• 6PK GREENIES Pill Pockets Chicken Formula 47.4 oz (180 count)

    6PK GREENIES Pill Pockets Chicken Formula 47.4 oz (180 count)

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    Now in a convenient 6-pack!

    Every day millions of pet owners are faced with the task of medicating their pets. How many ways have you tried to trick your pet into taking medication?

    Like most pet owners you've poked them down, ground them up, hidden them in any number of unhealthy foods and pleaded with your pet to swallow its medication, only to have your pet spit it out, eat everything but the medication, drool and foam at the mouth, and resist you, tooth and claw! Now there is a better way. Pill Pocketsģ are healthy treats with a patented pocket to safely conceal the medicine - it's as simple as that.

  • Pill Delivery treat
  • Chicken Flavored
  • No Mess, No Stress
  • Made from human-grade meats
  • Highly palatable flavor
  • Eliminates need to use fattening substitutes such as cheese and peanut butter
  • Does not promote table food begging
  • No refrigeration needed
  • Easy to use re-sealable pouch
  • Veterinarian designed and recommended

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    Usage Information

    GREENIES® PILL POCKETS® Treats mask the smell and taste of medicine to make sure your dog takes his medicine successfully, turning the experience more enjoyable for both you and your dog.

    The pouch design of GREENIES® PILL POCKETS® Treats hides your dogís medication to make sure the medicines are taken and your dogís health improves.

    The idea is simple: if you put medication inside a treat your dog likes to eat, giving medicine becomes a lot easier. This healthy and delicious treat masks the taste or smell of medicine, making GREENIES® PILL POCKETS® treats a reliable stress- free experience Ė and itís a much healthier alternative than hiding medications inside human foods.
    GREENIES® PILL POCKETS® Treats were designed by veterinarians and are the #1 vet-recommended choice for giving pills. Your dogís health depends on making sure your veterinarianís recommendations are followed to avoid more serious health problems, long or extended illnesses, and unnecessary pain for your dog.
    GREENIES® PILL POCKETS®GREENIES® PILL POCKETS® treats come in convenient sizes to match the size of medicine: a large size that fits most Capsules and a smaller size that fits most Tablets.
    GREENIES® PILL POCKETS®Itís easy giving medicine when you have three tasty flavors to wrap it in. Pick your dogís favorite: Chicken, Peanut Butter, or Hickory Smoke.


    GREENIES® PILL POCKETS® Treats are nutritious and a healthier alternative to the commonly used human foods (cheese, tuna, etc.), as they contain fewer calories and less fat and sodium. They also contain antioxidant vitamins C and E to support a healthy immune system.

    Rehydrated chicken, glycerin, wheat flour, vegetable oil, wheat gluten, dried corn syrup, dried cultured skim milk, natural chicken bouillon flavor, natural flavors, sodium bisulfate, xanthan gum, preserved with mixed tocopherols.

    Customer Reviews

    DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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    They work well! by Dog Owner from Long Beach, CA01/20/2014

    These do a great job of masking the odor of pills. The dogs swallow the pills without finding them and spitting out, which happened with home remedies like peanut butter.

    Disappointed with the Chicken Pill Pockets by Tigger & Bodie from California12/29/2012

    I'm disappointed with the Chicken Pill Pockets. I've used the beef Pill Pockets before and they are awesome (but stinky). The Chicken Pill Pockets are stiff and crumbly and hard to use. I admit that my dogs love all flavors of Pill Pocket, but I will be choosing the Beef Pill Pockets instead, from now on.

    Love these..!!! by EvaAupperlee from Northern New Jersey06/20/2014

    Our black lab "Libby" is an older gal. She has recently been prescribed some meds and these are terrific. No hassles she actually likes these so it makes life much easier. We got the 6 pack and sent a pack out to a family member with the same issues. We all LOVE them pets included..

    Best product ever by Glbbis from Phoenix, AZ01/23/2013

    I have four dogs all taking medication and two that have multiple pills to take. I used to have problems getting them to take them, even hiding them in meat they would spit them out. With the pill pockets they just gobble them up!!

    travel saver by San's mom06/11/2013

    My dog will eat his meals with his meds, but when I've on vacation, I do the pill pockets for his care giver. MUCH easier for them!!!!

