Air KONG Squeakers

Air KONG SqueakersKong Company has a variety of toys. The new Air KONG is a cool new spin on an old favorite! It's 100% pure tennis ball. Air KONG's complete line include fun shapes and an assortment of different sizes. They will bounce erratically on land and float high on waters.

Air KONG Squeaker Bone - MEDIUM
Air KONG Squeaker Bone - MEDIUM

($7.99)  $5.59
Air KONG Squeaker Bone - LARGE
Air KONG Squeaker Bone - LARGE

($9.99)  $6.99
Air KONG Squeaker Donut - MEDIUM
Air KONG Squeaker Donut - MEDIUM

($6.99)  $5.29
Air KONG Squeaker Donut - LARGE
Air KONG Squeaker Donut - LARGE

($8.99)  $6.39
Air KONG Squeaker Dumbbell - SMALL
Air KONG Squeaker Dumbbell - SMALL

($4.99)  $3.79
Air KONG Squeaker Dumbbell - MEDIUM
Air KONG Squeaker Dumbbell - MEDIUM

($11.99)  $8.99
Air KONG Squeaker Dumbbell - LARGE
Air KONG Squeaker Dumbbell - LARGE

($8.99)  $6.39
Air KONG Squeaker Fetch Stick - MEDIUM
Air KONG Squeaker Fetch Stick - MEDIUM

($6.99)  $4.99
Air KONG Squeaker Fetch Stick - LARGE
Air KONG Squeaker Fetch Stick - LARGE

($9.99)  $6.99
Air KONG Squeaker Football - SMALL
Air KONG Squeaker Football - SMALL

($5.99)  $3.89
Air KONG Squeaker Football - MEDIUM
Air KONG Squeaker Football - MEDIUM

($6.99)  $4.99
Air KONG Squeaker Football - LARGE
Air KONG Squeaker Football - LARGE

($8.99)  $6.39
Air KONG Squeaker Tennis Ball - MEDIUM
Air KONG Squeaker Tennis Ball - MEDIUM

($1.99)  $1.09
Air KONG Squeaker Tennis Ball - LARGE
Air KONG Squeaker Tennis Ball - LARGE

($2.99)  $1.89
Air KONG Squeaker Tennis Balls (3-Pack) - SMALL
Air KONG Squeaker Tennis Balls (3-Pack) - SMALL

($3.99)  $2.59
Air KONG Squeaker Tennis Balls (3-Pack) - MEDIUM
Air KONG Squeaker Tennis Balls (3-Pack) - MEDIUM

($7.99)  $5.39
Air KONG Squeaker Tennis Balls (2-Pack) - LARGE
Air KONG Squeaker Tennis Balls (2-Pack) - LARGE

($5.99)  $4.49
KONG Air Dog Squeaker Ball - X-Large
KONG Air Dog Squeaker Ball - X-Large

($4.99)  $3.69
KONG Air Fetch Stick w/Rope - Medium
KONG Air Fetch Stick w/Rope - Medium

($7.99)  $5.39
KONG Air Squeaker Balls - Extra Small (3 Pack)
KONG Air Squeaker Balls - Extra Small (3 Pack)

($2.99)  $2.19
KONG Air Squeaker Spinner - Large
KONG Air Squeaker Spinner - Large

($8.52)  $6.99
KONG AirDog Fetch Stick w/ Rope (Large)
KONG AirDog Fetch Stick w/ Rope (Large)

($9.99)  $7.69
KONG Happy Birthday AirDog Squeaker Balls - Medium
KONG Happy Birthday AirDog Squeaker Balls - Medium

($4.99)  $3.39
Kong Squeaker Ball with Rope (Medium)
Kong Squeaker Ball with Rope (Medium)

($3.99)  $2.59
Air Kong Squeaker Bone is made with nonabrasive tennis ball material that will not wear down dog's teeth. Also features a great squeak that your dog will go crazy for.

  • Measures 6"
  • 100% Pure Tennis Fetch Toy
  • Nonabrasive, Nontoxic Felt Cover
  • Heavy Duty
  • Erratic Bounce
  • High Floating

    Note: This item can't be shipped outside the US.
  • 4.00 rating based on 1 review
    Featured Reviews for Air KONG Squeaker Bone - LARGE
    Not for the mega chewers by Happy finds from Waltham, MA01/16/2015

    Beware of fibers. My boy is a major chewer of toys. Within minutes, he was pulling out the fibers. Not something I want going through his system.

    these never last forever so 4 stars by ncmommysf from North Carolina07/08/2014

    So far this squeaker toy has lasted longer than any other

    Featured Reviews for Air KONG Squeaker Donut - MEDIUM
    Great Toy by EPyer from San Marcos, California01/18/2012

    I've been buying these Air Kong's for about 9 years now. It's the only toy my retriever will play with AND he can get 3 in his mouth at one time. Entirely Pets has the VERY best prices on these also. I usually order 4-6 each time.

