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Andis UltraEdge Clipper Blade - Size 4

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Premium Dog Grooming with Andis UltraEdge Clipper Blade Size 4

The Andis Company brings over a century of electric clipper and clipper blade manufacturing experience to its line of dog grooming products.

Andis blades provide a quick, smooth, and easy grooming experience. The UltraEdge model blades are chrome plated to prevent rusting; their carbon and steel blend provides maximum strength and durability. UltraEdge blades works with a variety of detachable clipper brands to meet the grooming needs of all dog breeds. Clipper blades are numbered according to their optimal use, offering ideal results for:

  • Specific area of dog to be groomed
  • Length of hair
  • Level of matting
  • Grooming design or pattern
  • Size, texture, and weight of coat
  • Sanitary Prep

    UltraEdge Clipper Blade Size 4 Features
  • Skip-tooth blade
  • Leaves hair 3/8”—9.5mm
  • Ideal for terrier breed grooming
  • Ideal for Shih Tzu grooming
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