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Anti-oxidants & Immuno-stimulants for Dogs

Caniox-R Antioxidant Tablets (60 ct)
Caniox-R Antioxidant Tablets (60 ct)

($24.99)  $8.99
3-PACK Caniox-R with Resveratrol (180 Tabs)
3-PACK Caniox-R with Resveratrol (180 Tabs)

($84.00)  $46.99
Antiox™ by Vetri-Science
Antiox™ by Vetri-Science


Cell Advance by Vetri-science
Cell Advance by Vetri-science

Comal Q-10
Comal Q-10

Nu-Pet Canine Chewable Wafers (270 Ct.)
Nu-Pet Canine Chewable Wafers (270 Ct.)

($55.50)  $42.99
Epakitin for Dogs & Cats
Epakitin for Dogs & Cats

Gluta-DMG by Vetri-Science (90 tablets)
Gluta-DMG by Vetri-Science (90 tablets)

($69.99)  $35.99
Vetri-Liver Canine Bite-Sized Chews (60 Chews)
Vetri-Liver Canine Bite-Sized Chews (60 Chews)

($38.99)  $33.29
NaturVet Cranberry Relief (50 gm.)
NaturVet Cranberry Relief (50 gm.)

($11.95)  $10.99
ProAnimal for Dogs and Cats
ProAnimal for Dogs and Cats


SELECT Full Spectrum Antioxidant (60 tablets)
SELECT Full Spectrum Antioxidant (60 tablets)

($35.99)  $26.29
Vetri-DMG Liquid (1 FL oz.)
Vetri-DMG Liquid (1 FL oz.)

($15.99)  $9.99
Vetri-DMG Tablets for Dogs & Cats (90 Tabs)
Vetri-DMG Tablets for Dogs & Cats (90 Tabs)

($16.99)  $14.99
Vetri-Science Bladder Strength
Vetri-Science Bladder Strength

Vetri-Science Renal Essentials
Vetri-Science Renal Essentials

Vetri-Science UT Strength
Vetri-Science UT Strength

Animal Naturals K9 Immune Dog (7.6 oz)
Animal Naturals K9 Immune Dog (7.6 oz)

($30.99)  $28.49
Candioli Pharma
Candioli Pharma

Get Naked Super Antioxidant Small (6.2 oz)
Get Naked Super Antioxidant Small (6.2 oz)

($7.99)  $5.99
Get Naked Super Antioxidant Large (6.6 oz)
Get Naked Super Antioxidant Large (6.6 oz)

($7.99)  $5.29
Pet Kelp Antioxidant Formula - Blueberries (8 oz)
Pet Kelp Antioxidant Formula - Blueberries (8 oz)

($49.99)  $9.99
Green Dog Nuggets - Blueberry Anti-Oxidant (10.5 oz)
Green Dog Nuggets - Blueberry Anti-Oxidant (10.5 oz)

($6.99)  $4.99
PolyChews for Older Dogs (60 Soft Chews)
PolyChews for Older Dogs (60 Soft Chews)

($73.75)  $58.99
AvidLife AI - Inflammation Supports (120 Capsules)
AvidLife AI - Inflammation Supports (120 Capsules)

($38.99)  $29.99
Caniox-R is a potent all-natural antioxidant blend nutritional supplement for dogs. Caniox-R provides dogs with essential nutrients to promote a healthy and extended life. Contains Resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant believed to promote longevity and protection from age related diseases.
  • Promotes longevity and protection from age related diseases
  • Improves digestion and reduces stress
  • Excellent for skin health and coat quality
  • Improves metabolic process

  • Guaranteed Analysis - Resveratrol 15 mg
    Potent Natural Blend Also Includes: Atlantic Kelp, Flaxseed Oil, Grape Juice Powder, Grape Seed Extract, Manganese Ascorbate, Vitamin E, Citrus Bioflavonoids, Lecithin, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Dicalcium Phosphate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Sucrose, Porcine Liver Powder, Stearic Acid, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate.