    A Great Help by Niki from Macomb, MI11/12/2012

    My older dog needs medication four times a day, but she cleverly and stubbornly picks the pills out of cheese, lunch meat, and even peanut butter. Pill Pockets have stopped the battle. She likes the flavor, and she doesn't chew around the pill. The beef flavor works well too, but the chicken flavor seems to be more pliable to close around a pill. Although they are a bit expensive, it's the best solution for us!

    work great! by jacksmom from Ogden, Utah03/28/2013

    I buy the large size pill pockets for my little Jackson's medication. He takes 4 meds a day and I've found that all of these can be accommodated with just 1 pill pocket, which I break apart for each med. He's been using these for a year now and has never become bored with the taste. These are a life saver for us both.

    Pill pockets by WAC from Miami, FL09/06/2013

    This makes giving pills to dogs a breeze. I also keep them on hand.

    Awesome product by titleman02/14/2014

    These pill pockets make it easy to give your pet medication. I would highly recommend this product.

    Like a doggie's spoonful of sugar by techedpsb from Albuquerque, NM01/16/2013

    Pill pockets are a wonderful, irresistable invention to help administer pills and tablets to pets. They are wonderfully moldable and very effective at masking the smell and flavor of yukky meds that pets don't like to be fooled into taking. AMAZING how much easier they make something that used to be so unpleasant. Best price available here!

    great product by goldiesetc from renton,wa10/06/2011

    great price, great product, fast service

    Works every time! by Mel from Houston, TX05/28/2012

    My dog takes several meds, and won't even eat the chewable tabs. Everything goes in a pill pocket, and he loves them so much he actually reminds me when it's time for his meds.

    Best things ever!!! by CodyLove from Pottstown, PA10/01/2013

    My yellow lab has to take a variety of pills and for years I would try to find ways of hiding them in food so he wouldn't spit them out. Then I found Pill Pockets and thought they were great but WAY too expensive at the stores. When a friend told me about Entirely Pets and I found that they carried the Pill Pockets and how cheap they were when you buy in bulk (trust me I need bulk) I was ecstatic! Now when they go on sale I stock up and get free shipping too! My dogs prefer the chicken but they also like the beef too. Entirely Pets has left money in my wallet for other things now and I greatly appreciate that!!

    they work great by Candy from Lexington,NC02/03/2013

    pill pockets are the easiest way to medicate your dog

    Good deal by rocketrick from Michigan08/02/2012

    This product is great as my dog gets at least 3 tablets twice a day. She takes it almost 100% of the time without any problems.

    Great, Love these by Vinezero01/17/2013

    I have used these for years, and I use them everyday my dogs love them. Makes giving pills to my dogs easy.

    Awesome price! by Dogmom from Stokesdale, NC08/13/2013

    I have 4 dogs who are on various meds & supplements so buying these in bulk is very helpful and cost effective. You can't beat the price on these. Thank you Entirely Pets for making these affordable to multiple dog owners like myself.

    Not for Us by vikki-o08/15/2013

    If you have problems giving your dog pills and the smell appeals to them, then this is probably a good product for you. I have large dogs and it is easy to give them pills,so this is an added step and unnecessary expense for us. My dogs didn't find them particularly appealing...go figure!?

    Confused by BigDiesel1959 from Lombard, Illinois10/08/2013

    Pill Pockets are a great way to help your dog with the pills they need. Our Lab use to gobble these up like a kid in a candy store. Loved the Beef and Chicken and have been using this product for over a year My last order, Chicken was cheaper so I bought the Chicken. The dog just turns her nose up at them. If I get them in her mouth she just spits them out. I have worked out an exchange with Entirely Pets to attain Beef Pill Pockets. I did not want to get stuck with 18 bags of Chicken Pill Pockets. Great working with Entirely Pets, Good Supplier. Did Pill Pockets Channge their formula?

    Great product...had some problems by Pat from Asheville NC12/14/2011

    I have used this product in the past. I ordered from you because I got a better price. I am almost finished with my second bag of pill pockets and "most" of the pill pockets were crushed and I have had to mash them together. Sooooooo, the product is great when they are intact and useable. Pat Gentry

    Great product by loutown8808/18/2012

    These are so very handy for the weekly pills we give to both of our dogs. Both dogs think it is a treat and even watch me put the pill in it and eat it with no problem. They love both the chicken and beef flavors. We almost can't do without them and the 6 pack is definitely the way to go, they are so expensive in stores and still remain fresh many months later due to the package sealing.

