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Angel Eyes for Dogs & Cats - Tear Stain Eliminator

Angel Eyes for Dogs and Cats

is the first product specifically developed for both dogs and cats to remove tear stains from the inside out. Angel Eyes also helps to eliminate staining around the mouth & coats due to licking. Angel Eyes start working before the tear stains begin & never adds food dyes or wheat which can have negative effects on your pet. Ingredients are products of the USA. Help your pet's eyes by ordering Angel's Eyes. It is like an Angel in disguise!!

Angel Eyes Natural Soft Chews (120 ct)
Angel Eyes Natural Soft Chews (120 ct)

($57.07)  $38.90
Angel Eyes Natural Soft Chews (240 ct)
Angel Eyes Natural Soft Chews (240 ct)

($91.78)  $65.60
Angel Eyes Soft Chews (120 ct)
Angel Eyes Soft Chews (120 ct)

($109.59)  $79.30
Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Cats (30 gm)
Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Cats (30 gm)

($29.99)  $15.99
3 PACK Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Cats (90 gm)
3 PACK Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Cats (90 gm)

($90.99)  $45.99
Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Cats (120 gm)
Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Cats (120 gm)

($67.99)  $23.69
Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Dogs (30 gm)
Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Dogs (30 gm)

($29.99)  $13.49
Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Dogs (60 gm)
Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Dogs (60 gm)

($37.99)  $24.99
3 PACK Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Dogs (90 gm)
3 PACK Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Dogs (90 gm)

($90.99)  $38.99
Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Dogs (120 gm)
Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Dogs (120 gm)

($79.99)  $35.99
3 PACK Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Dogs (360 gm)
3 PACK Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Dogs (360 gm)

($244.99)  $105.99
Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Dogs (240 gm)
Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Dogs (240 gm)

($163.99)  $69.99
3 PACK Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Dogs (720 gm)
3 PACK Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Dogs (720 gm)

($490.99)  $207.99
Angels Eyes Chicken Flavor for Cats (30 gm)
Angels Eyes Chicken Flavor for Cats (30 gm)

($29.99)  $15.99
Angels Eyes Chicken Flavor for Cats (120 gm)
Angels Eyes Chicken Flavor for Cats (120 gm)

($79.99)  $39.99
Angels Eyes Chicken Flavor for Dogs (30 gm)
Angels Eyes Chicken Flavor for Dogs (30 gm)

($29.99)  $14.99
Angels Eyes Chicken Flavor for Dogs (60 gm)
Angels Eyes Chicken Flavor for Dogs (60 gm)

($54.99)  $27.99
Angels Eyes Chicken Flavor for Dogs (120 gm)
Angels Eyes Chicken Flavor for Dogs (120 gm)

($79.99)  $35.99
Angels Eyes Chicken Flavor for Dogs (240 gm)
Angels Eyes Chicken Flavor for Dogs (240 gm)

($80.99)  $69.99
Angels Eyes Heavenly Coat Soft Chew (60 count)
Angels Eyes Heavenly Coat Soft Chew (60 count)

($16.99)  $12.99
Angels Eyes NATURAL Chicken for Dogs (75 gm)
Angels Eyes NATURAL Chicken for Dogs (75 gm)

($29.99)  $18.99
Angels Eyes NATURAL Chicken for Dogs (150 gm)
Angels Eyes NATURAL Chicken for Dogs (150 gm)

($50.99)  $32.99
Angels Eyes NATURAL Sweet Potato Formula for Dogs (75 gm)
Angels Eyes NATURAL Sweet Potato Formula for Dogs (75 gm)

($29.99)  $17.99
Angels Eyes NATURAL Sweet Potato Formula for Dogs (150 gm)
Angels Eyes NATURAL Sweet Potato Formula for Dogs (150 gm)

($42.99)  $32.99
Angels Eyes Sweet Potato Flavor for Dogs (30 gm)
Angels Eyes Sweet Potato Flavor for Dogs (30 gm)

($29.99)  $14.99
Angels Eyes Sweet Potato Flavor for Dogs (120 gm)
Angels Eyes Sweet Potato Flavor for Dogs (120 gm)

($79.99)  $35.99
Angels' Eyes Natural Soft Chews

Angels' Eyes® is the first product specifically developed for DOGS to help eliminate unsightly tear stains from the inside out! Angels' Eyes® also helps to eliminate staining around the mouth and coats due to licking.

Other products are topical requiring high maintenance and yet will only remove the tear stains temporarily causing it to return worse than before. Angels' Eyes® starts working before the tear stains begin and never adds food dyes or wheat, which can have negative effects on your pet.

* 100% of Angels' Eyes® ingredients are products of the USA!
Pet’s Weight Daily Dosage
Dogs 2 lbs to 4 lbs ½ chew daily
Dogs 5 lbs to 7 lbs 1 chew daily
Dogs 8 lbs to 11 lbs 1½ chews daily
Dogs 12 lbs and up 2 chews daily

As you keep trimming the stained areas, the newly grown coat will be totally clear. The growth pattern of your pet's coat will determine if it will be completely tear stain free anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks. Angels' Eyes® may help keep tear stains away by reducing oxidation released through tear ducts and may reduce the reddish brown colors that are binding with the animals hair. Extremely palatable. Before starting a supplement regimen, please consult with your veterinarian.
Active Ingredients:
  • A proprietary blend of (Cranberry Powder, Oregon Grape Root and Marshmallow Root).....165 mg
  • Colostrum Powder ..... 25 mg

  • Inactive Ingredients: Cane Molasses, Chicken Meal, Dried Chicken Liver, Glycerin, Lecithin, Methylparaben, Mixed Tocopherols, Potassium Sorbate, Potato Flour, Potato Starch, Propylparaben, Salt, Soybean Oil and Sucrose

    Our bottles contain 120 and 240 count soft chews… larger sizes are for multiple dogs or cats' owners.

    Suggested use: Give daily until tear stains subside and continue use for an additional 30 days. If tear stains reappear, repeat procedure. Store bottle in a cool dry place.
    4.00 rating based on 5 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Angel Eyes Natural Soft Chews (120 ct)
    They really work! by susie02/01/2014

    When our white greyhound developed brown staining around his mouth, the only product that eliminated it was Angel Eyes. He loves the taste of them, too….he thinks he's getting treats!

    Really works! by Lexiezmom from Saint Louis, MO12/15/2013

    My 1 year old Morkie has had terrible eye stains ever since I brought her home at 8 weeks. I started using Angel Eyes in the powder form and noticed a significant improvement within 3 weeks. However the powder was difficult to use. I had to mix it with peanut butter or cream cheese to get my girl to eat it. So when I saw these Soft Chews I decided to give them a try. She loves them! I don't have to worry about mixing a high calorie treat with the powder and there's no mess. Not to mention, we've had the same success with the Soft Chews that we had with the powder. I'm only giving them 4 stars because it doesn't completely eliminate the tear stains. But it's SO much better than without Angel Eyes! I definitely recommend these Angel Eyes Soft Chews.

    Angel eyes natural really work by Beth from Hot Springs Village, AR12/28/2013

    I was skeptical about whether or not this would work as it isn't the chemical formulation but natural ingredients. I'm thrilled to report that the streaked awful looking eyes are gone! I cut away the stained fur. Her eyes look bright and beautiful. Everytime I look at her I'm amazed. Awesome product. It did take a few weeks so be patient. I was told I'd have to use the stronger chemically based stuff, but not true. This works well by itself! Can't say enough good about it. I'll be using this forever!

    Should have bought this a long time ago by Robin03/18/2014

    My Shih Tzu's eyes tear bad, and I needed to get them looking better and knew of Angel Eyes through a groomer and finally bought the soft chews, and at first she snubbed them (she is a Shih Tzu), but then I put it in with her food and now she doesn't give me a hard time taking them. After just a few days, her eyes looked brighter and the staining and tearing is under control. I am a happy customer and I have a prettier Shih Tzu now too. Anyone with a dog that has tearing/staining needs this product.

    angel eyes soft chews by kat10/15/2013

    My dog loves it but it doesnt seem to be working.

    Featured Reviews for Angel Eyes Natural Soft Chews (240 ct)
    best product for tear stains by amy12/29/2013

    I have used Angel Eye's for 3 years and love it. The results have been amazing! I have always used the powder. This is the first time I have purchased the chews! They are wonderful and much easier to use and my bichon loves them!R

    angel eyes natural soft chews by LS12/15/2013

    This new formula does not work. Stick with original powder formula. EntirelyPet.com does not respond to emails and have poor or rather NO customer service. Do not buy from them. Entirelypets entirely suck.

    Angel Eyes Soft Chew Tablets by Glo10/28/2013

    Your service is speedy!! Appreciate that, first and foremost! I normally purchase the powder product of Angel Eyes.. and tho it is effective, it was a messy process. These tablets are great.. my fur kids consider them as treats.. and they work great, and no mess!!

    Chews are much less messy by tuffyb from Hartselle, AL09/18/2014

    I have used both the Angel Eyes powder with the antibiotic in it and the "natural" chews. The chews are much easier to use and less messy than the powder but don't seem to work as effectively, due to lacking the antibiotic.

    Angel Eyes NATURAL soft chews by Lily from CA12/10/2013

    This new formula does not work. There is no improvement. Go back to original powder formula for effectiveness.

    Featured Reviews for Angel Eyes Soft Chews (120 ct)
    by from 10/23/2013

    I just started giving my puppy the Angel Eyes Soft Chews. So far, it seems to be working. The tear stains are minimal and hopefully will subside.

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    Featured Reviews for Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Cats (30 gm)
    Great Product by JJ06/02/2008

    This stuff works! I adopted a 10 year old poodle and he had the redish discoloration under both eyes. I followed the directions, until it stopped, and now only give it to him 1-2 times weekly - it's awesome!

