• 6 PACK Feliway Diffuser REFILL (288 mL)

    6 PACK Feliway Diffuser REFILL (288 mL)

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    Feliway (Comfort Zone) spray and diffusers prevent cats from urinating where they shouldn't. This fantastic new pheromone Feliway spray or diffuser duplicates the smell of a cat's natural scent glands. Cats will not soil anything close to where Feliway has been sprayed.

    Enjoy extra savings on a 6 pack of 48 ml refills. Feliway Diffuser resolves marking problems naturally. Provides an effective way to control and manage unwanted feline behaviors such as: urine marking, scratching, stress and anxiety. Also useful in acclimating cats to new environments. Creates a calming effect.

    Urine marking Supplement Preferred For best results, use the Feliway Diffuser in combination with the Feliway Spray.
    Vertical scratching Preferred Supplement The Feliway Spray should be applied directly to the entire scratched surface. The Feliway Diffuser can also help reduce stress.
    Multi-cat household Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser should be used to reduce the general level of stress in all cats. The Feliway Spray can be used in combination with the Diffuser in high traffic areas.
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    cat's environment
    Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser is teh most convenient formulation. The Feliway Spray can be used in combination with the Diffuser to enhance effectiveness.
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    Fireworks Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser is the most convenient formulation. Begin use 1-2 weeks before anticipated event.
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    Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser is the most convenient formulation. The Feliway Spray can be used in combination with the Diffuser or in a situation whrere the Diffuser is not practical (boarding, kennels, carriers).
    Adoption Supplement Preferred
    Boarding Preferred Supplement
    Transportation Preferred N/A About 10 minutes prior to leaving, spray all four corners and floor of the carrier with Feliway.

    Instructions for Using Feliway® and ComfortZone™ with Feliway

    Usage Information

    It's important to continue treatment for 30 days, marking should cease within that time. In extreme cases, however, 'reminder' maintenance sprays may be necessary every 2 to 3 days. If the cat is over 10 years old, spray areas once daily for 45 days or use the Feliway Diffuser for constant coverage. Repeat every 2-3 days for as long as marking continues.

    To prevent sexually oriented marking, it's only necessary to spray the soiled areas - which are normally near exits. If you believe a change in the home may initiate marking, you can prevent it by spraying Feliway on furniture, doors and in the corners of rooms as you would if the cat were marking.

    To prevent scratching, Feliway should be sprayed once per day on areas of surfaces that could be attractive to the cat (typically surfaces that are fully visible and vertical.)

    Feliway can also be used to calm cats in stressful situations. Depending on the problem you want to solve you can use the Feliway Diffuser or Feliway Spray or both.

    Customer Reviews

    DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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    Feliway does the trick! by Bill and Audrey11/26/2011

    With Feliway, our cats are calmer with each other.

    Mixed bag of results by Cats4ny11/01/2012

    I have been using Feliway for a couple of years. Unfortunately, it has not helped much with the spraying problem I have with my two male cats, but it does seem to work on their behavior. I see much less agression between them and my other two female cats. I have a calmer household, so I continue to use it.

    this stuff really works by Deb from Greenville, NC03/30/2010

    I have two very active, curious kittens I adopted from the county shelter. They are so happy to have a home that sometimes they get carried away and destroy things (lamps, furniture, jewelry, scarves, pillows, etc.). After I got the Feliway diffuser, they seemed to be more calm. I was skeptical, so I went without a refill for a month. And they started destroying things again. I tested it twice before I decided that it really does work. I'm ordering a 6-pack of refills. It doesn't seem to harm them and it sure makes my life easier.

    Feliway Difuser Refills by Liz from New Zealand07/07/2013

    This is a great product for cats who are skitterish and scared it calms them down and stops them from peeing everywhere,and we have also found that it calms down our male cat as well stops him being so stroppy towards our female cat(both cats have been nuetered)Wouldn't be without it.

    MMmmm Good! by waltercat04/10/2013

    A great product for the cats and wanna be cat husband. Everyone is calm now.

    Calms environment by cat woman from Northglenn, Co06/19/2012

    Have used these for several years, especially when introducing new cats, I believe they make a difference. The plug ins are very handy, but I also use the spray. It's worth a try to bring peace to your household! See what you think.

    Feliway Diffuser Works a Treat by CatParents from Winnipeg, MB, Canada08/13/2013

    We've been using this product for quite some time and having a multi-cat household we find that they're is less stress amongst the cats that there are very few "arguements" between them, they have their hierarchy and seem to be content with it.

    Great product and price by hdwatson from Calgary, Alberta09/08/2013

    The Feliway Diffuser is a great product. My cat was crying every night while we were trying to sleep and the very first day that I plugged one of these in, he stopped crying and the next night he started coming upstairs again. The 6 pack Feliway Deiffuser refill is a great price too. Each refill cost about half what it would cost at my vet, even with shipping.

    by Turk10/13/2011

    Best deal going!!! 3 months of PEACE!!! Thank you for SCIENCE!!!, 5th grade teacher

    Works for my cat by Sasha from Ayden, NC09/13/2013

    My indoor cat is not so upset with my outside cats, since I started using the Feliway Diffuser Refill again

    Feliway Spray and Diffusers by Victoria from New Mexico12/13/2011

    I love this product and would not be without it. I have 4 cats and 2 dogs and I have used this product for years. When moving to our new home, in a different state, I sprayed all my kennels with Feliway Spray before getting everyone settled in them, I sprayed the van we traveled in and, in preparation, shipped Feliway Diffusers to our new home and had them plugged in one week before we arrived. We had a wonderful transition because of it. Additionally, I have used Feliway when introducing a new family member, during my mother's visits, when we were having work done on the house, etc. This stuff is incredible. I only wish it were not so expensive because I have spent a small fortune since discovering it!!!

    Best product ever by lr06/06/2012

    I started using Feliway Diffuser quite some time ago. I can't explain how it changed my cat. She was licking all of her fur off her tummy and pooping out of the box. She isn't doing either of these behaviors now. Thanks to Feliway.

    Feliway - Great Product by Judi from Denver, CO04/29/2014

    I love this product. I have a cantankerous tortie who couldn't accept another cat in the house. I rescued another cat which created constant chaos. This product helps to calm the tortie and now the two cats can live under the same roof without the battles. I wouldn't have been able to keep the rescue cat without this product.

    Great product by pas from santa rosa, ca10/10/2013

    We moved across country with two cats into new home. I was very concerned about the cats adjusting after long flights and they are now indoor kitties. This product works great, no spraying, no fighting, all went smoothly. I will continue to use product since so pleased. Great service at entirely pets.

    Feliway the Peacemaker by merileedkarr06/25/2012

    My two cats, 5 year old brother and sister, like to chase each other. They used to get really rough with each other. With Feliway in the air, they still chase each other all over, but there's no hissing or growling. They play fair.

    Love the volume pricing! by Maxthebadcat from Frederick, MD04/17/2013

    Feliway is a product that just plain works. I use it whenever I have a foster cat, a new cat in the house, a foster/new dog in the house, or if I plan to go on vacation or make any other major change in the house. It really helps the multiple cats to calm down and accommodate the change. Buying refills in a multiple pack is the only way to go, as the savings do add up. A highly recommended product!

    Absolutely Works by Painter from Calgary, AB Canada08/14/2012

    We purchased a kitten to replace one of our kitties that had passed away. Although at first things seemed okay we later learned the two were just never going to get along. The new kitty was male and very dominant and our older female was incredibly stressed. As the Feliway diffused into the atmosphere I saw a great difference in the male (he quit attacking our other cat). We had been using it for a few months when one day I decided to air out the house. Within an hour the male was in attack mode again. It took me a while to realize I had allowed the feliway to be lost to the outdoors and the stress was back. We now always have at least one diffuser running. I know it needs to be replaced when the fighting starts and without fail I will check and see the diffuser is empty.

    Awesome by rastevens from Tulsa, Ok08/30/2011

    One of my cats started having aggression issues, attacking the other 2 cats in the household and marking every where. I took him to the vet and she recommended using the diffuser. Within two days, the aggressive behavior was gone and all the cats started getting along with each other better and the marking has stopped. I was very skeptical, but it has truely worked a miracle in our house.

    Great stuff - it works !! by Julia07/18/2012

    I purchase this stuff in large quantities and it seems to have the desired calming effects on my four male cats. They seem mellow and the spraying on doors has been reduced greatly. I have been using the product for several years and will continue to do so. Be mindful not to install the difuser proximate to a return air duct since that will waste the product. I use one in almost every room to be sure that the cats are continually exposed to the magic ingredient.

    wouldn't go without it by foster mom05/29/2012

    I take in foster cats who then get adopted out. They are stressed and scared but the comfort zone definitely helps. I can tell when it runs out. A few more tiffs between the cats.

    Feliway by Cindy from Eugene, Oregon12/27/2012

    Feliway works very well - I have 6 cats and one of them has a tendency to spray when he is upset. He sprays less frequently when I use the Feliway diffuser.

    I think it's working!!! by TC from SC, USA12/04/2012

    my cat was started spraying when my mother-in-laws cat came to live with up. He has greatly improved!

    Indispensable by Sooner89 from Oklahoma09/25/2013

    In a multiple cat household, this is the only thing I have found to modify unwanted behavior. Perhaps that is one of the reasons it is overpriced, even when on sale. That is the only reason I did not give it five stars.

    great stuff by hermied from california11/21/2011

    really works one cat has hyperthyroism and the other is a diabetic this seems to really keep them calm

    Happy with Feliway, less so with EntirelyPets by John from Minneapolis11/27/2012

    My male cat is much better at using his litter box regularly with Feliway. EP's price is good, but when I noticed that you had a better offer (15% off instead of $15 off) before my order even arrived, I was told I could not get the price difference. I asked a supervisor to call and received no response. I think you ought to give price adjustments within 2 weeks of the original order, especially when it's your own lower prices you're competing with. Thanks.

    Can't be without Feliway by lynnofwhidbey09/11/2013

    This product helps both my timid cat and my aggressive cat. The aggressive cat becomes much more loving. He's an inside cat that takes any opportunity to escape outside but using Feliway he is much less inclined to try his Hodini powers. The shy cat has the most improvement with Feliway. She is much happier.

    Doesn't work by Cynthia from So. San Francisco, CA12/01/2012

    I've tried this with various cats, and what works best to get them to accept each other is vanilla (the type you put in baking) behind the ears so they all smell alike and think they're friends. I've tried this with a fear/aggressive cat and then later years, when we brought a kitten in that we found on the freeway to an older cat household. Vanilla, that's it. I've tried Bach's Rescue Remedy, a little better results, but not by much.

    Helps with spraying by SCCatLady from South Carolina07/13/2013

    I have three cats (did have four) so there are territorial issues in my house. While there is still some spraying going on, using the Feliway diffuser has reduced it considerably.

    Great Value Buy by Brandancer from Tumwater,WA09/17/2013

    Feliway is the BEST product for controlling cat urination/spraying issues. The 6-pack is a great value buy - especially if you have a large home/square footage area to cover.

    Feliway Works!! by Cha from Ft. Lauderdale, FL06/20/2014

    I was very skeptical that a diffuser would stop our male cat from spraying and picking fights with our female cat, but it actually works!! It took a couple of months, but he is much calmer and the urinating everywhere has stopped. Feliway is a little expensive, but it's worth it for the results we've gotten.

    Life saver by Marie from Schwenksville, PA01/25/2012

    Feliway Diffuser is a life saver. I have 3 cats and a small house. They are all 12 years old. Two of my cats hate each other. And always have. Without Feliway, we would not have made it this far. I buy in bulk!

