mg
    L-Glutathione 2 mg
    Zinc 2 mg
    Alpha Lipoic Acid 200 mcg
    Citrus Biflavonoids 200 mcg
    Selenium 2 mcg
    Proprietary Antioxidant Blend: Brewer's Yeast, Cinnamon, Turmeric Root Powder, Grape Seed Extract, Valerian Root, Cranberry Juice Extract 375 mg
    Inactive Ingredients: Dicalcium Phosphate, Glycerine, Magnesium Stearate, Marine Lipid Concentrates, Molasses, Polyethylene Oxide, Powdered Liver (non-bovine), Starch, Sucrose, TBHQ, Vegetable Fiber, Vegetable Oil, and Vegetable Shortening.

    Joint MAX Triple Strength Comparison
      Joint MAX® Triple Strength Synovi G3® Glyco Flex® II Cosequin® DS
    Chondroitin no no
    MSM no
    Creatine Monohydrate no no
    Eicosaentaenoic Acid (EPA) no no
    Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) no no
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin E no
    Grape Seed Extract no
    Zinc no no
    L-Glutathione no no
    Alpha Lipoic Acid no no
    Citrus Bioflavonoids no no
    2-PACK Joint MAX Triple Strength (240 Chewable Tablets)2-PACK Joint MAX Triple Strength (240 Chewable Tablets)Reg price: $99.99
    Sale price: $69.99
    2-PACK Joint MAX Triple Strength Granules (240 Doses)JOINT MAX TS 1920 gReg price: $72.99
    Sale price: $63.99
    3-PACK Joint MAX Triple Strength (360 Chewable Tablets) + FREE Joint Treats3-PACK Joint MAX Triple Strength (360 Chewable Tablets) + FREE Joint TreatsReg price: $177.50
    Sale price: $105.99
    6-PACK Joint MAX Triple Strength (720 Chewablet Tablets) + FREE Joint Treats6-PACK Joint MAX Triple Strength (720 Chewablet Tablets) + FREE Joint TreatsReg price: $304.99
    Sale price: $208.99
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    Customer Reviews

    DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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    really good service by joann10/24/2012

    The product I already knew having bought it through my vet. The price here is MUCH better.

    Two Great Products In One by psudrew from Phila, PA11/15/2011

    My vet recommended glucosamine for my ten year old boxer (Joe). The pills are not cheap and Joe would not eat the pills unless in a pill pocket due to the acidic smell. This product allows me to eliminate the pill pocket and the added cost. Plus Joe loves the taste. Highly recommend.

    3-PACK JOINT MAX TRIPLE STRENGTH SOFT CHEWS (720 C by METOO from Wisconsin11/04/2012

    Great product. My dogs love them. Our pet sitter forgot the treats for just 3 days and you could really see the difference in our dogs. They were stiff and uncomfortable, unable to jump and just plain unhappy. We immediately started on the treats and within 2 days they were back to their old spunky selves. Great for young and old dogs. I recommend these treats to every pet owner I know,.

    2nd time is a Charm!!! by Elecblue05/30/2012

    I was not pleased with the initial product I received. I have been ordering from EntirelyPets for many, many years and was a little disappointed when I received my initial order. The chews were either 'ancient', or had been in the sun too long during shipping (my guess is the first option, as they did not have an expiration date listed on them). After contacting EntirelyPets and chating with JD, a replacement order was shipped to me and I gladly sent the original order back to them. I can gladly say that my replacement order came with an expiration date of 04/2015 (Yeah!!) and the chews were moist and soft.........just like my girls like 'em. (plus I like them that way as I use them to hide their medication pills in...LOL) EntirelyPets was 'johnny on the spot' at rectifying the situation.

    life changing by Ricki10/28/2011

    Our Newfoundland was only 5 yrs old when he started having issues with mobility. We started him on this regimen and have had awesome results. Now he can still play like the other dogs at age 7.

    Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews by Heather from Dallas, TX11/06/2012

    I have bought these for my two elderly dachshunds for several years. Unlike with most things that are good for them, they think they are getting a treat. There's no way for me to know how helpful the Chews are for their arthritic conditions, but it is a simple and relatively inexpensive OTC item that may help.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE by Sheilaaanna from South Heart, ND03/17/2012

    These supplements give my 3 dogs there life back. They use to be sore and limb now they run and jump and play like puppies!!

    Good Product;Good Price by Jim M from New Berlin,WI01/23/2013

    My GSD "Scout"was born with extremely deformed hip joints.This product has been a great relief to her pain and mobility.

    aided dog by big al01/18/2012

    This method of getting glucosomine to my dog has been very effective. We have seen much improvement in his motion since starting with this.

    Great product by scorpio19th from Austin, Texas05/02/2013

    Besides providing protection from joint damage, these chews taste great! I have seven rescue dogs, and each one HAS to have at least one. And the triple strength is an added advantage.

    by Country from Texas01/01/2013

    Joint Max TS is the best nonprescription product I have found for arthritis. My dog loves the flavor. I hide her pain medication in them. She thinks they are treats.

    good buy by dogman01/18/2012

    The dog I bought these for (who is a 10 year old shepard) is wanting to play just like a puppy again.

    great product, great price by dogsdo2 from Portland, OR02/04/2012

    I have given Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength SOFT CHEWS to my big, older dogs for many years. The recent sale price was cheaper than the price several years ago. I bought several buckets for myself and my friends because it was the best deal ever.

    Improved smell (and taste?) by Jim Bremerton from Bremerton, WA02/09/2012

    We have been giving these joint treats to both our dogs for a couple of years. They would generally eat them, but occasionally would turn up their noses (perhaps due to the not pleasant smell - at least to humans). But the most recent shipment definitely has a much improved smell (and perhaps, taste? - I don't test them personally). So far, the dogs are eating them and seem to enjoy them better. One of our pups is 10 and the other is 8 and so far they both do not seem to be suffering any joint pain. Not running a controlled experiment, so can't say for sure these treats are responsible, but if it ain't broke, no reason to fix (or change) it, so we will continue.

    Great treat that is good for your dog by Kim from Scottsdale, AZ03/04/2014

    Dulce loves her joint max triple strength chews. She looks forward to 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening.

    Excellent Product by Judy from Oldsmar, FL12/12/2011

    My two retired, rescued greyhounds look forward to their morning and evening "Treat". Their arthritis pain is helped greatly with Joint Max. They enjoy walking and playing again.

    Joint Max by kd07/10/2013

    Have been ordering triple strength since available. Helps 15 year old dog with arthritis and give it to very active 3 year old dog as preventative. No need to shop around. Entirely Pets always has the best price!

    Works as advertised by dieseltruk04/05/2012

    Our 8 year old Lab was starting to experience hip problems. Thats when we first tried Joint Max. After the first week of recommended dosage, we seen a marked improvement, with continued followup, she is back to her old self. We also give them to our 16 year old Rat Terrier and 6 year old Healer/Jack. All three love them and beg for them after every meal. Highly recommend.

    Unbeliveable Results by Jim from Lake Simtustus, Oregon12/07/2012

    We have been using Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength for several years. Our now 13 year old German Shepard was so stiff and sore, Sahsa would hardly move. It was difficult for her to go on walks due to arthritis. We thought and asked the vet what would be best for Sasha. He recommended a joint supplement. It's done wonders and now Sasha will even play with our 3 year old dog. Thanks for a great product and the extra years we have had together.