    Favorite toy by poemwriter from Port Townsend, WA10/24/2012

    This was the favorite toy of our two golden retrivers. They had the large size and it was used for years. We will soon be getting a medium sized labradoodle and this should be just right. You can't wear the thing out and the dogs love the way it bounces and rolls. It is great!

    Featured Reviews for Air KONG Squeaker Donut - LARGE
    Dependable service and best price by Lucky from Minneapolis MN05/19/2014

    This product is just about the only thing KID plays with, but they are $$ at the pet store. Entirely Pets has THE best prices on these. I am totally satisfied.

    still in one piece weeks later by lashnits from vineyard haven, ma01/22/2013

    This is a sturdy squeeky toy with no little plastic squeakers that the dogs can swallow. The only disadvantage is that the yellow covering can be chewed off.

    Solid ring by Puppylove10/20/2013

    This ring is a lot heavier than you would think. My pup still loves to carry it around but it is noticeably heavier than his other toys.

    Awesome by Ts from Las Vegas06/04/2013

    My dogs favorite toy. She is 9 we buy 2-3 of these a year. They are her favorites.

    Love the Squeaker Donuts by Lou-Lou10/30/2013

    I have two German Shepherds who LOVE to run and play. One wants his toys to squeak; the other does not and she will chew the squeaker out immediately. My babies are quite hard on toys and this is one that seems to last the longest.

    Dog Loves it by Uncle B11/09/2010

    My chocolate lab absolutely loves this. This is the one toy he loves to chase and play with by himself by throwing it up in the air and catching it.

    didn't last by lmd from nc12/28/2012

    my 10 month old boxer ripped/peeled off the "tennisball" material in about a 1/2 hour. once he peels it off completely it will just be a rubber donut.

    Labs favorite toy by Brooke07/22/2008

    This toy has been my black labs favorite toy since she was a pup. She is 6 yrs old and still loves it. It is great for throwing and swimming. The only reason why I gave it 4 stars is because the squeaker feature. My dog bites the squeaker out it pretty quickly and then it doesn't float in the pool because it fills with water. They used to sell them without squeakers...which the company website still advertises. They lasted longer when it was without a squeaker. Overall my dogs favorite toy!!! Nothing compares.

    Super fun for dogs by mreece03/18/2012

    My dog is bonkers over this toy. It rolls fast and he loves it. It's light so it's easy for me to throw a long distance and wear the little guy down a bit. I was very happy with this purchase.

    Very smooth transaction by Goldie's Guardian11/20/2011

    These are durable and fun because they squeak. My dog loves them because she always wants to play catch. Thanks for a smooth transaction

    Not really what I wanted by Dan11/06/2012

    This is not the donut of old. While the photos show it as a donut, when seen from the side, it is warped. Very hard to roll.

    Definitely for a Big Dog by JT10/29/2011

    This is a heavier tennis toy (14 oz) intended for bigger dogs. I have an 80 pound yellow lab who quickly punctured the squeaker but is still interested in chasing the now silent donut.

    Featured Reviews for Air KONG Squeaker Dumbbell - SMALL
    Favorite Toy by StarIrinaSakura from Modesto, CA08/01/2013

    My dog loves this toy. I purchased this dumbbell thinking that it was a cute shape and my chihuhua/shih tzu was small so the size was great! I had a groupon so I decided why not. Little that I know that my dog would choose this as his favorite. It fits perfectly in his mouth with both ends sticking out of the sides of his mouth. It has a great bounce when thrown. It fits well in my hands, too. I have to put it away some days because he wants to play with it all the time. He loves it so much I bought a second one recently so that he'll have another when it's time to throw out his first one. It's highly recommended!

    Too small for the price by Tessa03/14/2012

    It was small for the price and not durable. Was destroyed in a matter of a 1/2 hour.

    Featured Reviews for Air KONG Squeaker Dumbbell - MEDIUM
    by from 01/07/2013

    Squeaker Dumbbell by K32011/20/2012

    this product is still in one piece and still squeaks!

    Featured Reviews for Air KONG Squeaker Dumbbell - LARGE
    Very Durable Squeaky Toy by chelseagirl from Chelsea, AL01/27/2012

    My dogs love this squeaky toy. They love to play tug a war with it & run around squeaking it. The large dumbell is almost a little too big for my size dogs but they still love it. This is not a chew toy so if your dog likes to tear the felt off of tennis balls don't leave it laying around.

    Life saver by momabear from California03/02/2010

    I have a 10 month, 84 lb great dane/lab mix who loves to chew. He has gone through three pairs of my best shoes and a leather coat that he pulled of the hanger and chewed the sleave off. I have tried other toys that he has gone through in a day or two. He does not like the hard rubber toys. The Kong toys are great. He loves the squeaker dumbells and they last. He is on his second squeaker dumbell only because we lost the first one to another dog at the dog park. Since he's had his squeaker he has not chewed any of my shoes or clothing. Thank you Kong, Your a life saver!