    Best Purchase! by paisleygirl57 from Houston, Tx.10/26/2012

    I was having difficulty with a couple of my neutered male cats being temperamental and wanting to mark their territory. I saw a brochure on this product so decided to order it and try it. What a difference! It worked wonders & I'm without any nit picking again! Makes for a happy home!

    good stuff! by Lee from Eagle Idaho01/03/2013

    I have a cranky cat who lives with my two other cats and my dog. I can tell when I'm out of Feliway, cuz she gets even crankier. Big difference in my house when I have the diffusers going.

    Feliway - for taming dominance by manxette from Winnipeg, Manitoba11/11/2012

    I have a brother and sister, half-manx mix. I wasn't aware that the Manx dominance and territorial tendencies are stronger than most breeds. Without Feliway, the sister lives under the couch, or in another room. With Feliway she is a lap cat, and her brother is tamed from dominating her. I can tell the day the bottle is running short. And it takes several days to regain a gentle balance between them again. I'm very thankful for it.

    purrrrfect calm by Petal from Pittsburgh Pa11/30/2011

    Feliway is great for keeping kitties calm, happy and playing. I've used it in the past and since I just recently adopted a new kitten I wanted him to feel at ease and comfortable in his new home. And I wanted the resident kitty to feel the same, so Feliway is the answer. The natural pheromones it releases helps calm kitties- there's no odor for humans to smell- and no residue. Being able to buy it in a 6 pack makes the price per refill really good, and since I will be using the plug ins for the next few months, having a supply on hand is a necessity. Thank you Entirely Pets for selling these in 6 packs!

    Excellant Product by kittenmom from N.Olmsted, OH10/23/2013

    Product works it relaxes our cats. We use it prior to a vet appt along with the spray and it works like a charm.

    You know you're going to need six by Kittymama from Phoenix, AZ04/19/2014

    So get the six-pack and save. The pheromone diffuser does not fix every behavior issue (we have 8 cats) but it helps them get along better and that is great. Our favorite places to put them are in our bedroom, where everyone likes to hang out, and in the front room, where there's stress from seeing outdoor cats through the window.

    I Was Skeptical by Chezelle10/19/2013

    I didn't really notice a difference when I first started using Feliway. I started thinking it really did seem to work when it ran out and my 4 cats started being crabby with each other. I bought refills, plugged them in and life became more harmonious again. My trouble maker cat is still an agitator, but over all I have learned that when the cats all get more irritable it's time to check - It's probably time for a refill. That's why I always have extras on hand.

    Just keeps working by dcfeline02/22/2013

    I have one finicky cat who is painfully shy but Feliway has been working to make him less anxious for years. I put three in different parts of the house and can always tell when it's running out--his anxiety increases noticeably. When the refills are in place, he's mellow again. Cheers for Feliway!

    Feliway - fantastic stuff. by Jooni from Adelaide, South Australia.02/14/2013

    Have been using this for the last 12 months and have recommended it to many of my friends and all state peace reigns in their homes once they plug it in.

    works for my 2 boys by two male cats from Indiana09/23/2013

    I have two male cats that are brothers and 11 years old. Without the Feliway plug-ins, one gets rather aggressive towards the other. With Feliway I have peace and harmony. If I forget to check the plug-in, I know its time to replace it when my dominant cat starts "hissing and growling" at his brother. I won't be without it!!

    Feliway by Cat Lady from Illinois04/23/2014

    I have multiple kitties and the Feliway does a pretty good job to keeping them calm. There is less fighting and aggressive behavior. I purchased this due to one kitty in particular started marking and was being more aggressive than usual. He, however, was put on Prozac and that really curbed the problem. I have two diffusers. I put them in the two rooms the kitties are in most (kitchen and my bedroom).

    by San Diego 704/22/2012

    Great and effective product. Helps keep my cat calm. I would highly recommend this product for anyone who has a cat with aggression or anxiety issues.

    Should have purchased more! by LInda from Pensacola, Fl12/03/2011

    We have several cats, and Feliway definitely helps the stress levels for the ones that are high strung! But, we have a large house and probably should have purchased more!

    Works very well by sneakypeapot03/17/2014

    Product works very well, especially if used in conjunction with the spray.

    undelivered product by disgrunteled01/09/2013

    ordered product on 11/29/12, still have not received product. will not order from entirely pets again. will tell others to avoid the site... very displeased... no customer service

    Excellent product at an excellent price by Gale from Aiken, South Carolina10/14/2011

    The Feliway Diffuser has made life with our house cat, Henry, much more pleasant. Our vet recommended it as a stress reducer and behavior modifier. Prior to Feliway, Henry would occasionally spray to mark his territory as the Alpha Cat. This behavior has disappeared completely since we started using Feliway. Best of all, Entirely Pets offers this product at a considerable savihg over pet store prices.

    cat calmer by none06/11/2014

    It seems to help calm the young cats. I don't really have much to say about it other than that.

    unbelievable price by stella02/22/2012

    The difference in price.....speechless. the groomer and the vet clinic charge twice if not three times as much.

    Feliway by chicvet from Belleville, Wisconsin07/13/2012

    Now have 3 cats, 1 kitten & a puppy in house. This product does appear to calm the cats & reduces some of the purrsonality conflicts & anxiety.

    Happy Cats by Reen from Laguna Hills, CA01/28/2013

    I would recommend feliway to any cat owner that has a high strung cat. I was skeptical when I saw the product but I have noticed a difference in my cats they seem calmer aren't as skidish around the house and over loud noises. It does work

    by from 03/27/2012

    I always order Feliway from Entirely Pets and have done so regularly for years.

    I by found from theirNot


    Feliway by kyballion from Tucson, AZ12/12/2012

    great product. Works beautifully on my high anxity cat. Arrived quickly by mail.

    Diffusers by Loislane from Merritt Island, Florida02/27/2013

    I was paying 25.00 each for these, now I bought 6 for under 80.00 with shipping. I am very pleased.

    It really makes a difference by Five cats too many from Wisconsin11/03/2012

    Five indoor cats, all rescues, all with issues. When plug in diffusers are being used (one for each level of the house does it), everyone is pretty chill. When the diffusers run out - eveyone is cranky. Makes a huge difference. We're on a budget but this is a product I won't give up. In fact, I'm starting auto shipments today!

    Angry cats by Patty Coghlan11/27/2012

    Try this product to help ease your cats' mood. Always buy the 6 pack with diffuser. It is less expensive in the long run. I keep it I'm my cats room always.

    Helpful for stressed kitties by Gorilla girl10/23/2012

    I use this product for my 3 cats and it helps keep the peace. For the most part it keeps them destressed . I notice a difference especially with my one little girl kitty who was somewhat wild ( former rescue). I like the diffusers better than the sprays. I think they work better.

    Great Product by Garry in Canada from Calgary Alberta11/13/2012

    I have two cats and they both respond well to the diffuser. I also use the Feliway spray in the cat carriers to calm them when they need to go to the vet. Excellent product!!!

    Seems to Have Helped the Cats by Val from Atlanta, GA05/30/2012

    We live in a multi-cat household, and we were having fighting and spraying issues. We placed 3 diffusers in the basement where the cats were spraying, and this behavior has been greatly reduced. The cats seem much calmer as well. No fighting for over 2 months!

    Really Does Work! by Crazy Cat Lady from Northern, IL.07/04/2013

    We have 4 cats and we use 3 of these throughout our home. These are a wonderful calming agent for a multiple cat house hold. I can always tell when the diffuser runs out, our cats will be at each other over everything! We have used these diffusers for 5+ yrs. Highly recommend, just follow the directions & give this product a good 3 months to experience a big difference in the calming of your cats!

    Best Cat Behavior Control by LynG from Florida06/01/2012

    I don't know how our cats coped prior to Feliway...I have turned many friends on to this product. I can always tell when the atomizers are running out as the cats begin to circle each other. When we have them going, they are docile and accepting - most of the time!!

    Couldn't cope without it by Nicky from Sydney Australia03/05/2013

    I have eight rescue cats in my smallish house, some of whom have been traumatised in the past. I have 3 Feliway diffusers going all the time and this keeps the peace. I know when a diffuser has run out because the territorial behaviour noticeably ramps up. For Australian buyers like myself I can recommend this site as both the price and the service are great.

    I Think They Work by eileenhg from Winchester, VA01/06/2014

    It's hard to tell if these things work or not. My vet recommended them, and they keep these things plugged in the examining rooms. I have 5 of these, and the cats are drawn to the rooms where they are plugged in. I have to say that since I've plugged them in, my cats are getting along much better.

    Feliway is the Greatest by Baltimore girl from Baltimore, MD07/11/2012

    Among our tribe of cats (all fixed), we have a very high strung orange female who has a behavior litter box problem. We've partly solved that with litter pans lined with newspapers, her preferred litter! But the thing that really keeps her in line is the Feliway Comfort Diffuser. Whenever that is working (about 1 month) she behaves wonderfully, and we don't have any marking. We have one each in our living room and our dining room where the cats mostly like to hang out, or at least she does. It does keep the whole tribe quiet which we appreciate. Entirely Pets has the best price on the diffuser refill. We are always so happy to purchase this product from them.

    Great Product at a Great Price! by Kristin in Seattle12/01/2011

    We have a contentious 3-cat family. One cat wants to be the only cat and gets riled up, the other two enjoy harrassing her. We use 3 Feliway diffusers in our 1700 square foot house, and it prevents the disagreements from becoming an all-out war. We can always tell when the bottles are running low as the squabbles increase in frequency and intensity. Feliway keeps the peace , and Entirely Pets' price can't be beat! Thank you!

    totally works by dps11/09/2013

    Moved into a new house and brought my 2 new kittens & 13 year old cat (who was stressed and not happy about the kittens). The 13-yr old had been peeing on the floor in the old house, and we didn't want that to happen in this new house. Installed this stuff all over the new house and she hasn't peed once (aside from litter box). No other answer other than this stuff works.

    wonderful product.. by oldbarncat from Wildwood, Alberta Canada06/15/2012

    Been dealing with Entirely Pets for 2 years now ..wonderful company who ships very fast to Canada I have been using this product in my Cat Rescue Shelter for 3 years and find that it actually works. It was recommended to me by Veterinarians who use it as well as other cat shelters etc.

    Excellent!! by Sherilynn13 from Nova Scotia, Canada01/09/2012

    I have used this product ever since we introduced our 5th cat. We now have 9 cats and have a household that is calm and playful. Would reccommend this product to anyone with more than 2 cats. This is the best priced and best shipping that I have ever found on the internet!

    by Judy10/19/2011

    I have used Feliway before and was pleased with the product...What I liked about Entirely Pets was the price of the product in bulk. The website was easy and service was speedy. thank you!

    It works by Big Tom from Branchburg,NJ03/13/2012

    We have tried many other products but this has worked so far- 4 weeks.

    Excellent for controlling cat fights by ramona09/26/2013

    I have 15 indoor cats and 4 feliway diffusers. I have noticed that when the feliway has quit diffusing there are alot more cat fights but with it in full force there are very few scrimmages. Would recommend Feliway to anyone that owns more than 1 cat.

    Feliway is a magic potion. by crazyoldcatlady from Texas10/05/2011

    I volunteer at a no-kill shelter and started using the Feliway diffuser in our communal cat room about 3 months ago. This room houses up to 40 cats and can be a very stressful place for them, especially when they first come into the shelter. I could tell as soon as I plugged it in that it had a positive effect on the cats. They were much calmer and became more receptive to socialization. I can tell just by observing them when it is time to put in a refill. Anything that makes it easier for the cats is a great product, in my opinion, and this does make their life better.

    Feliway diffuser refills by 2manyfelines01/10/2014

    Have used these for many years and especially after moving due to Katrina. It kept the animals much more contented.