    Cheers for Chews by spotties from Atlanta, GA04/24/2012

    My three senior dogs have all been on Joint Max Triple Strength for over a year. The vet is pleased with overall joint health and mobility of all three dogs. Signs of arthritis are minimal, even for the big boy who weighs in at 105 lbs. In the evening I call, "Meet me in the kitchen for meds." My dogs come running and sit for their chews. It was a good day when we put them on Joint Max.

    soft chews for joints by spike from marshfield, wisconsin02/02/2012

    I buy triple strength soft chews for my dog and I believe it does help his joints.

    by jb04/27/2014

    good stuff for young or old dogs with joint trouble

    by from 01/17/2013

    by from 06/21/2012

    We have two mastiff's, one that turns 9 this year and the other 3. When we were told by our vet that our 9 year old mastiff had hip dysplasia at age 2, we were simply devastated. Then he recommended that we try a glucosamine and chondrotin formula. We found these chews and both dogs absolutely love them. Our 9 year old still acts like a puppy some days and I am hoping that by starting the other out as a pup, that she has many years to romp and play.

    These really do work!!!! by Ann from Eaton, OhioThanx


    Awful new "flavor" (smell) by chill from UT05/27/2012

    I really prefer the old flavor and it appears the dogs do too.

    Would never be without it! by settergal541 from North Central, Oregon01/24/2015

    Joint Max is part of my feeding program from the time my dogs turn 1.. They are hard working bird dogs as well as my best friends so I want the best for them. I don't use it to treat joint problems - I prevent them!

    by from 11/29/2012

    I recently received another order Joint Max soft chews for my dogs and my sonís dog. The chews in the container I just opened are very rubbery and not soft & pliable like the last order. This happened on a previous order and the chews ultimately became like small rocks by the time I got near the end of the container. I ended up throwing away several dozen chews because my dogs were swallowing them whole instead of chewing them. I was afraid the dogs might choke on them.

    had by a from problemI


    should by the from JointJust


    be by my from lastThis


    recommend by this from product."Consequently,


    great for post-surgery joints by huskylover from Near Syracuse, NY03/07/2012

    My Riley was a young Alaskan Husky, a sled dog in training. When he was only 7 months old, he tore his ACL and it looked like his mushing career was over before it began. He had surgery to repair it, but the meniscus was also heavily torn, as it turned out. It didn't look good. I put him on the Joint Max, and he's had two of them every day of his life since. I'm happy to report that he's now got over 3,000 miles under his furry paws, and he's still truckin'! No symptoms whatsoever.

    Product Satisfaction by Bob03/16/2012

    Prior to purchasing this for my Labs, I did a search review of other customer comments. Of the lyriad of joint relief "stuff" that I had purchase in previous years, Joint Max seems to have the best result for the pups.

    my girls love it and what a difference. by Moy07/18/2012

    My girls are 14 and 13 years old, Sheltie & Collie mix, the older one Princess has arthritis and walked with quite a limp and slow, since she's been on the soft chews, which she and both of them love, she's barely limping and always up for a walk now. For preventive and maintainance they both get them and at this price it's definitely affordable. Thank you Joint Max.

    Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews by krawz from Phoenix, AZ05/09/2013

    This is a great product. I've tried a couple of other things, but this is the only one that produced a result. I have a 95 pound lab mix that was limping when I found him. After being on Joint Max for only a couple of weeks he stopped limping completely. Once in a while he hurts himself jumping around (because he feels so good) and he'll limp for a day or so - but I'm thrilled by the difference this product makes for him.

    best joint medicine ever by eddie's mom03/11/2010

    Before Joint Max triple strength soft chews my dog could hardly walk. Now he can go for walks outside and he loves the taste of the soft chews.

    GREY HOUNDS by HAP from TN.04/15/2013


    Great product. by Lisa from CT04/24/2012

    Since I started giving this product to my Bullmastiff he hasn't limped.

    My dogs favoriate by roxie's mom from Tonawanda NY04/09/2013

    My dogs love these, all I have to say is "do you want your pills?" They come running!

    My dog is miserable without them by Kat12/03/2008

    My boy has severe arthritis and Joint Max makes a huge difference in his mobility. He loves the taste too!