    Didn't last by ghw04/13/2013

    I thought that the AIr KONG toys would last, but this did not pass the test. My dog destroyed it within 2 days.

    Not good for Rottweilers by Cindy from Jackson NJ01/19/2012

    My 7 month old Rotti tore the yellow material off in a matter of 2 days!

    Not for a dog the chews! by Sad but true from Massachusetts12/07/2014

    Within two minutes my lab mix had lots of the yellow fibers pulled out so I had to remove the new toy. I was not going to risk what those fibers might do in his system. Sad for both of us. I had another toy, that's another review!

    Must have changed the toy by GB10/30/2011

    Our yellow lab who can chew through anything finally got through one after 4 years. So after some searching I found it and bought 2 more figuring on the same quality as the other one. Unfortunately, the outside material had been changed and she was through it in a matter of minutes. Wish it had lasted 4 years like the first one, but the updated material made it a breeze to chew through.

    didn't last by lmd from nc12/28/2012

    my 10 month old boxer ripped/peeled off the outside "tennisball" material in about a 1/2 hour. I guess once he peels it off completely it will just be a rubber dumbell.

    Featured Reviews for Air KONG Squeaker Fetch Stick - MEDIUM
    So far so good by lashnits from vineyard haven, ma01/07/2013

    I have a dog who chews everything. After a week, this item is still intact.

    Sturdy by Ljob from Senoia ga10/22/2012

    My 3dogs love these and they can't destroy them

    Featured Reviews for Air KONG Squeaker Fetch Stick - LARGE
    Durable and fun! by Buckysdad10/23/2012

    This toy is a great size for my 70lb Rottweiler/hound mix. It has a fun bounce to it and my guy loves it. If your dog likes tennis balls, they will enjoy this toy too.

    My dog loves it by sam04/21/2014

    My new dog thinks it is a wonderful toy to play with he loves that he can squeak it also.

    Dogs Love These! by mlegere from North Carolina12/31/2011

    I get these from time to time for my 100 lb. Anatolian Shepherd mix as much for my entertainment as his. He loves to squeak them as if playing a musical instrument, and greets me with a happy song when I come home. Though fairly durable, the felt can be peeled off if left with a powerful chewer, so best to supervise play and then put it away till next time.

    worst purchase ever by johnny ringo01/08/2013

    my dog ringo ate 2 of these kong balls guess kong does'nt have any thing over him

    What you see isn't what you get by Digital Don11/01/2012

    Be very careful when buying this from EntirelyPets. They show the large cylinder-shaped fetch stick, but what they ship you is the stick that is smaller on the ends and in the center, and different diameters between the center and each end. When contacted, they said that is what they ship, even though it is NOT what they show on the web site.

    Semi-Fun by Lisa Marie from Charleston, SC11/06/2012

    I was very excited to order this product because it is Kong and I think Kong products are very well made. But this product only half lives up to my expectations. Unlike normal tennis balls the "tennis ball like exterior" is easy for a dog to chew off. So now I am left with the interior which is holding up great. So I wish the outside was more durable to chewing but I love the rest!

    To squeek or not by Judy04/07/2008

    Well it took Riley an all of 5 min to bite a hole in this and it no longer squeeked.

    Featured Reviews for Air KONG Squeaker Football - SMALL
    Keeps my guy happy by Philly Girl10/29/2012

    We playwith this for hours; he loves it. The nice thing is how this toy bounces.

    My dogs favorite toy by Erin02/04/2008

    My cattledog/chihuahua killed the squeaker in the barbell toy but this one is going strong after a week. It's her favorite fetch toy.

    disappointing purchase by pat10/23/2012

    We have two retrievers that play fetch with these balls every day. I have found that the yellow covering on the balls just don't hold up. Usually within 10 days the covering begins to loosen and peal off the ball. Also, I have made several orders and invariably some balls arrive without sqeakers. Unfortunately, one of the dogs will not retrieve any other ball; he likes the football shape. The other dog likes to squeak.

    Featured Reviews for Air KONG Squeaker Football - MEDIUM
    Not Made in USA by hon from Bedford, TX01/28/2012

    I was upset and EXTREMELY disappointed to receive this KONG toy that was made in China. I should have inquired before I purchased it, but I assumed a KONG toy was made in USA. I buy nothing from China for my dogs. I did not give it to my dog and guess I will end up throwing it in the trash.

    Kong Squeaker Football by Boxerdad10/22/2012

    The squeaker died two minutes into play :-( We have used the Kong Squeaker tennis balls several times and my Boxers love them. Based on that I bought two of the Kong Squeaker medium footballs and both of them lasted less than two minutes before the squeaker died.

    My puppy loves it TOO much by Libby's mom from NH08/28/2014

    It became an obsession. It is the only toy she wants to play with, and all day long every day if we don't take it away. She wants to sleep with it take walks with it, and ignore everything else around her as she is so focused on it. Normally friendly and playful with other dogs, becomes actually agressive if another dog even comes near it...this is a lab puppy, NOT an aggressive dog. I won't purchase another, and she will be limited playtime with this one, as interferes with her normally good behavior. I give it 5 stars based on HER opinion not mine!

