AlphaTrak Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Alphatrak  Blood Glucose Monitoring System, AlphaTrakAlphaTrak Blood Glucose Monitoring System is validated for dogs and cats.

Like humans, common household pets may suffer from diabetes, too. According to reports, up to about 1 in 200 dogs and 1 in every 400 cats may suffer from either Type I or Type II diabetes.

AlphaTRAK, the first complete hand-held blood glucose monitoring system designed specifically for diabetic cats and dogs.

Reliable sample detection technology ensures clinical precision.
  • Meter will not start until it detects enough blood
  • No false results
  • Add more blood for up to 60 seconds
  • Meter beeps when sample is adequate, and begins test
  • Eliminates wasted strips

    AlphaTRAK is easy on cats and dogs.
  • Patented technology means the AlphaTRAK requires the world's smallest blood sample: only 0.3 microliters.
  • AlphaTRAK can use capillary blood; no venous puncture is needed.

    View Instructional Videos Here

  • AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System Meter
    AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System Meter

    ($159.99)  $139.99
    AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose TEST STRIPS - 50 Count
    AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose TEST STRIPS - 50 Count

    ($101.99)  $77.99
    AlphaTRAK 28 GAUGE STERILE LANCETS - 100 Count
    AlphaTRAK 28 GAUGE STERILE LANCETS - 100 Count

    ($35.99)  $26.99
    AlphaTRAK CONTROL SOLUTION - TWO 4.0 mL Bottles
    AlphaTRAK CONTROL SOLUTION - TWO 4.0 mL Bottles

    ($29.99)  $22.39
    AlphaTRAK 2 Starter Kit monitor is the first complete hand-held blood glucose monitoring system designed specifically for diabetic cats and dogs.

    To be used only alphatrak II test strips and lancets can be used with the alphatrak 2 glucose meter.

    Reliable sample detection technology ensures clinical precision.
  • Specifically calibrated and balidated for dogs and cats, resulting in accurate readings
  • Easy to use 3-step process with results in seconds
  • Instructional DVD includes simple steps on how to perform a blood glucose test, capillary sampling tips and tricks, and other useful information for you to get started
  • Small blood sample needed making it easy to get results fast
  • Downlable software that tracks and reports AlphaTRAK 2 Meter readings, the pet's treatment and other activities

  • View Instructional Videos Here

    Test Procedure:
  • Insert the test strip in to the meter port. This will turn the meter on.
  • Select the correct species-specific code.
  • Touch one side of the test strip to the blood sample. Results will appear on the display screen.
  • Use only with AlphaTRAK 2 test strips.

  • Contents
  • AlphaTrak 2 Meter
  • 25 AlphaTRAK 2 Test Strips
  • Lancing Device
  • 30 AlphaTRAK Lancets
  • AlphaTRAK Control Solution
  • Instructional DVD
  • Diabetes Diary
  • User's Guide
  • Carrying Case
  • 4.40 rating based on 25 reviews
    Featured Reviews for AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System Meter
    Good Tracker by cookie01/17/2013

    Easy to use and pretty accuate! I would certainly recommend this product.

    AlphaTrak-2 by Craig&annie05/29/2012

    Because of your excellent price, I decided to upgrade my 4+ year old AlphaTrak. Nice that it takes such a small blood droplet.

    by from 03/26/2012

    My Vet recommended I purchased this meter. Have to laugh, my meter gives me BG reading higher than my Vet's meter. I am also a diabetic, so I am use to not doing a test to see if the meter is correct. This is very simple.

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    great product by Jimmy P03/14/2013

    excellent product, very easy to use. excellent demo CD to help you. Our cat charlie doesn't feel a thing with done. Would advise anyone with a cat or dog to get this product.

    So good to have by Cuddles' Mom04/25/2013

    I finally got a vet that would teach me how to test my dog for blood sugars. We are finally getting him under control. Easy to use.

    by from 06/16/2014

    Like the meter, needed the meter. A little difficult to get reminder alarms silenced but have the testing beep still sound. Finally figured it out after three tries.

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    AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System Meter by kcat10/23/2012

    The AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System Meter is great. Detects and measures a tiny drop of blood. Recommended by my vet, so I picked one up. Highly recommended for testing your diabetic pet. I have a cat and poke his ear for the test. The kit is complete and is very informative and easy to use. Reliable and accurate.

    Very difficult to use by TP05/06/2012

    The blood sample is very difficult to obtain on our dog. We tried numerous places that the manf and our vet advised us to use without getting any blood. We even brought it to the Vet to obtain blood and she had much difficulty in getting even a little blood to make the test happen. It was so much stress on the dog that we had to stop using it and went back to glucose urine test strips. We also had to bring the dog to the ER.

