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Active Paw ProductsActive Paw™ is the creator of the new product Go-Sling™. It provides an easy, FUN and clean alternative way to play fetch with a dog. Our patent pending designed sling allows you to easily set and load, without the strain of leaning over to touch a slimy ball.

Go-Sling™ is a traditional style sling that was redesigned to easily set and load a ball to play fetch with a dog. Hands-Free loading without the strain of leaning over to touch a slimy ball. Toss it, Bounce it, Roll it, or Launch it through the sky. You'll have so much fun slinging a game of fetch and dogs will love you for it!

Active Paw Go-Sling Dog Toy
Active Paw Go-Sling Dog Toy

($18.50)  $11.99
Marked down from $14.99!

Active Paw Go-Sling Dog Toy is a fetch toy currently handmade in the USA and is built to withstand the RUFF conditions that you and your dog will put it through, making it the only sling you’ll need to buy.

Made out of high grade drool resistant materials, just rinse off to clean, reducing bacteria and mold.

Go-Sling incorporates a safety feature that reduces intentional direct throws of a projectile directly at a specific target, making it difficult to cause intentional harm or damage to property.

Go-Sling encourages dog owners to get active! Exercising your dog is no longer a chore! Making health and fitness a stimulating priority for you to go sling with your dog! Great for training!

Take it anywhere. Go-Sling rolls up into your backpack, pocket or pouch. Stash it in your glove box or dog-pack, allowing you to take Go-Sling hiking, camping, to the park, or the beach. Wherever your doggy adventures go, Go-Sling will be there. It’s the lightest and smallest fetch toy on the market.

Active Paw Sling - Go-Sling
How to hold the sling.

1. Allow sling to hang freely and check for twisted and tangled cords.

2. Place the “finger loop” around the tip of your middle finger.

3. Gently pinch the “release tab” between your fore finger and thumb.
Note : Adjust the release tab to level the basket.

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