    Pill pockets! by Danook03/19/2014

    So fantastic to give the pills for dog and my cat! They love it!

    Excellent Product by Annie from Plano, TX10/27/2012

    Work with Dalmatian Rescue - very easy way to get these wonderful spotted friends to take their meds.

    The best by Joan02/03/2013

    My schnoodle who takes 6 pills a day would never eat them without pill pockets,.

    Great Product, Terrible Customer Service by DogTrainer_7 from Chicago, IL04/30/2013

    The chicken pill pockets actually smell like chicken! They are soft and pliable and will mold to the pill. Much better then the peanut butter ones -which crumble. This company does have terrible customer service, though. I needed these pill pockets because several of my dogs are on medication. I ordered these pill pockets with enough time to receive them before I ran out of my supply - but the company would not ship these to me even though THEY WERE IN STOCK. I had to go to several stores and purchase more. Disappointing customer service.

    Pill Pockets by Irty from Nebraska01/17/2015

    These are the best thing I've found to get my dog to take his pills (6 each day) without realizing it. You can take small pieces of each pill pocket to hide one pill, or you can cram 2-3 pills into one pill pocket - depending on the size of pill, and your dog's eating habits. (does he chew each bite for a long time, or does he gulp down everything as fast as he can?) Easier and less messy to use than peanut butter.

    good company to buy from by Ray from Arizona03/12/2012

    I have ordered things for my dogs from Entirely Pets before and they continue to provide top service and new merchandise. If you want what I received from a pet supply company, use Entirely Pets.

    by simba06/21/2013

    3 weeks to get product customer service was ruide and unwilling to help.

    Willow and her medications by Cherry from san Diego01/13/2014

    My dog Willow is 11 years old... She is an 85 pound German Shepherd. She has been on medication most of her life. She has Addisons disease and off and on colitis...She is a trooper I used to have to pt my fingers way down her throat to give her the 8 pills she takes. every day to stay alive..(I had tried using hot dogs, butter and ect to no avail... I bought some Greenes pill pockets at my local pet store, what a difference!...Her mouth is watering as she watches me put the pills in the pill pockets, she thinks she is getting a treat! When I purchase from Entirely Pets I save between 10 and 20 dollers when I purchase 6 bags, (even after tax and shipping). So Thank YOU!

    the best by dog mom from Portland, OR01/16/2015

    Our dog loves Pill Pockets! She thinks they are a treat and never notices the pill hidden inside. Such a brilliant idea!

    Pill Pockets by Oreo's mom04/12/2014

    Not happy with this product. Usually when I buy at the local pet store, it is great. But ordering through Entirely Pets, the product was stale and I can't hide pills in it. Won't order again through Entirely Pets.

    by from 10/23/2012

    I order the 6 pack because we have 3 elderly Shih Tzu who need pills daily. They eagerly eat their "yummies" not realizing the medication is hidden inside.

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    Gobbled Up! by jenno from Boston, MA07/12/2014

    I admit I was skeptical when I purchased these because India ALWAYS sniffed out pills I tucked away in other foods. But my fears were unfounded; there isn't anything she wouldn't do for a Pill Pocket! No more worries about her getting the meds she needs. BTW - Where's the beef? She loved the beef but it's no longer available. The Hickory "replacement" is not the same, the scent is too overpowering. It just seems too "synthetic" to me. So, where's the beef?

    Pill Pockets by Gene10/22/2012

    Our Golden looks forward to taking her Valley Fever medicine in these variety of pill pockets. Great product

    Problem Solver by Hiwyre05/16/2014

    My senior dog takes a LOT of pills. These are a huge help. I get the large so I can use them for larger capsules and smaller pills by either using a whole, half or smaller portion. Saves a lot of money over the small size.

    Great product by Jan from Missouri08/30/2014

    Could not pill without great product use everyday

    I love this product! by forestgirl03/09/2013

    This is the easiest way to get my dogs to take their pills. I like the consistency of the chicken pill pockets. The beef are a little brittle. My dogs would eat these pill pockets as treats if I would let them. Just pop a pill in the pocket and pinch it closed and watch your furry friend wolf it down. The price is great and the pockets were delivered quicker than expected.