    Featured Reviews for Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Dogs (30 gm)
    Angel eyes beef flavor for dogs (30gm) by Doris07/29/2012

    This product really works my rocky is my Shizu he was smelling really bad from his yes having all that junk and we got angel eyes and it removed all that stuff out of his eyes.

    Angel eyes by Bobbie01/01/2013

    Have not received my last ordered from November

    Works Great by Chris from Miami,FL08/05/2010

    We have 3 Maltese. I have tried several other products. But Angel eyes is the only one that really works!

    excellent product by katpal03/22/2013

    Love the product and absolutely impressed with the quick shipping.

    Not browni around the eyes (angle eyes) by maryam from St. peters, MO12/17/2012

    great product. My dog is a permenant user of your product.

    It works by Ashley Drury12/30/2009

    I was really skeptical about this product at first, But it came recommend by my my veterinarian so I gave it a try. To my surprise it really works after cutting away the old stain over the next couple of months there has been no return of the stain.And as a good side note it made her coat really soft and has less tangles when I try to brush her. I highly recommend this produce give it a try you wont be sorry.

    ugly gone by katie from texas06/26/2013

    my white toy poodle has those ugly tear stains, BUT by using this product everyday, a little in her food, they are gone & her pretty eyes show up. very easy to use & economical

    Angel Eyes is Great! by Wendy J from California01/11/2012

    The product works as advertised. Our poodles love the taste when mixed with their food. No more dark stains on their cheeks. A great product.

    It works by doglovr from Chickamauga, GA05/26/2014

    This is one product that delivers as it says. Dried up the 'tears' that stained his white fur. I use less than the recommended dose and it still works just fine.

    It works! by Frosty from Scottsdale, AZ04/29/2014

    My beagle had nasty goop coming from his eyes. It was staining his fur. I would clean it and it would be back again in a few days. I now sprinkle this on his food daily and within a few days...the goop was gone! I now use it regularly.

    Great product!!! by Momma loves Fiona from Indianapolis, IN.06/07/2013

    I was referred to Angel Eye's by a Co-worker it works!!!! I love it!!! All the red staining is gone and it worked in a matter of days!!!

    It works! by Genie032511/08/2012

    Prevents tear stains on our Zuchon's white fur. Works great!

    Angel Eyes by Pbrayburn09/09/2013

    This product is amazing for getting rid of brown tear stains and brown beard. It may take a couple of bottles depending on the severity of the stains, but stick with it they will go away and on my pet haven't come back in four years

    by july12/29/2012

    IT DOES WORK! before my dog's eyes looked really bad, i even had to shave the area around his eyes and used a lot of other products to remove his tear stains but nothing worked. Now i am so proud to post his pics on Facebook :)

    Great tear stain product! by Di from Eugene, OR12/07/2012

    I tried several other products claiming to rid my white dog of the unattractive tear stains and saliva marks. They were hard on my dog and unsuccessful. Angel Eyes is a food additive that really does the trick! Yes, it actually works. At EntirelyPets, I got the lowest price on the internet.

    Really works by Jude02/10/2012

    This is my second bottle that I use on my white Pom. It has really helped with his stains. Will keep on using it .

    it Works by Karen03/25/2008

    Be patient - this really works. It took about 4 weeks for the staining to stop on my pup. Her eyes still water, but no staining. Just wipe the eyes off daily. My only complaint is it is a little expensive and will most likely need to be continued forever?

    Wonderful Product by Cindy05/05/2008

    I started using this on our Maltese about2 months ago and we noticed results after just 3 weeks. She is now tear stain free and I can not say enough about this product. Wonderful.

    It really works! by Veronica05/28/2008

    I was skeptical at first, but this stuff really does work. I have a four month old Maltese and within four weeks he was completely stain-free.

    by from 03/02/2010

    Worked in three days! I have a Westie, 3 months old. Her tear stains were gone after the third day -she was pure white again. I did not use the full recommended dose...I use just a trace of the powder.

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    Amazing by sistersue08/03/2010

    This works as well as you would hope it would. I have two bichons and neither of them have tear stains anymore. You can start with the recommended dose and then back off some after about a week. My dogs are beautiful and so very white . I tell everybody that will listen about this wonderful product.

    Amazing ! by Janette06/02/2008

    This product has done wonders for our Shih-Tzu, his face is white again and it really didn't take too long to start seeing a big change, I'm very happy with Angels Eyes ..

    Really like this by Norma from Columbus Ohio05/21/2013

    Took a few weeks but now I can see a big difference.I cut all the old brown off and now the new hair is real light this time, looks a lot better. Hope tobe a lot lighter in couple of weeks more.

    by KB05/02/2013

    The product was shipped fast and works perfectly!

    It really works! by Joanne11/12/2008

    My 8 year old bichon/poodle Sara had a terrible staining problem under her left eye ever since she came to live with me nearly five years ago. Just this past summer her right eye started to stain as well. I finally broke down and bought a bottle of AngelsEye and we've been using it for almost two months now. The results were amazing. Her right eye cleared up and there is a marked improvement with her left. Thank you for this great product. Her eyes look so much better without that unsightly staining.

    Nothing Better by PD from Houston08/13/2013

    I finally found what I needed for my poodle. Angel Eyes really works...no more tears and stains. I couldn't be happier...

    This works! by Dale11/09/2008

    I bought this product for my Bichon and with two weeks his eyes have cleared up. I've spent a fortune on different kinds of dog foods, but his eyes were still stained. When I ran out, his eyes started to stain again, so I will keep buying it.

    A Miracle by Lorena Higgins01/16/2009

    I must say this is one product I swear by. I have a Maltese that is so white and beautiful and suddenly at the age of 5 he started with the staining. Angel Eyes has stopped it and he is always complimented when I walk him outdoors.

    Finally! by Lisa12/10/2008

    something that really works, no one is paying me! I got a really good price on this site and the chicken flavor was immediately well received by my cockapoo, my beautiful cutie face is stain free, eyes and mouth!

    It Works by Barbara09/29/2008

    I tried many products before discovering Angel Eyea, my Maltese has been tear stain free ever since.I now use it once a week . Whenever I see a dog with tear stains I tell its owner about it!!

    happy groomer by Cynthia08/11/2008

    I've been grooming for 10 years & nothing has worked. A client started using Angel Eyes on her badly stained Peek-a-poo & now there are no more stains around the eyes mouth & feet. We always assumed it was just allergies. I'm purchasing extra Angel Eyes to offer to my other clients! I now have an answer when my clients ask, "What can I do about these unsightly brown stains?"

    it actually works by Azeneth10/19/2008

    I have a maltese puppy who's stains where so dark that even the products at the pet store would not remove. I've used it for less than a month and already see the results

    Do not see any difference by boop from saluda nc 2877301/21/2012

    Maltese has red around eyes and chin. I have been giving 1 tsp per day, no difference in eyes and chin.

    Best price found by Winnie the Poo from Lubbock, TX06/16/2013

    This was my first time to purchase Angel Eyes. I searched and found this site to be the best price. My dog didn't seem to care for the beef flavor, but I did see some improvement in her tear stains. They did not completely go away with this bottle.

    very effective by C. Steinheimer10/12/2008

    Very effective. We work as volunteers for a dog rescue group and we use Angels' Eyes on the rescued dogs we receive. Results take at least a week to notice, but be patient. After awhile the dogs seem to need less amount and less often. Hint: to make it taste better I mix the product with a yummy treat.

    This works, not a waste of $ by Lisa09/24/2009

    I could sell this product myself it is a miracle. It is worth any price. My cockapoo ate uphis food like it was sprinkle with bacon at first but then got tired of it and wouldn't eat, I ended up after about a month I started having to mix it up with peanut butter as little treats and he's been loving those for 6 mos. His eyes and mouth area are white and adorable, (even the area on his belly that gets wet :-) is clean!! Love this stuff!!!!

    it works!!!! by Mimi08/02/2009

    My Shih tzu has had excess tearing, purplish/red staining and a stinky feet face for as long as I can remember. He would really get offensive to the nose, and visitors could smell him!!! My vet suggested Angel Eyes, and I got it off of Amazon for almost 1/2 price. I cannot even tell you the difference. No more stains, minimal tearing, and NO MORE STINK!!!! This stuff really works, no gimics!!!

    Great product! by westie mom07/06/2013

    This product worked amazingly quick to remove the black in chin hairs and I now only need to use it a couple times a week and never the full recommended amount.

    Angel Eyes by Maria Mendonca02/03/2009

    Angel Eyes realy works. I have a Maltese he is so beautiful, and playful until a few months ago he stared getting the stains around his eyes and his paws from licking it. I tried other products but didn't work. Then i hear about Angel Eyes i was a little skeptical to try it, i have been using Angel Eyes since November of 2008 and it really works. Now Toby is getting his whiteness back.

    Angels'Eyes by Siidney Mudge01/20/2009

    Product works very well for my miniature poodle who had constant staining


    I used this product for a year and my vet told me that my dog probably didn't need it. So i stopped using it when we ran out. No only did the hair around the dog's eyes get rusty colored but also around the corners of his mouth. So I am convinced that Angel Eyes does make a difference.

    Angel Eyes by Grdhouse03/15/2009

    Amazing!!!! In just 3 days my maltese's excessive tearing had dried up, The heavy red staining that had dripped doen to his mouth have faded and I can actually see that as his hair is growing out, it is white!! He's been on it just 2 weeks, 1/2 tsp. per day and the results are significant. Thank you

    Featured Reviews for Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Dogs (60 gm)
    by james04/26/2014

    It started work in the first week. The dog have no more tears. Mixed it up every other day in the wet food. I am pleased with this product.