    Kong queaker ball by WAC from Miami, FL09/06/2013

    Jeremy keeps trying to pull the covering off. Fills up with water when he plays with it in the pool. Not one of his favorite balls.

    My dog loves these squeaker toys. by RHL from Texas03/04/2013

    These are some of Mackie's favorites but they just don't last long enough. He has figured out where the squeaker is located and promptly tears the end covering off and pulls the squeaker out. Even though he is a small dog, he's very hard on his toys.

    Dogs love it by Puppylove10/20/2013

    I have two 60 lb pups who both love this toy. One loves to carry it around everywhere and the other loves to just squeak it and play fetch. Perfect size for any activity.

    Not for strong chewers! by Tonie11/29/2013

    A nice toy for most dogs, but not for heavy duty chewers. My dog destroyed it in a few minutes.

    Kongs the bomb by gfd381 from earth09/04/2013

    The air kong medium is the only toy for our mix. she will not play with any other!

    Featured Reviews for Air KONG Squeaker Football - LARGE
    Alittle Big by sam04/21/2014

    When I first got it was to big for my dog. He has a great time playing football with my grandson. They have a great time in the back yard.

    Not good for power chewers by Jennifer08/31/2013

    My 7-month old Golden Retriever got crazy over this. He loves it no question but he got through the rubber interior within seconds. We had to take out the tennis ball fabric. It looks like an brown egg now without the football design. He still loves the squeaky sound it makes though.

    best ever!!!!!!! by cfswick12/25/2012

    the toughest most durable toy i've ever found & the squeaker is the greatest!!!!! this is the perfect toy for a large dog!!!!!

    awful by Bonnie T from Allentown, PA07/25/2014

    Very disappointed with this product...thought it would hold up good since it is a kong toy...yellow tennis ball type material peeled right off of the football after one day of use. worst product ever.

    My guy loves these by Sandy from Stratford, CT09/22/2013

    My greyhound loves these balls. They are very durable and squeak for a long, long time! Highly recommended for the destructive dog. Most toys I give my greyhound are destroyed in minutes. These footballs last months!

    Great toy by Ts from Las vegas06/04/2013

    Very durable we buy 2 of these per year.

    a kong favorite by klpfnp11/06/2012

    Got the large size for my 40-lb Springer Spaniel. I thought it might be a little too big for her mouth, but she LOVES it!

    Love Air Dog toys by 3dognite10/22/2012

    All my dogs love the air dog toys and I like them because they have no toxic chemicals and made in the USA. Got them at a good price here.

    MADE IN CHINA by hon from Bedford, TX01/28/2012

    I was upset and EXTREMELY disappointed to receive this KONG toy that was made in China. I should have inquired before I purchased it, but I assumed a KONG toy was made in USA. I buy nothing from China for my dogs. I did not give it to my dog and guess I will end up throwing it in the trash.

    by Poopmaster07/13/2010

    All four of my dogs go through a lot of toys and they just love this ball.

    Love love by Malamute from CA11/09/2012

    My dog love this ball, its big enough for him and he loves the Squeaker sound.

    Featured Reviews for Air KONG Squeaker Tennis Ball - MEDIUM
    by vjplatz04/19/2013

    If you don't let your dog chew these they are ok. Molly got a hold of one of them and destroyed it in about 2 min.

    Best Squeaky Ball Ever by railin from PA04/25/2014

    These are my dogs favorite ball. He loves that they squeak and I love that they last awhile.

    Great tennis ball by Bassadormom from Tucson, AZ10/06/2011

    My Bassador Howard will only play with tennis balls. This gives him something fun to squeak while he is playing. They are pretty durable until he decides to rip the fuzz off.

    Squeaker Tennis ball by K32011/20/2012

    This product is still in one piece but no longer squeaks. MMIT had it worn out within a week.

    Long Lasting - Golden Approved by Golden Oldie Mom from Cody WY03/13/2013

    Long Lasting and drool proof! After introducing Squeaker Tennis balls the Golden Gang will only play with them! Anyone want some used Spalding's ?

    by Steph S04/08/2012

    My Lab/Shepherd mix just loves these balls! When the box arrives, he knows what's in there! They are durable,able to withstand his strong jaws for days. I have ordered these several times over the past year and the service has been great!

    Dog's favorite toy by hlc from Connecticut03/20/2013

    We purchased these for our lab/pointer mix - she LOVES them! By far her favorite toy.... Absolutely loves the squeak - we use them to play with her in the backyard so they do get wet and dirty but have only had 1 of them quit squeaking on me so far....She loves to run around the house chewing them and squeaking - except for using them outside, she has not been able to destroy them at all.