    Life saver for giving pills by Mckenzie03/06/2014

    We own special needs dogs who take a lot of medication, Pill Pockets makes it easy to medicate them

    Pill Popping by Gus from Maine10/24/2013

    Gus loves them. Easy and economical way to administer pills.

    Pill Pockets by BumbleT from Hawaii08/05/2013

    Taro needs to take a pill everyday, after his morning meal he looks forward to this "treat". Love them pill pockets!

    by from 04/26/2012

    Pill Pockets are absolutely necessary for Dakota, as he has allergies and I use these for his meds. He loves them!

    shipping!" by from DakotasMomGreat


    Great price by Bunnie from vienna, va02/24/2013

    My dog loves them and the price is terrific

    Pill pockets by LGC from Bloomington,mn03/21/2014

    The product is very good and a great price.

    Pill Pockets work by FHM03/28/2013

    I have used them for years on a dog with heart problems. He takes 7 different pills 2X a day. I can get them all into one large pill pocket cause the pills are halved and quartered. BUT lately he balks even at the pill pockets and I have to use some peanut butter on them. I don't know what I would do with out them.

    Use these a lot by SSSSASSY from North Bend, WA08/03/2013

    6 pockets a day. I must say, they seem to be a little smaller than they use to. I have to use the capsules not the caplets and need them big enough to hide the pill flavor. Hope they don't get any smaller.

    Excellent Product; Excellent Price by Gizmo's Mom from Southern California03/21/2014

    Chicken pill pockets are the greatest invention for giving dogs their medicine. My dogs love them and it is so much easier than trying to hide pills in peanut butter or meat (and my dogs have learned how to eat the peanut butter or meat and leave the pill) My order from Entirely Pets arrived quickly and the pill pockets were packaged with padding so that they arrived in perfect condition and not smashed. I will continue to order them from Entirely Pets!

    Keep Out of Reach of Dog by barbie from Kettering, OH02/19/2013

    My pup takes several medictions and the Vet suggested this product. She loves them so much she will make a meal of them, especially if the capsules are within her reach; and she can do it without disturbing anything else

    Pill Pockets are wonderful! by NS from Jacksonville, FL07/26/2014

    I consistently purchase this product for my dog who takes several medications daily. She loves it, and thinks she is getting a treat!

    Perfect for medication by Matt from Irvine, CA09/26/2013

    No easier way to give dogs pills than these things. They work great. My dogs love them. Even the one who always found a way to spit out pills stuffed in other things will take these with no problem.

    dog trainer by jimbo from frankfort il01/21/2015

    besides using for giving meds to my boys I also use them in utility for go out exercise as they stick on fence post

    Best invention for finicky pets by CathyK from Clearwater, FL11/10/2012

    Thie is the best thing they every invented for giving pets their pills.

    Helpful!! by AAI from Oklahoma City09/12/2014

    I have used these for several years. Jake does not seem to tire of them, I have found the 6 pack price the best available. I use them for his morning special treat for getting his collar :) Slip an allergy pill in :))

    Great purchase!! by Judy from Glendora, Ca04/16/2014

    Came quickly and so easy to get my pug to now take the meds she needs!!! Savings from buying directly from the stores!!!

    by from 10/29/2013

    The actual pill pocket is awesome and my dog loves them, problem is the packaging. Often times the self lockinig closure will either pull away from the packaging about half way through using it or it'll pull away first time I open it. Very frustrating since they are to be kept moist and not dry out, I make it work but don't think I should have to. Stuck between a rock and hard place, dog needs them and loves them and dealing with my frustration.

    side, by Thank from YouOn


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    Love These Pill Pockets! by Dog Lover from Ohio10/16/2013

    Great to "hide" pills in. They form around the pill very well. My dogs love them!

    Great Product for a Great Price! by Nancy Woolridge from Newfoundland, Canada02/05/2013

    The Pill Pockets are a great product and I was very pleased to find them for a great price on Entirely Pets.com. Shipping was fast and my dog loves them! I am a happy customer! Thanks so much!