    Angel Eyes Beef flavor by Cyn from Texas09/03/2013

    My order arrived quickly, and was exactly what I ordered. My dog loves this sprinkled on his food and it keeps the hair around his eyes white!

    by J.J. from Carson, Ca.05/01/2012

    It is the absolute best eye stain clearing product that I have ever used for my dog OSCAR!!!!!

    GREAT PRODUCT! by patti from massachusetts07/22/2013

    Have a white dog and another dog with allergies, but this product keeps their faces from having those rust looking marks. They both look great and they love the taste of it when I put it in their food.

    It works! by jimrob07/05/2013

    My neighbor recommended this product. I had used similar products in the past and noticed no significant improvement. This product works. In fact, I have not had to use but half of the recommended daily dose.

    Wonderful product. best purchase ever by browneyes33sa@yahoo.com06/05/2012

    tried several things. this is the best product ever!

    Angles Eyes Works for Us by Dan from Great State of Nebraska07/30/2012

    When we got our little white toy poodle a couple of years ago he got "stained" eyes right away. Someone suggested Angle Eyes so we tried it and it worked wonders. My wife is always reminding me we are about out because when we run out the "stains" come back. Works great.

    by from 09/04/2014

    I recently returned the Beef flavored Angels' Eyes and instead bought the "Natural" (without tylosine tartrate) after receiving a veterinary update about the potential hazard of this non-FDA approved anti-bacterial.

    2014 by The from SeattleOn


    Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Dogs by Misty's Mom from Rock Hill, SC03/27/2013

    I bought Angel Eyes Beef Flavor for Dogs for my little Maltese/Shih Tzu Misty. She solid white and the tear stains really show and make her look like she white & buff colored around her eyes. Since purchasing this for her you can barely see any stain. Great product.

    Never in my wildest dream by Doc from Grand Rapids, MI06/26/2012

    I am simultaneously aghast and thrilled. From the very first day of receiving my order of Angel Eyes, my dog, Daisy. has not been bothered with secretion from her eyes.

    Featured Reviews for 3 PACK Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Dogs (90 gm)
    Great deal! by Nancy from Graham, WA12/12/2012

    With the internet coupon offered, I got three bottles of Angel Eyes for under $50! Great price, and my dogs are both tear-free!

    Angel Eyes by Jules01/17/2014

    This is the best product to help in tear stains. I have 2 Maltese. This product in their food keeps them stain free and beautiful! .

    Product never arrived by NO HELP AT ALL! from Brisbane Australia11/06/2012

    I am very disappointed in the service from Entirely Pets. I purchased this product through the Lyoness website to be delivered into Australia. It got held up in Customs in Australia and when I asked you for your assistance in getting product information I just received the following:Thank you for your email. we do not have the manufacture letter head as we do not manufacture the products. - NO HELP AT ALL - Products have now been destroyed by Australian Customs - A BIG WASTE - Will never purchase from you again!

    by pogy07/28/2013

    this product works great o our dogs eyes

    Stains gone by Edie11/24/2012

    Great product! Vet said it was safe for our white shih tzu, and now her face is white too! :)

    Worked for me! by Lamolover07/01/2008

    I have a Malteese/Poodle and the breeder I bought her from suggested the product. I waited about a month, and seeing that my puppy was getting tear stains, I decided to give it a try. Well, it worked great! It only took about a week to clear up, and now I just sprinkle a little over her food, and she stays clear and pretty!

    Awesome by Kat from spencer, ohio09/23/2011

    This really works!!! I have 3 japanese chins and Angel Eyes keeps them looking perfect.

    Clean Face/ White again by Sharky's Mom from Charlotte, NC03/06/2013

    I was skeptical of this product and never splurged on what I thought was another gimmick. My dog is 7 years old and has always had the unsightly tear stains that everyone had to ask about. I never believed anything would ever work until this year when I tried Angel Eyes. I followed the dosage and sure enough, his tear stains were gone and he looked very clean and handsome just like I wished he had for so many years. Wish I would have believed in the product years ago! Would have looked better in all those 7 years worth of photos of Sharky! Photo attached was taken before Angel Eyes met Sharky :)

    Great product by Snowflake01/06/2014

    You'll notice a difference with 1 bottle

    Been using for years and it WORKS!!!!! by horn217510/16/2013

    Wesley is my 'granddog'. He is a mix Maltese. We have used every product on the market and stumble onto Angel Eyes. He no longer has the brown circles under the eyes. As long as you use it faithfully IT REALLY DOES WORK...We love the product.

    Featured Reviews for Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Dogs (120 gm)

    I have asked several veterinarians about how to stop my dogs tearing and they would always tell me that there was nothing that could be done other than sugery. I had someone tell me about Angel Eyes, so I tried it. It works wonders. My dogs tearing was so bad, everyone thought that she had brown hair below her eyes. I would highly recommend this product.

    Angel Eyes by Bella's Mom05/05/2008

    After 1 month of Angel Eyes mixed in her food our little girl is beautiful! No more brown stains around her eyes. Her eyes hardly even water now and no more ugly smell from the staining. Great Product!

    Best Product Ever! by Victoria05/05/2008

    We have tried everything to get rid of the tear stains on our little baby. She is an adorable Lhapso Apso..but with awful tear stains. Until we found Angel Eyes, it's completely removed the stains around her eyes and she truly is adorable again!

    It works by Karen03/25/2008

    Staining stoped in about 3 weeks. Eyes still tear, so wipe them daily. Will probably need to use this product forever, so it is a little expensive.

    by from 03/20/2008

    I took the conservative approach on my maltese, 2 year old Tippy. I used the smallest dose 1/4 tsp. It took 5 months to clear up her tear stains. But she is clear. It was so gradual that I really didn't notice that much change that is until I cam across a picture I took of her BEFORE the treatments! Wow. She does NOT have any "doggie breath" either. Kind of a bonus...

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    Angel Eyes by Debbie01/29/2008

    I can't believe how great this product is. Staining cleared up almost immediately.



    Answer to my prayers by don't have any from Spooner, WI10/27/2011

    I have two small boys (canines) that had tear stains, since using angel eyes the stains have disappeared completely. I mix this with baby food and they actually get so excited when I'm preparing this. They love it and I love giving it to them.

    Bandi Bandit by Bandi Bandit01/17/2014

    Best product for under eyes stains for our teacup poodle. No trace of stain at all after use of Angel Eyes. Other product did not work at all

    This Stuff Works!!! by Carolyn from San Luis Obispo, CA04/07/2014

    I've tried other products to no avail, but Angel's Eyes removed the Horrible (Note: Capitol H) tear stains from around my dogs eyes. Not only did it brighten her eyes, her coat got whiter! I love this product and will continue to use it!

    AMAZING ! by Lois03/15/2009

    My Coton already had tear stains when I purchased him at age two months. I did an immediate internet research, discovered and purchased Angel Eyes, and have been elated with result. No more unsightly wet brown streaks.

    Works Great by Buddy from Tennessee12/19/2011

    removed the staining from my poodle and maltese eyes in just a few days.

    Angels Eyes by Jeri03/22/2012

    I purchased this product for my maltese Max because the tearing was looking bad. I am very pleased with the results of Angel Eyes. Thanks so much for sending the product as soon as you stated.

    Seems to be helping a lot by tuffyb from Hartselle. AL06/21/2014

    I am still on my first bottle of Angel Eyes Beef Flavor powder, but my malitpoo's eyes look a good bit better after being on the powder for a couple of months. She still has a little staining but not as much brown "gunk" as she used to have. I'm pretty pleased with this product and will maybe update my review in the future.

    Prettier face by bernie08/01/2012

    Our pup has a pretty face of course but Angel Eyes is helping make it even prettier after just a short period of time. Her eyes aren't running and staining nearly as much as they were before we tried Angel Eyes.

    by from 09/17/2013

    I was a little hesitant about trying anything with an antibiotic or anti fungal agent, but wanted to see if it would really work. I use Eye Envy wipes on my Chihuahuas, and they worked very well, but the underlying problem of too much eye drainage was never resolved.

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    what by it from claims.Product


    Seems to be working... by Ruggs from California08/04/2013

    I was told that this product (aside from eliminating stains from the coat) had the added benefit of preventing or reducing the frequency of ear infections...My dogs have suffered from constant infections, but since using this product for several months- no infections so far. (Knock on wood!) I hope it continues...

    It really works by Duncman from Colorado Springs, CO06/08/2014

    My Shih Tzu used to have very smelly tear stains.......I mean REALLY smelly. His white fur is no longer brown not just around the chin, but also on his feet. His face no longer smells either. He hardly even noticed the taste difference in his food, and now he and his mate both are on the program even though she has a black coat and her tears never smelled as bad.

    wouldn't recommend yet???? by bulldog from New Jersey09/18/2013

    I have personally seen a couple of friends use this product with there dogs and it worked! No more tear stains. My Bulldog,(Edgar) is not having the same success. I will use Angel Eyes a few more weeks and see if things get better...keeping my fingers crossed. Oh, and by the way he loves the way it tastes.

    Featured Reviews for 3 PACK Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Dogs (360 gm)
    FINALLY SOMETHING THAT WORKS! by Karen Hartvig-Nielsen02/03/2008

    UNBELIEVABLE difference! My two Bichon Frises looked so depressed with huge orange-brown stains cascading from their beautiful little black eyes and more orangey stains around their mouths. Within two weeks ONLY, new staining had stopped, so I trimmed back all the stained hair and the new growth is white, white, white and STAYING that way. One dog got a little lethargic and felt a little sick for a few days, so I reduced the dose to half and will contact the manufacturer about this little side effect. But I am THRILLED with the product and recommend it highly. My dogs look beautiful...finally. Yes, it is pricey, but the results are worth it to me. Simply WOW.