    AlphaTrak Glucometer by Michelle from Alabama10/23/2012

    The AT Glucometer was recommended by my vet for our 9 yo Bassett who has diabetes. I find it easy to use, read, and store. I would refer a friend to use this product. I compared prices since this was a large expense and found EP had it the cheapest. Shipping was fast and FREE!

    Great device by Sandy05/04/2012

    I have 2 diabetic cats, and my vet recommended the AlphaTrak glucose monitoring system. I received the AlphaTrak2 (new version) and really like it. The instructions are really great, both written and video. The only negative is that the very expensive test strips for the original AlphaTrak will not work in the AlphaTrak2, so you must be very careful to order the exact strips you need.

    Important Item for Diabetic pet by Bonnie10/23/2012

    I am very happy with this product. The ease to set the monitor up was great. The monitor is accurate w/ the vetenarian's monitor, I found it very efficient.

    Very happy with product by daylerph07/11/2012

    Worked like a dream, was shipped as promised.

    Alpha Trac by Kathy from Plymouth, MN07/12/2012

    I highly recommend this product. My nine year old dog was recently diagnosed . This is easy to use on her ears, requires only a very small amount of blood. This was vet recommend.

    AlphaTrak 2 by SandiK01/18/2013

    The AlphaTrak 2 blood glucose monitor works so easily and was reasonable priced through this website. The prompt delivery was greatly appreciated! I would highly recommend this product and the website.

    by Aloszka07/12/2012

    Fast shipping ,great product,easy to use and gives very quick and accurate measurement. Our dog doesn't even get the chance to react when we are taking blood sample from her. Best purchase,worth the money.

    Easy to Use by Lu from Chicago, IL09/22/2012

    Best part: size of the blood sample is so small, less irritation to your pet's sample site. Cons: new strips turn meter on, I like to put the strip in and then when ready, turn meter on. Comparison: using my old gray meter (AlphaTrak) with new AlphaTrak II strips, results 219 and 199 in succession, and resetting code and using old strips, I got 177 and 181. Which one is right? Sort of forces you to buy the new meter. Abbot should be giving meters out free, since they charge so much for the strips.

    Not sure what her BGL is anymore... by jan0924 from atlanta ga06/22/2012

    I have the original alphatrak meter that I use for my cat and recently placed an order for new test strips, and received the new alphatrak 2 test strips. After running a side by side comparison several times, I found the new alphatrak 2 results to be 75-100 points higher than the original. And yes I changed the code and did a test using the solution. I contacted the manufacturer and was told these results are "acceptable". Now I'm not sure what my cats levels are any more. Do I increase insulin and risk hypoglycemia? The only good thing is it automatically turns the meter on and off and reads much faster.

    BUYER BEWARE by Kaderin05/05/2012

    I recently purchased this monitor for tracking my cat's blood sugar. I works great, but........ the website lists the monitor as Alpha TRAK Blood Glusose Monitoring System Meter. Click on the product and It's an Alpha Trak 2 Monitor and yes I give credit fot the bold print saying it uses AlphaTRAK 2 Strips. This it what the title of the product should say when looking for it ion the site. On the same page you see related items and there are the test strips that say Alpha Trak Test strips. You think they are the correct strips for the meter. The design looks the same. No No No these strips are for the Alpha Trak not Alpha Trak 2 moniter and no Alpha Trak2 strips found on the website. You have to go elsewhere to purchase more strips. I have found only one site so far. Advertising for this product is very misleading so read all the fine print on all items! My faith in has dropped considerably

    Worth every cent! by Sammie's mum10/05/2013

    This thing works beautifully! It takes so little blood that Sammie doesn't feel anything, and it has saved us a bundle on vet bills--no more low blood sugar crises! Best money we ever spent.

    Easy to use. by NCad from Saratoga, NY02/07/2013

    This meter is easy to use and comes with a disk that teaches you how to use it. Follow the directions and you should not have any difficulty. I have read some folks have problems purchasing the strips; you MUST verify you are buying strips for the AlphaTrac 2, otherwise you will receive the strips for the previous model. I have also found my cats ear works best on a setting of 2 on the lancet device. Hope this helps.

    Glucose test strips are expensive by Connie08/02/2012

    I had some problems with the initial programing possibly because the Vet did a comparison blood draw before I was able to set the meter. I would like to do serial blood sugars,but the strips are so expensive. I've had some problems with blood clotting before I could get it on the strip which required a second one. Overall, I'm happy to be able to test our dog's blood glucose without having to go to the Vet.