    Size of DogAdminister w/Food
    Under 30 lbs1 Tablet Daily
    31 to 60 lbs2 Tablets Daily
    61 to 90 lbs3 Tablets Daily
    91 lbs & Over4 Tablets Daily
    Featured Reviews for Nu-Pet Canine Chewable Wafers (270 Ct.)
    Works Wonders by Samoyed Addicted from Rockville, MD01/30/2013

    We had our arthritic, 12-year-old Samoyed on prescription pain killers for more than a year. They were doing a number on his stomach (diarrhea). Our vet recommended these vitamin wafers. We were able to reduce his pain killer from 3/4 tablet Previcox (170 mg) every day to 1/2 tablet Previcox (114 mg) every other day supplemented with 3 to 4 Nu-Pet Canine Chewable Wafers daily. He's now 13 and maybe he'll see 14. These wafers really helped.

    by from 05/07/2013

    NU-PET by LUVMYDOGS04/16/2013

    My 13 year old collie is a picky eater and won't take any type of medicine with out a fight. She will eat the Nu-Pet Canine Chewable Wafers.

    Featured Reviews for Gluta-DMG by Vetri-Science (90 tablets)
    by Mur05/07/2013

    Using this product that was recommended to help my Beautiful Great Dane fight lymphoma

    Gluta DMG - Great Product by Greytdawg07/16/2012

    Years ago my holistic vet told me if I was to give just ONE supplement to my dogs, it should be Gluta DMG. She explained why and I started all my dogs on it. She felt it was especially important for my seizure dog. They love the taste and take them as a treat right before bedtime. All have strong immune systems and no other supplements are needed. I have recommended Gluta DMG to many friends and clients (I'm a dog trainer) and will continue to do so.

    Featured Reviews for Vetri-Liver Canine Bite-Sized Chews (60 Chews)
    Product works by georgiasunflower from Georgia06/28/2012

    I am happy with the Vetri-Liver Chews. Though they do smell terrible, my dogs love them, and they have helped to reduce my dogs' liver numbers. One is on a constant trmt of mild Steroids due to allergies which is bad for liver, and the other is 10 years old and starting to age. I recommend these to anyone who's dog needs Liver Supplements.

    1/2 the price my Vet charges by Mo in Jax from Jacksonville, Florida07/21/2012

    The exact same product that my Vet charges 2x's more for. It has really helped with my dogs liver enzymes, which are out of wack due to his arthritis meds. This is a very good product, but the smell could be improved!!

    Vetri Liver Canine Bites by Debbie07/14/2012

    My dog loves them and gobbles them down with no probelms. I can't tell if they are doing the job, though, as the last blood work-up he had done indicated the liver numbers were slightly elevated from the first time. There could be more going on with him than we know - he is 11 and he had a rough life before we adopted him. Overall, his numbers are not high, but my vet recommended the supplement to try to maintain or decrease those numbers.

    Service by Mike12/17/2011

    When I tried to enter "Excellent service" in this review box it told me I had to type at least 23 more characters? What about "Excellent service" do you not understand? Whereas your product and service were excellent; this survey sucks. If you care to respond, please do so in a minimum of 1000 characters.

    Great Value by Elaine11/30/2011

    The first time I ordered Vetri-Liver Canine Chews I saved 53% over the price at the vet's and received my order in less than a week! What a great company to do business with!

    excellent by puppyaby9 from Lawrenceville, Georgia11/07/2011

    this was recommended by my vet and it really works his enzymes are better

    by joan from Stephens City Va.04/05/2013

    Always pleased with the cost of the chews. Just about half the cost as at the vet. Very pleased with time of delivery. It was three days from the time we ordered that we received the chews. Great service.

    using this for years by Matsi's Mom from Alvaton, KY01/12/2012

    I have used the Vetri Liver chews for years now. I first found out about them from my vet when my boy who looked like an arctic wolf was diagnosed with liver disease. My boy took them every day for at least two years and his liver disease never progressed. In fact his liver function improved. I rescued him but we think he was almost 14 when I had to let him go because he could no longer walk without assistance. Now another rescued dog who is almost 14 also has liver disease and been taking the chews daily for almost 2 years. His liver function has not declined and is in fact, better. I HIGHLY recommend these!!!

    LifeSaver! by JW from Bradfordwoods,Pa03/18/2013

    My dog has liver and kidney issues, that had slowed her down. My Vet recommended the liver chews to help her liver functions. That was 2 years ago and my dog has been a happy normal 11 year old dog.

    Liver Chews by Sandy06/19/2012

    The dogs love them so they are easy to give and I don't have to disguise them in anything.

    Good Value Products by Dog Lover in Cleveland from Cleveland, OH02/05/2013

    I purchase all products my vet prescribes from this site if at all possible. Best price for the products.

    by kimz6301/26/2012

    I have ordered several packages of the vetri liver and they have been fine. However, this last package was broken up in pieces and I was very dissappointed that the bites were not whole.