    Angels' Eyes by L. Maxwell09/25/2008

    I have a Bichon & Maltese they both had developed the stains around the eyes, mouth, & legs. It was really bad. I had asked the vet and so many others what I could do. They said it just happens to some dogs. Why don't they recommend this product? I saw your product in my pet catalog, that's how I found it. I started using Angel Eyes in July and I could not believe the difference in just a few weeks. They both are now snowy white from head to toe. I'm a believer in your product and will continue to use it. This product really DOES WORK. Thanks for coming to my rescue. Angels' Eyes is 10 stars in my book. L. Maxwell

    Alice Cooper No More by K. H.12/13/2008

    Our Beagles looked like Alice Cooper, with dripping brown marks falling from their eyes. Angel Eyes has banished their bad girl look and given them the look of an angel! Now if Angel Eyes could only make them act like angels! Although there is no halo over their heads, their eyes are clean and bright!

    Sparkly White! by zuperzoe from Barnegat, NJ02/23/2011

    I have 2 white dogs and their eyes were covered with the brown yeast that is common with white fluffy dogs. With angel eyes I could see a difference within the first month! Now they are all white no more nasty wet brown spots. This 3 pack of angel eyes is the best value on the internet. The most grams for your money.

    Angel Eyes for my angel by G.G. Henry from Ingersoll, On., Canada01/01/2013

    I purchase this product for my Bichon Frise, who has severe allergies. She reacts to things by having her skin turn bright red. This redness is evident on her stomach, around her eyes and the inner skin of her ears. Although it is not a rash it does cause her discomfort. No redness occurs anywhere on her body if she is taking Angel Eyes. This is an excellent product.

    Featured Reviews for Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Dogs (240 gm)
    by from 04/10/2013

    We have an English Bulldog. His tear stains were the worst!. Tried a couple home remedies and none really worked. Angel Eyes with tartrate (im a little tea cup) is a miracle. Becareful not to get the "natural" version for when used by mistake, all the stains started coming back.

    great" by It really works!! from lindajeanThis


    Best Product Ever! by Bella's Mom03/02/2009

    This review comes from a very grateful mom of a beautiful girl...now! She had the most horrible stains under her eyes, and believe me we tried everything. She has been on Angel Eyes for 5 months and not one brown stain exists! It's a miracle product and after 3 months you give them less, which makes the product much more affordable. Now Bella gets Angel Eyes 2x a week to keep her gorgeous new look. Highly Recommend!!!

    Angel Eyes miracle dust by Annie06/19/2012

    I've been purchasing this for my Bichon and Llasapoo for a few years now. It is truely a miracle cure for stained eyes and/or paws. My Bichon is 15 years old and I swear it helps her joints. She moves better and is more active when she has a daily dose of it on her food. An added benefit is that they both love the taste. The beef flavor more than the chicken.

    It Really Does Work by Carrie05/05/2009

    I can't believe how fast it works. In just a few days, my dogs no longer had red eye stains! This works so well. I mix it in wet dog food so my picky eater will eat it. I will definitely buy this product again.

    Unusuable by Kate from California10/23/2013

    My dog -- who will eat absolutely anything -- would not eat at all if I added this product to the dish. Nothing. Pricey product, zero value.

    Awesome by sue from alabama02/09/2014

    We use this product to decrease tear stains on our minature schnauzers. It completely stopped the tear staining plus decreases the amount of "eye boogers" that schnauzers have. Awesome

    Great product by Jackie from Oregon02/18/2013

    This works. We've been using this product for years. No more ugly tear stains.

    It works!!! by artizona from Phoenix, Arizona12/31/2011

    This product is the ONLY tear stain product that actually works. I have tried everything! Here is a ziggy before and after:

    Excellent Product by Terri07/13/2009

    I have a maltese and I've been using this product for over a year. Angel Eyes is the only product that completely cleared my dogs tear-stained eyes and stains from licking his feet.

    Angle Eyes by lilys mom04/24/2012

    It works. Had a problem with iron which turns her hair rust when she licks or her eyes weap. Lily now has a beautiful white face

    Must taste good! by Sophie's mom07/28/2009

    My larger chocolate cockapoo is so jealous that his Maltese sister gets this on her food that I have to sprinkle a little on his food too. It keeps our Maltese eyes dark discharge free!

    GREAT PRODUCT FOR TEAR STAINS by pikespeakken from Colorado Springs, Colorado02/24/2014

    The original Angel Eyes works to ensure eye staining decreases over time. It doesn't take place until new hair grows, so it takes a while, but used consistently it does seem to lessen and hopefully eventually prevent further staining. I give it to my dog daily as directed in a small amount of grated buffalo jerky.

    Angel's Eyes WORKS! by Wallace & Gromit from Phoenix, AZ06/25/2013

    Our two Bichons faces were always badly stained with tears until our Vet recommended we try Angel's Eyes. Skeptical at first, we are amazed at the results...no more stains! FYI, we bought the "organic" version at PetSmart but it did not work on one of our dogs. This version does! Highly recommend you try it on any breed that has tear stains.

    Angel Eyes by Tonbabes from Ypsilanti, Mi04/13/2013

    Product is very good and reliable. Delivery was fast and accurate. Have used this product for 4 years now and would highly recommend it to others.

    Nothing works better! by Penny11/20/2011

    Nothing works better for tear stains! I tried many products that cost less but they di noit work.

    by from 01/27/2012

    Australian Customs seized the Package Posted from the USA and destroyed it after offering to Post it back for a price of AUD$45.00!

    loved by to from tryI


    Finely something that works by Lucian's MaMaw from Kentucky01/27/2013

    Finely a product that works to keep the brown stains from around my white Havanese's mouth. I thought I was going to have to live with the ugly stains.

    good product by Jo01/17/2012

    this is a really good product for my dogs i have two beautiful bichon frise and angels eyes help a lot with their eyes and beauty!

    Does the Job! by Jimmymac from SF, California09/21/2014

    I use this exclusively for my three dogs. I include it in their morning feeding. I use less than the recommended amount and suggest you experiment as to the amount to use for your pet; ie, I use 1/2 of a tsp for my three 12 lb Maltese and it eliminates the ugly tearstains .To clarify, that's 1/2 tsp for all three dogs. Highly recommended!

    Update on Bella by Bella's Mom12/03/2011

    Wanted to let those of you trying to decide if Angel Eyes was really worth the price, yes it is! I wrote a review for this product back in 2009 and wanted to update it. Bella hasn't had Angel Eyes for almost 6 months and now seems to have no problem with eye drainage. Now I'm not saying that after 2 years on the product your pet won't need it ever again but we haven't seen a stain on Bella since we stopped the product after a little over two years.

    Featured Reviews for 3 PACK Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Dogs (720 gm)
    by from 07/02/2010

    Angel Eyes works GREAT for my little dog! by Donda from Spring Hill, TN.01/24/2013

    I have a Bichon Frise and he was always getting black stuff coming out of his eyes. Well, needless to say it wasn't very attractive looking. My sister-in-law told me about Angel Eyes and I have been using it ever since. It really works great for him - no more cleaning his eyes for me. I just feed him Angel Eyes and that does it! Give it a try...it will probably work for your dog too (they also have some for cats). My sister-in-law was told about it by her daughter and I don't know who else, but we all three use it and like it a lot!

    So far so good by Nansee from Ontario, Canada07/31/2012

    I have Bichon Frise .. approx 2 1/2 months ago i noticed their eyes and faces in general taking on a stained orange colour. Tried washing and nothing changed. I knew it was something in their food .. but what ... I give them many treats ... was it all or just one. Did not have the time or patience to investigate the cause so I bought Angel Eyes Beef flavour - firstly they love it and i have already noticed quite an improvement in the last three weeks - I have routinely done some trimming and there is still some discolouration but this will be gone with their next groom - i have not taken a picture of the girls with their orange faces - not something I choose to remember but have a pic from before - this is what they should like.

    Featured Reviews for Angels Eyes Chicken Flavor for Cats (30 gm)
    Not again by bobsmithuk from Carthage, MO02/07/2013

    Maybe this stuff would work. But first you have to persude your cat to eat the food with it on. Our cat seemed prepared to starve rather than eat her food with this stuff on it.

    Featured Reviews for Angels Eyes Chicken Flavor for Cats (120 gm)
    Angel eyes for dog or cat by Paisley12/31/2012

    Great for the eyes and bad breath, the only product that has worked!

    Featured Reviews for Angels Eyes Chicken Flavor for Dogs (30 gm)
    Tear Stains Gone !! by rammygma from Sacramento, CA03/12/2012

    I used the Angel Eyes about a year ago and when I ran out I kinda assumed the tear stains were gone forever but they were back so we are doing it again and they are all gone but I am going to use it on his food at least once or twice a week to keep them gone.

    It just works by Grandma Ju02/25/2013

    It does what it says. Just that simple. It cleared up my gogs eyes in less then a week.

    Angel Eyes by Beckett from Cleveland, Ohio12/10/2012

    I would not order this product again, in fact I would like to return it. My dog threw up for 2 days after using it. I'm really sad, because I was looking forward to it working for her.

    Love this product by Nikki from Las Vegas, NV11/02/2011

    I have two King Charles Cavaliers and they both tear a lot, one of the especially, Angle eyes has stopped the stain completely and even the awful smell is gone, I do use the product once or twice weekly just to make sure they stay clean, the ONLY product I have found that works as it says it will and I have tried a lot of different products. Thank you so much

    by Darby from Houston, TX03/25/2012

    Worked quickly! No side effects. Must taste OK because our dog is very picky and he ate whatever we put it on.

