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Aquaclear Powerheads

Aquaclear Powerheads

AquaClear 30 Powerhead (175 gph)
AquaClear 30 Powerhead (175 gph)

($44.19)  $33.99
AquaClear 70 Powerhead (400 gph)
AquaClear 70 Powerhead (400 gph)

($74.09)  $56.99
AquaClear Quick Filter Powerhead Attachment
AquaClear Quick Filter Powerhead Attachment

($12.34)  $9.49
AquaClear Powerhead 30 (301) is a multifunctional pump that delivers outstanding performance in a variety of applications. It efficiently drives undergravel filters, circulates and aerates aquarium water. It attaches to filtration accessories like AquaClear Quick Filter (A-571). Powerhead 30 (301) with Venturi will raise oxygen levels, which is important when water temperature or fish population increases, or during disease treatment. It can be connected to protein skimmers. Freshwater aquariums benefit from additional currents. A Powerhead, in combination with an AquaClear Quick Filter, provides additional safe mechanical filtration. The Powerhead is indispensable in smaller reef aquariums, it can be easily hidden and still provide highly beneficial currents. The Powerhead includes many design, safety and utility innovations: compact, energy- efficient, completely submersible motor unit insulated in epoxy resin; adjustable flow control; a venturi feature for additional aeration and greater air output than most vibrator pumps; a vertical/horizontal output diverter; adjustable flow control; a stem adapter; convenient suction cups for easy installation; and an output hose adapter to permit easy attachment to protein skimmers, spray bars, and other accessories. Maximum flow rate is 175 US gph/660 lph. Recommended aquarium capacity is up to 30 US gal/120 L.
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Featured Reviews for AquaClear Quick Filter Powerhead Attachment
It's fantastic!!!! by littlejunco from Nova Scotia, Canada01/21/2011

It removed an enormous amount of debris in a very short period of time. The water was crystal clear. The aerated water made the fish swim more lively. They were lethargic before this. They don't mind the device being in the tank. I had a sick corydora who improved after using this a few times. He appears to be healing. I love this device!

by from 01/22/2013

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