    Exciting but quickly destroyed by Wendy05/04/2013

    My Jack Russell's loved playing with these but had the furr pulled off and the squeaker broken very quickly. Good for the price but no longevity.

    Great Ball by Mark from Bridport, VT03/30/2013

    Very good ball for active dogs! It's VERY tough, which is necessary for large beeds, and the squeaker is a big plus! It's not just a "ball"!

    Excellent Large Dog Doy by Cathy from Atlanta, GA04/03/2013

    My dog is very destructive of most squeaker toys, but this Kong ball is the exception. He is trying to chew the fuzz off the ball to get to the squeaker, but the ball is so tough I doubt he ever will considering he's had the ball for two months now.

    Great buy! by RxSlave1 from Anaheim, CA10/29/2011

    My 3 year old boxer mix is a DISASTER when it comes to tennis balls...which are her all time favorite toy. The squakable tennis ball as ingenious!! The ball gives when she chews it so it lasts a whole lot longer than a regulare tennis ball or even the "tough made" tennis balls. The tough balls last barely one play session but the squeakable tennis balls last her almost 3-4 months! Me and my boxer recomend Air Kong tennis balls :)

    She finally found a ball that she'll chase! by Dee05/03/2012

    I haven't been able to get my dog to chase balls for a while. Put a squeaker in it and apparently it's enough to make her want to play!I'm a fan of this ball. Well made.

    Best squeaky ball by Gracie from Chicago01/16/2015

    Our dog loves everything squeaky. This is a perfect toy for her.

    squeaker broke in 10 min by sbbeaglelvr08/25/2012

    I have a beagle 14 mos old and in 10 mins by biting the ball to make it squeak the squeaker broke. She then felt like she'd killed her "prey" and proceeded to rip the felt off the ball. It lasted about an hour

    Emma loves 'em! by Daun05/11/2009

    My dog just loves to chomp on these, even long after the squeak is worn out. :D

    Squeaky Fun! by Anonymous in Iowa07/21/2012

    A tennis ball that squeaks - this is so much more fun than a boring tennis ball that makes no noise at all. Buy a 3-pack because the way these are made to squeak is also their undoing, they tend to split with vigorous use and if your dog carries them around the house and drops them when he finds something more interesting, you'll always be looking for them.

    not what i expected by stephbny1 from tyler, tx05/17/2014

    thought they would be larger than they were. my smaller lab poked a hole right away. i will stick with the kong rubber balls from now on, they last longer.

    loves it by sandy rubin02/04/2009

    My lab adores this... loves tennis balls even more with the squeak. If your dog likes to chase balls... I do recommend these.

    Squeaker Balls by Angela K04/01/2008

    Max absolutely loves these balls. He will spend hours just squeaking away!!!!

    Very popular with my dogs by lashnits from vineyard haven, ma01/22/2013

    a great squeeky toy with no dangerous small plastic parts. Fun for the two dogs. KONG is a good brand.

    Air KONG Squeaker Tennis Ball - MEDIUM by Breeze04/03/2013

    I have one dog that loves balls and this is one of his very favorites!

    Love these. by lmdkewl from Louisville, KY01/03/2014

    These are great toys, fun for your dogs, fun for the family.

    squeaker ball by Banjo Bob from Madison Hgts Michigan06/06/2013

    My brittany loves the squeaker ball need to be tuffer

    Great toy for a ball lover! by Indy63 from Minnesota01/01/2013

    My 5 year old dog loves balls & squeaky toys so when the two are combined he's in heaven. Price was significantly less than I found anywhere. I returned the ones I had already purchased at a major retailer and bought 8 of these instead.

    Featured Reviews for Air KONG Squeaker Tennis Ball - LARGE
    He loves it! by brun2602/18/2013

    I got this ball for my schnauzer in Sept/12 and he loves it. The neighbors' labs hear the squeek and line up at the fence to check it out. I felt a little guilty when my dog was having so much fun with the ball while the labs were watching, so I got them a couple for Christmas. Now everyone is happy.

    never wrong to buy Kong by Grams03/13/2012

    I have a german Shepard who always manages to chew up everything she plays with in 5 minutes . The Kong balls are stronger and last longer & she plays with them all the time, they last longer.

    love it by muttlyskitchen04/14/2008

    I have bought these for my girls and they are wonderful! They LOVE the squeaker and I love how long they last - Once in awhile a tooth will catch the squeaker and it stops squeaking, but they still love to play with them!!

    Kong Air Dog Squeeker by K9lover from Idaho Falls, Idaho01/16/2012

    My dog is a 9 month old Sheltie. He loves his Kong toys. Problem: He can chew the cover off the tennis balls and get the squeeker out. He has destroyed six tennis balls. I'm not sure the Fuzz is good for him when he eats it. Sofar..... he hasn't swallowed the squeekers. He hasn't been able to destroy the rubber ball yet. There may be an oppritunity for product improvement here, at least for the squeeker. That could be a problem if he were to swallow one.

    they love it by ycats12/27/2012

    My two goldens love these balls and they are not able to pop them like the regular ones!!