    It's a Miracle by Tori from Minneapolis, MN01/25/2011

    I adopted Sadie in February. I had never had a white dogand was not familiar with the red tearing problem - she is Bichon/Poodle mix and she had terrible red tear stains. After just a few doses of Angel eyes, the red tearing decreased. Now she looks amazing!

    Angels Eyes in Sweden by Anna from Stockholm, Sweden03/15/2012

    Thank you so much for shipping the product to Sweden. We recently moved here from the US and have had a hard time finding Angels Eyes for our little Maltese. I am so happy that her eyes are finally going to look so much better. Thank you.

    excellent product by tobyro from Chattanooga, TN12/31/2012

    Just after two or three doses, I notice that there is less tearing and staining on his white face. He seems to like the flavor.

    awesome product by claudia19 from san antonio, texas02/21/2013

    excellent product works great with any type of dog especially with my bichon frise plus the flavor seletion is very good i would recomend this to anyone who wants their dogs to be tear stain free

    by from 10/25/2011

    We have been purchasing Angel Eyes for our Maltese-Lexie since she was a puppy now 4 yrs old, as we heard it was excellent for keeping her eyes free from the staining so common among this breed. It has been a wonderful product to say the least. Our little girls eyes remain clean with this product. No eyes running and staining her fur.

    by from We


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    Brooklyn Park, MN. by from Katy"


    Great Product! by sybcarr01/09/2012

    I have used this product on my shih tzu that is 3 yrs old now since he was about 4 months old. It is great!! All his white hair is very white, even around his eyes. Now we have a new puppy and I am starting him on this product. I can already see an improvement around his eyes. Great Product!!!

    Angel's Eyes by Cosmo's Mom from Colfax, WI01/14/2013

    We adopted a little blind Shih Tzu from a rescue. He is so beautiful and loving, but he had horrible stains around his eyes and mouth. Angel's Eyes has taken care of the stains so this loving little personality is as beautiful now on the outside as he is on the inside. What a difference! This product was recommended to us by another very satisfied customer with a poodle! We wouldn't be without your product!

    Angel eyes by Luv my dog04/07/2014

    Great product! Takes a few weeks to see results but with time it works.

    Excellent product by Nanc from Fort Wayne,indiana01/19/2013

    Ive only used this product,angel eyes for a few weeks and can see a huge improvement in my shih tzu's eyes. I highly recommend and plan to order more angel eyes

    Angel Eyes - Red stain relief!! by Sheila from Bowie, MD03/09/2010

    My poor little Bailey had terrible staining around his eyes. His eyes constantly teared. My groomer suggested Angel Eyes almost a year ago and I never followed up on her suggestion. A few weeks ago she reminded me of this product. I finally ordered it. I feel bad that I let him suffer so long with this problem. Within a week I could see the difference. The stains are practically gone. I've just reorder some of the chicken and beef flavor. He loves it on his regular food. Thanks for this wonderful product

    Use it every day! by Neecee from Charleston, SC12/11/2011

    Angel Eyes makes a wonderful difference, my Charly is a beautiful apricot toy poodle and Angel Eyes makes him look his best. Charly likes the beef flavor too, but chicken is his favorite, and you can't beat the price and convenience of Entirely Pets service.

    Awful tasting by Malt Mom from Los Angeles, CA02/15/2013

    My 1 yar old Maltese has terrible eye stain. I thought I would try Angels Eyes as so many people think its a wonderful product. My little girl would not even touch it in her food or yogurt. I tasted it myself in the yogurt and could not believe how strong and bitter it was. It took hours for that taste to leave my mouth--just awful. I'm amazed that any dog would eat this (willingly).

    ANGEL EYES by peg12/18/2012


    Quality Product at Reasonable Price by jmrozinski from Elk Grove, CA11/13/2011

    I started the product when my poodle puppy was 11 weeks old. She is now 13 weeks old and the stains are getting less and less as I continue to daily wash them and trim the stain away. The product was shipped very quickly and the whole package was a very affordable price. We have not experienced any side effects.

    Works Great! by sandirad05/21/2013

    I have a white chi and the red drips at the corners of the eyes were very distracting. Now he is beautifuL!

    by Min09/25/2013

    Have used this for 9 years now and would not have a white dog without it. Love it.

    Great product for Yorkies!! by Barb11/15/2011

    My Yorkie loves the chicken flavor of this product. Angel Eyes is sooo wonderful, works great & in just a few days I saw the difference in my Yorkie's eyes. They are not watery or red anymore. This product really works!

    Best product ever for tear stains by Muffin's Mama from Austin, Tx07/10/2013

    It works...I have tried other products but nothing worked like Angel Eyes. It took about 3 weeks to totaly clear up Muffin's tear stains but she looks great now after using Angel Eyes. The cost is great savings and with the other discounts you can't beat the price.

    Good product by Rhett07/04/2013

    Angels' Eyes has helped cut down the tearstains on my 9 year old (5 lb) Maltese. Entirely Pets sent it out quite quickly.

    Four Stars by lvaughan from Damascus, OR01/16/2012

    We just started using Angel Eyes with our 4mo Maltese. Anyone & everyone has recommended this product. We look forward to seeing a difference in Joey's eyes and staining. He really does not mind the taste and smell and licks it right up!

    WORKS PRETTY GOOD by Gigi07/15/2013

    Once I figured a way to disguise the taste and smell, it works pretty good. I've purchased this before, and it works good.

    works great by roxy from scottsdale, AZ09/04/2014

    Been using Angel Eyes for about 6 wks weeping eyes almost all gone.

    Excellent by Andrea06/14/2009

    Wow, it's only been a few days and I can see the difference...Never thought it would work but it does..My tea cup poodles eyes are clean...Thanks so much...Try it you won't believe their eyes..lol

    Great product. by Rachel from Inman, SC11/12/2012

    Saw a difference in 2 wks. Really works.

    by Bobbie Wilson12/17/2012

    Have not received this order but I have used it before

    Unnecessary! by Lily&Casper from baytown, tx04/19/2012

    I have shih-tzu pups so I know all about tear stains, though neither of them currently have any...and it's no thanks to this product. I tried it a while back and they hated the taste of it and it did nothing to relieve their puppy stains. I use regular tearless shampoo around their eyes and wipe away excess goo when they're not in the verge of taking a bath and this method works better than Angel Eyes...Save your money. Buy tearless shampoo instead and use lots of baby wipes...

    ANGEL's. EYES is TERRIFIC!!! by Donna from Santa Paula, CA04/25/2014

    My pup, Lucy is an 11 y.o. Dandie Dinmont Terrier. She is my precious girl whom I adopted while my 15 y.o. boy, Mauii, a toy poodle, was coming near his end, so 'I' know TEAR STAINS. I feared I'd live her life washing that mug 2x/day FOREVER... Then I tried this product! WOW! I could see a difference in 1-2 days. What a blessing to us who are cute. U won't be sorry trying this product & we'll never live without it. I still run a baby wipe over her face in the a.m. & p.m., but who doesn't.

    Really works!!! by Jerri from Tucson , AZ01/14/2012

    My small white poodle always had red stains on his white coat from tearing , Someone suggested Angel eyes and it is fantastic really works !!!

    This really works! by Cheryl02/28/2012

    I have a Maltese that seems to continually have issues w/tearing. Angel eyes has worked better than any other product I have tried and he likes the taste! Worth the money!

    perfect as described by gillibeany1 from Dublin Ireland01/17/2012

    Great product and delivery was fast, I will use entirely pets again

    Featured Reviews for Angels Eyes Chicken Flavor for Dogs (60 gm)
    Angels Eyes works by Diane from Cincinnati07/03/2014

    Angels Eyes works on my Pekingese. I used this product for two weeks at half the recommended dosage. The ugly brown tear stains on Charlie went away and have not returned.

    Awesome stuff! by Texas1204/26/2013

    Works like a charm. Used a few weeks using only half the suggested dose and worked like a charm. No more red!

    The Best for Tear Stains by Connie from Oklahoma City, OK03/27/2012

    We have 2 Bichon Frise and the Male(Casey) was getting tear stains around his eyes. Our Vet recommened Select(which we tried and it didn't work). We saw the Angels Eyes and thought WHY NOT? It worked quickly and cleared up Casey tear stains and they never came back after a fewe months of regular use. We would recommend this wonderful product to everyone. Casey is the one on the right.

    It works! by kujayhawkmom from Burlington, KS07/05/2012

    Using Angel Eyes as directed will keep your dog's eye area clear and eliminates that "rusty orange" look under your dog's eyes. Eyes are bright and clean. Very good product.

    Good product by Momsuggy from Corinth, MS11/30/2011

    I've used this product before for my mini schnauzer to whiten her beard, you have to b careful I don't give the dosage it says on the bottle because she gets diarrhea ! She weighs 12 lbs. I only give her 1/2tsp instead of the 3/4 the bottle says. It works slower by cutting the dosage but it does work her beard is starting to get whiter on the new growth. I mix it with rice n her kibbles & she eats it all up. The only problem is the price, I bought a small bottle, first it was gone quick this last time I went to the 60gm size. The first time I bought this product I wasn't wise enough to mix n the rice & she wouldn't eat it just sprinkled it over her kibbles. Mixing a little rice with it n her kibbles makes her gobble it all up!

    great product. by pumpkin from foxfire village,nc04/04/2012

    I'm extremely happy with this product and would recommend it to others.

