Virbac  Allerderm  Spot On for Small Dogs & Cats under 20 lbs (6 pipettes of 2 ml)

    Virbac Allerderm Spot On for Small Dogs & Cats under 20 lbs (6 pipettes of 2 ml)

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    This item has been MANUFACTURER DISCONTINUED. We recommend trying Allerderm EFA Caps HP (60 count)

    ALLERDERM Spot-On is formulated for use in topical skin care for dogs and cats with damaged or compromised skin. It is specifically formulated to provide adjunctive therapy for pets with skin disease.

    Contains: Ceramides and Fatty Acids

    The application of ALLERDERM Spot-On restores the protective barrier function of the epidermis (skin), resulting in enhanced hydration, and more protection. Renewed epidermal integrity helps the skin help itself to stay healthy.

    Initial Dose: One (1) pipette per week for 4 weeks. In severe cases, two to three (2 to 3) pipettes per week may be used, up to one pipette per day if necessary.

    Maintenance Dose: To prevent relapses, and for skin and hair coat health maintenance, one (1) pipette per month.

    For best results, apply after bathing the cat or dog when the fur is completely dry.

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    stops the itching (?) by Lynn06/12/2013

    My 8-1/2-year-old toy poodle has had a lot of itching problems over the last year. My vet put her on several Rx drugs (which I wasn't anxious to use), and nothing helped. A friend mentioned Allerderm, I asked my vet about it, he printed the internet page where I could buy it, and BB has been on it for about 5 weeks. Her scratching has lessened but not totally stopped, so I'm still giving it to her monthly. So far so good. I am pleased with her progress. I like that this is a more natural product than the drugs the vet offered, and I hope to see continued improvement.

    Great Product! by Star5710/20/2011

    My Carin terrier suffers from skin allergies and this product definitely helps. Was recommended by the vet and it has made a big difference in his scratching himself raw.

    LOOK NO MORE by bichon lover10/07/2011

    Fall of 2010, my 3 Y-O bichon ingested a bunch of acorns in the yard. Got extremely ill and my once sweet natured little dog has completely changed in his fur and attitude. The fur became coarse after a round of antibiotics. The hot spots have been ongoing ever since. I have spent tons of $ on this trying everything but nothing seemed to help, I refuse to go the steroid route. Spot on and allermyl shampoo together are worth their weight in gold. I will never complain about the price of this stuff nor will I never be out of it. Its that good. Applied directly on the hot spots, 2x a day they will heal within 2 days. Its a freaking miracle. It takes a lot for me to go on like this about a product but I can tell you I have tried pills, supplements, baths, powders you name it I've tried it. This is the real deal.

    by from 03/01/2011

    My vet recommended this product when my 15-year old indoor cat was itchy and scratching herself badly last year. She also was biting her back and just above her tail.

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    Discontinued product by RonnieS08/24/2014

    Sorry to see this product discontinued in this size.

    Really Pleased by Jackie07/26/2013

    I was hesitate, to purchase, but the reviews were good. Well, I have to say it really does work. I had tried shampoos, meds, & diet for my dog's dermatitis, but it really works!! Its been two weeks and her hair is no longer thinning, she's not itchy and her skin is no longer dry.

    Best Purchase Ever by Chardy from Sunland, Ca.11/25/2011

    We have two dogs with an autio immune disease. We have been very happy with this product. This is the best product that we have used for our dogs. We are very happy with entirelypets price.

    the Best thing for dog with compromised skin by anid from lima, ohio09/12/2013

    this dog has bad allergies....he get cortizone injections for the he can't take oral meds for it.......the shots leave him with delicate skin that's dry and prone to getting infections. the vet had me try the Spot On. and it really does work. it adds the lipids and fats to the skin so it's healthy again....and his coat thickens up and gets so smooth and shiney. i know he likes it because his skin doesn't itch....he is way more comfy....and happy. if your pet needs something to make it's skin and coat healthier, this is the product that truely Works! no guessing about it.