    A must have for my dogs by NewfyOwnerVT12/07/2012

    One of my Newfoundlands has severe athritis in his elbows and hips. I notice him having joint issues the most when I run out of Joint Max, more so then the Novox or other prescription meds that I give him. I have used Phycox and other vendors of soft chews in the past, but for me, when I give out 10 soft chews a day Joint Max is drastically cheaper with all of the same benefits, I buy them in batches of 720 and they last me about 3 months. I would definitely recommend this product to all owners of dogs with joint issues, and as a cheaper alternative to Phycox.

    triple max chews by Laura Dietch02/11/2008

    I have a 15 year old dog who was limping badly due to age and arthritis. I started giving him the triple max chews, which he loves, and his limp is gone! Great product!

    Joint Max is Good Stuff! by Rita from Keswick, VA10/23/2012

    My Rott is 14 years old and started having issues getting up. I have been giving him this for about a year now and I know that it is what is keeping him mobile. He does take Rimidyl for his arthritic pain but the Joint Max I believe is making a big difference.

    New Flavor of Joint Max Triple by Carol10/09/2011

    Actually, my dogs liked the previous flavor better. And this one does not have a pleasant smell when I open the container. You should offer a choice of which flavor.

    works great by raceline from Henderson NV01/17/2013

    My German Shepard Max was diagnosed with severe hip dysplaysia at just 2 years old. Seven years later and he is still able to walk thanks to Joint Max Triple Strength Chews.

    good buy by DogmanIII from snohomish, washington11/06/2012

    the dogs love these chews and my older shepard (12) acts alot more frisky since shes been on them.

    Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews by karenheet from Austin, TX01/01/2012

    These really aid my arthritic dog's ailments, but this last shipment was rather dry. I need to dowse them with water and microwave for 10 seconds to make them into the "tootsie rolls" they used to be.

    Love this product. by Cheryl from Vandalia, Ohio10/16/2013

    A friend recommended this product for my elderly dog. It has revitalized him. He is a 12 1/2 lab that was having trouble getting up and down and not doing steps very well. He is now running around the house and playing with my other dog. Excellent product.

    Good stuff. by Jamie from Newport Beach, CA11/06/2012

    We've been using the Joint Max soft chews for several years now with good success. Our bulldogs are 3 and 7 years of age and both have exhibited signs of hip dysplasia. There is a noticeable improvement in our older one, while it's more of a preventative with our younger one. It's nice that they think these are treats!

    Joint max liquid by mary10/23/2012

    Love it! My dogs look forward to have their special liquid poured over the food each morning. Then I give them the Joint Max treats at night. I can really tell it helps them with their mobility. I would suggest it for all dogs no matter what age.

    by Christine11/29/2011

    These are great & they do help my pups... they also really like the taste! I have 2 dogs w/knee replacements & I do notice a difference in their knee strength.

    joint soft chews by kali from nederland,texas12/23/2011

    i have a king chales she is 12 years old she hasbeen on joint triple strength soft chews for two years she run and play you never know she is 12 years old it has help her a lot.

    by from 08/15/2012

    by from 08/08/2012

    Both of my Brittany's have benefited greatly by this product. My 11 year old abby-girl has arthritis and moves around much better since taking joint max.

    so by much." from Joint max triple strengthterrific


    Supplements by Wolverine from Washington11/22/2013

    Excellent product, but marked it as average do to price. Seems as if prices continue to go up on this item which I think is a shame. May want to look at other products that are comparable to reduce cost.

    by from 11/13/2012

    At age 7 our German Shepherd, Raven developed arthritis in her hips. I tried a Bovine supplement which helped, but she would still whimper occasionally through the day. Since using this Triple strength Joint Max this past year, 3 at night, 2 in the morning, we haven't heard her whimper in a very long time. At about .80 cents a day, it is a FANTASTIC Product offered at a great price for those of us on a fixed income.

    this by to from friends,I


    THEY THINKS THEY'RE TREATS by OLD DOGS from Reisterstown, MD07/08/2013

    I got the more expensive joint treats and my sheltie didn't like them ( too hard for supposed soft chews) so the younger dogs got them. The joint max treats or rather supplements are soft and my 18 year old little terrier can eat them. I give them to all my dogs since they play hard some days. Preventative is always best. I know these chews work because my little terrier used to limp and now he doesn't.

    keeps aging dog pain-free by Skye from Eugene, OR10/10/2011

    When our smooth collie turned seven, our veterinarian determined that she was in chronic pain, and suggested glucosamine. We found this chewable version, which our dog loves. One chew each morning and evening, and she is happily playing again--now ten years old--apparently pain-free.