    Vetri Liver Crumbles by Buddy from Jacksonville08/01/2012

    Not too happy with this bag of Vetri-Liver bites. Half the Chews were broken in peices instead of whole chews, at least they were soft enough to mold together and serve it as a whole.

    Yes I would reccommend. by Rachel from Savannah, GA01/19/2013

    I was put off by the smell, but my miniature poodle, Amelia, eats them right up. She just started on them so don't know yet if they have improved her liver enzymes. Will have her checked in a few weeks.

    Daily Routine by annievt from Johnson, VT07/25/2012

    We've been giving this to our aging dog for several years and she is doing just great. She happily has her "snack" two times a day.

    Great Deal by Bogart10/28/2011

    I am very happy with my purchase of Vetri Liver Canine, it is a great deal. Thank you

    Recommended By Vet by Gizzy'sMom from Casselberry, FL04/20/2013

    I won't know for another five months or so after Gizmo has his next blood work. Because his liver enzymes were high his veterinarian suggested I give him Vetri Liver Chews and order them online. After reading several reviews online I ordred them from EntirelyPets. Giz is a 15 1/2 year old Peke-a-poo. He is very deaf, kind of blind and pretty senile, but a love nontheless. I'm trying to keep him going and if Vetri Liver Chews accomplishes that, I'm all for it.

    very satisfacty by olbill from Herod SE Ill.02/22/2013

    have ordered several times - delivery has been prompt and correct very good service - great savings

    great product by joanie from stephens city, va.01/09/2012

    We purchased this product at the vet and they were twice the price as Entirely Pets. We are all trying to save money, but yet keep our pets healthy.

    Our Dog Loves These! by alisk05/06/2013

    Our 12 year-old Schipperke, Monte, had poor liver function readings based on his recent trip to the vet. The vet recommended these snacks. He gets so excited at night for these that he leaps around like a puppy in anticipation. I'm so glad that we found these on EntirelyPets at about half the cost of buying them from the vet!

    Best Price by Morgan from Somers, NY07/28/2012

    Our vet highly recommends Vetri-Liver tabs for my senior dog whose liver counts are off... and... my dog LOVES these chewables. Your price is about $ 10 per package lower than vet !!!

    Best prices. by Ruby dog11/29/2011

    Entirely pets sells what our Vet. Recommends at the best price and they carry veterinary quality products.

    Quality Product by ScottishLass from Southern USA10/04/2011

    I find this to be a quality product. My holistic vet has approved it for my dog, who had elevated liver enzymes. It seems to be working and my dog loves the taste, so I will continue to order. Entirely Pets always ships my orders promptly.

    Great! by Elaine from Sparks, NV04/15/2012

    I was very pleasantly surprised by the pricing and the short shipping time. Saved 47% compared to product at the veterinarian's.

    Helps my dog by Lonny03/03/2013

    My dog has elevated liver enzymes and this has helped to lower them

    Vetri-Liver Canine Bite-Sized Chews (60 Chews by wjc from south arkansas08/21/2012

    Purchase this product from advise of veterinarian. Pet is on arthritis medication and liver function enzymes were high. after two weeks on this product, pet is feeling better, walking better, and over-all, just doing great. will check his blood again in 3 months. This pet is 10 years old (lab). yes, I will continue this supplement since i can really tell my lab is almost like a pup again!

    by from 01/10/2012

    The Vetri-Liver Canine Chews were delivered sooner than expected, so that was a plus. Not to mention, the product is very fresh -- not old and stale like you'd get from some online stores. And the price couldn't be beat!

    we're by very from happyAll


    Vetri-Liver Canine Bite-Sized Chews by FIT2AT205/04/2012

    I've been feeding Vetri-Liver Chews to my 12.5 yr. old Mini-Schnauzer (Bailey) two times/day since Sept. 2011 as recommended by my Veterinarian, for liver disease management. Vetri-Liver Chews are easy to feed and Bailey loves the taste ! More importantly, this product, in addition to a high quality petfood diet are preventing Bailey's liver disease from escalating further.

    Great Liver Supplement by tulips26150 from Chicago, IL06/12/2013

    I had received a sample bag from the vet for my dog's Cushing Disease. So I searched the internet and found the Vetri-Liver chews at this site and most cost effective. Great product and have been using for 3 to 4 months now. My dog thinks the chews are a treat. I would recommend anyone needing a supplement for canine liver problems to definitely buy this product.