    Wish I would have bought sooner! by Luckycat06/23/2013

    We moved recently and our Vet recommed this to make it easier for our 5 cats. It has really helped. We have gone from a quiet single family home to sharing a home with two active dogs above us. The Feliway has made a BIG difference! One of our cats used to hide under the bed all the time. That is no longer the case! All are much more relaxed. I wish I would have found this product much sooner!

    Very good investment by moonlady from Vancouver WA04/19/2012

    I have been using the Feliway diffuser products for over a year. When a new stray male kitty joined our household, there were issues of hissing and territorial stuff. Using this product has made for a much happier group! It's obvious when the diffuser is out of juice. I started with 2 and now just use 1 unit as maintenance. Definitely worth buying.

    GREAT!!! by murphym from Dubuque, IA01/08/2013

    We bought Feliway diffuser refills. With a 4 cat household, they are a lifesaver! The atmosphere is calm and everybody is happy. Can't say enough good things! For sure, we're a long term customer. Thanks again!

    Feliway diffuser by Teresa Green08/10/2013

    We have four cats and the older cat is aggressive towards the younger ones. When we started using Feliway I noticed a marked improvement in the behaviour of the older cat, she is less aggressive and doesn't spray. I would recommend this product to anyone who has a multi cat household.

    This product REALLY works! by Atomicmom from Boise, Idaho07/10/2013

    For those of you in doubt, I say DO buy and try this product as it really works. I have three cats and one anxious neurotic male that is 5 years old. When he feels upset (about who knows what?) he will spray ocassionaly inside. Using this product regularly truly helps reduce his need to do this.

    Feliway defusers and refills for calmer kitties! by Tracy from Pittsburgh, PA06/05/2012

    Good product as it seems to calm the cats down. They get along better when the diffusers are full. My only complaint is that the refills don't seem to last as long as the company claims.

    It worked for us. by Momma Kitty from Kentucky05/04/2013

    We are a multi cat household and Feliway has made our lives much calmer and happier. When we brought in our newest kitty things were a bit hostile but we started using Feliway and it took the edge off so the new guy and the older babies could get to know each other without injuries. Thank you Feliway.

    Amazing Difference in my Home !!! by Tammy from Arlington, VA08/18/2014

    My vet recommended this product. I actually bought the calming collar in conjunction with the diffusers. Both are made by various manufacturers and the Comfort Zone & Feliway were out of stock at the store, so I ordered them online, and bought the Sentry brand in the store right away. Everything is working!! Everyone is happy....group hugs every day. I have 2 cats from the shelter. One was being very aggressive with his playfulness and the other was becoming tense and stressed out by the 1st cat's behavior. The more aggressive kitty had come from being a community cat (feral), so he was a little rough around the edges. He wanted to chase and wrestle the gentler kitty for hours and hours a day. He'd even follow the little fellow to the cat box and not let up the whole time he was trying to *go*. I had to put the aggressive kitty in "time-out" isolation sometimes. The poor little gentle kitty was on guard at all times. Immediately the collar calmed down the aggressive cat. Now he's Mr. LoveBug, and the diffusers seem to have had an immediate calming effect on the other gentler kitty. Now the kitty formerly known as Mr. Aggressive Cat plays more gently and grooms the gentler kitty. I've had the product for about 2 weeks now, and the behavior is getting better each day. They are both super mellow, and so much less hyper and tense. I can now sleep through the night and my bed isn't the scene of a wrestle-fest. They've both been sleeping calmly through the night. Keep in mind that each diffuser only works in a limited amount of space, so my condo has 2500 square feet and I have 6 of them throughout my unit. I'm a believer for now. And my plan is to keep the collar and diffuser for a few months and then wean them off of the product.

    Feliway an Extra Cat Sitter by Frank10/05/2013

    We use various ways to calm our aggressive cats. Feliway is one of the two highest on the list. We use the diffusers and the spray (e.g. to spray the cat carrier when taking our cats to the Vet). Have used it for six years now. We both highly recommend it.

    Great product so far by jules09/11/2013

    I have six cats and one of them was urinating upstairs and I still have not caught the culprit. I decided to try Feliway to see if it would stop. Well so far it has been over a month and I have not seen anymore urine upstairs, only downstairs on my concrete floor, so I may have to plug one in downstairs now.

    works by Catmandoo from Gastonia ,nc ,usa ,earth , sol, milky way gal.12/05/2012

    have 22 cat rescue, had several fixed maled aggressive toward a fixed female. That and water sprayers handled it. all cats more mellow.

    It Saved my Home and our Cats! by Rick's Wife from Olean, NY11/01/2011

    Using Feliway has kept our cats from marking their territory and clawing the furniture. We were about ready to get rid of one of our daughters' cats because keeping both cats was destroying the house. I was dreading making the decision on which had to go, when our vet suggested trying Feliway. If I fail to notice when the diffuser is empty, it is only days before I figure it out based on the increased aggression seen in our pets. Hint: I plug in extra diffusers when we are away on vacation and when we were in the process of moving.

    Feliway Diffuser Purchase by Ohio Pet Lover from Cleveland, OH11/27/2012

    I purchased the Feliway Diffuser because I have two cats and two dogs. Obviously our cats do not get along with our dogs, thus the territory problem. So far using this product has helped but it is not a miracle worker but it has slowed down the problem. I use Entirely Pets because dollar for dollar when purchasing products it is the best price I can find, and plus they do offer free shipping if you spend a certain dollar amount. Thanks Entirely Pets

    definitely worth the cost by mamato2cats from northern new york state05/19/2013

    i've been running the feliway diffusers for several years now and my cats stay calm and relaxed, happy. we used this product to help reduce the stress of strange noises while living in an apartment building, and have continued to use it since moving to our own home.

    No hype - Feliway really works by Shira the cat's mommy from Germantown, MD04/17/2012

    We have two cats - a tortie (Shira) and a brown spotted oriental tabby (Dori). Dori is very high energy, while Shira is laid back. They get along really well for two such different breeds, although Dori sometimes gets a little to hyperactive and drives Shira into a hissy fit (literally). When that happens we have come to know that it's time to change the Feliway diffuser. Thank you Feliway!

    Feliway Cat Soother Refills by HappyCats06/30/2012

    Quick Service / Delivery. The Feliway refills helped keep peace between our cats and our daughter's cats while their new home is being built.

    by from 12/11/2013

    It's difficult to know for sure, since cats don't talk, whether this pheromone product actually does anything positive for cats. So you're forgiven for being skeptical.

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    Great buy! by Nereid7 from UpState NY08/10/2014

    I stocked up with the 6-pack Feliway Electric Diffuser Refills when I got the Diffusers themselves. It's necessary to have the latter "on" 24/7 for my older cat who's in gentle kidney function decline with classic up-surge in thyroid activity, making him "hyper". This is by far the most humane and sensible economic solution at this point. Next time, I'll get a 12-pack as they seem to last about 30-days.

    Calms my cats down by Rain from Seattle,WA04/25/2014

    I have an eighteen yr old cat which the vet says he has dementia. The vet suggested I try Feliway and it does help to calm him down. The two cats that I have are both male and it helps them to get along better.

    Happy Cats by HeatherWhoLivesWithCats04/23/2013

    My cat Henry was nervous and urinating inappropriately, so based on my vet's recommendation I tried Feliway -- the change was dramatic, although not exactly what I expected. Both of my cats are noticeably happier -- I thought it would be calm and mellow, but happier cats has translated into more playful, affectionate, active cats. Not only is Henry coming into his own, but the other cat seems less "scattered." A miracle product.

    Best Purchase Ever by Carrie01/27/2013

    I purchase the Feliway Diffuser refill for our local shelter, they seem to calm the cats, it is hard enough for the cats to adjust to shelter life. This product really helps!!

    Life saver! by Ann from California03/12/2014

    This product has kept peace in our house with as many as 4 cats -- we're now down to two, and when they start to hiss and get cranky, I first check to see if the feliway is running low! This lets us all relax and enjoy life a bit better. :)

    Great Product & Best Price by Pet Lover04/30/2013

    Happy with the product and the company purchased from. Fast delivery and best price.

    This really helped a feral cat we resecued by Pet mom10/13/2013

    Someone rescued a feral cat that was so terrified of everyting, it was not eating or drinking and stayed hidden under a dresser, shaking in fear. It would not have survived long. You would never recognize the cat today! - She is affectionate, loving, glowing with health-- Still cautious of new things, but a new healthy, happy cat entirely. Now I am not swearing it is entirely due to this Feliway - When she came to our house, we spent a long time and a lot of effort making her feel safe and gaining her trust. But if you read about this product and how it mimics the pheremones a cat marks a place where it feels safe - It is a good tool to help in a situation like this. I am grateful we could purchase this and help this cat regain her life.

    really seems to work by chris from Poughkeepsie, NY03/10/2012

    I've bought this in the past, and it does seem to be calming. I have 6 indoor cats.

    by from 11/14/2013

    I regularly use this product since my tom cat was taught how to wee on my furniture by a little stray kitten we took in. He was a beautiful wee soul, but the stress of sharing just caused them both to become markers.

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    Great for Nervous Cat by Syd from St. Louis, MO06/16/2010

    My cat was stressed and urinating outside the box. This helped to calm her and she is back to being herself and using her box. Great product.

    Great product, great service! by peggyj from Kansas City12/08/2013

    I am buying Feliway from Entirely Pets and it is so much more economical than at my vet's office. I use it for a cat who has these little fits and starts to snarl and hiss for no reason at all, and the Feliway atomizer was recommended to me to calm her. While it hasn't entirely eliminated the problem, I can definitely tell a difference and think she has more good days than bad ones since I started putting the atomizers in the 2 rooms my 2 cats spend the most time in. By the by, this site is awesome. Such great customer service

    Hormones and Testosterone by Nissi03/10/2012

    My male cat had a bad habit of spraying even after neutering. I was so glad to have found Feliway. It has reduced the amount of spraying and is helpful with controlling the little spats that occur with the males and females of the house.

    It's working! by Sylvia02/17/2012

    I have three aging cats and one that is not a littler mate and very territorial. He started the process and the others took it up. With feliway, the problem has deminised, but not completely gone away. I'm working on other solutions to the problem, but I believe feliway has immensely helped.

    Can't live without it by Amyc from Bluffton, South Carolina02/13/2013

    With ten rescue cats in my home I could not maintain the peace or manage the urine without Feliway diffusers. We use them in the cat rooms in our Adoption Center as well. Our cat rooms have free roaming cats with 6 to 10 cats in rooms. The cats really do benefit from it.

    Feliway Diffuser (refill) by lulu from Morris, IL11/07/2012

    Ordered refills as the product has kept our cat from revisiting soiled area on new carpet after initial repeated visits. Vet recommended Feliway and we will not be without it as long as we have this naughty cat. I must admit we were ready to make her find another home. It would have broken our hearts. Feliway to the rescue!!

    Feliway for Cats Really Works! by Fritz from Hillsboro, OR12/13/2011

    Feliway really works for our three kitties. When we brought our newest kitty Jake into our lives, it caused a lot of stress for him, as well as our other two kitties Chicago and Cleo. Our vet suggested that we try Feliway. The difference was almost immediate. All three of our little angels now get along quite well. The proof that Feliway works shows itself when the diffuser(s) runs out of juice. All heck usually breaks out. As soon as we refill the diffuser, all is well again. The peace is well worth the price.

    savior of sanity by Bloodless02/23/2014

    i have been using feliway for a few months now for my 4 cats. one has a bad marking habit, another has self esteem issues the third is hyperactive with no off button and last but not least the Olympian couch potato. the diffuser is great for all 4, and helps me keep it together, I've gone without it for a month and I'm ready to tear my hair out all over again! Plug it in, plug it in!!