    Exceeds Expectations by RPT05/04/2012

    It is amazing how little blood is required to obtain a reading. Much better than the original. The auto on feature really helps as well.

    put my mind at ease purchase by linda from milford,ct12/19/2012

    Before i bought your product the alpha trak 2 blood monitoring system meter i was a pure nervous wreck! my cat trey was diagnosed w/diabetes a few months back. I was never sure to give or not to give insulin,plus everytime he went to the vet his sugar levels were thru the roof, the vet recommended i check his sugar at home because it would be more accurate because he was in his own comforable environment. now i can check any time and don't have to be as nervous!! thanx so much

    Results Differ from vets meter reading by Ang from Warren, mi06/04/2012

    This meter is very easy to use. My only complaint is that the results are over 100 points higher than my vets meter. Not sure if there is a way to calabrate the meter. My vet says there is no way to calebrate it so it matches theirs. I plan to call customer support for help because I can't see paying this much for a meter that isn't accurate. The whole reason I bought the meter is to reduce visits to the vet for glucose tests.

    by from 10/11/2013

    The meter quickly pays for itself. I have peace of mind being able to test anytime I think the cat looks or acts "off". The cat is much happier staying home. He really disliked the trip to the vet for testing.

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    Less stress on dog by Pat01/20/2013

    I choose to test my dog at home not only to save money but to get better results with it being less stressful on my beautiful yellow lab. The instructions were easy to follow and thus giving me the knowledge to properly test my dog for accurate results.

    by from 05/30/2012

    Purchased for my cat. My vet has the same brand, but not the AlphaTrak2 which is the newest model.

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    Featured Reviews for AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose TEST STRIPS - 50 Count
    I'm sure it would have been fine by Cynthia from So. San Francisco, CA09/10/2014

    If it wasn't expired. My vet recommended this product, so I am sure it's a good one...I have a once feral cat that is a handful so just getting the insulin shots in her twice a day is a challenge, let alone trying to cut her ear for a blood reading.

    Great Strips by Bonnie10/23/2012

    The strips that go with the Alpha Trak 2 Monitor are wonderful. It only takes a minut amount of a droplet of blood for the monitor to work which is great for us as my dog does not like the needle.

    by milton07/16/2013

    necessary product. always has worked well. waiting to open new box, but i have not doubts it will be functional

    Great by Innkeeper from California02/25/2013

    Working with Entirely Pets was such a pleasure!

    Great test strips by Red12/11/2011

    The Alpha TRAK Blood Glucose test strips work great every time. While the strips are pricey at just over $1.00 per strip - the strips are durable and reliable; both very important attributes when testing glucose levels to determine the correct amount of insulin to administer to our Roxie girl.

    easy to use by kris03/19/2013

    good stuff easy to use .would tell a friend

    Diabetes control by rose07/21/2013

    I take Joey's BG numbers 4 times daily. These work quickly to keep his pain to a minimum

    Easy to use by Judy05/30/2012

    I'd already tried another brand of test strips and wasn't able to get a big enough sample. So I was happy (and so was my cat) that Alpha TRAK strips needed only a tiny amount. It made the process much less stressful and much easier! The DVD was comforting, informative, and helped me easily locate the vein to obtain the sample!

    Excellent Service by K Evans05/04/2013

    Entirely Pets is a great resource for pet needs. We have a diabetic dog and the products ordered have shipped quickly and arrived sooner than expected.

    Featured Reviews for AlphaTRAK 28 GAUGE STERILE LANCETS - 100 Count
    Diabetes control by rose07/21/2013

    So necessary for my 12 yr old Joey who has had diabetes for three years. Helps me keep on top of this insulin dosage

    Very good product by Cuddles mom01/07/2014

    Easy to use, fairly painless for my furry friend,and much like I was used to using on people since I am a nurse.

    Featured Reviews for AlphaTRAK CONTROL SOLUTION - TWO 4.0 mL Bottles
    cust service by milton08/24/2014

    I purchased a package of( alph track 2 )test strips that had a very close expiration date. I called to report this and was given a store credit for 1/2 of the purchase and applied to to a new package of test strips with an expiration date of 2015. Good Job and good phone skills from the staff!!!!!! Harriet Cohen

    Short shelf life by Basil04/29/2014

    This item was returned on April 3 2014 due to the item expiring in June 2014.Already had this product with the same expiration date

    by Jenny04/07/2014

    Great product for a great meter! Would buy again!

    Fast Service for diabetic supplies by Jules from Minneapolis, MN06/10/2013

    Entirely Pets was amazing in sending out my order for control solution I was in need of for my cat's diabetes. It arrived within a matter of a few days. Very impressed and will definately continue ordering through them.

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