    Awesome product yucky customer service by suiki from MA01/18/2012

    I have been ordering this product from them and healthy pets ( also them ) this time my order was placed on Dec 28th it arrived on Jan 3rd..this time totally crushed so all the liver supplements were smashed and could not be properly dispensed. I call customer service the girl was less then pleasant but returned my call and said my item replacement had shipped, then I waited and today i still wait Jan 18th..I have called three times each time they tell me it just shipped..same story different day...now I just want my money back and I will never shop wth them again.

    Best Price by patty from Dearborn Heights, Michigan02/09/2012

    I purchased the Vetri-Liver Canine Bite-Sized Chews for my two dogs ages 8 and 12 whose liver enzymes are high. They like the chews and look forward to eating them . I have the dogs checked every 3 months and their liver count has gone down since eating the Vetri - Liver Canine Bite-Sized Chews.

    Vetri Liver Canine Chews by Marty from McCormick,SC06/04/2012

    My oldest dog will be on these for the rest of her life.Thanks to you I can afford them...My vet is so expensive.

    Dry, old & expensive. by buddy12/29/2012

    Have bought this product many times for my dog and every now and then get it dried up and falling apart. This was the worst batch so far. I think I will shop elsewhere for it n see if I can get a better quality product. Saw it for cheaper as well.

    Corrected Liver Enzymes General Well Being by Nancy Perrine from Tuscaloosa AL06/12/2012

    Routine pre op lab work showed elevated liver enzymes, Orie, our 11 year old standard dachshund 34 lbs. Vet recommended Vetri-Liver. Completed 60 day regimen. Retested, enzymes normal. Orie's general well being improved to the point that he seems much younger and energetic than 11 year old. He is also on Alaskan Salmon Oil for his coat and joint health. But after 60 days on Vetri-Liver he looks great and feels good too. He had slowed up a bit but now is ready to go on walks, boat rides, and swims in the river. I asked my vet about adding Vetri Canine Plus Senior as a general supplement after seeing all the great ingredients and the good response from taking Vetri-Liver. He gives Canine Plus to his dog and highly recommends it. He said Vetri is a great company with hight quality ingredients in their products. They research and formulate for specific needs. Now I'm ordering Vetri Canine Plus Senior for Orie.

    great product by Sally L.02/27/2009

    Brought my dog's elevated liver enzymes down within two weeks of her taking it! Thank you Vetri-Science!

    by Pudgie from waterbury, VT03/23/2012

    The product is a support for my babies liver as he is on a non steroid. He says he doesn't like the taste, so I break it up and put in his food. He is spoiled!

    Excellent Product by MGlory01/29/2012

    Originally suggested by our vet for my Cocker Spaniel to help with some liver issues. She has now take this product one a day for over two years. She thinks this is a treat.

    Vetri-Liver Canine Chews by gte from Albuquerque, NM10/12/2011

    I use these chews for one of my dogs who is taking drugs for seizures. Entirely Pets delivered the product promptly at a very good price.

    Liver Pills by Bailey10/23/2012

    My dog thinks they are treats so eats them without a fuss. She has been taking them for several months and her liver function test have improved.

    Product Dogs Love by Katrina from Clemson SC10/06/2011

    A friend who is a vet highly recommended this product for a dog with diminished liver function. Much easier than getting all those pills down her and she thinks it is a treat.

    Great Product by Wicky's Mom from Marion, nc11/06/2012

    My vet put my schnauzer taking this and after his first bag I looked on this site to see if they carried it and luckily they did and at a 3rd of the price. These are really soft and i use them to put my dogs prescription pills in. After urine testing his liver is still functioning normally we will be using these for a long time.

    Vetri-Liver Canine Bite-Sized Chews (60 Chews) Ve by wjc from South Arkansas10/31/2012

    Product was recommended by vet. Can tell my pet is doing alot better. Using this product because pet is on arthritis medication and this strong medication can hurt the liver.

    Entirely Pets Rocks by DISEN from Florida04/24/2012

    I have been shopping here since my miniature Schnauzer was diagnosed with a terminal kidney problem caused by her immune system attacking her kidneys. We were told at the time we might get a year and a half more with her, even on the strict diet and medication regimen. It will be two years in May and she is going strong. I get numerous products from Entirely Pets and thank God for them and the vets.