    Works Great for Most Cats by Kaomi from San Francisco Bay Area11/08/2012

    I foster Bengal cats for rescue. Most of my foster cats have responded well to the Feliway diffusers. The diffusers help the foster cats deal with the stress caused by living in a multi-cat household.

    Wouldn't Be Without It! by 705spek from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada01/01/2013

    Works to calm my most highstrung feline; response is immediate; product lasts for about a month; not sure if it works so much on the 3 other cats; they are not anxious types, so I haven't noticed the same response.

    Love it! by Jacque from Indiana01/27/2012

    I love this product! I have used the diffusers for years because we have had to move a lot and we know how cats hate change. It has also helped when we have had to integrate my daughter's cats with ours. Keeps grumpy kitties from being grumpy and marking territory!

    CALMING by MW from Waterloo, ON Canada06/12/2012

    Feliway is the best product to calm my nervous skittish cat. The place where I board her when I travel started using Feliway and I noticed a calmness in my cat almost immediately when I dropped her off. So I got some and she has been a different cat ever since - relaxed, loving, and doesn't scratch the carpet any more! I highly recommend Feliway.

    Helpful product by It's not a home w/o a cat from Rocky Mountains10/23/2012

    This product actually does help calm my cats down. I have 2 purebred Persians, one of which is high strung and howls a lot, the other one sprays when she's upset. The Feliway diffusers eliminate the spraying, and help lessen the howling, One problem, though. The diffuser bottles dissipate fairly quickly. I wish the bottles would last longer. Having to change them so often is hard on the pocketbook.

    Gertie a Good Girl by Rach from Wisconsin07/31/2014

    Had issues with my Cat all of a sudden after 5yrs of no changes-pooping outside the litter box, after getting Feliway plugs and another litter box-has not happened since! :) I am a happy camper

    We all get along now! by muscovy01/11/2014

    It is amazing what difference Feliway makes for our 2 shy cats. They will come and ask to be petted, they will seek out human contact, they will be so easy to deal with. I can see a difference within 24 - 36 hours of plugging the diffuser in. And I also notice when the diffuser is empty. The effects of Feliway last about 5 - 7 days after it is empty, and then I have my shy cats back. I would highly recommend Feliway to anybody who is planning to move, introducing a new cat, even moving furniture around. Cats don't deal well with change, but at least Feliway makes it easier for them.

    Great Online Transaction! by Lynne03/01/2013

    Product was purchased online with ease, fast shipping and pricing was very reasonable!!

    Very Effective product by Hawk01/14/2012

    We have used this product for several years and find that it helps to calm our three cats especially when strangers are in their house.

    Peaceful Home by Pamela In GA02/05/2013

    We finally have a peaceful home since using Feliway. Two of my cats had some issues. One is very passive and another was wanting to bully him a little. But since using Feliway things are much better. I don't have to worry about the passive kitty hiding in the closet all the time and the more aggressive cat is much better also. Now they actually play together!

    Best Plug Ins to Reduce Anxiety by dawnie07/25/2012

    I have been ordering the feliway refills now for quite some time. I have a beautiful 15 1/2 yr old cat (hairless child) that really appreciates the plug ins. I believe it makes Boo feel calm and she is comfortable to enjoy her life in a stress free environment. Thank You entirely pets for your continued efforts to provide Great products!!

    Life's easeier for my indoor cats by Pat09/05/2014

    Finally tamed feral orange male adolescent kitten. Took 8 months. Neutered and is inside- only cat now, but still has feral tendencies. He wants to attack the other cats, tears up paper, but loves me and can be so sweet also. Feliway pheromones, 2 at a time in different places, keep him so much calmer and loving. Life is more manageable in our home now! Couldn't live without Feliway!

    It Works!! by Mrs. H.05/30/2012

    Feliway really works! Can definitely see a difference in my cats when diffusers are all through the house. Less scratching of furniture, less attitude with each other - more purring and pleasantness. Feliway diffusers help cats feel safe and calm. I really think this product makes a positive difference, and have it on auto delivery. Highly recommend.

    Feliway by Tracy from Pittsburgh PA12/05/2012

    Keeps cats calmer I noticed. When diffusers are dry, they fuss more with each other..especially one of the girls and one of the boys!

    great prices by judycarr from Omaha, NE11/03/2012

    I used to buy this and other products through my vet or local pet store, however I can get the same quality for MUCH less through Entirely Pets. Count me a satisfied and returning customer!

    It really does work by feline friend04/09/2013

    This product works wonders in the animal shelter I work in.Each of the rooms has one plugged in (we have approx 130 cats in care) it gives the nervous ones comfort and the agitated ones peace. we can tell even when the bottle has run out just by the behaviours in the rooms. highly recommend (works for stress licking also.

    Best prices I have ever seen!!! by Micky from Chicopee, MA05/30/2012

    I love your website--it was recommended by a friend. I can't believe how low your prices are--1/2 the cost of the pet stores and other online retailers. Without a doubt, I am going to be a repeat customer.

    "I own this space" by Stacy01/15/2008

    Like Valium for cats! Works great and the spray is highly effective in areas where you might not have as much coverage as you want. Highly recommend the product.

    I wish they made this for humans!!! by Lisa Arkus04/21/2008

    I started to use this product when I lived in South Florida because of my growing feline family and the hurricanes. This product worked miracles during the hurricanes to the point that I was jealous that this was not available to humans. During the middle of the hurricane, I checked on my four cats and they were sound asleep in bed- like nothing was going on- meanwhile, I was the one panciking about the hurricane. I helps calm the cats, helps with behavioral problems, helps with adjustment to new situations, etc.

    Love This Product by codybear from Canada03/15/2013

    My Siamese "diva" was really stressed out (and very put out!) when we got a new kitten when she was 3 years old. She was really upset! My friend recommended Feliway so I purchased it and it really helped to calm her down. I have been using it for 4 years and although she is still a diva and still has a very big dislike for her brother, he is now able to walk by her without the fur flying. I really like this product and would highly recommend it.

    now part of our monthly budget! by holly Bowers12/30/2008

    We recently combined households - we now have five cats. We have one anxious cat, Alli, and we can tell when the Feliway has run out based on her change in behavior!! She is so much happier now, so it was worth factoring in this purchase to our monthly budget :-)

    Worth it 100% by elegalred from Cooper City, FL01/01/2013

    Spraying problem is 100% better since Feliway

    necessary in our house by catmom from Northern Vermont07/21/2013

    The feline Feliway diffuser is absolutely necessary in our house. We have 6 cats, 5 that get along and 1 that doesn't play well with others. We've used this product for almost 6 years at the suggestion of our vet and peace reigns in the kingdom. It is not the 100% solution but certainly works well enough that I know immediately if it has run out. Pop in a new one and within hours the snarling and aggression goes away. Couldn't be without it.

    Great Product at a Great price by Lydia from Dallas, TX05/31/2012

    This product alleviates stress and territorial issues in my multiple cat household. I have used this product for years and love it. I also love the price at Entirely Pets. Thanks.

    happy cats by jean05/09/2009

    we have 6 cats, 5 that get along well and one that doesn't play well with others. Feliway helps to keep the peace, I can tell when it has run out by the behavior change, all 5 will start stalking the grumpy one and she responds with much hissing and spitting. When I replace the bottle, peace returns within hours. The others play and she is happy to be left alone.

    It Really Works! by Amy07/06/2008

    I don't have a problem th inappropriate marking or spraying, but I can tell you that it works for scaredy cats. My cats always get skittish around the 4th of July, with all the fireworks and firerackers going on every nite for about 2 weeks. After 3 days of having this plugged in next to my bed (where they hide), everyone is totally calm. I wish I'd gotten this sooner. I can't believe how miraculous this is. Now they just play and ignore the noises altogether. I don't want to be without this. Excellent!

    Amazing product! by kadyc02/09/2013

    Helps my scared cat to relax a little and be more sociable. I've been using Feliway for years because I see a noticeable difference between using it and not using it. I've recommended Feliway to several friends who have also had good results. Highly recommend to anyone who has a cat who may be fearful, even if there aren't urination issues.

    Awesome product by Joan09/07/2008

    We have a cat that developed major anxiety. He will compulsively lick himself and chew carpet. He is a completely different cat now. He is very calm and is back to snuggling in our laps at night. We feel like we got our cat back. I will never be without this product.

    by Mr.Tux from Albuquerque, NM11/27/2013

    This really clams me down and helps me get along with my sisters.

    Product from Heaven! by Sue11/05/2009

    After 5 years of peaceful coexistence, our 2 indoor cats began fighting all the time. We believe they were transferring agression from seeing outdoor cats in our yard. Although it broke our hearts, we were ready to have one of our cats adopted when a Vet recommended we try Feliway Diffusers. The immediate change in their behavior was nothing short of a miracle!! It has been 6 months now, and we can always tell by their behavior (they start hissing and growling at eachother) when the difuser refills are empty. Immediately upon installing new refills, our home is a peace again. I highly recommend this product!!

    by from 08/06/2012

    return purchase by dib from Davie, Florida04/16/2013

    its nice to know that buying this product will be a successful easy experience

    Tames aggression! by Shelly Marie12/17/2009

    We use this product so that all our 5 cats, (mine,his, and ours) can live in harmony! Without Feliway they are whiney, fussy, irritated, picking at eachother, and/or just looking for a fight. I can always tell when the refill runs out because they all have frown faces (they really do) and they begin to act up. Without this product we wouldn't be able to keep all our cats.

    sceptic enlightened by elbchaussee04/20/2012

    I am the world's biggest sceptic whenever it comes to anything homeopathic or"crystal gazing". I tried this product when my 1 year old cat started peeing everywhere when stressed out by our home renovations. I was a bit resistant to buying the Feliway as it cost NZ$72 per refill unit from my vet. WEll, it had an instant impact on my furry friend. Immediately he was very kissy and contented and the the peeing has mostly stopped. I went on-line and found Entirely Pets and purchased 6 refills for barely more than I had paid for the single unit from my vet. So I am happy and so is Peanut the cat. It goes with out saying....it works, buy it!!

    will never be without this by sanecatlady11/19/2013

    I took in a stray cat last year bringing my cat total up to 5. New cat hates one of the other cats; there were daily scuffles and, I hate to admit, inappropriate urination going on. After trying LOTS of different things, I bought Feliway. I have 4 diffusers spread around the house. It has really helped. I can tell when the diffusers are getting low because there is more cat tension. These 2 cats still don't like each other, but now they can be in the same room together without breaking into a fight. Feliway is fantastic.

    Feliway Helps by Roy from Gold Canyon, AZ11/11/2012

    We have a feral kitten that is very nervous. Feliway seems to help calm her down so we have been using it for three months. When we ran out one could tell that she was more nervous. Eventually we hope to have her socialized and no longer need Feliway.

    Feliway Diffuser by Mary Lee from Charlotte, NC03/07/2012

    I have a house with 2 dogs and 4 cats. My oldest cat, Sassy, has just that attitude. She tends to pick on just the othe female cat. Learning about this product from my veterinarian was the best thing that could have happened. I use 2 - one in the living area where she spends most of her time, and the other in the area where she sleeps. There is a major difference in her behaviour - she is much calmer and does not search out the other female to try and start something.

    Feliway by pat08/14/2012

    I have used this product for several years. It helps keep the peace in a multi cat household. A friend uses it also and my vet uses it in the kennel area. All are happy with the results. I have not used the spray but would expect it to be as effective.