    Excellent Product! by Ann from Lillian, AL.12/06/2011

    When I first purchased this product I bought a 30gm size thinking if it didn't work I would not have spent much! It is tremendous,easy to use and has worked great. I just purchased the 60 gm size, ordered it easily and received it fast ! Many thanks.

    EXPENSIVE by Don D from Berkshires, MA.03/11/2012

    But it works!! 5 Stars if it was not so expensive!

    Angels Eyes by Kim from Lockport, Illinois02/01/2013

    Works great to clear up the tear stains.

    great product by sasha mom from Lexington, Ky.11/13/2013

    This is the best product I have ever seem. It really does what it says it does. My Bison-Peek mix has a bad case of face stains. Angle Eyes takes care of it just like it says it will. Thank you so very much.

    Great Product by Lola's Dad10/28/2012

    I was skeptical at first because I didn't believe clearing up the discoloration around my dogs eyes would be eliminated by such an easy remedy. Boy, was I wrong. Not only are her eyes free of tear stains, but she enjoys the product as well. Angel Eyes is a terrific product!

    Happy Purchaser by MHK11/17/2011

    Your service and product are great. I will definitely be a repeat customer and recommend you to others.

    Love it! by Carole from Schuylkill county, PA01/20/2012

    Love Angel's Eyes. Our Bichon's coat and face are snowy white! No stained hair for our little fellow, not with Angel's Eyes!!!

    good product by trooper from Fairfield, CA11/08/2012

    A good product and excellent service. I received the product in a few short days. Easy to mix in my dog's food.

    excellent by minnies mom01/31/2013

    we do have results with this product--do not care for the "natural one as it seems to do nothing on my maltese--the chicken is the best

    Angel eyes and white feet by Marty from San Diego06/11/2013

    This product is amazing. The dark beard and discoloration around the feet is all gone. Our Westies are "white all over" and no longer bite at their feet.

    worked great on my 2 Bischons. by nich from Fl07/05/2011

    This does work well. Just wish it was a little cheaper. My sister's dog needs it and she can't afford it on her student budget.

    good product by maggie from Union City10/22/2012

    the stains from our Shih tsu eyes have completely disappeared. She looks so much better without the stains.

    Mista Boots by Twetie10/31/2013

    I saw a difference the first week I started using Angel Eyes.

    love this product don't stop carrying it by don't have one from tempe arizona02/25/2012

    your price is fantastic so much cheaper than vet, this product works for my dog ,very easy to give to dog on food no capsules to push down throat, and best of all he eats every bit so I know he likes it.

    Angel eyes is fantastic! by Cheryl from Mentor from Mentor, OH02/12/2010

    My dog is a Tea Cup Poodle and weighs only three pounds and I was skeptical at first about using Angel Eyes. I wondered how the staining could stop without blocking tear ducts or having some other adverse side effect. My dog has been on Angel Eyes for a little over a month and her eyes are already almost stain free! I can't wait to see how her eyes will look after being on Angel Eyes for 6 months. I mix it with moist dog food and she goobles it right up. She has had no side effects and I wish I would have started her on it sooner!

    Great Product by Pam from Jacksonville, Florida04/05/2012

    Just can't say enough about this product!! My yorkie has had runny eyes for quite some time. I have to clean them every other day or the area in the corner of the eyes will become hard and crusty and then it's hard to clean it up. I Never thought this product would work but in a matter of about a week WOW, all the crusty, smelly, hard black stuff is GONE!! I can't believe it. She also loves the taste in her food. Just try it, you won't be dissappointed.

    Featured Reviews for Angels Eyes Chicken Flavor for Dogs (120 gm)
    Angel Eyes (Chicken Flavor) by Bug from Grand Junction, CO01/12/2013

    My Maltese had dark brown tear stains in the corners of her eyes and down her nose before my vet recommended Angel Eyes. The product works wonderfully and is palatable. It is fairly pricey, but a little bit goes a long way.

    It really works by Duncman from Colorado Springs, CO06/08/2014

    My Shih Tzu used to have very smelly tear stains.......I mean REALLY smelly. His white fur is no longer brown not just around the chin, but also on his feet. His face no longer smells either. He hardly even noticed the taste difference in his food, and now he and his mate both are on the program even though she has a black coat and her tears never smelled as bad.

    Good purchase by weepy eyes from Denver, Colo07/19/2013

    This product was recommended by a friend and it has lived up to her recommendation

    Customer for life by Lynn from GA06/03/2013

    Works great on my Frenchie's eyes. Will order more soon.

    worth the money by JP from Houston Texas06/03/2013

    my dog has been using this product now for 3 weeks and i can already tell the difference. My 12 year old poodle had very bad brown staining from her tear ducts to the point that it was around her mouth area.Now she only has partial staining around the eyes. I have great confidence that after prolong use of this produst the staining will completely clear up.

    Angels Eyes Works by Itty & Gizmo's Mom01/16/2014

    Angel Eyes seems to work great on my Shitzu. No more tear stained eyes.

    angel eyes by goldiesetc10/30/2011

    Great product, have used for a year! Highly recommend it!

    angel eyes by don't have one from tempe az10/22/2012

    you have best price ,product really works for my poodle. Easy to use easy to purchase.

    Average purchase by donthaveone04/14/2013

    I have been using it for years, it does help the tearing and staining quite a bit.

    angel eyes by rocky from madison wisconsin05/19/2013

    our maltese cali has been taking angel eyes for the brown streaks that went down her eyes. they are completly gone now and she never looked better.

    Great price by Dog lover12/14/2011

    I had ordered this product from another website, but you had a much better price, The product really works!

    angels eyes by lindajean from Pittsburgh, PA01/16/2013

    This is the greatest. Just make sure you get the bottle with "im a little tea cup" and not the Natural one. I bought the Natural one once and the tear stains came back. In checking my bottle and order receipt I noticed my mistake. The right stuff works like a charm

    No More Dark Tear Stains With Angels Eyes by Red Edwards from Daytona Beach, FL - redyeddy1@aol.com06/27/2014

    Angel Eyes - not the natural, but, the one containing the tylosin tartrate - is the ONLY product you will need to eliminate and prevent the dark tear stains on your white-faced dog. I have used this specific type of Angel Eyes for 7 years on my Maltese. It is the tylosin tartrate in the product which prevents the tear stains. This prodcut really works and is so easy to use! Just add the powder to your pet's regular dog food. Daily use of Angel Eyes will prevent 99% of the staining. Angel Eyes will also clear up exisiting stains and prevent them from returning. No more crusting and dark drainage around the eyes. No more eye infections. No more eye drops, bleaching or scrubbing your squirming dog. To keep your pet's face free from the dark ugly stains, the gooey residue, and the sticky drainiage, just use Angel Eyes once a day. This really is a MIRACLE product. I have not found a better, safer, more reliable product to prevent and eliminate the dark stains. I believe in the product so much, that when I see a pet with tear stains I tell the pet owner about Angel Eyes and where to buy it. I LOVE Angel Eyes and highly recommend it.

    Angels Eyes by Winston from New York, NY01/09/2014

    My dog really likes it with his food and it really does seem to work but I have to use twice the recommended amount

    angel eyes by shirley from florida03/19/2011

    Used for less than 1 week and have already seen the difference in my dog's eyes. It appears to really work. I have a blonde Shih Tzu and a w/b crested

    Angel Eyes, Indeed by char11/11/2012

    This product is truly miraculous in its ability to eliminate streaks and stains on white dogs. My Maltese suddenly started developing streaks from his eyes and around his mouth but within a couple of weeks he was his snowy white self again. Not only that he loves the product and reminds me if I forget to put it on his food.

    Great Product by sharona from Keizer, Oregon03/14/2012

    I had my doubts about how effective this product would work on my very light Apricot colored Toy Poodle. Angel Eyes turned out to be amazing. He seems to like the chicken flavor better than the other flavor.

    Entirely Pets are a good online company by Kay from Kentucky05/06/2013

    Never any problems with delivery or charges to my credit card.

    Great product by Mitzi04/25/2014

    We have two white dogs that need the Angels Eyes. Since we adopted them, we have used the product and it works well for the redness from tears and saliva.

    Great stuff !! by Kathy from Olathe, Ks07/24/2012

    Our darling little maltese, Skippy, has been using Angel Eyes for 2 yrs. We notice how much better her eyes are using the product and that she doesn't rub her little face into carpet to get rid of the crusty brown that is germaine to Maltese eyes. Her beautiful little brown eyes just sparkle.

    Improvement by Golden eyed Beagle08/18/2014

    After using Angel Eyes for a month, the tear stains have lightened, but have not completely disappeared yet. The product says to give it 6 weeks, so hopefully the improvement will continue. My beagle loves the taste, wet or dry!

    it really works ! by Lynn10/27/2011

    My Maltese used to have horrible eye stains and a brown moustache but Angels Eyes really works and he has a white, clean face! Well worth the money for this product.

    Angel Eyes Works! by Mark From Pittsburgh from Pittsburgh, PA01/10/2012

    Wow does this stuff work! I used it as directed and within 2 weeks I could see the difference and at 4 weeks no more stains.

    Featured Reviews for Angels Eyes Chicken Flavor for Dogs (240 gm)
    Angel Eyes for Dogs by Nezz12/03/2011

    Product has worked will to reduce the stain on my pomeranians eyes. They like the taste also. The only problem I had was it took alot longer than stated on the website to receive the order.

    angel eyes chicken by dmwmom04/22/2012

    great product--but no scooper, I am using the scooper that I got with previous orders from angel eyes directly

    Problem importing to Australia by Toby from Melbourne, Australia04/24/2012

    I ordered Angel Eyes once previously and it is a great product. However, this time I ordered a larger bottle and I didn't receive it because it was seized by customs in Australia. They said it was of "plant, animal or microbial origin" and destroyed it (it was chicken flavoured). That was $106 down the drain. Aussie buyers beware.