    Great Product by Mcable from marion, nc08/01/2012

    His vet recommended this and getting them there was $60 a bag so they are half price here. He take s 1 a day and they are so soft i can stuff his pill in them which is great! He has a protein losing neropathy and this is a supplement to help with his liver health through his illness which is in control since oct '11 now. Def recommend it

    Amazing Chews by doggyrl10/26/2011

    My senior standard poodle Genie excitedly gobbles her tasty Vetri-Liver Canine Chews which have helped keep her so healthy and lively that people are amazed to learn she's not the 3 or 4 year old they thought she was but is going on 13 years old!

    Vetri-Liver Canine Bite-Sized Chews by Nigel from Troy, MI04/28/2012

    My dog loves these and takes them like a treat.

    Great choice for liver protection by Kathy from South Carolina06/07/2012

    My vet recommended these as an alternative to Denamarin for my dog who is on phenobarbital for epilepsy. Her liver function tests have improved quite a bit even in 6 months of taking these. They are reasonably priced, and my dog likes them (sometimes with a tiny bit of peanut butter). She is 15 pounds, and gets a half each day, which I cut in half. They smell pretty disgusting, but the dog doesn't seem to mind. I keep them in the refrigerator.

    Featured Reviews for NaturVet Cranberry Relief (50 gm.)
    Great Product by LAE from East Setauket, NY02/27/2013

    This product was recommended by my vet for my cat. "Eddie" does not like to take any kind of medicine and finding new ways to sneak it in is always tough. But this product is awesome. He loves his food even more! and its just so easy to put on the food. Thank you..

    Cranberry Relief by kitkat from Nebraska04/06/2013

    It may be too soon to tell.I got this for my male cats hoping to cut out urinary issues. I will say that this has made a few of them throw up thier food. I added it to thier food for about 2 weeks so far.I plan to stick with it to see if any urinary issues resurface.A Vet visit is always best or this issues first.

    Good stuff by Lulu's mom from Seatte, WA06/25/2012

    Lulu has a history of Bladder Stones and other urinary issues. This product does seem to keep them at bay. Small price to pay for a healthy urinary tract system.

    Once in a while... by Lily&Casper from baytown, tx04/19/2012

    I tried this product when my little shih-tzu girl started having symptoms of a UTI infection. After giving it to her for a few days, all problems disappeared. Because shih-tzu are prone to kidney and bladder problems I find that it's a great preventative health product and serves to boost their immunity levels. Will buy again.....

    Made our cat sick by Cat Moma from California05/28/2013

    Not sure why my previous review was deleted/never published since I was being honest, however, these were the facts: Bought for our cat who had a UTI. We were excited about the price and had heard lots of good things about cranberry for UTIs and bladder health. It says 1 scoop per his body weight yet does not come with a scooper. It wasn't sealed either, which I realize is NaturVet's doing, not EntirelyPets. Gave the tiniest amount, less than 1/2 teaspoon, to our cat by mixing it in his wet food. It made him vomit a bunch right after eating, which he really rarely vomits. He even vomited later after coming back to eat more of the laced food. We decided not to feed this to him anymore. Come to find out after doing internet research, Oregon Grape Root, one of the four ingredients, is somewhat toxic to cats and can result in digestive upset. Additionally, Echinacea should not being given to cats for extended periods of time. Gratefully, EntirelyPets was kind enough to refund us and I am so pleased with their service. Thank you.

    Unfortunately made my cat sick by CatMoma from California04/26/2013

    For one, this product is based on scoops yet doesn't say the measurement & doesn't come with a scoop. I gave my cat less than half a teaspoon first time around. We mixed it w/ his regular food (for UTI prevention). He started throwing up. He kept going back to his food & then would throw up again. He probably threw up 5-6 times. It was sort of scary & we started to worry we were going to have to make a trip to the ER. My cat rarely throws up, i.e., once or twice per year. We had read so much good things about cranberry granules for UTI prevention. It only has four ingedients so I think it is the Oregon Grape Root that did it. We did some research & found multiple sites that said not so good things about the ingredient. This particular one lists it under "herbs that should be given with extra caution" & says "only for short-term use": http://www.holisticat.com/cat-herbs.html Another site said raw Oregon Grape Root (the plant) is not poisionous but rather toxic to cats, & may make them have digestive problems. That site also said it is higher regarded as a treatment for dogs, rather than cats, although this particular product says safe for both dogs and cats. That was enough. I thought about giving very tiny amounts but I don't want him to be in discomfort. We won't be using this again. Wish I would have found these sites ahead of time. I wouldn't recommend this. Maybe I can get a refund?