    Squeaker by Kim from Seattle, WA12/11/2012

    Best squeaker ever. I have 2 huge dogs that love these. Our Irish Wolfhound/Old English Mastiff can't get enough of these. She freaks out when a new one comes out of the drawer.

    Another great Kong product! by CAC from Los Angeles area01/01/2012

    Our dogs love this ball especially the large size! The plus is the squeaker & it's durable. Great value..great toy.

    by railin from PA06/28/2013

    My dog loves squeaker balls and this is nice because its not plastic and takes more time to chew through.

    My dog loves it! by llk from Harris, MN12/29/2011

    The last one we had was lost outside. My dog loves to run around squeaking it and playing fetch.

    kong ball by brenda09/30/2013

    my dog loves them,only thing is,is they just dont last long enough I think if the outside was alittle tougher for bigger dogs that play hard would be perfect other than that I will buy these balls the rest of his life

    best price around by cruzingk9s04/19/2012

    This is the best price I can find for these balls. My big german shepherds go through them quite often so I need a good price to keep buying them.

    withstands lab test by nancy from new mexico04/24/2012

    have two 5 month old labrador males and so far has withstood their teeth and temperment. good product for the price

    Best tennis ball for large dogs by Big dog mom05/01/2012

    Tucker and Amos are large labs. They love these large tennis balls. They almost choked on the medium size. They turn up their nose at the smaller size if the large ball is available. The squeaker makes them enjoy playing and eventually they pop out the squeaker with a fang. They won't play with it anymore at that point. Tucker gave one a mohawk and Amos really enjoyed the visual. Will give you and your dog hours of enjoyment.

    Destroyed Quickly by Debbie from South Carolina11/07/2012

    My dog absolutely loved this ball when I gave it to her. However, she tore the covering off the ball her second time playing with it and I had to throw it away. Too bad, since she really did like it!

    Air KONG Squeaker Tennis Ball - LARGE by Christina Holbrook from Graham, WA10/25/2011

    Our lab loves these balls; however, the do rip pretty quickly. Could be that she is just tough on the balls.

    My dog loves this ball by zimmsters from Dallas, TX02/17/2012

    My standard poodle loves to run around bouncing and squeaking his kong ball.

    Large KONG Squeaker Tennis Ball by Kelly from Amherst, MA12/06/2011

    For the average "large" dog these balls would be great, however, I have two English Mastiffs and these "large" balls are not quite large or durable enough for my big boys. The have fun with them for maybe a day then the balls stop squeaking and they get pulled apart!

    Wonderful & cheap ! by porkchop's mom12/05/2013

    my dog,Porkchop, LOVES these! we have tons of fun and playtime with them. So much cheaper than retail stores. Will definately be getting more !

    very good purchase by imlead2 from palm springs, california06/28/2012

    product is as described, large for 2 huskies to tumble with, lasts for fun, they beat the heck out of it and its still here (so far), price at entirely pets made me purchase this, otherwise i wouldn't of,.

    The new Ball by Carol from Warminster, PA03/12/2013

    This squeaky ball was (is still , we played this morning) a BIG hit with my Irish Setters - although Cassidy kept catching it and teasing the others - they all got their excerise and had a great time.

    by dawnybabe05/25/2014

    Very good product.. great for dogs they love these balls.

    Best Toy so far by sam04/21/2014

    This ball is his favorite toy of everything I have got so far. He loves how he can play with us or by him self with it.

    ball obsession by Brio from Madera, CA07/18/2013

    I go through about 3 balls a week. The dogs have a scheduled playtime and the squeakers last from 2 seconds to a couple of days. I have tried the "heavy duty" Kong balls, but they don't like them and they don't last much longer. But, what do you expect from the jaws of a wolfhound? The large balls are a good size for them. This is the best price I have found.

    Always a Hit! by Pushover Pet Parent from Lake Elsinore, CA03/14/2012

    As usual, Harry & Harley knew the package containing these Air Kong Squeaker Tennis Balls was for them. They can smell them right through the box and were beside themselves with joy. This joy was surpassed only by the joy they always experience when Air Kong Squeaker Tennis Balls get tossed out of the package and into their mouths. Since Harry and Harley are big dogs with big mouths, I buy the large so that there's no danger of them swallowing the balls.

    by Lacey08/18/2014

    I LOVE these balls. I used to be a tennis ball only girl, but then Mom found out these we're easier to find when there was snow on the ground! I go through them faster than tennis balls and they are a bit more expensive, but they are softer to chew on my adult teeth and I can squeak all the way back to Mom when I play. She can also use the squeaker to get my attention! As for the price, Mom says you guys have the best price out there!