    ?Excellent product by Joyce from California11/06/2012

    I have two Bichon Frise dogs that have white faces. Tear stains are not attractive on white dogs. I've been using this product for years and they have kept the tear stains off. My Vet recommended this product to me and I have recommended this to my friends with small white dogs. They all love it and so do I. Highly recommended.

    Only thing that works!!! by Dizzy from Eyeries, Beara, Eire10/04/2013

    I cannot get anything in UK that works on tear stains, I heard from a friend of Angels Eyes, sent for it - quick, easy transaction and was delighted with results after even a few days. I continue to use it on both my pets (Lhasa apso & Maltese) and their eyes never get tear stains anymore. Many thanks



    Have used the product for several years by mimim08/06/2012

    I have tried several other products but this is the only one that works. It keeps my white dogs fur around her eyes white, no stains. Only problem is price, but worth it, can't stand to see white or light dogs with stains around their eyes.

    by from 11/16/2012

    Angel Eyes works for the dog.

    there by to from say?"What


    Angel eyes by kattulio07/18/2012

    this product works great! Its the best in it"s catagory.

    Best Product Ever! by Terin from Hudson, ny10/23/2012

    We have been using Angel's Eyes for our Shih Tzu for 5 years and her eyes always look wonderful, never any drainage! If you want your dog to look wonderful, instead of the disgusting stains, you NEED to purchase this. A 5 Star product for sure!!

    A miracle! by Dee Dee from Apple valley, CA04/07/2014

    My Maltese puppies had horrid red tear stains before I started feeding them this product--and now the staining is completely gone and they look beautiful! Not only that, the pups love this food supplement and gobble it down with no fuss! We love it!!!

    Did not receive the order!! by cra07/07/2012

    Got an e-mail shortly after ordering that the harness ordered with the Angel's eyes was back ordered and both would ship when harness came in.....have never heard another thing and never received either item.

    "Great Stuff" by Les from Kentucky01/29/2014

    I have been using this product now for over a year on our Shih Tzu, and I can't believe how well it works. No tear stains or brown color around his eyes and his eyes look so bright...

    Angels Eyes by Susan from Florida01/17/2014

    This works great. We have never had a white dog and never had the tear stain probelm. With continued use, this product substantially reduces the stain. One teaspoon every morning in his food. He loves the chicken flavor.

    Angel Eyes Good Stuff by DeeF from Baltimore, MD05/30/2012

    Have used for 2 yrs. Mixing product in food every 4 days keeps eyes clean & sparkly.

    Bishon Frise by Elana from Winnipeg, MB05/14/2013

    My dog started getting tear stains at age 7. The vet recommended this product. It took about 6 weeks to start working but he is doing great now. Huge improvement. I also tried to all natural version and this one works significantly better.

    angel eyes by sue07/25/2014

    This product is excellent for stopping the tear stains on our mini schnauzers. Their faces stay beautiful without the tear stains. You can sprinkle the powder on their food or add a little olive oil (which is good for their skin) and make in into a ball. Tess & Jake will eat the angel eyes made into a ball like a treat.

    Featured Reviews for Angels Eyes NATURAL Chicken for Dogs (75 gm)
    BEST by Diane Sa from Bradenton, FL10/29/2010

    I have been using Angel Eyes on my malti-poo for his 4 yrs and he NEVER has brown stains under his eyes! I was asked in the beginning "why would you give your dog AE on a regular basis & subject him to chemicals unnecessarily?" Well, he has been a healthy dog and never had any problems with Angel Eyes. BEST STUFF EVER! I highly recommend it!

    Disappointed by Gardenspade10/22/2012

    My pup has had 75% of the bottle. It has not made any difference at all. NONE. I'll give him the remainder but won't buy more. Sorry.

    Doesn't Work by Jeffrey43110 from Canal Winchester, OH11/20/2013

    I had so many people tell me to get this for my puppy, but once I bought it...it did not work! I have used this every day for a month and my puppy still has tear staining.

    Best purchase by Jerri from Green Valley Arizona05/05/2012

    Angel eyes really helped the tearing in my poodle's eyes .. no more red stains om his white coat ,, Love this product , just sprinkle on his food , he loves chicken flavor

    Angel Eyes by Maddy03/03/2013

    I believe my dogs' eyes are looking better. The dogs like the powder. I add a little liquid to the powder and then mix it in their food.

    It Works! Be Patient! by ouskamp from Sunny So Cal11/24/2012

    When I rescued my Rat Terrier/Chihuahua mix she had a dark 'yeast' stain under one eye (she has a black dot around the other so if there is one there you can't see it). We tried a myriad of products that all worked for awhile but would then stop working their magic. Then I tried this. We went through the small bottle first and noticed a change as we were on the last couple servings so I ordered a larger bottle the second time (and so on!). Her coat looks amazing! It took 4-6 weeks (hair growth cycle?) but now she is the gorgeous, sweet little darling she was born to be (she doesn't look sad anymore!)! *Important Note: While this product cleared her fur and turned it back to snowy white, I noticed that her eye still was tearing. If you notice that your dog suddenly has tear staining take her to the Vet. As it turned out, she had an ulcer on her eye which was the cause of the tearing. She's all better now :)

    Angel Eyes by phaley from Lincoln, CA 9564805/30/2012

    Angel Eyes, well it just works as advertised. It is easy to use. It keeps the tears stains at bay, and the rust colored goatee from forming on the chin. I recommend it to anyone who has a dog prone to these problems.

    Great Purchase by Murphy from Phoenix, AZ02/01/2013

    Great product, works great, no more red eyes or paws

    Angel eyes by Magenta from Jerseyville, nj01/21/2013

    In beginning used every day for 3 weeks Now only twice a week My fur kid cujo had watery eyes all the time. It has cleared him nicely

    where is my angel eyes by dartiger from ekins park, pa05/27/2012

    Besides the fact it works, and a white dog looks so much better. My dog does not want his food without his sprinkle of Angel Eyes. If I do not put it on his food he looks at me, where is my angel eyes. So I sprinkle some on the food. Therefore it must taste good as well. Spike gives it 5 barks

    Angel Eyes by Allie Louise from Colorado03/08/2013

    I have a white dog and this stuff works wonderful! No tear stains at all around her eyes or her mouth.

    Featured Reviews for Angels Eyes NATURAL Chicken for Dogs (150 gm)
    angel eyes by liz03/13/2014

    I was told by our vet that angel eyes was a good product . I ordered it for our white deaf boxer . she has a nice white face now . we are very pleased with the results . and I will continue to order this product

    by jar from Tucson. AZ11/13/2012

    This is an excellent product. It does exactly what it says it will do.

    Keeps White Dogs Eyes White by Buddy from Tennessee10/22/2012

    Very good product for keeping my white poodles eyes white

    Well worth it! by joslynchi07/06/2012

    I purchased this on a reccomdation and it has not only helped with tear stains, but has really helped my little guy's nasal discharge and congestion. I've tried everything to help his nasal allergies and this is the only thing that seems to help him so he gets it every day.

    Best price by Dog lover10/25/2011

    You can get Angels Eyes just about anywhere, but I was drawn to this site because it had the best price.

    Works great, use with caushion, has side effects by Lin from B.C. California02/23/2012

    Angel Eyes works the best to stop tear stains. But, one of the side effects is that is it may cause SEIZURES. My 11 year old Toy Poodle Daisy was 7 years old when I got her. She had belonged to an elderly woman who I knew, and had passed away. I was new to tear stains and had decovered Angel Eyes. It worked great, but not long after I got Daisy she started having seizures. They were happening every other weekend, like clock work. Because I knew the lady that had owned Daisy and the lady's family, I knew Daisy had never had any seizures before. The Vet said that Poodles can have seizures, so we had to put her on Phenobarbital. But the seizures were still happening so we had to put her on higer doses of Phenobarbital. Daisy didn't like the beef flavorof the Angel Eyes but it worked so good with the tear stains, I kept her on it for a long time. Then I tried other products, while still on Phenobarbital, but they didn't work as good as Angel Eyes for the tear problem. And she would have a seizure one in a while but not at all as often as before. I never thought to look up side effects on these products. Recently I decided to try the chicken flavor Angel Eyes and in the first 3 days Daisy had 3 seizures. While up in the middle of the night with her coming out of her seizure, I went on line and looked up ANGEL EYES SIDE EFFECTS and it said it may cause seizures. I had never put it all together before. I met a family who uses Angel Eyes and their dog has no problem at all, no seizures. You just have to watch for side effects, other wise Angel Eyes works the best to stop tear stains.

    Two Paws UP! by SH from San Diego, CA12/04/2013

    I have a Maltese mix who looks GORGEOUS thanks to her Angels' Eyes. She does not mind the flavor of the powder, and it's very easy to mix it with her food. No unsightly stains for our prettiest pretty princess! We have tried both the beef and chicken flavors, and she likes them both. Also, for a small dog like Fiona (7 lbs.) you use such a small amount that the bottle lasts a LOOONNNNGGGG time, which is a plus since it's pricey. But it really works and it's so easy. Highly recommended.

    This product really works! by Libby from Lenoir, North Carolina12/17/2011

    My toy poodle had horrible red tear stains. He constantly rubbed his eyes on the carpet. He also had very bad breath. I tried tear stain removers which helped but did not prevent the stains from coming back. With Angel Eyes the tears are gone so naturally the stains are gone too and so is the bad breath. It's easy to feed, I usally mix it with a little meat flavored baby food. Great product!

    by from 05/13/2013

    Angel eyes is a fabulous product. It does what my vet said it would do. The dark stain from the eyes of my maltese is almost entirely gone. I have had many white dogs and this product is the only one that has helped the problem. Thank you for Angel Eyes!