    Excellent & Easy to Use by CritterChuckles from Central Florida05/02/2013

    I give this to both my Cattle Dogs every day and will do so forever most likely. Dingo is 7 yrs old and he has had many serious bladder infections the past few years and now his brother Jack had one. We've made MANY changes to their diets, water source & potty schedules but Dingo still kept getting them. I discovered this Cranberry powder here on Entirely Pets and decided to try it. We've been adding it to both their meals for about 2 months now and both dogs have had clear urine the entire time. We also give Dingo the Bladder Strength pills (sold here) 2x daily so I think the combo has done the trick. I will continue to order both products from E.P., good service & quality products.

    Highly reccomend by dawn06/19/2008

    My 6 yr old cat started with a UTI and I purchased this product in hopes of saving on a costly vet bill. Not only did it clear it up, but I've noticed an improvement in his coat. I had to mix it in moist cat food (tuna flavored) gave it to him 2 times a day, and he cleared up within a week. Now I plan to use this 2 x a week to keep him from anymore problems. Definitely buying this again.

    Featured Reviews for SELECT Full Spectrum Antioxidant (60 tablets)
    Excellent Vitamins by Kbob11/01/2012

    Select vitamins are the best vitamins I know of and the purchase and expiration date were excellent.

    Wonder pill for an old stray by Tommy from Downey, CA05/30/2012

    Tommy, a black boarder collie type dog, wandered into my yard a year ago and we couldn't find his owner so he is now part of the household. He was at least 12 years from what the vet said, had shaky back legs, cloudy eyes, hearing loss and ribs that you could count because he was so thin. A friend told me about SELECT and how it helped her 10 year old dog. I gave it a try and a year later Tommy still is thin, but his eyes are much brighter and not cloudy, the shaky legs are not so much as pre SELECT. He seems to hear better because he comes trotting in from the yard when he hears the cupboard door open when I am getting his treats, and he does a little "happy dance" in the yard every once in a while. He is still an old dog but acts younger than he did a year ago. I think the reason for this is the SELECT tablets and I plan to continue with them for the remainder of his life.



    Great Product! by milo08/18/2012

    The Select Antioxidant was recommended by a Vet when I lived in Texas for my cat with FIV. It was expensive, but it seemed to be a very good supplement for her. I was so happy to discover them at Entirely Pets at a much lower price. I live in TN now and have 3 cats with feline aids and I give the Select to all of them and now I can afford to since I order it online from Entirely Pets. It is also for dogs, it is a wonderful product!

    Great product by Kathy from St. Louis, MO01/26/2012

    Select was recommended by our Dr. several years ago as Abby has severe hip and back dysplasia. It seemed to help at first but she was also on cosequin at the same time. Since then we have had to add several more medications, but I assume it is still helping.

    Full Spectrum by gentlman4u from Mississippi03/19/2013

    Vet said needed Spectrum and has no problems since started. Also great value

    Highly recommended by Jola12/02/2009

    After reading up on the care of my elderly cat, I bought this product because it contained all the vitamins and antioxidants he needs to prevent kidney failure. At his advanced age (22 years) he had been showing a severe decline in his health and massive weight loss. After only one month on Full Spectrum, he seems to have reversed the aging process. He's put on weight, has an increased energy level, and looks and acts like he did a few years back when he was younger. He can jump up and down on furniture and run up a flight of stairs again. This is a miracle mixture in my opinion. I waited to see the results before writing a review and I would highly recommend this product for every pet.

    by Judy11/07/2012

    I added Select Full Spectrum Antioxidant to my Sheltie's diet along with her vitamins and antibiotics, after she was diagnosed with terminal Bladder Cancer. I truly believe the Antioxidant played a strong roll in her hospice care. She lived 7 months longer than the specialist anticipated. Select Full Spectrum Antioxidant is now a preventive daily part of my new Sheltie's diet.

    Best supplement on the market by Jan from South Florida06/12/2012

    I Have a small dog and this supplement has helped keep my 13 year old Pom healthy for years. Her blood work has always been excellent. They must taste great as my baby is always very eager to get her special treat

    Excellent Product by Di from Ft. Lauderdale, FL01/29/2012

    Have been using this product for years on all my dogs (3)

    Great product by abbyshouse06/18/2012

    I have a Welsh Corgi with lymphoma and my vet recommended these. All my dogs use them and they seem to love the taste as well!