    Featured Reviews for Air KONG Squeaker Tennis Balls (3-Pack) - SMALL
    by from 02/04/2014

    I didn't received them in my order - they sent out another one, and it got lost in the mail. So I am filing a claim with the Post Office.

    your by order from whenI


    Cute lil ball by Mluvnlife from Des Moines, Iowa02/05/2014

    Perfect for small mouthed chihuahua loves these as he wants to play ball like the big dogs but the regular size tennis balls are just too big for his they squeak...that is an added plus for fun play!

    Just small enough for little dogs by GJVC from Northern Ca07/03/2013

    All of my Chihuahuas fetch balls! Just the right size for them. The squeaker goes over the top!

    Small size by Mickie from Atlanta, Georgia12/17/2012

    Small dogs love the smaller size that fits their mouths and squeaks,too! Kong balls hold up for while for us.

    Great price and dogs love them by Cavalier Lady07/30/2012

    My dogs love these balls seem to always need more. Will buy again.

    quickly destroyed by a 6 lb. chi by ikey from IL09/26/2014

    Little ikey (6 lb. chi) gets his ball every day when I get home from work for his half hour play time before dinner. He loves these balls but goes through one a week. He destroys the balls way too fast I wish they lasted longer.

    My Dog Enjoys Smaller Tennis Balls by Sam09/15/2013

    I have always had the regular sized tennis balls but saw these when I was placing an order for another product and thought I would give them a try. My dog enjoys the smaller tennis balls. So we are both happy.

    Perfect for small dogs by Rini from Los Angeles, CA03/14/2014

    Small enough my papillon can fetch and carry. My dogs love them.

    Just right by Carol2 from Paradise, CA09/28/2012

    My Sheltie loves to play ball. However conventional size balls were wearing down her teeth. In fact, she quit playing. These small sizes are just right and she is back to her old self. These are her favorites.

    by abby11/17/2013

    Sorry, my Yorkie tried to play with one of them, but they were not soft enough for her. Gave them away to friends.

    Perfect Size by Texas Peg from San Antonio, TX01/14/2014

    These balls are the perfect size for our 2 shih-tzus. They love to chew on them and make them squeak.

    Featured Reviews for Air KONG Squeaker Tennis Balls (3-Pack) - MEDIUM
    Favorite toy by Trixie's mom from Canton, Ohio01/04/2014

    My dog, Peanut, and I play with these balls every evening and she plays with them alone throughout the day. I have a small pail with a dozen balls in various states of use always available for her. Even when she's pulled the coating and squeaker off, she likes the ball because it bounces higher than it does when its new. The first command she learned was fetch; now she likes to catch a bouncing ball. We have a couple other brands around, but Peanut has no interest in those probably because they aren't as pliable. At 20 pounds, my dog thinks these balls are the best fit for her.

    Medium Squeaky Balls by Susan from Timonium, MD04/17/2013

    These are not medium -- they are small. I can't use them because my labs would swallow them. If you go to a pet store, medium balls are medium-sized.

    Featured Reviews for Air KONG Squeaker Tennis Balls (2-Pack) - LARGE
    German Shepherds have to have by Jacks Mom06/25/2012

    If you havent tried the kong large air squeak ball try it you will have hours of fun when your dog catches the ball & tries to squeeze the air & squeak out of it..

    one big doggie by doggiemistress from Pennsylvania12/29/2013

    I got these for my grand dog, a huge lab. She adores playing ball and the smaller tennis sized balls are really too small for her. When she opened this, she was thrilled. I was, too, because now she can squeak to her hearts content without killing any of the other dog's toys!

    by K32012/04/2012

    When I was notified that my order had shipped this item was not included. Nor was an explanation. When I contacted them, they told me this item was not available. Yet it is still listed as available. I was not offered a refund until I asked for one.

    kong squeaker tennis balls by cookie from chicago, il.12/29/2012

    My grandpuppy is a white boxer named Wrigley He loves these squeaker balls, and i like that they are a larger size then just a regular sized tennis ball.

    Featured Reviews for KONG Air Dog Squeaker Ball - X-Large
    Great Ball by AJ from Augusta, GA10/21/2013

    My puppy loves this ball. It's bigger than the large squeaker ball so a little safer for my young dog who might try to eat a ball! She is mischevious!

    Best deal by Vicki from Cincinnati Ohio08/21/2014

    My pits just love these Kong squeaker balls and I only order here because the price is the best.

    Featured Reviews for KONG Air Fetch Stick w/Rope - Medium
    Needs to be sturdy by lmdkewl from Lexington, KY11/01/2012

    With two pit bull mixes this product didn't last as long as I thought it would. I've only had it for 3-4 months and it is almost to the point of destruction. Mabye this toy would be better for smaller dogs.

    Featured Reviews for KONG Air Squeaker Balls - Extra Small (3 Pack)
    My dog Loves these by Summer's Mom from Bronx, NY07/29/2014

    I have a miniature pinscher and she's always looking for something to squeak and chew on. These extra small balls are perfect for her and she loves them. The only downside is that she's an expert at taking out the squeaky part. She still plays with the balls until she tears them apart. I love that I can stock up on them here and it doesn't hurt the pockets!