    Maryland by from Merrimac"


    Excellent Product by Floyd12/29/2012

    Our Bichon, "Buddy" had severe tear staining and eye matting no matter how hard we stayed after them keeping them clean. Someone told me about Angel's Eyes and I thought it would be worth the try. It works wonderfully, only took a couple of months to clear him up and now he stays clear. Entirley Pets online is the most economical place to purchase this product.

    Really WORKS! by J J from Grand Rapids Mi02/22/2011

    This is amazing! Every night we used to clean my poodles gunk from the corner of his eyes. At his groomings he would come home with scabs from them cleaning the gunk out. No more! The build up is gone and no more nightly cleanings and painful groomings! Thanks Angel eyes!

    Miracle From an Angel (Eyes) by Peppermint from Atlanta, Ga02/13/2014

    When we rescued Betty Lou, a white/black american bulldog mix, the fur under both of her eyes were so red and runny. Also her lick spots on her feet were red too.Over 3-4 months we were able to get her to look perfect, thanks exclusively to this product. That was 2 years ago. We still use the Angel Eyes daily for Betty Lou as a preventative. She now is the prettiest American Bulldog mix in Atlanta!

    Verdict not in yet by Frosty from Scottsdale, AZ08/21/2013

    I have only used the product for about 2 weeks. I have seen mild improvement in clearing of the "eye junk". Will complete the container before passing final judgment.

    Works great by Delilah1 from Sun Lakes, Arizona10/10/2013

    Not only has the yucky eye goop on my maltese poodle vastly improved, it has eliminated her chronic halitosis. A wonderful bonus. I had seen it advertised for years, but hesitated to try it because it was so pricey. Am very glad I finally took the leap, after a friend gave me some to try and it was a success.

    Angel Eyes by none11/06/2012

    Great product. Shitzu's have squashed in "pug" faces so ears, eyes,nose throat problems are always there. This stops the eyes from leaking and crusting. Seems expensive,but a large jar lasts about 3-4 months.

    Angel Eyes by allierose from Ohio02/02/2013

    I'm using it on my bichon, he eats it alright. Waiting to see if it works, his stains are light. So maybe they will go away. Can give better rating after he has been on it for a while.

    Excellent by Kathy02/23/2012

    I have purchased this before, & it really works well. However, I still have to camoflage the taste. Could be the dogs don't like their diet food, & this additive doesn't enhance the flavor. So, it sits for a while. My Cockapoo is still licking, but his coat is not turning brown where he licks. He is champagne color, and he looked like he was wearing brown shoes. My Bichon is waiting for the magic to happen, and the Shitz-zhu is unfazed. (He will eat anything, anytime)

    Really Works by Beckett's Owner from Spokane, WA03/16/2012

    Angel eyes works great to keep small white dogs' eyes clean. The eyes still "weep" but it's not the ugly brown color.

    Not so good by Candy03/16/2014

    I've actually used this product for a long time, and her eyes are still bad. I'm disappointed and not sure what else to use. Any suggestions?

    Not Like the Original by Madison from San Diego, CA11/06/2013

    This product make my poor maltipoo's eyes worse. After 3 week trial, bought the original formula. Within few days of use, I noticed a difference.

    by siggy from upland ca.10/16/2013

    works very well on removing rust colored stains form eye area

    Angel Eyes by Pbrayburn from Louisiana11/05/2013

    This product is great. It's gets rid of the discoloration around the eyes and mouth. Mixing it in with their food they don't even know it's there and eat it right up. I use it on my two Bichons and it has worked extremely well

    Don't bother by MBerry from Tracy, CA11/06/2012

    This not only is expensive and doesn't work, it actually made his eyes WORSE!!!

    god buy by prince01/03/2014

    angels eyes keeps my Pomeranian from having to get the area around his eyes from being shaved all the time. there is still a slight mark, but it can be wiped and is not very large. I will buy this product again. thanks

    Waste of money by Kay from Roseville, California03/10/2013

    I ordered the "natural" Angel Eyes by accident after having previously used the regular for my dog. The reddish stains suddenly started to reappear worse than ever and the "natural" did nothing to help the situation, even though I was using it regularly as directed. I would never purchase it again.

    by from 08/02/2011

    I had used Angel Eyes before and it worked great for my Havanese. I accidentaly bought the "Natural" version, but it didn't work for him. He ended up with goopy eyes and stained fur.

    back by to from theI


    Featured Reviews for Angels Eyes NATURAL Sweet Potato Formula for Dogs (75 gm)
    Dog loves it by Josie from San Clemente, Ca.07/08/2014

    My dog is white and has tear stains. The Angel Eyes takes the stains away and keeps them away. He also does not mind taking the angel eyes. I mix it with his food and he does not know he is getting it. I do like the Natural better than the regular. It does not have a lot of chemicals in it. Have been using angel eyes for years and will continue using it.

    She loves it! by Lucy's "mom" from Great Barrington MA04/25/2014

    My fussy little Chihuahua didn't think twice about eating her dinner after it was sprinkled with Angel Eyes. First time and every time, her dish is now licked clean...PLUS I can already see an improvement in her "weepy" eyes!

    Angle eyes by Cooke from Nederland tx.09/13/2014

    I was told to try this for brown on my dog eyes after 3weeks I could see the change. Her eyes is not show the dark stain under her eyes. I have try many things before .this . Angle eyed is the best

    Angels Eyes by AB from Charlotte, NC01/21/2014

    This does a great job at keeping tear stains at bay. I like the sweet potato flavor as it does not smell bad. I have tried other flavors but this seems to be the best in terms of smell. I use it once a day and actually give about 1/4 teaspoon in food as maintenance. My dog is 70 lbs and has a tear duct that is scarred shut so tearing is constant.

    Angel eyes super product by Mark from wi.03/13/2013

    this product works great I have two teddy bear dogs I used it for more tha two years more frequently when i started and now two years later i only have to use it about once a week ,I mix it in moist can dog food with a spoon of yogurt

    Featured Reviews for Angels Eyes NATURAL Sweet Potato Formula for Dogs (150 gm)
    Angels' Eyes...not so good by dogma01/03/2014

    I had heard so much good about this product. I decided to try it on my 2 light/white dogs. I faithfully added it to their food for more than a month. Both dogs seemed to like the flavor I chose, sweet potato, but neither dog showed any change in the discoloration of their fur around their eyes and mouth. I'm sure that this product works for others, but not for my dogs.

    Works great by Brenda from Ohio09/03/2013

    This product works but my dog doesn't like it, I've tried all the flavors but still have to put cheese on top to get him to eat it. My other dog eats it fine.

    Featured Reviews for Angels Eyes Sweet Potato Flavor for Dogs (30 gm)
    by from 03/06/2012

    Easy Ordering, Fast Shipping, Great Prices. Will shop with again for my pet needs.

    Happy by Customer." from Excellent !from


    DOES NO GOOD by JOY from MICH09/07/2010


    My Bichon's eyes are beautiful ! by Champaign,Il from Champaign, IL07/15/2010

    I have 2 Bichon Frise dogs who's eyes were a mess. Everything I tried was in vane until I purchased Angels Eyes. Their eyes and around the mouth were clear and white after only a little over 2 weeks. Can't live without it.

    angel eyes by flabeaches from Jacksonville, FL07/31/2012

    This is a miracle product. I didn't think anything would work on my poodle but he looks great. Thank you so much.



    A miracle by gb from Virginia12/28/2010

    My Bichon's 'rusty eyes' showed improvement in one week. He is now on the twice weekly dose and is 'rust free'! The same has happened to the Maltese owned by a friend to whom I referred this product. I know of 3 vets who have recommended Angel Eyes as a safe and effective product.

    Featured Reviews for Angels Eyes Sweet Potato Flavor for Dogs (120 gm)
    Angels Eyes Sweet Potato Flavor by AB from Charlotte, NC09/29/2014

    This is the only thing that will help get rid of the tear stain that my dog has under her right eye. The sweet potato flavor smells the least offensive and I prefer the regular type and not the "natural" type as the natural type seems to be less effective.

    It works! by catsanddog10/23/2012

    I first bought the Angels Eyes beef flavor and my dog did not like the taste at all, so I switched to sweet potato. I mix the powder with wet dog food and he eats it up. His eyes have cleared up and he looks great.

    This product WORKS !! by Linda12/01/2012

    Angel Eyes really works !! I was sceptical at first but tried it and it took away the black tears and stains on my shih tzu's face !! Finding it atEntirely Pets was great !!

    Wonderful! by Animaluver from Ohio09/12/2013

    I have a white Shih Tzu/Maltese and without Angle Eyes she would have ugly, red Bacteria stained eyes and mouth. Angle Eyes keeps her looking beautiful.

    A Wonder! by Grace from Gardner, IL02/07/2013

    This is the only product that helps the yeast in my bulldog's folds. In two weeks, he's gone from very red and irritated to pure white again. I like the sweet potato, less chance of allergens.

    I Love It! by Harley from Arizona04/20/2012

    I get some every night mixed with a little bit of plain non fat yogurt. Yummy!

    Sweet Potatoes! by walkersridge from Georgia12/28/2013

    My little Havanese LOVES sweet potatoes. I know this since I sometimes bake a sweet potato for a snack and Bella seems always eager to try it. She only gets one little bite. So, I figured I would try the Angels Eyes sweet potato flavor to help with facial stains. It obviously adds a lovable flavor to her food since she dives right in. I also feel it helps prevent the eye stains on her face.

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