    Make giving meds easy!! by NakedMtn from Shipman, VA11/17/2011

    Giving my aging lab his meds is a joy now. I put them in the pill pocket and he muchies them right down! Sometimes they are a little broken up in the package but still work great.

    never received product by richard from Chicago, IL03/12/2013

    Despite phone calls to Entirely Pets and promises to ship a replacement by yesterday, nothing! You are making a very unhappy customer.

    Pill Pockets by Krash from Sedalia CO06/24/2012

    These things are a life saver. I have 7 dogs, most have allergies and some have other illnesses. By using Pill Pockets our kids (dogs) take their medicine without any problems. Also, because of the cost involved with taking care of my four legged kids, I always look for ways to save money. Entirely Pets always sells this item for the best price.

    Absolutely Fabulous by C. Gemm01/24/2008

    These are great. My dogs line up to tell me when it's pill time. Beef are just as good.

    WONDEFUL!!!! by Barbara B.08/07/2008

    An amazingly simple way to give a pill! I cannot say enough! My dog would no longer take any "treat" with a pill in it, but he takes these without any idea what is inside!!!

    great price by canine companion from cleveland, ohio10/23/2012

    cant beat the service and price, been using for 3 years now and always helpfull and best affordable price

    EASY Solution for Giving Pills by AW06/05/2013

    My dogs think these are just treats and for me its the easiest way to dispense medication to them. Pills hide in the pockets and they gulp them right down.

    LOVE the Pockets! by Kirby's Mom from Northern California11/10/2012

    My big Newf loves to take his pills in the chicken flavored pill pockets. He thinks he is getting another "cookie". The easiest way to administer any meds! Yeah for the pockets!

    by from 07/10/2012

    I have several dogs that take medications twice a day and the Pill Pockets are great. I take one of the large pockets and break it up into small pieces so it will hide about 6 pills. When I've tried other things they will eat around them and spit the pill out. This doesn't happen with the Pill Pockets.

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    "The Whole Package at Entirely Pets" by BigEd 1959 from Lombard, Illinois08/18/2012

    The product is great. I have purchased it at retail stores previously and paid way too much. I was looking for an alternative place to buy and I found it right here. My beloved Dog takes 22 pills a day and this is how we get them down here. Pill Pockets. We use to use the old methods, cheese, balogny, peanut butter, hot dogs. The Pill Pocket is a great method. But Please Note You can buy Pill Pockets Anywhere- It is the GREAT SERVICE, GREAT SELECTION, GREAT PRICE that will keep me coming back to ENTIRELY PETS. Thanks for a great shopping experience.

    dogs cannot resist by arianah from santa cruz, ca01/08/2013

    My dog has never been a big eater. Now that he's old and persnickety, it's impossible to sneak pills into anything because he chews everything thoroughly in order to make sure there's nothing hidden inside. Pill pockets are the only thing that he gulps down with no chewing. Dogs cannot resist them!

    Makes pill time easy by Barbaraw from San Juan Island, WA09/06/2013

    I have one dog that takes a lot of medication on a regular basis and these pill pockets make pill time a pleasure instead of a chore.

    They love it! by Bettye from Arlington, TX02/05/2014

    We had been using BEEF Greenies Pill Pockets and since they were not available we chose to try Chicken pill pockets. I have two Pekingese and they are very picky about what they eat. They were reluctant at first to take the chicken since this is our nitely ritual, but slowly they accepted it and now the beef pill pocket is history. I compare my two little ones as if they are enjoying choclate as I do when getting a treat. They never know they are getting their allergy pill!

    Makes dog pill taking easy by Mike11/06/2012

    My dogs love these. They think they're a treat (actually, they are). Just put their pill(s) in one and they are none the wiser. They wolf it right down.

    Best thing to get my dog to take a pill by Shelleybean306/29/2012

    This is the cheapest I've been able to find Pill Pockets for. I use these all the time to give my dogs pills. They love them so much they have not yet discovered the pills hidden in them. They think they're treats.

    only way to give dogs medicine by hamptramp12/01/2013

    These pill pockets make giving my two large dogs their daily medicine a breeze. They look forward to getting their pills every morning.

