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Adjustable Collars

Adjustable CollarsThere's nothing worse than a collar that fits too small or too large for your dog. That won't be a problem as these adjustable collars are customizable for your dog's neck. Shop and save today!

Nylon Adjustable Collar
Nylon Adjustable Collar

($6.50)  $4.95
Nylon Adjustable Collar - Hunter Green
Nylon Adjustable Collar - Hunter Green

($9.99)  $3.49
Checkered Nylon Adjustable Collars
Checkered Nylon Adjustable Collars

($6.50)  $4.95
Checkered Nylon Adjustable Collars - Green
Checkered Nylon Adjustable Collars - Green

($6.88)  $2.29
The Premier Collar ( 1 inch )
The Premier Collar ( 1 inch )

($8.95)  $6.99
Premier Collar ( 3/4 inch )
Premier Collar ( 3/4 inch )

($7.99)  $6.09
Premier Quick Snap Collars - RED & GREEN
Premier Quick Snap Collars - RED & GREEN

($3.95)  $1.95
Premier Quick Snap Collars - BLUE & SILVER
Premier Quick Snap Collars - BLUE & SILVER

($8.99)  $7.09
Premier Quick Snap Collars - SILVER & BLACK
Premier Quick Snap Collars - SILVER & BLACK

($3.39)  $1.95
Premier Quick Snap Collar - SMALL (3/4")
Premier Quick Snap Collar - SMALL (3/4")

Premier Quick Snap Collar - MEDIUM  (3/4")
Premier Quick Snap Collar - MEDIUM (3/4")

Halti Headcollars
Halti Headcollars

Nylon Adjustable Collar
Nylon Adjustable Collar

Petsafe KeepSafe Break-Away Collar Medium 1" - Deep Purple
Petsafe KeepSafe Break-Away Collar Medium 1" - Deep Purple

($15.99)  $12.99
Petsafe KeepSafe Break-Away Collar Medium 3/4" - Royal Blue
Petsafe KeepSafe Break-Away Collar Medium 3/4" - Royal Blue

($15.99)  $12.99
Premier Quick Snap Collar - MEDIUM / BLUE (3/4")
Premier Quick Snap Collar - MEDIUM / BLUE (3/4")

($13.77)  $4.89
Premier Quick Snap Collar - LARGE / RED (1")
Premier Quick Snap Collar - LARGE / RED (1")

($12.99)  $5.99
KeepSafe Break-Away Collar
KeepSafe Break-Away Collar

($15.99)  $12.99
The size 3/4 inch(Red) & (Blue) has been DISCONTINUED.We apologize for any inconvenience.

Quality nylon collars and leads last for years. High-quality nylon adjustable Collars feature quick-release, plastic delrin buckles that are contoured for comfort. Bar-tacked construction means these collars will last for years. Choose from sizes and colors listed in drop down menus below. High-quality single layer nylon Leads feature bolt style snap and bar-tacked construction for added durability. Available widths:
5/8" - Adjusts 10"-16"
3/4" - Adjusts 14"-20"
1" - Adjusts 18"-26"
4.00 rating based on 4 reviews
Featured Reviews for Nylon Adjustable Collar
durable if ! by Poopmaster08/23/2011

The collars seem to fit well and constructed well, if, your other dog, if you have one doesn't develope a taste for the plastic clip. Oh and the price is great, we have two Rotts, a Pitbull, and a Lab, but the pit loves to pull the collar off the others just to destroy to plastic buckle. We have gone through at least 3 dozen collars.

Collar by Ship from California03/29/2014

Excellent product, no problems at all. The dogs all seemed to adapt at once

Love the collar by Sadie from Texas03/27/2014

This one was for my Mini-Schnauzer...it works great! stays fixed, doesn't slip...am happy!

by from 12/18/2011

Featured Reviews for Checkered Nylon Adjustable Collars
by from 11/29/2012

The is a great quality collar. It's nice looking, and fairly easy to put on and take off.

advertised by as from beingHowever,


Not for strong dogs by Alex04/30/2014

I bought this for my 50lb aussie mix. It worked well and did its job for the first 2 years then my dog lunged after a squirrel once and the buckle snapped. Good thing my dog doesn't run away or there would be a stray running around with no tags. Very scary and disappointed.