    FELIWAY by doodie02/11/2013

    I've got two male cats and when one of them developed a urinary blockage (apparently because I got rid of his cat condo!) due to stress, the vet suggested Feliway. I use the spray and diffuser on a regular basis. Not 100% sure how/if it works, but haven't had any urinary problems since. I'd rather use the Feliway than gamble with a possibly fatal urinary issue! Recommended to help with stress.

    Excellent Product! by Jacqui from Stow,Ohio06/24/2012

    In our multi-cat household we have a lot of territorial issues. The Feliway really decreases the negative behaviors. The cost is much less than at the local pet store.

    Has positive effects on cat by Autumn from Des Moines, IA12/20/2013

    My 20 year old Maine Coon cat is more relaxed and content when I have this pheromone plugged in. I started using this 8 years ago. Recently we moved into a new house and it was really helpful throughout the transition, but its now available 24/7 because she has some very stressful health problems to manage. It has such a positive effect that I keep Feliaway running in her two most favorite rooms of the house. I can always tell when the pheromone has run out because of how she acts without it. I feel my old cat's life is much better when I use this product.

    Love this product by Nancy09/10/2013

    When my bottle is low I don't even have to look at it, I can tell by my little frisky "Nickey". Feliway Diffuser does calm him down!

    Excellent product by MufsMom05/15/2013

    The Feliway Diffuser helps keep my multi-cat house peaceful. I can tell when it needs to be refilled because I have grouchy cats. Once I replace it, things return to normal. This is a great product.

    A great help in a multi-cat household! by Pat12/24/2012

    I can always tell when the bottle is out. Feliway helps keep the peace around here. Even my vet uses it in his boarding area. An excellent product.

    GREAT CAT CALM'ER by Piglet from New Zealand10/22/2012

    The only way to keep the peace between my Siamese and Burmese girls who do not want to share the same household. No more ghastly wailing from the cats as they wind up for another battle, no more torn out clumps of fur and no more expensive vet vists to have abcesses stitched up! Buying the Feliway from Entirely Pets makes it affordable to have my house filled with cat feel good fumes and keep all our nerves intact!

    Best Kitty Product Ever by kitten10/12/2011

    I live with 5 sweet girls that cannot get along without this stuff. I know when they are running low because they start to growl and fight with each other. Keeps our house nice and calm.

    by from 04/17/2012

    Moving to a smaller home with six cats, Feliway diffusers are an essential part of our daily lives. Just plug them in and forget about them for a month.

    Cindy by Eugene, Oregon from Works


    What a bargain by Mentor10 from Dallas, TX01/18/2013

    Exact same product compared to the name brand for a fraction of the cost. Combined with the various sales and discounts you can get I would rate this a best buy!

    It Works! by vamortensen from Tampa, FL04/25/2014

    This products actually calms the feisty cats. No more spraying wars. EP has the best prices, too.

    Necessary for Relieving Stress by mochalatte07/27/2012

    This product is successful in keeping our two cats less fearful of the other and more trusting. Less chasing and swatting. Thankfully! When the product gets low, we ALL know.

    by from 04/14/2012

    My problem I'm left with is the diffusers does NOT last 30 days!!!!!! that is a biggie for me.. your price is good but not that good .The max I get is 2 1/2 wks something is wrong.

    product, by I've from purchasedI


    Feliway by CH from Waco TX01/02/2013

    I have 5 cats, the 2 boys were the problems. I wasn't sure about this product. My cats were on antidepressants- bad thing. Plugged this in and it was about 2 months before I noticed a change. But now I wont be with out it plugged in. They are off the drugs and my home is happy again. I have it in 2 different rooms. Just hoping I can always find it on sale. Yes this is a great product!!!

    Outstanding by For my crew of cats from New Britain, CT05/14/2013

    Use it all the time, price for the 6 pack is great!!

    a product that works by zelda11/19/2012

    we have 29 cats, some of them older than 20 years. all have been spayed but the are 3-4 difficult male characters who will urinate/mark their territory when they get the chance. Feliway takes have taken away this problem and makes them much more docile and calm in each others company. Have been using feliway (we live in south africa ) for years. it works out quite expensive with our weaker currency and transport costs but it is worth every cent. thanks. zelda du preez

    Must have by mochalatte12/29/2012

    When it is low...I know.... great product

    Feliway Products by labby from Denver, Co.04/06/2013

    I have been consistently ordering this product to keep my 2 cats calm & solve behavior problems for 5 years now. I won't be without it! Happy cats = a happy house.

    Good "diffuser" for multiple cats by Kathy from Rochester, MN07/12/2012

    Helps to keep peace in the household with multiple cats. We can tell when they are getting low as the male cat especially gets more intense and naughty in dealing with the other female cats

    marking issues by Roxy from Atlanta, GA05/10/2012

    2 of my cats are marking with urine. The Feliway has slowed down their efforts but have not stopped them.

    Less spraying by Jingles from Seattle, WA11/18/2011

    My male cat is probably one of the moodiest cats ever. While he always loves me, he's not too keen on strangers. One minute he's okay with you and the next he wants nothing to do with you. This became a big problem when a new man came into my life. My cat definitely did NOT like the competition and started spraying certain spots around the house. I started using Feliway and, although a majority of the time he still doesn't like my boyfriend, he's at least stopped spraying.

    doesn't work by Cynthia from South San Francisco, CA06/12/2012

    I have 8 feral/abandoned and now socialized cats. This product didn't work, but what did work is vanilla (yes, baking vanilla) put behind each cat's ears and they all smelled alike so they tolerated each other...works wonderfully, thank you to a cat behaviorist.

    by from 08/01/2012

    Cats stress out easily and especially if you have more than one cat...I have sisters so they tend to squabble like real sisters at times...

    it by to from helpMy


    It worked by SheilaB from Toronto, Canada07/20/2013

    One of my cats suffered anxiety and was prone to biting her tail, badly. It would bleed and she'd cry out when she bit it but she continued to bite the tip off. It was very sore and no matter what we tried, she continued to hurt herself. It was serious. The Vet suggested Feliway and we leave one plugged in on the first floor and one on the second. Her tail has totally healed and she plays with it like cats do but does not make it bleed. It's been 4 years now and I can tell when the diffuser is getting low as she starts to get anxious..

    wouldn't have 8 cats without it! by sam from Kiel, Wisconsin10/23/2012

    Cats were always fighting/hissing and some were beginning to pull out their hair from stress. Some just always hid to avoid conflict. Having the feliway (1 per room) made them relaxed and a lot more pleasant to each other. Been using them for 5 years and feel I am keeping this business going!

    saner cats by catlover from upstate NY10/26/2011

    This is the secret to being able to live with 2 male cats. We always know when it is time to get more - they become more aggressive toward each other and less contented. Great stuff for cat sanity.

    Lifesaver by Arlus from Canada01/14/2014

    I have used this product for over a year now. I got a new cat and put her in with my 4 cats and the hissing was terrible. My new cat was very afraid and was always hiding and then started urinating around the house. I bought this product and within a month, I noticed a lot less hissing and no urinating. After my 6 pack ran out I thought I didn't need it anymore but I soon noticed the hissing and urinating starting again so I purchased my second 6 pack. I highly recommend this product and this is the best price around to purchase it.

    Great deal best by by Michael from Melton australia04/25/2013

    Great bundle purchase recommend to others works wonders in our household with multiple breeds of cats outstsanding

    by from 01/14/2014

    I have 5 indoor cats, and one is "anxious", and will mark periodically. Sometimes it's clear what the trigger is -- the neighbor's cat walked thru the yard while he was at the window -- sometimes it isn't. Unfortunately, he is also prone to UTIs which cause the same behavior.

    -- by I from haveThe


    the by 6-pack from onSo,


    also by clean from theNote


    take by him from toAlso,


    on by Entirely from PetsThe


    Solved the Issue by Duncan from Memphis TN07/26/2013

    We had some inappropriate urinating with one of our cats after moving into a different home. After ruling out health issues we started using Feliway (and Cat Attract litter). It completely solved the problem. However, it will happen again when the liquid is gone, but, as soon as I refill, problem gone again.

    Great stuff for multiple indoor cats by lyn from Palmyra, NY01/12/2012

    I have 5 indoor male cats. The Feliway diffuser keeps my 'boys' from getting grumpy with one another especially in the winter months when they can't enjoy open windows.

    by LMC11/06/2012

    Great stuff ! Calms our three kitties down. Use it to mellow them out so they don't pick on each other.

    Wonderful by Turk from San Diego, CA04/07/2010

    I adopted a bonded pair of 3 yr old cats, female is fine, male who is fixed is very anxious. I have now used this product reg. for about two years he is the best cat no spraying or beating up on his little sis. When feliway runs out and I am unaware he will start biting and and picking on his sis luckily for her sake I notice right away. I will also at times use the spray too.

    by Sir N. from Sweden08/23/2012

    Feliway reduces fights between our three cats. Quite expensive but EntirelyPets have half price compared to Swedish stores.

    by from 02/02/2012

    Our 2 yr old Ocicat, Holly, is a notorious metal chewer and is drawn to metal picture frames, metal window handle cranks and drywall. The only thing that would stop her was a drop of "Instant Insanity" hot sauce applied to the corners.

    Felaway by and from decidedI


    Carla by Punta Gorda, FL from Thank

    Felaway saves the day

    Feliway Diffuser by hja from Ontario, Canada10/01/2013

    Much cheaper online than buying from my vet in Canada.

    Best Purchase Ever by raefat from Albuquerque, NM01/11/2012

    My cat has alot of anxiety and was defecating out of her box. I started using the Feliway Diffusers and spray. The problem has completely gone away. It solved her anxiety and mine. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

    at last by ruby03/09/2013

    After paying top price at the big pe store, I went online & found Entirely Pets. Great prices, easy ordering & quick delivery. The Feliway diffuser calms both of my kitties & for different reasons. Now I can afford to keep it going longer at a great price. We all thank you.

    Love Feliway by cbski18 from Atlanta01/11/2013

    This product had been recommended to us by a vet a few years ago to help with a cat scratching/marking where it shouldn't. We have 3 cats now and have 3 feliway diffusers around the house that keeps everyone happy. I have seen the cats rub up against it even though we can't smell it they really like it. And it does seem to keep things calm and in order. We will have these in the home as long as we have cats.

    Kitties not getting along? by Steph from New Hampshire02/09/2014

    This isn't quite a miracle treatment, but when I started using Feliway, I did notice that the tension between my male cats did ease. I have not noticed any negative effects on either the cats or the area in which the diffuser is located. Invariably, if I notice that the kitties are not getting along well, I also find that the diffuser needs a refill.

    Great service & price! by looby from Brisbane, Australia11/12/2012

    I saved 1/2 the price on what I would pay in Australia, even with $36 postage so I am very happy. They arrived within 2 weeks of ordering.

    It Really Works! by LuckyL from WV01/13/2012

    Feliway really does calm anxious cats and keeps them from spraying.

    Feliway Diffusers by M Winder10/14/2011

    I love this product. With 8 cats, I need everything that I can use to keep things calm around my house and Feliway works very well. I have 6 diffusers scattered throughout the house, and it helps to keep the cats more calm through the day.

    Swear By Feliway! by stephanietx06/10/2012

    I have a kitty with feline herpes and this helps keep the stress level in our home to a level that keeps flare ups to a minimum. It also helps keep the tension in our house to a minimum and makes ALL my kitties happier.

    great price for diffuser refills by Ivy from Nashville, TN08/07/2012

    This was a good opportunity to save some money, combining a sale with already great pricing. My cats react well to the feliway, and are now good for another 6 months of peaceful coexistence.

    Worth the cost by Nancy12/12/2012

    Makes all the difference in how my two cats get along. Now they mostly play instead of injuring each other!