    Pill pockets are great by Corky01/05/2009

    My dog was refusing everything connected with taking pills, would work out the pill from hot dog, would lick off peanut butter, refused hamburger, but I got some pill pocket and all was fine ... until she no longer needed the med and she was expecting her "treat" of a pill pocket. Thanks for solving my problem of giving meds.

    No fuss meds by Kit in Tsn07/13/2013

    These make giving the dogs any meds sooooo easy! Our 15 year old beagle gets meds twice a day and he thinks he is getting a treat every time.

    Great Stuff, Maynard! by Yes10/29/2011

    Good product, great price, on-time delivery.

    how can you not love this pill popper by Lulu from Thousand Oaks, CA09/15/2013

    My dogs think they're treats. Some of their pills are really bitter and nasty. Most of the time they fall for it.

    Wonderful by Mac03/06/2013

    These pill pockets are great! I can give my dogs any size pill and they take it very easily. In the past, I've had an issue with them eating around whatever I stuck their pills in, with these I don't have that problem. Love them!

    Wish I'd thought of these. Great product by ReadyEddy from Southeastern Connecticut03/12/2013

    But we use the cat ones - same flavor, jst a little smaller pill size. Anyway, these are fantastic. No fuss no bother, cat takes her pills twice a day and he can't wait to do so. MUCH better than any other way for giving a cat a pill.

    OK by jvm from Naples FL01/12/2013

    Chicken not as moist as beef and crumbles when used on large pills

    Needed daily by marvin03/27/2014

    I have to take pills everyday,twice a day! The chicken pill pockets(my favorite) help getting those pills down. My companion caretaker likes them also as she doesn't have to get her fingers and hands all slobbery.

    for my dog by Limado from Ma12/27/2012

    These are a great way to get my dog to take his arthritus pills. nothing else worked. The price on this site is the lowest that I have encountered.

    The "Pill" Treat by Nannadew from Currituck, NC09/17/2013

    My precious, recued survivor has literally been saved with the help of a fantastic Vet and Greenies Pill Pockets! We've used them on a daily basis for almost 5 years for his 7 daily pills and if not for them I really doubt if he'd be alive today. Using them is simple and at times I've been able to place 3 of these pills in a single Pill Pocket. My only concern is that if the package isn't sealed well they will start drying out and crumbling.. I purchase them in bulk in the chicken and beef flavors and he looks forward to his after meal treat daily - HOORAY! No spitting them out anymore!

    invaluable product by meg06/11/2012

    I have used pill pockets for several yrs. and find them especially helpful during doggy allergy season. Without them giving pills to our 100 lb.dog is quite difficult. The best part of all is that the product is so much cheaper than buying them in the pet retail stores. In the retail store 2 pkgs. used to cost me nearly $30. Thanks.

    Great Service - Good Price by Andrea from Johnston, IA12/17/2013

    Chelsea's Greenie Pill Pockets arrived in EXCELLENT time (5 days total from order to delivery @ holiday season!!) and were in great shape [not stale]!! Thanks!! You have made a loyal customer!!

    Will only buy from you from now on! by Vida from Boise, ID11/14/2012

    Loved being able to place my order for something we use every day and to get such a great price on it. Will only order our pill pockets from you from now on. Shopping - easy, Communication - amazing, Delivery - fast and Price - amazing!

    Awesome Product by Rescue9206410/26/2011

    I've been using the Greenie's pill pockets for over three years. The chicken is a sure fire hit with my dogs AND cats, LOL. Very moist and I can shape it to fit any pill. Thanks Greenies, for a GREAT product!

    Smart Product by Shelbie's Mom from Santa Fe, NM06/06/2012

    This is the best way to give your dog a pill. It is simple and our dog loves the taste.

    Helpful for fussy pets by tuffyb from Hartselle, AL08/14/2013

    These pill pockets are very helpful for giving pills to pets who can be fussy about what they eat. Most of my dogs love them, and these are so large I can break them in half (or smaller) to use in giving more than one pill at a time.

    Life saver! by dog lover from Long Island NY10/16/2013

    I would give 6 stars if I could! My dog needs 2 daily medicines and it was a struggle before these. Now I just put the capsule/pill in a pill pocket and she literally begs for it. She think she is getting an extra treat...I know she is taking her medication. They are a bit pricey, but for me its worth it.