Item was cancelled by seller by MyDogs01/28/2013

I never got the item because it was discontinued, yet it was available to order online. Go figure.

Nice collar by js06/23/2013

Collar seems to be of good quality material, is easily adjustable and the clip seems very solid.

Nice collar just too big by TJ04/18/2012

My owner read the size wrong and had to return it. It's a nice collar, just too big fora little 'ol Yorkie like me.

Featured Reviews for The Premier Collar ( 1 inch )
Best dog collars made by bassetlover from Spokane, WA.01/12/2012

These are the only collars I use on my dogs,they slip out of regular ones. Love them.

Love the Premier Collars by Love Dogs11/08/2011

I volunteer at our local ARL. These are the only collars we use. I am very pleased with the speed of delivery and the quality of the product.

Worst collar I've ever seen. by tedsdad06/03/2011

I ordered this collar for my dog. When it arrived I was surprised by the poor design and would not use this on my dog. There is no quick release for fast removal. That's right, no buckle, no clip. This is a choke collar and not one I would use on a dog. The collar was not advertised as a choke collar and I will never order from entirely pets again. Sorry, but I feel I've been had. Gary Ramsdell Barrington N.H.

Premier Dog Collar is great by shanon06/12/2008

I bought this for my young lab cross and it's fabulous. It allows me to correct him on a leash and it really doesn't allow him to escape. If he lunges forward to chase something, he corrrects himself and has learned quickly. I love it. Plus, because it's nylong, it's soft.

good purchase by viper12/21/2012

looks like good quality but my daughter says she won't use it, she don't like it, she just doesn't understand how it works

Featured Reviews for Premier Collar ( 3/4 inch )
by Heather10/23/2012

I was told this product was on back order and never received it.

Highly Recommend! by Peewee04/12/2011

This collar gives you a safe way to lead a scared dog. They cannot choke on it, they cannot back out of it, yet it slides right on and off with human help. Plastic latch buckles break.

Quality Collar by KJ from Wyoming10/23/2012

I liked that this collar is all nylon and metal, no plastic parts to break. It is a good weight to be strong, yet not bulky. I'm considering a second one for my bigger dog.

safe by meta11/16/2011

I work with rescue and each of our dogs that comes to us in rescue has a Premier collar so we know it is safe. this collar keeps a dog from pulling and slipping out of the collar yet it is a gentle way to keep a dog safe.

Premier Collar by MK from Dahlonega Ga11/15/2013

Had I known that this collar had the quick release connection I never would have bought it. All previous Premier Collars I've purchased had a continuous nylon loop that was adjustable via a slide mechanism. The only reason I kept the purchase was that I needed it for an obedience class.

Greatest Collar Ever by Basenji Mom from Monroe, NC11/24/2011

This is collar is by far the best collar I've ever used on any of my dogs. The breeder recommended the collar to me when I bought my first Basenji. In fact, it came in his "adoption basket". The collar is comfortable for Benji (when he's not tugging) and it is also escape-proof (for when he's determined to pursue what he shouldn't be pursuing). I would recommend this collar to anyone who has a dog that is a little bit on the rambunctious side (of which Basenjis definitely qualify). It's simply a great collar that gets the job done.

Great collar!!! by Danielle Yenna04/18/2008

I am a firm believer that chain choke collars are not good for any dog...however the Premier dog product line offers a great collar that gives me, a large dog owner, great control over my dog. Without any worries that I might hurt his throat or irritate his skin and coat!!! Thank you so much! but my I suggest that I would like to be offered to personalize it as well....Just a thought!!

