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Allerpet Cleaning Solutions

AllerpetCats and dogs aren't able to tolerate regular soap and water well when it comes to cleaning. Because they are entirely covered in fur, their skin is far more sensitive underneath, and will react to harsh, drying chemicals in traditional soap. This can be particularly challenging when a favorite pet is also causing allergies to its human owner.



, however, dog and cat owners have a pet solution alternative that can remove dander and allergens from the animal without irritating the dog or catís skin even further. Further, because Allerpet products are made to be specifically non-toxic to any animal, owners can use them on small pets such as new puppies and kittens, rabbits, rodents and more.

Allerpet products include Allerpet D-Mite laundry additives to get rid of dust mites, Allerpert C for cats, and Allerpet D for dogs. Additionally, there is Allerpet Single Solution, which provides a comprehensive treatment in one bottle, removing all animal allergens that will trigger reactions in humans.

Your pets have no idea what allergies they can cause; to them dust and dander are just part of life. Donít punish them with harsh soap products. Use Allerpet products to make your life easier and keep your pets clean of allergens.

Allerpet C (12 oz)
Allerpet C (12 oz)

($16.20)  $8.99
Allerpet D (12 oz)
Allerpet D (12 oz)

($16.20)  $8.99
Allerpet De-Mite Laundry Additive (33.8 fl oz)
Allerpet De-Mite Laundry Additive (33.8 fl oz)

($65.50)  $49.99
Allerpet De-Mite Laundry Additive (8 fl oz)
Allerpet De-Mite Laundry Additive (8 fl oz)

($21.50)  $15.99
Allerpet Single Solution (16 fl oz)
Allerpet Single Solution (16 fl oz)

($13.50)  $9.99
Allerpet C is for people who are allergic to cats.

Cleanse cat hair of dander and other allergens with Allerpet Solutions. Just dampen a washcloth, sponge or mitt with Allerpet solution and wipe over your cat's hair, both with and against the way it lays to cleanse hair of saliva and dander(the primary causes of allergic reactions to pets). Conditions skin, too, so cat doesn't groom himself as often. 12-oz bottle lasts approximately 3 months.
5.00 rating based on 2 reviews
Featured Reviews for Allerpet C (12 oz)

I bought this product years ago and used it on my cat. I am high allergic to cats and this product made it possible for me to around him without having allergy symptoms. I am thrilled to find a company that carries it!

Good purchase by agataurbanska from Poland, Warsaw02/05/2013

This is the best preparation, which I can used on my cat Filip. Now I do not have allergy.

Featured Reviews for Allerpet D (12 oz)
Had Reaction to Product by dgray164108/19/2012

Unfortunately, I had an allergic reaction to an ingredient in this product--gave me a rash on my arm.

Featured Reviews for Allerpet De-Mite Laundry Additive (33.8 fl oz)
Long time user. by Don from Maryland02/03/2012

As owner of 1 or 2 cats, I 've used De-mite for a long time. In times past, I've grown allergic to my home, until discovering the source of the allergies... mites. Of course I reccomend it to my friends.

de-mite by annie07/23/2012

If you have ever suffered from a stuffy nose at night, this product is for you! I have recommended it to several people who are allergy-sufferers and ALL have experienced relief from using this product.

a necessity for allergy-sufferers by dragonfly11/01/2011

I highly reccomend this product. It is expensive but it is effective in relieving night time bouts with stuffy noses and hard breathing. I have recommended it to several people who suffer from night time breathing issues like me and all have experienced relief from stuffiness. I never wash my sheets and other bedding without adding DeMite to the wash.

Featured Reviews for Allerpet De-Mite Laundry Additive (8 fl oz)
This Product Works! by Rita06/08/2013

This product works, even with a little less of it than recommended--used in the wash. It really helps me with my asthma! It does leave a smell, but when the mattress pad, sheets, pillow cases, and comforter are dry, I use a fabric freshener on them, and that does the trick!

Featured Reviews for Allerpet Single Solution (16 fl oz)
by from 06/09/2013

We have been using Allerpet about once a week, for quite a while, and it makes a world of difference in the life of someone who is allergic to their pet's dander! Although our dog is non-shedding, there is still some dander that has to be dealt with.

has by no from problemsOur


Saved Christmas! by Hilly from Boston, MA12/30/2012

Our son is highly allergic to our new puppy and was questioning whether he could come home for Christmas. Our breeder recommended AllerPet solution. We used it 2 times on our cocker spaniel and it greatly reduced our son's allergic reaction. This product saved our Christmas!

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