    Best Purchase Ever by Nana from Oregon01/01/2013

    Excellent product. I have been using for over 3 yrs. I purchased for my yorkie with a skin condition, which is cleared up now. I also gave it to my toy poodle and was suprised it cleared up his inflamed gums. I was told by vet and specialist some dogs just have inflamed gums even with regular teeth cleaning. Select Antioxidant along with a good dog food cleared up both conditions

    Recommended by my Vet by Kerry07/21/2009

    These tabs were recommended by my Vet. My dogs love them and they have not been sick since they have been on them which is almost 2 years. I take them to the dog park regularly.

    Fantastic! by Deanna05/09/2008

    This product restored my 14 year old dog's hearing!

    VERY EFFECTIVE by JCMARLTON from Oklahoma01/07/2013


    Featured Reviews for Vetri-DMG Liquid (1 FL oz.)
    Great Support Product by Lucky Cat from North East02/13/2010

    A great support product for animals with immune issues. I use for IBD support and noticed a difference after a few days. I have tried other brands of DMG, but Vetri-Science is definately the best. As a tasteless liquid, my cat tolerates this without any fuss.

    Vetri DMG by clinse from seattle wa12/15/2010

    I do not know why more vets do not recommend this product. I have 4 cats that are older and they have improved so much since taking this product that they act like kittens. I have one that is 18 and she hops up and down like she is one. Their coats are beautiful and our vet says they are all very healthy. Try it for 6 months.

    Excellent supliment by katlady from Fairless Hills,Pa02/11/2012

    I knew my 2 long hair cats would not eat the treats with lysine and DMG in them. They have been energetic and their coats have improved after two weeks of daily doses.

    by from 10/03/2012

    Cat lacks adequate glucuronic acid conjugation capacity and cannot metabolize benzoates properly.

    as by ataxia, from hyperesthesia,Benzoates


    used by as from aBenozates


    Featured Reviews for Vetri-DMG Tablets for Dogs & Cats (90 Tabs)
    Vetri-DMG Tablets for Dogs & Cats (90 Tabs) by Rescue Me Inc01/28/2012

    No problem giving these to the dog, we just put them in a pill pocket and they take it right away

    Saving so much money! by Jojo from Des Moines, IA01/23/2012

    My dog has epilepsy. Sent her to specialist that recommendend DMG tabs. The vet was charging me more than double the costs of Entirely Pets!

    Vet recommended by Craig from Norco, Ca.11/14/2011

    This product was recommended by our vet since our dog has high liver counts. Our dog has been taking it for about one year and she is doing pretty well for a 14 year old dog.

    Liver health by Beagle Lover from Dayton, NV06/11/2011

    our Holistic vet recommends for our dogs' Liver and General Health!!!

    Not sure it really works by Ellie06/13/2012

    I bought the product because my pup needed some help with her immune system. I have not really noticed any difference in her health after being on the product for 2 weeks. She is still catching colds frequently and the mange is not going away. It is not harming her but doesn't seem to be helping. We are going to keep consistent with it and see if it just needs more time. The recommended level on the package is less then what is on the website description.

    Great product at the lowest price around! by Furry kid mom from Chicago03/29/2012

    Our vet recommended Vetri-DMG for our newest adoptee Cocoa Puff, a precious extreme special needs girl with liver issues and seizures. After researching DMG we decided to also give it to our 3 other precious canine kids so price became a concern. After scouring the internet Entirely Pets by far, has the lowest price on this awesome product. I just placed an order for more!

    Best Product Ever by zookeeper from New Mexico12/10/2011

    We have a house full of rescue animals. All with some kind of issue. Stray cats, great pyrs, parrots. And parents who work hard to keep everyone healthy. DMG has made great improvement in FELV cats, IBS cats, Immune compromised cats, dogs with hip issues, parrots with varying issues. DMG is the best find ever. Everyone has improved with a daily dose. Health issues and energy levels have shown great response. Now even the people are taking a daily dose. We have never been so healthy and happy.