Hatfield Control Collar by kylee33 from South Mills, North Carolina10/02/2010

For one thing this collar has no directions as to how to use it! I am assuming that you just slide it over the pet's head? I would really like to hear from this company, because my granddaughter opened these products (collar and leash) and now I cannot return them, so I am stuck with them! I would rather have my money back, so that I may purchase another type of collar and leash!

Featured Reviews for Premier Quick Snap Collars - RED & GREEN
Sturdy and good-looking by Sher10/24/2012

I purchased these collars for my three dogs, all different sizes. The collars are well-made and attractive. Well worth the money.

Great Collar by Steele12/14/2012

These collars are attractive, sturdy and safe. We us them in our small animal clinic when pets come in without a collar. Clients have even commented on them!!

Great Buy by dmjbutler from Puerto Rico12/17/2013

I was surprise by these collars. They are made of strong materials. Great buy!

Good purchase by zookeeper from Portland, OR10/09/2013

Reasonably priced for the cats that don't come home with them??? My cats bring me their collars so they can go out. We seem to lose ours by where the cats place them when they take them out of the container I keep them in. When they hear the bell on the collar, they come to me and then out the door. It's a treat to let them out when it is not raining.

Nice collar by mzee from Michigan02/03/2013

great value, workmanship and material. Also liked the color for a male dog.

nice by wrs from NC01/31/2014

These are great little collars at a good price. It is hard to find a collar that wide in a small size, especially a well-known brand.

Premier Quick Snap Collars - RED & GREEN by Marianne02/17/2008

Good quality as well as attractive.

Great price for a quality collar. by peterg06/12/2012

This the second one I bought. It's the backup for the same one I bought last year. Still in great shape. Looks really good too. Nice gold accents.

Great Collars! by Frontier10/26/2011

I purchased these for our clinic when patients come in on just slip leads and we need to hold onto an actual collar while in the exam room. They are safe, very attractive and have gotten huge comments from owners on how great they look on their dogs!!

by furlover from TX11/20/2013

These collars for the price can not be beat in quality. I'd recommend anyone to give them a try. We have had several through the years. When foster kids leave and their parents show up with their own collars they always choose to leave the one on the dog he is currently wearing which happens to be the "Premier".

Good value! by milkweed from NY Gunks01/12/2012

These are nice looking well made collars, great value! Bought a bunch for the shelter dogs.

worst customer service by bdlny05/23/2014

never ended up purchasing this product form entirely pets, there order processing time and shipping time and customer service were so poor that i cancelled the order and purchased elsewhere, the product is good but do not buy it from entirely pets, no matter what price they give you,

It's a dog collar. by Mongo from Northeast Oklahoma03/03/2014

It's adjustable... It's a dog collar, works as well, for us, as similar products, and is less expensive.

by TG03/20/2014

These are great collars and at a great price! I love buying them for rescue groups!

EXCELLENT!!! by Frugal Pet Owner from Charlotte, NC06/05/2012

Wonderful quality, way cheap price. Nice looking, great transaction. As good as it gets!

good quality by pet lover from California01/29/2013

I get a lot of foster dogs/puppies and these work great. They can be adjusted to fit and are durable.

Featured Reviews for Premier Quick Snap Collars - BLUE & SILVER
Good Looking collar by HayKay06/20/2012

Good looking collar.Easy to get on and off my dog and has enough room for name, rabies, and ID tags.

by Love Dogs10/25/2011

This collar beats the hard plastic e-collars hands down. Our boy had ccl surgery for the second time until the stitches come out he will be wearing it. He can lay down and sleep comfortable, to eat we just flip it back so he is in total comfort.

Love this collar by JAK from Cincinnati01/27/2011

Bought a large for my yellow lab - he looks gorgeous in it!! Good Quality, adjusts easily, sturdy.