    Can't do without these pockets by Duffy's & Duchess's Mama from Alton, Missouri03/30/2014

    My Duffy is on anti-inflammatory pills. Although I could give him the pill without these pockets, he would fight it. He thinks he is getting a treat and is always dancing around to get it. It is so much better for him and for me. I won't give pills without the pill pockets.

    Bow wow! by Mickey from Oklahoma04/18/2013

    BOW WOWwow Bow--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    old by max04/01/2014

    The pills appeared to be old. It was necessary to work them to make them plyable, they would crumble because they were dried out. I have used this product many times in the past and never encountered this before. Max

    Greenies Pill Pockets for capsules by 2 Newf Mom from Ohio10/23/2012

    My dogs love these. It's so easy to mask the scent of a presciption pill with these pill pockets. It makes giving them medications very easy.

    Good Product by gypsy from New Orleans, LA01/30/2013

    We can't use them for these pets, but we still recommend them for smaller pets. Too many pills will cause these to crumble.

    Chicken Pill pockets by Bea Leary from Denver, CO08/14/2013

    The chicken pill pockets seem to be softer and fresher than the beef flavor. It is much easier to squeeze the pill pockets together when they are fresh. Dogs will eat the chicken, but the beer--not so much.

    by from 11/29/2011

    The pill pockets were of inconsistent quality: some hard as rocks, others practically melting and falling apart. Difficult to use.

    by from Dogs


    they're by a from greatToo


    Training Tool by Best Mama from Ashland, Ohio01/03/2013

    I use pill pockets as a training treat. My dog is crazy about them!

    Pill Pockets by Tesa10/27/2013

    Shipped on time and product as expected. Will order again, thanks...

    all my dogs love these by Dede from Arizona06/30/2013

    I have to give my dogs alot of medications due to age and allergies. This makes it so easy I dont have to fight them to get their meds down.

    Pill Pockets by Donette from Dacula, Georgia01/26/2014

    We love these for giving our dogs their pills. It makes it so much easier.

    by JJ05/10/2013

    Pill Pockets are great. Just wrap the pills in them and they slide right down. Dogs don't even know they are taking medicine - think they are getting a treat

    Great product. Great price. by Dearborn Mama from Dearborn, MI09/09/2013

    A must for frequent pill dosing in dogs. Dogs can't resist flavor or smell. Great pricing at EntirelyPets.

    Down the hatch by PB from Amesbury,MA06/26/2013

    My four year old Tibetian Spaniel is a picky eater and is on several medications. Pill Pockets are a guaranteed way to ensure she takes her pills whole and enjoys the process.

    Good value by Cello02/06/2013

    Pill pockets are a great way to give your pets their meds in a no mess fun way!

    Chicken Pill Pockets Large Dog by Mamasan from Virginia06/27/2012

    I've used Pill Pockets for my cat and other dogs, so I am familiar with them. I ordered these for my German shepherd, and these large ones are huge! In fact, because my dog's pills are so small, I am able to use half a pocket for them. It does take a whole pocket for his fish oil capsule. Pill Pockets are one of the greatest inventions ever!

    Would not purchase again by Pam from Roscoe, IL02/27/2013

    I order 18 bags of large dog chicken pill pockets. They were different than what we have received before, they stunk really bad and really greasy. Gave our dog that has seizures severe stinky gas. Called the company and I could return unopened bags for a credit only and had to pay shipping back. They would not email me when they received them I had to get a tracking number and figure that out myself. I would not purchase again.

    Love It. by Rosiebearmom from Fort Worth, TX01/27/2013

    Makes giving meds/pills to little dogs so much easier!

    Thankful for pill pockets by Beagle mom from Columbia, IL03/09/2014

    I am thankful for pill pockets. My dogs take their daily medicine very well hidden in the pill pocket and I don't worry about them spitting out the pill. They like all flavors, but I mostly order chicken. I have three foster puppies who were on medicine and they even took it well since it was wrapped in pill pockets. I would recommend these to anyone with dogs that require medicine. Buying from Entirely Pets make them affordable.

    great for big pills by Stump Jumper from Colorado Mountains08/15/2013

    My dog takes 3 1400mg fish oils a day and with this e takes them and no more spitting the capsule out. A real help.

