• Allerpet D (12 oz)Allerpet D (12 oz)

    Allerpet D (12 oz)

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    For people who are allergic to dogs.

    Allergy Relief Aid

    Active Ingredient(s):
    DI UV water, quaternium-26, hydrolyzed wheat protein, glycerin, quaternium-22, cocamidopropylbetaine, allantoin, d-panthenol, aloe vera gel, imidazolidinyl urea and collagen.

    ALLERPET® D is formulated to aid in the reduction of the major causes of allergies due to dogs.
    ALLERPET® D cleanses the hair of dander and saliva, and is non-irritating.

    Dosage and Administration:
    Remove the cap and peel off the inner protective seal from the bottle. Before using ALLERPET® D, brush or comb the dog thoroughly to remove as much dead hair as possible. Moisten a washcloth with ALLERPET® D and `drywash' the dog by rubbing the fur both with and against the lay of the hair, making certain that the pet is dampened to the skin. Do not saturate the hair. Pay attention to areas of the body that the dog licks most often and to the genital area. Dry with a towel. Repeat the procedure once a week. For the best results, the first application should be performed by a non-allergic person.

    Antigens are considered to be the prime causes of allergic reactions to dogs.

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    3.67 rating based on 3 reviews
    Great stuff by PetHelper03/25/2014

    I use this on my dog because some family members are allergic to the dog. It works great! A side benefit I did not realize would happen is: This product helped my dog to not shed as much!

    Had Reaction to Product by dgray164108/19/2012

    Unfortunately, I had an allergic reaction to an ingredient in this product--gave me a rash on my arm.

    First puppy at 12 years old by Vicaroo09/18/2014

    Worked in veterinary for 23 years. A lady came in and told me how her daughter, age 12, had always wanted a dog but could not have one because of allergies. Their neighbor had a dog that the girl talked to through the fence. I told her about Allerpet-D and recommended she talk to the neighbor about trying it on their dog. She and her neighbor got together and bathe the dog and combed it out thoroughly as I recommended. They brought it in to the Clinic where I showed them how to apply the Allerpet-D against the lay of the coat all over the body. I told them it would have to be applied weekly after that. They followed my instructions exactly and the girl was able to have contact and play time with the neighbor's dog. Six months went by and the mother and daughter came into the clinic with a new puppy. The first in her life.


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