    NEVER GOT PRODUCT by Clarissa07/14/2014

    i ordered about a month ago, has been on back order since then. I had to go buy it from another site. Unfortunate, I only got one email letting me know, never a follow up after that.

    by from 02/12/2011

    Allerderm Spot On for Cats is excellent for my 19

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    Vibac Allederm spot on for small dogs & cats by Montana from North Carolina11/06/2012

    My dog suffered with allergies for 5 years. We tried things like predisone and Beydral. A new vet suggested this product along with Malaket wipes for her paws. the combination work!!! No more biting or red paws and armpits. She is now 9 and a happy girl

    for dogs with sensative dry skin issues...this is by anne from lima ohio02/07/2011

    my shih tzu has allergy issues and dry skin...we tried the oral omega 3 products...but it was not good for his digestion. My vet got samples of this Spot On,,,,and gave us 2 pipettes to try...IT WORKS. after the second application....his coat is thickening back up and is so much more soft and shiney. and he has not any dry scaly patches and not scratching!!. He feels better too...:) looks good ......feels good and is happy. try it. for a dry dog after a bath and when dog is completely dry. Virbac is a good Choice. we use their shampoo too.

    Great Product by MALTESEMOMMY from Everywhere, USA11/12/2011

    Works to moisturize my dogs' skin & coat. I have 2 Maltese in full coat. We have been spending long periods of time in places with very low humidity - dry, dry, dry!

    by from 01/31/2014

    Effective treatment by DSB from San Diego, CA01/16/2013

    This product was recommended by my vet for my cat who was scratching a lot due to allergies. It works well and calms my cat down tremendously, I only wish the price wasn't so expensive.

    allerderm by cleo10/23/2012

    It did help with the itching my cat was experiencing. Unfortunately, after the first three times I used it, she knew what was coming when I picked up the box - and she took off. It was fun trying to catch her to put it on. Evenutally, I had to give up. However, the few treatments she did get were very helpful in getting rid of the itch problem she was having.

    the only thing i've found for a dog with dry skin by anne from lima ohio01/13/2011

    this product was given to me by my dogs vet. she had just gotten some from a meeting with allerderm co. she said she thought of my dog when she saw it and heard what it does. his skin was getting staph and his hair and skin ws so terribly dry. this fixed it. so far (in winter) we have to do it once a week...but the effects are lasting and each time you use it it makes the skin better and more supple and healthy....the coat too. it's Great stuff! believe me. it really helps with dry itchy...compromised skin. the little dog here is a shih tzu.

    WOW! by grungerocker from Long Island,NY06/05/2012

    Amazing stuff. Vet recomended this and it's so much cheaper from this place. Works great!

    Disappointed by Faithful from Maryland09/17/2014

    I am still waiting for my order. It has been on back order and I have sent a note to check the status but haven't heard anything back yet. If I don't get it soon, I will have to cancel my order and find it elsewhere. My cat needs it. I am disappointed. I gave it 1 star and said I would not recommend it because you can't review something you haven't received.

    Works by Sooner89 from Oklahoma04/25/2014

    Product used on a cat with evidence of dermatitis. Noticed improvement in one week after using once. Would like to use more often, but is cost prohibitive.

    by malti mom from Wash..08/09/2013

    very good product.. for my dogs dry skin... thanks the vet. recommended it to me...

    Working Well by EI from Pottstown, Pa.10/15/2013

    I have been fighting my westie's skin allergies for awhile. Tried lots of products. This one seems to be working the best.

    Vibac Allerderm Spot On by MO Cat from Missouri10/16/2013

    Love this product. It is a product that really works. Tried a variety of different topical products that did not work to relieve his itching and dander. Found this on your website, tried it and it has worked wonders. The cat does not scratch, he does not have dander and is a happy boy. To keep the dander and scratching under control it should be used as needed, not just a one or two or three time application. Would recommend it to anyone wanting to relieve their cat from scratching and all the dander.

    Helps with allergies by Doxie-owner from San Diego County03/09/2013

    My vet recommended this product (along with several other things) to deal with seasonal allergies--itching and scratching. This year I am trying to keep the allergies at bay by having a stock on hand at the first sign. It usually hits in the fall.

    Excellent! by ronnig from Boca Raton, FL10/23/2012

    Our veterinarian recommended Allerderm Spot-on for our rescue Shih-Tzu last year when we brought her there for her first exam. This product has given our 4-year old "puppy" the most gorgeous coat! We use it faithfully every other week! Highly recommend!

    Excellent product by granbren from north Georgia07/11/2014

    My small min/pin-yorkie mix had serious itching issues. The vet treated her with cortisone pills which we both hesitated to use, but nothing else seemed to work. He attended a conference and was presented with allerderm. He suggested I try it and our Bella's itching was controlled in just days!! Now this product is backordered. :(

    by from 11/10/2011

    My maltese/yorkie mix has developed a skin condition. Allerderm has help improve her skin significantly. I buy this on a regular basis.

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