    Kong Air Squeaker Balls Extra Small by Sherry from Medford OR01/18/2015

    Looked all over for these balls, finally found them on your web site. They are perfect for his size. Small enough to go in his mouth and soft enough for him to squeak by himself. He just loves them. Also the price is fair.

    Featured Reviews for KONG Air Squeaker Spinner - Large
    by from 08/01/2014

    Another great Kong Toy! Unfortunately, if you have dogs with a strong grip - they'll put their teeth right through it.

    playing by fetch from withMy


    Great Product - Not as good as the Air Kong Jack by Jim from Denver, CO07/05/2013

    This product is good but does not last as long as the Air Kong Jack (discontinued) used to last. However, compared to other toys this is a loved long-lasting toy for large dogs.

    Super for a Large Breed Puppy by Dog Lady from Elizabethtown, PA01/16/2015

    My 4 month old granddog really enjoys this toy. It bounces in every direction, keeping his interest & using up a lot of his energy. He can easily grasp it in his mouth & loves to carry it around with his head held high. He will chew it on it & has removed some of the skin, but loves to throw it & chase it as it bounces. It sure keeps him busy & is holding up well in spite of those sharp puppy teeth.

    KONG Air Spinner by JJ from North Chesterfield, Virginia03/07/2013

    I have two dogs - 1 loves to play fetch with all the toys and the other is a chewer. So this toy is great for playing but the material can be bitten off.

    Featured Reviews for KONG AirDog Fetch Stick w/ Rope (Large)
    Kong AirDog Fetch Stick w/ Rope (Large) by LizJo04/26/2014

    This is the favorite toy for my labrador retriever. 15 minutes of fetch wears her out. We also play hide and seek with this toy. The rope allows me to throw it long distances. We can't be without one!

    Fetch Sticks by Hank07/07/2013

    Three of the fetch sticks leaked/filled up with water when used in the ocean

    Energy Tamed by Bob01/02/2013

    Been using these for years. Have a high energy Beagle/Mutt mix. She would chase after this from wake-up till bedtime if I had the same energy. And sooooo easy to throw. Lasts a good, long time even if left outdoors.

    Featured Reviews for KONG Happy Birthday AirDog Squeaker Balls - Medium
    my dog loves these! by Boogs Mom from New Haven CT08/11/2013

    Even tho he shreds them in a matter of moments, the satisfaction he gets squeaking and rolling these around makes me happy so I dont mind spending a few $ for my pups pleasure

    SQUEAK! by holly11/06/2012

    Right now, there is a Kong Happy Birthday AirDog squeaker ball in my back yard - layered with dirt and grass and pine needles. When I open the back door it will be the ball that my dog runs back with, squeaking it to get my attention to Play Now! I'm on my second bag of these - two of the first 3 were lost over fences and the third I finally threw away after the outer fleece started to fall off from weeks and weeks of slobber and wear. So far, these seem to outlast the other tennis-style balls we've tried - and my dog really likes the squeaker.

    KONG Happy Birthday AirDog Squeaker Balls-Medium by caboom from Waterford, Michigan08/14/2012

    My border collie loves squeaky balls. These are her favorites. She must like the bold colors. These are the ones she digs out of her toy basket to play with when we're in the backyard.

    Great ball by sharingpuppylove from Vista12/04/2013

    I have order these balls several time and will order again. perfect size , easy for dogs to pick up. easy to see.

    Great price by hef321 from Houston, TX04/29/2013

    The price is great from entirely pets. Quality looks good.

    Need Supervision With Puppies by Trixie's mom from Canton, Ohio07/25/2013

    I have found that all of these Kong balls that look like tennis balls have an outer covering that can be chewed off rather quickly by puppies. I use these balls but only when I am playing with my puppy. I don't let her have them to chew on when she is alone. I recommend the hard rubber Kong balls over these.

    Featured Reviews for Kong Squeaker Ball with Rope (Medium)
    thankfully it was only a dollar by pumbaacat from mesa az12/14/2012

    Not sure if the ball is still alive and the rope came off immediately.

    did not last a day by weinermom from IN08/14/2012

    have 3 dogs under 15 lbs they destroyed it the first day

    My dog's favorite ball by Tbrown2223 from Harker Heights,TX03/17/2013

    These balls are the best! My dog will only play if she has a string,and this ball will last a long time if you tie an extra knot on each end. Bought from this site because they had the best price.

    Great Toy by CattleDogLvr from St. Louis, MO05/09/2013

    I use this toy as a reward for my Agility dog. The squeaker is great to keep her attention and she loves to tug on it. The only downfall of this toy is the rope is not soft. After a lot of tugging my dogs gums will bleed. But it has held up well to a lot of playing!

    MAX loves these balls by Rosemary-PA from Pittsburgh, PA03/30/2013

    These balls are very durable. MAX gets so excited when I reach for the ball and he chases it for a long time and never tires of it. It is also very affordable

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