    Feliway is the best! by Jmezee from Granite Bay, CA10/11/2011

    I use this in my home to help detour my cat from peeing in places that are not his litter box. I swear by this stuff!!

    Home Sweet Home (w/ cats) by Ruby and cats from Allentown, PA05/18/2010

    This stuff really works. The male cat that I adopted turned out to have a marking issue; probably why he ended up in a shelter the 2nd time. When I was near ready to give him up, my vet recommended this product. As long as I keep up with the refills, this has stopped the problem. The cat actually walks up to the diffuser to smell it, as he points his nose upward into the air. He reminds me of a human who is smelling a candle.

    wonderful product by patchymoma from KY05/15/2013

    I have been buying this for 3 years now and from this website (best price). It has stopped my cat from peeing in the floor (after placing a diffuser in the room with litter box). I can tell when they are getting low, cats start to get more agitated with each other! I know it's time to replace with a new one.

    contented cats by grace05/26/2013

    both of my cats have become snugglers. Now the only fighting is for who will get the best spot on my lap.

    Works by crich11307/11/2013

    I never want to be without this when I'm away for any extended time. One of my cats tends to be high strung and this seems to keep him more on the low-keyed side.

    Must have for cat owners by rr from Richmond, British Columbia06/21/2013

    I have two faro cats that I adopted from the local shelter. They are sisters, one is super friendly (Sheba ) Bridget) not so. Bridget is very anti-social and was advised by the shelter that she was not an "adoptable" cat. That broke my heart as I knew she was destine for the cat farm and would never know the love of a good family or home. After sometime (1 year) her behaviour became more anti-social than usual. I went to my local pet store to find something that might work in calming her fears and was advised to try the pheromone diffuser. WELL I was hooked! Bridget stared to become more sociable (she actually lets me pet her!). I recommend the cat pheromones to everyone I know. Wish someone had told me about this product when I first got my girls as I would have used it from day one!

    Great product:Feliway Diffuser and refill by SmileyAnn from Long Island, New York03/10/2012

    My home is a much better place to live in with the use of this product. I have two cats an although they don't really fight they do get in each other's way. The smaller cat of the two is a very nervous cat prone to urinary problems because of her nerves. I have been using this product for many years now and can always tell when one is about empty. I use two, at opposite ends of the house. An when one is empty in which ever area that is, the nervous cat exhibits more nervousness and the nasty cat get nastier. I would definitely recommend this in a multiple cat household and have recommended it. The other users too obtain good results.

    stop the mess & smell by Kitty's mom from Sherman, TX01/31/2012

    Our seven year old cat had gotten very jumpy and nervous, a true "scaredy cat". She had started randomly peeing on papers, clothes, even shoes. Anything left lying where she could get to it. The mess was awful. The resulting smell was worse. Out of desperation I decided to try Filaway Comfort Zone. I put one deffuser in each of the two rooms near the areas where she did the most "damage." After a month, I am happy to say she rarely pees on anything any more, and the episodes are decreasing. She is also calmer and not as jumpy. I know she must be happier to not be afraid of everything. Needless to say, we are happier to not have the mess and the smell. This product is truly worth the money. I wish we had tried it sooner. I recommend it for anyone with a cat that goes outside the box.

    Mo More BAD CATS! by Shelly Marie11/05/2011

    When I introduced 2 new cats to my 2 original cats the originals morphed into Bad Cats, ambushing the new cats at every turn, attempting to keep the new cats from getting food, water, and any kind of love or attention for us people. My supervisor recommended Feliway and within 2 weeks a harmonious cat culture began to emerger in our home! We still had some mischief and irritation displayed by the original cats but it was mild and actually funny! I know right away when one of the diffusers needs refilled because the cats get a "frown face" and they become "fussy" and slightly irritated with eachother. YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS PRODUCT!!!

    Very soothing for cats by Sharp from Kearney, NE04/24/2012

    We have been using Feliway Diffusers in our home for a few years now and they have had a great calming effect on our two adult male cats. Both are a bit nervous and the Feliway has been a Godsend. They are so effective that if I fail to notice that it is time to put in a new refill, I can see the change in our cat's behavior. One in particular is just more agitated without them. We have five diffusers throughout the house...three on the main floor, one upstairs, and one in the basement.

    Help Multiple Cats by MochaLatte03/15/2012

    We have two female cats, the second was adopted about a year after the first. Since both of their temperments are similar and trust takes time, they are still adjusting to each other. But, the Feliway diffuser has helped, as we watch each one slowly walk by and stop to inhale it periodically each day. We use two diffusers, one by litter boxes and the other on the main living area of our house. When the units begin to get low, we notice less of the friendly nose to nose greetings they give each other many times a day when the units are full. It helps with their stress and is well worth the money!

    feliway by 6cats2many08/15/2012

    I've used Feliway for almost 5 years. I can tell as soon as it runs dry, I could not have multiple cats get along so well without it. It does not make dopey cats but it levels them out enough so they can all get along. My Vet recommended it and she was right on.

    Convenient and price is terrific by Beev03/26/2012

    Buying this six pack was a great idea. I can be assured I have enough of this on hand for six months at a time. My local retailer only sells these individually. the product itself seems to have helped one of our psychotic cats behave, which is a relief.

    Excellent by kyballion from Tucson, AZ12/02/2011

    best ever product for my high anxiety cat, Zoe

    Definitely helps by Melb from Athens, ga05/11/2014

    We have a black cat that is high strung, nervous. He gets upset and sprays if he even sees other cats, dogs in our driveway, yard, etc. these plug ins definitely ease his anxiety. I periodically move them around the house but usually have one near the door and a window that he peers from. Thanks for a great product.

    by Clara Belle01/09/2013

    Extremely helpful for stopping inappropirate marking brought on by stress of losing a littermate.

    It really works! by goaliemom@zoominternet.ne05/02/2013

    My deaf, white, blue-eyed cat, Blu, became very anxious at about 1 year of age. She hid every time someone came to visit, and chewed on everything, mainly wood, metal and glass. After the second month of using pheromones (Feliway) she became the calm and sociable cat she was as a kitten. She is almost 6 years old and I still use Feliway. She is a very happy little lady.

    Give it a try! by SydneyB10/07/2013

    I am involved in a cat rescue group, and I always recommend people try this when their cats are being cranky and/or having trouble adjusting to new cats. Sometimes it can work miracles, and result in a total attitude adjustment in your cats! Sometimes it doesn't do much, but it's certainly worth a try. I only wish they had it for humans!

    A Necessity of Life by Cat Mother12/19/2012

    This helps a great deal when your cats are not crazy about each other. I have 2 plug-ins and use 3 plug-ins when we are away from home. I wish it wasn't so expensive (it adds up quickly when you are using 2+ a month), but what price for family harmony?

    Almost a Cure-all by cazizarty from Halifax, Nova Scotia03/23/2013

    I have two cats. My oldest is a female spayed that we rescued at about 6 months old, the younger a female that we adopted as a kitten about a year later. The older female has always been shy and skittish and has marked from the the beginning. The younger has never marked. The cats got along until the kitten matured, than some fighting began to happen. The fighting we could handle, the urine marking drove us insane. Doesn't seem to matter how much you clean, the smell is there. I did a lot of research on cleaning products when I came across the Feliway behavior modification products. After a lot of reading it seemed legit, so I gave it a try. The stuff works! My cats don't fight at all when we use it. And my older cat is calm. Her marking hasn't stopped completely, but it isn't happening nearly as much. It takes about a week for the product to really affect their attitudes, and I can tell if it runs out, because their behavior does change. We used the Feliway when we moved into our new home and I had the plug-ins on both levels. The only problem is that I think I will have to use it long term and not just a few months. But I think it's worth it to me.

    Great for high-strung pets by By the Bay12/01/2011

    I use this all the time as I have two cats that are nervous-types and it helps to keep them balanced. I highly recommend for cats that chew themselves, lick raw places, etc.

    Feliway diffuser by Adkaraoke04/20/2012

    The product was delivered exactly as ordered, this product is for getting cats to stop spraying in your home. It is a plug in that lasts for up to 30 days. It is a calming scent for cats, it helps calm the cat so they don't spray.

    Really works! by Angelique02/29/2012

    My cat is nervous and the Feliway keeps him more relaxed and calm. Also he wasn't getting along with my other cat last summer so I'm using Feliway in different rooms of the house and it has helped his attitude a lot and now they're best friends again.

    amazing product by katnjam from Ada, MI12/18/2012

    We have 8 (yes, 8) cats, 3 of which are fixed males. We've tried every combination possible as far as litter boxes go, but it wasn't until we started using Feliway diffusers that the males quit marking and using their litter boxes! I'm on the auto ship program to keep our new home free of kitty stinky. Expensive, but worth every cent (or should I say, "scent").

    Don't have cats without it. by SweetMadamBlue from Kakamazoo, MI11/03/2012

    Our 3 year old female cat was rescued from certain starvation at the age of 6 weeks. She was a sweet girl but would bolt and run for no apparent reason when we walked in the room or reached to pet her. Maybe her early trauma stayed with her because she's had nothing but love since coming to live with us. We plugged in a Feliway diffuser and the effect on her was like night and day. Within an hour or so she became calmer, and more affectionate (though she still doesn't like to be picked up). Now she'll sashay in front of us with her fluffy tail, asking to be petted, and purr louder than our other two cats put together. Within 12 hours of the diffuser running out she reverts back to her flighty, touch-me-not personality. We've got this stuff on automatic re-ship. Our two male cats are calmer, too. One male used to lick a spot bald on his belly and now he's stopped the nervous licking and the fur is grown back in. Feliway has made all the difference in how relaxed our cats are. We call it "Happy Cat Juice".

    6 Pack of Feliway Diffuser by Cat Woman in MA from Boston Area11/06/2012

    Excellent method for calming cats during stressfull times. We have construction going on presently in our neighborhood. The scent is undetectible to humans but for the cats it seems to make them calmer.

    I'm not sure by biosbiz10/02/2013

    I usually use the Feliway Spritz bottles, but tried the diffusers awhile back. I'm not sure there was any difference with the diffuser. I definitely prefer the spray since it can be directed to the areas I want it to go. There is no doubt that the Feliway product works; I think the result is better with the spray though.

    saved my new sofa by Becky from KY03/30/2010

    This stuff is great. It has (mostly) saved my new leather sectional sofa. I know it works, because I can tell when the diffuser is running out. My three cats suddenly start returning to their old tricks.

    by from 06/17/2012

    I have two difusers in my home. I have 3 cats and they both are working 24/7.

    feliway by helps from myI


    Keep a calm house! by Pat12/16/2011

    I use this product regularly. It helps maintain peace in the furry ranks. Everyone that has a pet should keep this in mind for everyday use and especially during stressful times.

    Feliway by Babsbeck from Huntington Beach, CA03/18/2012

    This may not completely stop all aggression issues with cats in a household, but if you have cats that have spraying issues or inappropriate urination, or aggressive tendencies with other cats in the household, I strongly suggest using and continuing to use this product in your house. I have them in every room. I have 4 cats, 3 of which are high strung youngsters. I've used this product for 5 years, I can tell by their behavior when the diffusers have run out in even just one area. It's subtle, but it does help a lot. I recommended to a friend for his two cats and he said it's like a miracle!

    Feliway Product-on time.. by Stan from canada12/02/2011

    Was surprised to see my order delivered in less than 2 weeks (un damaged) after going through customs-good product and fair delivery

    feliway by Button11/06/2012

    Wasn't sure this would work! This cat hardly ever has a incident now!

    Calmer cats! by Toeknee from Las Vegas, NV08/03/2013

    Been using the Feliway diffusers for several years now. If the refills are empty I will notice the cats seem to get on each others nerves a little more, so it must be doing something.