    Love This Product by Scrapbooker4611/21/2011

    I have a 14 year old Collie and I have seen a huge improvement on her mobility since taking this product. It took about 2 months to see a difference. She now runs and jumps just like a puppy.

    best move a made for my dog by Zak10/23/2012

    Ive been giving joint max to my lab, since he was 5 he's going on ten and doing great, no sign of arthritis. hes a big dog 96lbs. Ill never stop giving this product to him, Its a great product.

    Keeps my aging team runnin' by Huskylover from upstate NY06/12/2013

    I run a small team of Huskies with a dog sled in the winter, and a dog scooter in the summer. They're getting on in years and one of them has had knee surgery for a torn ACL. This product keeps their legs and hips functioning and arthritis at bay. The oldest dog is 10 1/2 years old, and is just as active as she was as a youngster. I will never be without Joint Max for my pups.

    Not sure by Emma11/10/2011

    I have bought these for yrs, They have changed and now the top says "New flavor, Same great foemula" Something has changed, they get real mushy and slimy after you open them, even when you leave the top on. And my dogs now have terrible gas. I have not changed anything else in their diet, so I am thinking it is the "new " Joint Max Chews Not sure if I would buy them again, they may help with joints BUT

    Triple Joint Max by billsharj from Belmont, CA10/18/2011

    I have my 11 year Ridgeback on this. He has been using it since he was 6. He is still mobile and running on the beach. My 6 yr old RR is on it as well and also my vet suggested one chew a day because the breed is prone to arthritis and the long spine as well.

    Dogs love them by Sunshine10/29/2011

    Tried these instead of GlycoFlex because of the price. Dogs seem to be doing fine and they love these soft chews.

    Awesome Joint Product by Skecher Mom06/18/2012

    Our 6 year old lab mix has trouble getting up - those dreaded hips! The Joint Max Triple Strength morning and night really makes a difference - he runs like a pup! I am counting on it to keep him going for a long time!

    Wonderful Treat by M Lambert from Berlin, VT06/16/2014

    This treat is given to our chocolate labs every day and helps them get around as they age. would recommend to anyone with aging dogs!

    Worth every penny! by browneyedgirl from Monroe, WA01/21/2011

    Our 11 yr. old husky mix has had surgery on both of her hind legs. SInce she's been taking Joint Max for the last 2 years she no longer limps and has her spring back in her steps! I highly recommend this product for any aging dog or one with joint pain (and they'll love the taste)!

    Good value by Little bear from Dallas, Tx08/02/2012

    I had been ordering another brand of this type product at more expense and Joint Max Triple Strength has more good ingredients. My dogs consider it a treat. This type supplement was recommended by their vet to supplement the medicine they take for arthritis.

    to expensive by big_daddy04/09/2014

    not sure why but entirely pets charged me 212.53 (after exchange then charged me 28.57 extra (after exchange) wont be ordering from there any more

    Miraculous by Bud12/12/2011

    Neighbors & friends are amazed at how well Toby gets around. He could barely drag himself out the door and he whimpered pitifully. Then we tried Max Triple Strength Chews. Now He runs and plays as long as he gets his special treats each evening. A miracle cure.

    Excellent treats!!! by tomcatz07/17/2012

    Can't say for sure if the Glucosamine makes a difference or not, but my super-finicky dogs can't get enough of these, especially the new-improved flavor. Very reasonably priced, I can well afford to give them the daily recommended amount and then some.