    Taking pills by geocar from Shickshinny, PA12/09/2013

    Our dog just loves to take her pills when wrapped in the pill pockets.

    Great Product by Dobbies from Plano Texas10/28/2011

    Work with Dalmatian Rescue of North Texas. Always a sick Dal so we use a large number of the Pill Pockets. They are great - easy to get the meds down the Dals and they think have just gotten a special treat.

    Life Saver! by Sarge from Buffalo New York04/30/2013

    To give medication to a cat or dog can be a real trial! These pill pockets, in chicken or beef, are a lifesaver! They mold around the pill - we take off the excess and save in the bag. Or you can use to hold liquid in the pocket. Have to have a bag around if you have pets!

    GREAT PRODUCT! by Nwhitmire from Arlington, TX11/21/2013

    My dog takes a lot of medicine and she is a sneaky one! I have tried peanut butter, and cheese to hide her pills and she can eat the good stuff and spit out the pill every time! Finding these really helped! she likes them so much she eats it so fast the pill just goes down every time! Great product!

    Pill Popper by graciesmom from Houston, TX08/13/2013

    I have used the beef flavor pockets for years. This was a first for the chicken flavor. My dog loves this flavor just as much. She takes several pills a day for allergies. Because Greenies pill pockets are so appealing she thinks she's getting a treat and comes running when she hears the bag open.

    Bad_ not useable by Brandy's Mom from Farm. Hills, MI02/15/2013

    This is the first time in many years that this product has been unusable!!! It is terribble. The pill pockets just crumble. They wont hold a capsules and barely hold a pill. Will not buy again from Entirely pets.

    Great prduct by Jake n Tanner from Honolulu, Hawaii06/19/2014

    Amazing deal for an item I use every day. I order the capsule size vs the tablets so I can give Tanner his meds and share the other half with his brother Jake. I am also on the autoship program- they offer a discount and the product shows up to my doorstep-easy easy easy.

    Dogs love their pills :-) by pennywise from Hawaii03/23/2014

    These are great. I've tried other products that fall apart when putting the pill into the pocket. Have decided these pill pockets are the best. Can use for pills or take a couple and wrap them around a large tablet. Dogs like the smell and I have no problem administering their meds.

    Waits to Take Her Medication by Doberdame from San Diego, California08/26/2014

    My dog has a serious heart problem which necessitates her taking medication morning and evening. She also has grand mal seizures and is on medication for that. Because of Greenies Pill Pockets, she will sit by the kitchen counter at her prescribed times and wait eagerly for her 'treat.' Before I discovered the pill pockets I had to force her to swallow her meds. Now she barks at me if I am even a minute or two late. I have recommended pill pockets to friends whose dogs must take medication and they have worked every time.

    by jzg6s0101/02/2013

    Such a great deal, I don't buy them anywhere else!

    Great service by james10/31/2013

    Great price and great on time delivery. Great.

    Best ever by Deerhoundlady from Cary, NC09/09/2014

    Finally, an easy to use way to give my dog his daily meds. He waits patiently for the pills in the pocket as if they were his after dinner mints. This is the first time in 6 years that he hasn't thrown up his pills. He won't let me forget to give him his pills either. He sits and eyes the pill pocket package if I forget to give him his pills.

    greenies are great! by doggy01/13/2014

    Makes it so easy to get my dog to take his meds and its like a treat for him!

    Chance/Oakley by Chance/Oakley03/21/2013

    Pill pockets are the best invention yet. Both our dogs take daily medications, pill pockets make it much easier because the dogs love them so much. They won't eat until they get them. Thanks to Entirely Pets for the best price for Pill Pockets!!!

    Great for all but the brightest by Doodle Mom from Orlando, FL01/21/2013

    These are awesome to get 3 of the 4 Doodles I have to get them to take their Omega-3s. Without that, they consistently have skin problems. The most precocious Doodle loves the pockets but is clever enough to nibble around the capsule and leave it laying there on the floor.

    Awesome Deal by turtlegirl from Great Falls Mt09/05/2014

    I have 5 rescue animals on meds and these are great for pills that are not beef flavored. I like that I can buy them in bulk it saves me a lot of money. Great deal for the price. If you price one bag at other stores you will see this.


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