    Calming Influence by Linda from Tamarac, FL03/19/2013

    I have been using this product for years and believe it creates a calming influence in the house for my two cats. I just plug it into an electric socket and change each month. I often see my cats smelling it so I believe it has an effect on their calm behavior.

    Excellent product. Highly recommended. by DL from Dallas, TX06/13/2014

    We have used the Feliway products for 4 years. I was at my wits end with a new cat that was peeing and defecating on my side of the bed, and a few other places. With doubts about pheromones, we tried the Feliway products. It worked! Gizmo now uses the bathroom IN HIS bathroom. I feel he was stressed out about having an 80lb Boxer for a brother. The only relapse we have had was when I tried to discontinue the diffusers. I use 8 per month in a 3000-4000 sq ft. house.Yes, it works!

    Excels expectations! by jessica from Westchester County, NY01/17/2012

    Please see my review for the same product with diffuser.

    by from 10/22/2012

    The best way to buy by Sonia10/23/2012

    I am part of a rescue group, my role is to rescue cats. I find this product very useful for timid cats in the settling in period.

    worthless by Dixie Sunshine02/25/2013

    My cats sprayed it until they burned up the plug in, it seemed to make them worse instead of better.

    Stressed kitty no more--all chillin' including me by Farscaper48 from New York, NY01/16/2013

    Fostering for a local rescue involved a revolving door of kittens & their moms coming through our house. These fosters would be quarantined from my pets however my oldest adult cat became stressed & started spraying (on furniture and even on the dogs' bedding). I discontinued fostering & her resulting flutd issue was treated. However even after treatment and her follow up exam came back negative --she still continued to spray. the vet suggested prozac however she became too "dopey" and I hated doing that to her. I searched on Entirelypets and discovered Feliway diffusers---ordered and plugged one in each room the cats frequent. Within days, my female kitty chilled -making for a much happier & drier household. Cosequin was also added to her diet on advice of another vet --which I also purchase here.

    Great purchase by kittygramma from Denver, CO06/22/2013

    The 6pk refill is an economical way to keep my Feliway diffusers in use. My older cat is deaf and so very suspicious of my new shelter adoptee. He is a rather shy adult so a bit intimidated by her negativity. I have used Feliway on and off over the last year and a half to try to calm them both. Finally after multiple diffuser placement and continual use my older cat is feeling comfortable enough to expand throughout the house without feeling threatened by the newcomer's presence. It really has helped but was not an immediate cure--maybe because of her deafness and inability to interact appropriately.

    wasn't one of the 95% by momuv301/02/2013

    Had an issue with cat urinating in living room corners. Bought new carpet, cleaned and odor/pet/stain blocked all corners and surrounding areas before new carpet went in. Bought this product and put 1 in each corner of a small room, and still heurinates. very disappointed.

    Peace & Harmony by Tilly-Patches from San Rafael, CA12/30/2013

    My male and female cats are much more mellow with each other when this is diffusing. Would highly recommend for multiple cat households.

    Been using product for years by growler11/25/2012

    I have been using this product to help reduce stress in my 16 yr old cat. She experiences separation anxiety, and I found that the Feliway seems to help. Thank You!

    Feliway diffuser refills by raecat02/23/2012

    I have been using this product for awhile . The product is great. My cat is a phyco cat and this product calms her down and keeps her for doing unusal behavior such as pooping outside of her box. I won't be without it.

    Calms nerves by Tampa Bay Kat from Tampa06/20/2012

    This is great for cats that tend to "chew" their paws making raw spots. I can always tell when one of my plug-in units is low or gone, my cat starts walking by the unit pushing it with her nose. It keeps her calm and the chewing to a minimum.

    Worth the Cost by giantpandalover from Port Orchard, WA12/13/2011

    I have used this product for a year now. When I run out my three cats tend to have more arguments and do not groom each other. I believe this product is well worth the cost.

    by grandmerry from Louisville, KY05/19/2013

    This has helped one of my cats a lot. He was having issues of being nervous with the other cats.

    Fantastic purchase by Jooni02/20/2012

    Very impressed with product, service, prices and excellent service and information. Was kept informed at every step of the way. Delivery was reasonably priced and very fast.

    There are no miracles but this product is close! by Scully11/01/2011

    I have several felines in the home. People cant get along why should be so suprised animals dont always get along? Feliway is as close as it gets to a miracle for assisting in an array of undesirable behavior! Helps deter urinating/spraying outside litter box, helps calm nervous and anxious felines and decreases territorial behavior. With five cats, four of them male, I have used Feliway for years and it has PROVEN TO WORK! (hint: place product in highly traveled areas)

    Calms my cat which calms me by snowblond from Waterloo,Ontario09/23/2013

    I recently got a new rescue cat who is very skiddish! Since using Feliway she is somehwat calmer which eases my stress! Thus I am calmer too!! Feliway is a great product!

    Reasonably Priced by awegs from Lawrence, KS10/27/2011

    I was purchasing these refills at the local pet store for $30 each, $70 for 6 is amazing and has saved my pocket book as well as my kitty's continued well being!

    Works great by Igoudm01/31/2013

    One of my male cats was using the living room as a litterbox when we first brought him home. I closed off the room, plugged in a diffuser for one month, and problem solved. I still use 2 diffusers on that floor just for good measure. The price is less than half of what Petsmart charges.

    Feliway really helps by Anon01/19/2014

    We could always tell when the diffuser has run out by the change in our cats behavior. Feliway helps keep the peace in our house. I buy the six pack now so I don't run out! I love this product.

    Feliway Diffuser by Patti10/23/2012

    This product is fantastic!! Territorial cat spray is disgusting and stopping my female cats before they spray was more important than trying to find something to clean up the damage after they sprayed. Feliway is expensive (I put one upstairs and one downstairs) but so very worth it. The pricing here is excellent!

    Happy Cat Household by rhonda from King Ferry NY07/08/2014

    With 4 indoor cats and 1 laundry/litterbox room this is a must ! No fighting ,no go in the corner, they will all even hang in this room when company comes .

    Works Wonders With Our Feuding Cats by MissKitty08/19/2014

    One of our cats gets picked on but using Feliway helps calm everyone down. I can always tell when it needs to be replaced by how they are acting. We wouldn't be without it!

    Best Product by BOSSLADY11/25/2013

    Our cat was having continuous behavior issues and the vet recommended this product prior to trying medication. It was a godsend! The cat calmed down as soon as I had these plugged in throughout the house. I would highly recommend trying it out if you have a pet with "issues".

    Feliway & DAP by Cat lady from Milwaukee, WI01/29/2014

    I recommend Feliway for people with multiple cats and DAP for dogs,sure cuts down on the stress. I am a adoption counselor and keeps pets on track. If it is hectic in your house try this stuff you will be surprised.

    Great Purchase by LAK from Cleveland, OH03/04/2012

    Feliway has done and keeps on doing a great job 0f calming my cat. She was found abandoned and is often scared of many things. Feliway has helped to calm her down and reduce the amount of time she has spent chewing off the fur on her legs.

    Less stressful household! by KLTWill from Myrtle Beach, SC11/15/2012

    This seems to be working since I plugged it in. The house is much calmer. No more hissing, growling and fighting at night to wake me up. The "lions" are sleeping peacefully and much calmer during the day!

    Keeps the peace!! by catmama from Atlanta, GA03/05/2013

    I have been using these in a Cat rescue home for almost two years!!! The seven cats that live there rarely fight, never scratch the walls & only go to the bathroom in their boxes or outside & I believe that this is with the help of the feliway diffusers! I wouldn't be without them!!

    Lives up to expectations by Bethie T07/19/2012

    Feliway is an excellent product that does exactly what it says it will do. We are a multi-cat household, and I can tell when the Feliway has run out without checking, because there are little spats and hissy fits between the females, which also upsets the two males. Not only do I use it myself, but I have recommended it to several friends, who also buy from Entirely Pets, a company with excellent customer service and great shipping policies. Thanks, Entirely Pets and Feliway, for bringing peace to my feline family.

    I can tell by their behavior when one runs out. by CatMama02/21/2014

    Years ago, one of our cats had to he hospitalized for over a week, and when he came home, all heck broke loose! He didn't smell right and our other cats thought we had brought home a new cat. A spraying war ensued, causing thousands of dollars of damage to carpets and upholstery, and this was neutered cats who had peacefully co-existed for 7 years! As part of treatment by a board-certified veterinary behaviorist, we started using Feliway, and the difference has been dramatic! No more spraying. We did have to trash the ruined items, because even though we could no longer smell that stench after treatment, the cats still could, and it caused them to re-mark items until they were removed from the house. Now, when i forget to change a diffuser when it runs out, I can tell, because "the boys" gang up on my little girl. When tensions rise, I find an empty diffuser. About 12 hours after I put in a refill, everything is back to normal. Calm. This stuff is a God-send. My husband was sure it was just expensive hocus-pocus, until he saw the difference for himself.

    Stress Reliever! by Becky08/10/2012

    I am so impressed with this product. Our persian was always extremely jittery at any noise and was very afraid of storms, to the point of drooling during them. We have been using Feliway diffusers for a couple of years now at the advice of our vet. Our cat now is relaxed during the times when he used to freak out! At first, we always knew when the diffuser was empty becuase of his actions, but now we only replace occaisionally.

    Made alot of difference by gillmorbl05/17/2013

    My cat is much happier now that I keep this on hand. Do not use it all the time, just when I have company and she feels upset. She will come out and visit with others instead of staying under the bed.

    good for multi cat households by Teresa Green from New Zealand01/01/2013

    We have 4 cats and this product really helps to keep the peace in the house. It calms them down and cuts down on aggresive behaviour. We can tell when it is running out !

    Use it regularly by pat12/31/2013

    We use it regularly. Keeps them calm, for the most part. Occasional squabbles.

    it works by patchymoma from KY07/24/2012

    I've been using Feliway for 2 years now and can tell a difference with my cats temperment. This is a much better value on this website than buying at the vet office. I have 2 diffusers at work all the time and stock up on the multi pack refills.

    AAAAAAAMAZING!!!!! Life changing! by Kitty727 from Las Vega$01/26/2011

    My cat has serious anxiety issues - he was badly tortured and left outside by previous owners before I rescued him from the shelter. He would do his business both in and out of the box, scream, eat out of the trash, throw himself at the glass doors when he saw other cats, & some other crazy behaviours. I tried everything I could think of and then I found Feliway. It truly has changed our lives. It is a bit expensive, so I try to buy 12 @ a time, which cuts the cost. This is the cheapest place I have found it anywhere, and the shipping is fast! Each diffuser only lasts about a month, but I know when theyre empty because he has major personality changes!!! This stuff is really revolutionary and has made our lives soooo much better! :)

    by Donna04/17/2012

    I own two cats and when the second one arrived he started using the living room furniture as his litter box. I used Feliway spray near the furniture and put diffusers in three rooms and blocked off the living room. After one month, problem solved. I keep diffusers in two rooms. The price cannot be beat!

    Works great by Catlover05/11/2013

    Feliway is a great trusted brand and product

    be diligent the first month by melntee from Texas05/19/2011

    We had several issues that came up in a short period of time that affected our household. We lost our alpha cat, Felix (he wandered onto a moving van, we think, and moved with the family). His brother, Oscar, whom he raised, was in mourning, guarding the food, rarely leaving the kitchen window, where he ate and slept, becoming listless and gaining weight. The 'foster cat', Sammy continued to spray more than before, causing hate and discontent. We then rescued 2 feral kittens from a bad situation. Our vet recommended using Feliway to help with the spraying. We use the diffuser and diligently spritzed the popular areas of markings, especially the first month. We didn't realize that it would also help the kittens to adjust, and allow the emotionally distraught Oscar to return to his 'before' self. Sammy and Oscar still do not like each other, but aren't trying to kill each other anymore. They take turns baby-sittting the kittens with play and chase games with them. Everyone is losing weight and getting into shape. Best of all, our house no longer smells like a urinal. Our family miss Felix every day, but the Feliway product is helping all of us adjust.

    by from 06/19/2013

    Helps to calm my wild cat - Angel...likes to spray but getting better.

    for by such from aThanks


    essential product by sassafrass04/08/2013

    The cat, which is a loving cat most of the time, becomes aggressive without provocation. Feliway prevents these aggressive episodes.