    Love this product by sunshine from SanTan Valley, AZ12/06/2011

    My dog kody was born with hipdysplasia which we did not know about this up until 4 years ago. Since putting him on Joint Max he is doing so much better with his activity level.

    great product by sissy04/12/2012

    I have six dogs and I use Joint Max for all of them.

    Solves my dog's arthritis by snowdog2 from VT05/30/2012

    This product is cheaper than other products and works just as well. Over the years I have moved from 1 chew a day to 1.5, to 2 chews a day. Prior to using glucosomine, my dog couldn't jump in the car or truck. Now he can easily.

    Worth it! by shmitch from West Jordan, UT11/19/2011

    My 9 years old has hip problems for a while. Ever since I heard about Triple Joint max from my sister. I decided to give it a try and it works really well for him. Then I took him off it for a few months and he went back to being hurting and no energy. So I put him back on Triple Joint Max and now he has a lot of energy and can move around a lot better. He act like a kid with a new toy. I will keep buying Triple Joint Max!

    Working well by Will from Charleston, SC10/14/2011

    Our 8.5 yr old Lab is moving much better since we started the Joint Max

    Foodaholic by BeBe from New Orleans, LA and New Ulm, TX03/06/2013

    Our rescue dog who has torn both ACLs and has arthritis loves the soft chews. It is comforting to know that a product helping her movements is a 'treat' to her. I won't tell her if you won't. When we first got her she would grab every treat given and bury them in the horse stalls!! Ten years later it's a joy to watch her beg for the chews. And I have to thank you for making this product available at such a reasonable price!!!

    Bring Back The Old Formula by chloeblaze07/03/2012

    Have been using Joint MAX Triple Stength Soft Chews for years for my two greyhounds. However, don't like the new flavor/formula. The smell of what appears to be bacon lingers on your hands, and they crumble more than the original flavor/formula. I break one in half at feeding time to put a pill in it and the new is harder to get it to form around it since it crumbles more.

    Good value in joint meds by Jim from Columbus, Ohio10/22/2012

    All of my 6 dogs are over 10 years of age and take this product daily. All are active and do not have any joint issues. This product is the best I have found for the money. I have repeatedly purchased it.

    awesome stuff by akitalover33 from frankfort,il12/17/2011

    I have been giving the chews to my akita for awhile and i can not believe how much they do help him.i also love the fact there are always little discounts or coupons for getting them.we also have an english mastiff and we have been giving them to him as well.and prior to having them he was in pretty bad shape with his walking,but seems to have improved since he has been having the chews.i love this item and will continue to buy it for my pets in the future as well.

    joint max chews by mandy01/30/2013

    My dogs think they are treats and ZI know I'm giving them good for their joints

    EXCELLENT PRODUCT by gertrudedogs06/14/2012

    Both my dogs enjoy this "treat" . They are both "middle-aged" and this joint supplement really helps.

    hip and joints for best friends by steve04/09/2013

    My labs are both rescued. The lab rescue organization suggested that I give them joint max. I got both when they were 10 months old and have been own them ever since. They are now 7 and 6. I gave them to my Siberian and Lab before these two and seemed to help with there joints and the aging process.

    Dogs love them by Rocky02/02/2012

    We have three big dogs who are each approaching their 10th birthday. The vet said supplements are needed, and while we cannot definitively determine if there is a physical benefit the dogs absolutely love the Soft Chews. The only other product that they've ever liked more is Greenies.

    A great buy! by Andy06/08/2012

    My dog loves the Joint Max soft chews. He thinks they are treats and it is a great way to help prevent joint problems.

    Excellent product for healthy dogs !!! by malmobileman from Cle Elum, WA05/31/2012

    Our pack of 4 malamutes & a lab are very energetic and for large breed dogs Joint Max is essential for them to maintain healthy joints and skeletal structure. They put a lot of force and torque on their joints daily and get up & go the next morning like it's no problem. Before starting them on joint max we noticed some hesitancy and stiffness and a "warming up" time so to speak to get fully active. A joint supplement is a necessity for large breed dogs to maintain their health and mobility as they age.


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