Attractive collar by HayKay from Washington State11/06/2012

Collar is easy to adjust,sturdy and good looking. The collar is also well priced.

It's a good product for the money by Mongo from Northeast Oklahoma03/03/2014

Does what it's supposed to do and isn't overly expensive.

Great quality for a great price! by Tiamari from Hawaii12/17/2012

These items each sell for @ least $10 a piece!! My puppy looks very handsome since they are top notch quality!

Nice by Boxer from KY11/29/2011

Very good collar for the price. I got the matching leash also.

Featured Reviews for Premier Quick Snap Collars - SILVER & BLACK
Great Quality by WFAHS from St. Fracisville, LA10/15/2013

Great Quality product and well made. Good selection of sizes and colors.

Nice collar, but.... by DAJ from Rhode Island11/19/2012

The gold hardware looks awful with a siver and black collar! Would give it 5 stars if it had a plain metal/black plastic buckle and hook.

Great Product by Sherrie08/15/2012

I was worried about both the collar and leash that I ordered because the price was a little toooooo good :) These turned out to be of great quality, much better than ones I paid a lot more money for... and beautiful as well!!

Featured Reviews for Petsafe KeepSafe Break-Away Collar Medium 3/4" - Royal Blue
Still don't have it by BetsyBrady08/06/2014

I have ordered from your many times and generally have been very pleased. However, several times, including this time, the item I ordered has been backordered. So far, for a month, I wish Entirely Pets would indicate whether an item is in stock before I place my order.

Featured Reviews for Premier Quick Snap Collar - MEDIUM / BLUE (3/4")
Execellent value by Alphonse from Menlo Park, CA11/01/2011

The collar is well made, and looks much better then "generic" single color nylon collars.

Featured Reviews for KeepSafe Break-Away Collar
break away dog collar by dog lover05/30/2012

I received the collar promptly and the size was perfect for my scottish terrier. She loves to sit on the porch of my raised ranch home and is small enough to go through the railings. It makes me feel better knowing she will be safe and I don't have to baby sit while she is in one of her favorite spots. I gave the collar 4 stars because I was looking for something in pink or that would look good on a girl.

Great Collar by Mike from New Zealand05/31/2012

Great collar just what I was after, my dog was nearly strangled a while back feel happier now using the break away collar.

Breakaway dog collar by dani from SA,Tx.04/15/2012

these collars have saved both my dogs' lives and are required by our doggie playcare providers. they are very hard to find , except for here.

great product by pet lover from California01/29/2013

This has been wonderful for the dogs where playmates grab the collar. I was afraid the teeth would get caught causing injury and this really works and also easy to put together when pulled off.

Satisfied by Melissa10/23/2012

This collar is exactly what it says it is, I like it very much! I've seen it in action, my 100+ lb mastiff-mix, get's into all kinds of weird situations when I leave him alone in the car, and having this collar is great, I don't worry as much that he will hurt himself. I didn't give 5 stars because I would like to have more options as to color.

life saver by shelly from Washington state04/16/2012

My dogs run on several acres of forest. They lose their break-away collars from time to time. Be sure to teach "fetch your collar" before using it.

by HN11/14/2012

I had to revive my young Shepard after his wrestling partner got her jaw and paw caught under his regular collar. VERY SCARY and a close call. No other collars for them now. They loose them ocassionaly, Beats the alternative.

A good investment! by Spot from Cambridge, New York07/13/2012

Keepsafe break away dog collar, excellent quality, price and piece of mind knowing if my dogs get hung up with their collars that they can get loose. Collars have two D rings for attaching a lead securely when you want to. Best break away collars on the market, I think. And my dogs are worth it! :)

Break-A-Way collar for safety by kac from Minneapolis, MN03/08/2012

This collar is adjustable, sturdy and good-looking. The collar is designed "break away" or come off if your dogs gets caught on the collar. Beagles are notorious for escaping. At least I feel good knowing that she won't get caught on brush or fences.

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