    Fantastic Product by Lyn04/15/2014

    My husband and I were very skeptical at first worrying whether or not this would work. We are multiple cat owners and this product is like magic, it seemingly settles them all to play well together, both young and old and my eldest of whom had a nasty habit of peeing on everything has seemingly stopped. Thank you for such a wonderful product....when the cats are calm so are we...

    by Cinwenda01/10/2013

    Effective for calming cats in a multi-cat household



    Really helps by Cat Person from Louisville, KY01/25/2013

    I have several cats. I have one cat that sprays. I have been using Feliway for several years. This products helps keep the spraying to a minimum and helps with his aggresion.

    Diffusers make life so much easier with 2 cats by Lynda from Eugene, OR12/05/2012

    Have 2 of these diffusers always plugged in -- especially now with a new sibling cat. Life is much calmer when I use these regularly. They are happy and me too!!!

    Really works by Crazy cat lady from Western Pa.12/02/2012

    We have multiple cats in our home and we use this product because of its calming effect it has on our cats. It seems like we can really tell when it is time to replace the diffuser...the cats are a little crazy.

    HAVE USED THIS BEFORE by MEG11/02/2011


    Third Repeat Purchase! by Sidney's Mom10/23/2012

    This was our third time ordering this product from EntirelyPets and I have already recommended your site to a friend! Thank you!

    Keeps them mellow by Hawk22271 from Abita Springs, LA06/05/2014

    With 3 active cats, things get wild sometimes. We have Feliway in 2 areas of the house. We ran out a few times and noticed a definite difference in their behaviors. We have dispensers on timers which seems to work well for us.

    by from 07/23/2012

    I have a multi-cat household. There are personality clashes between cats and Feliway Diffusers have cut down on the spats - and fear.

    when by to from replaceI


    it by for from yearsI


    Very calming! by ITB from New Smyrna Beach, FL01/21/2015

    I find the diffuser very effective in calming the cats indoors and also use the spray and wipes on their carriers when taking them to the vets for treatments or vaccinations. It really does seem to calm them down when in unfamiliar surrounds especially in a waiting room with a number of dogs. The vet has commented on their calmness and how easy they are to handle.

    by from 12/12/2012

    We've been using Feliway for years. Currently we have three cats, one of which we inherited from my mother. Feliway promotes a peaceful co-existence. It's always obvious when we run out, hissing & growling ensue. We have three of the diffusers scattered about the house. We use the spray in emergency situations when combat seems eminent.

    is by fast from &Entirely


    Did not work for us by tvcatrescue from Long Island, NY08/14/2014

    This product may work for others, it didn't seem to do anything to calm our cat. We tried a single diffuser and also the spray. Perhaps a 6-pack distributed throughout the house may have some effect.

    very good items with prompt delivery by Ken from hong kong03/17/2012

    i ordered the feliway refills from hong kong. it took just three days to come, how serprieingly fast

    by anna01/23/2013

    This product is perfect to improve my cat's behaviour.

    Easygoing Orange Tabby by joesbuddy10/26/2011

    Love this product - works wonders on my skittish, fussy orange tabby. Seems to relax him and keep him comfortable. Also keeps him from marking.

    Feliway is remarkable by Pam in Gresham from Gresham, OR07/23/2012

    We moved a few years ago without the benefit of Feliway plug ins and our two cats nearly drove us insane. One in particular meowed all night for at least two nights in a row. It was pathetic. We move again recently with the same two cats. But this time I plugged in Feliway all over the new house a day before we brought the cats. Once we brought them here, they hid in the bathroom until we finished bringing things in for the day, then they came out and made themselves at home. They've been quite comfortable here ever since. I highly recommend this product for all types of kitty trauma -- it really helps.

    Best Product I've Found That Works by Whitey from Ma.01/09/2012

    We've adopted 13 strays, all different ages. There are two males that have stress problems dealing with others. The Feliway diffuser helps immensely. There are also 2 sisters, that act like sisters and they get along much better with the Feliway. It's worth every penny and I use them all around the house.

    Wonderful product by Angelique from McHenry, IL12/23/2012

    I use the refills in my atomizers all the time to keep the peace between my cats. IT REALLY WORKS!

    Had a big problem by 3 Dog Mom from Oregon08/20/2013

    I bought three of these because I have 10 cats and have had a urine problem. My cats peed on a diffuser and it started smoking so I unplugged them and threw them out. I'm glad I saw it smoking or the house might have burned down.

    good purchase by charlie11 from michigan12/12/2011

    helps us with problems in the litter box department with our three different cats. seems to have a calming effect or stress reliever.

    very necessary purchase by macechern from carmel, ny12/15/2011

    i love this product as I have a very nervous cat who has been known to lose his mind when stressed. this is certainly helping him (and therefore us and our other cat)

    Mellow cats by KatMom from Olympia, WA12/15/2011

    When I first started using this product, I wondered if it was really working. I had added a new kitten to the house and the older cats were grumpy. It wasn't until the first plug-in ran out of juice that I realized how big a difference it was actually making. I have one senior cat who does a lot of vocalizing and I can always tell when the plug in has run dry by his cat calls. When he starts screaming for no reason every couple of hours, it's time to add new juice. It keeps the cats much calmer and getting along better with one another. Tip: If you are moving, make sure the new house has the plug-ins in place several days before you bring the cats in, it will help them adjust. I have one cat who walks by the plug-in and purposefully takes a "hit", it's very cute.

    Feliway Diffuser by cal from Royal Oak, MI05/09/2013

    I have spraying issues in my home. I am hoping it will cease soon and hope the Feliway will help!!

    very effective by toni from Milton, ON08/01/2013

    Feliway plug in really does help relax my cats. I have 8 of them, and one of which is very nervous and has anxiety. This product has helped her significantly.

    Highly Recommended by Milo04/27/2012

    My nervous kitty was having stress-induced health problems, and the vet recommended I use these plug-ins. Since using them, I've seen a huge shift in his personality. He is less lethargic, more confident, now wants to play instead of hide, and he's eating & drinking water more frequently. I am so happy to have this product. It helps my shy little guy so much!

    Cant believe how well it works by cxs from San Diego11/29/2013

    Was truly cynical about this diffuser but a friend persuaded me to try it. It keeps everyone calmer, so much so that I dont need to look when it has run out, the cats tell me!

    Wonderful Product by Tammy from Mason City, IA12/20/2011

    As a volunteer at the Humane Society of North Iowa in Mason City, Iowa I purchase and donate Feliway Diffusers. This is a wonderful product, and is used to calm the frightened, and sometimes un-neutered stray cats housed in the Mason City Stray Animal Shelter managed by the Humane Society of North Iowa.

    by schokokat07/27/2013

    I don't know what I would do without this stuff; it is essential to multi-cat peace and harmony. My only complaint is when the bottle is almost empty the liquid collects around edges where the wick cannot reach it. A round bottle or one with a dimple in the bottom would work better.

    They really work! by CBeder from Cleveland, OH06/15/2013

    I definitely see a difference in my cats' behavior. They are both more relaxed. My female cat is calmer and isn't biting at her fur for no reason. She used to get very nervous during thunderstorms, but not anymore!

    6 pack Feliway diffuser refill by Bill and Audrey from Delaware05/29/2012

    Does the job. Our cats seem to be calmer whenever we use the Feliway. We've been buying from Entirely pets for about a year. Always the best price.

    by Rach12/16/2012

    Great product, makes all the difference with my 2 nervous cats

    Feliway from EntirelyPets by Damian from Melbourne, Australia01/29/2013

    Competitive prices, very friendly, fast shipping (all the way to Australia). Definitely recommended.

    by from 11/21/2011

    It is reassuring knowing my cats have Feliway because it helps keep them relaxed and happy.

    is by almost from finishedWhen


    Feliway is amazin! by Lanwzrd from Southern CA12/14/2012

    We use Feliway in our home and it is really helpful for our cats and it really works!

    feliway diffuser by wayneo from thunder bay ontario canada01/23/2012

    dident know what to do with my 3 cats. they went from loveing siblings to just short of killing each other.the stuff works like magic .it was very very expensive at my vets office. entirely pets shipped it to me very promptly and at a price that could not be beat by anyone

    Great price/product - Feliway by Chris from Atlanta03/06/2012

    I have used this product for many years in a multi cat household to help keep the cats calm. I have found Entirely Pets has the best prices not only on this product but all the products I purchase. I have recommended this site to at least 4 friends who are current customers as well.

    Quick and Easy by Susan from Baltimore, MD11/13/2012

    I was very happy with the Feliway refills. The ordering process was quick and easy. Thank you for providing an alternative to in-store shopping.

    Actually Works! by Blended Cat Family from Winter Haven, FL09/23/2013

    Moved my boyfriend's cat into my house with my two cats. After two vet trips for fight injuries, we have put 4 of these in our 2 bedroom house and can see a significant mood difference. Only seem to fight when they run out. Only complaint is that they are pricey and don't last long. However, the cheaper than constant trips to the vet for ripped claws.

    Not so good by Sheila from West Virginia05/28/2013

    Expensive, works only for a few days. Will not purchase for that price again.

    good results! by lp from Northeast PA04/02/2012

    This product helped calm our 3 cats from trying to mark their territories in the house! Almost had to give them up - but Feliway came to the rescue.

    by from 05/19/2011

    i use 2 of these in my condo for my cat that likes to mark his territory(a habit he just started about a year ago at age 11)

    I by am from sothese


    Can't be without our Feliway by Kitty Lover from N.E. PA10/23/2012

    We have 4 cats, all different ages, who don't always get along. Creates some stressful situations. We always have 2 Feliway diffusers plugged in different areas of our home at all times. It most definitely helps decrease those stressful situations and makes for happier kitties!!

    excellent by sharon05/18/2014

    I have 4 cats and they were all raised together since kittens. They still once in a while fight with each other using Feliway seems to keep the fights down. I've used this product for at least 5 years plus. I would recommend this product to others.

    Good and Efective by Vanesa from Santiago, Chile02/12/2013

    Best way to keep my kitty calm and happy, along with her Bach flowers =)

    Great online service by Shirl from Brunswick, Melbourne05/05/2012

    As a novice online shopper i wasn't sure what to expect! Your product, price, billing system and speedy international shipping service are all very impressive. I'll definitely be purchasing cat products from you again. Thanks.

    Can't Do Without by tabbymom from Chicago, IL06/05/2012

    I have been using the Feliway diffusers and ordering the refills for several years. I swear by this product. The ONE time I let the diffusers run dry and didn't order my refills, we had an accident. Needless to say, that will never happen again. My boy has not had an accident in years. I recommend this system to all my friends. Keeps the cats happy and calm!

    Great Product - Great Price by Sue from Alexandria, VA06/13/2012

    This is my second purchase of Feliway from Entirely Pets. I did a lot of searching on the web and this is by far the best price/value going! I use the Feliway diffuser on each of the three floors in my home for my 2-1/2 year old cat who suffers from anxiety and fear. It helps greatly to calm her down. I do notice that placement of the diffuser is important in order for it to last - keep away from air vents.


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