    Featured Reviews for Get Naked Super Antioxidant Small (6.2 oz)
    One of the best... by Alexandrea from Houston, Tx10/19/2011

    Most pet food and treat companies today are deceptively sneaky and unconcerned with the true welfare of your pets. For this reason, I am sooo happy I have discovered this brand for my two little shih-tzu. Get Naked is a local Texan success on the rise because their treats are so superior to many others. Super Antioxidant is a favorite with my pups and I feel secure that I am feeding them the ultimate best in nutrition. These treats contain no harmful preservatives, by-products, wheat, soy or corn and are packed with yummy but powerful foods such as cranberries, blueberries and parsley which provides a defense against teeth problems and odors. The treats are low in calories and the best news is that they are made 100% in the USA!

    A Healthy Chew! by Chris from Upstate New York10/23/2012

    I am always looking for something for my dogs to chew that is healthy and made in the US (oh yes - and that they will like!) These Get Naked Super Antioxidants fit all three criteria!

    Malti-Poos Loved 'Em by CLeo03/26/2012

    I have been searching for something satisfying that my dogs can really chew - something that is safe, healthy, and made in the US. They love these!

    Awesome Product by Vettech201212/11/2011

    My dogs LOVE these chews! They do a great job helping to keep their teeth clean. Another product that will always been in our house!

    My pup's favorite treat by Bolter from Anacortes WA03/17/2012

    This is my pup's favorite treat from the treat drawer! Sometimes I break them in half so I can make the bag last a little longer. I like that the ingredients are "normal" and the calorie count is clearly printed on the package. These treats are special -- only 1 or 2 (max) per day.

    by from 03/20/2013

    I haven't received my product! You are holding all my items, because one item is on back order... terrible service!

    on by Feb. from 27,I


    Featured Reviews for Get Naked Super Antioxidant Large (6.6 oz)
    My dog loved it! by MPK from Atlanta, GA06/20/2013

    My dog loved this one! It kept her busy for a while.

    Smokey loves it by NancyS from Southbury, CT10/23/2012

    They are great. My dog, smokey, goes bonkers over these. And they smell good too!

    My Dog Hates Them! by cassie's servant01/17/2013

    The ingredient list sounded good so bought 4 bags, 1 of each flavor! My dog will eat almost anything - but sniffs these, and walks away - she grudgingly ate a couple of them but I have 5 lying on the living room floor for the past week+ that she just ignores! Wrote to the manufacturer inquiring about a refund, they just told me they use human grade chicken flavoring - like they helps me? And they normally don't have a problem with dogs not liking, so don't usually give refunds! They asked me to send the UPC & expiration dates, and maybe they could help me, which I did - and never heard from them again! When a company doesn't stand behind its products, they don't deserve your business - tried this product because I thought it would be an improvement over greenie jointcare sticks which my dog loved!

    Featured Reviews for Pet Kelp Antioxidant Formula - Blueberries (8 oz)
    by Silly from Nevada10/23/2012

    Helps with allergiesall year round. Thanks

    This is the very best kelp on the market today by Barb dog lover from Berlin md04/30/2013

    My vet which is a holistic doctor has always highly recommend this product for my boys. She also uses it herself..she is one of the very best and up to date doctors you will ever find. I will never stop using this product as my boys have benefited from it.

    Featured Reviews for Green Dog Nuggets - Blueberry Anti-Oxidant (10.5 oz)
    Not Happy by Tina from Montana04/15/2013

    I had received some of these treats over christmas from my sister in Ca. Upon opening they were fresh and smelled just like blueberries, I ordered them and when I received them the inner packaging was not sealed and my dog get sick every time I give her one, very dissapointed!!!

    dog loves product by dog lover from Mc Elhattan, PA11/20/2012

    When I give Sophie these treats she begs for more. I appreciate made in USA products.

    Featured Reviews for PolyChews for Older Dogs (60 Soft Chews)
    not for my dog by Debbie from SF Bay Area11/19/2012

    This product upset my dog's stomach and I had to discontinue use after two or three days, so I can't say if it really does what is promised.

    BIG Difference by Rikki's mom from Lexington, KY05/18/2010

    I received a month's supply sample of Polychews at the company's info booth at the Rolex 3-Day Event in Lexington, KY in April. I have seen a real improvement in my 11-year-cocker's energy level, agility, and attitude since putting her on this supplement. Others who see her regularly have commented that she's really "spry" lately, so I know it's not my imagination. She used to kind of mope around, looking like she just felt bad, but now she's more enthusiastic & active. GREAT product!

    Great for hips and joints by Kobi from Hawaii10/12/2011

    My little senior takes this everyday. The chew is nice and soft so it is very easy to hide medicine in it. She takes her meds and supplement with no problems!!! This is great for dogs who have joint and hip issues.

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