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Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Dogs (30 gm)

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Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Dogs (30 gm)

Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Dogs (30 gm) is the first product specifically developed for both dogs and cats to eliminate tear stains from the inside out. Angels Eyes also helps to eliminate staining around the mouth and coats due to licking. Angels Eyes starts working before the tear stains begin and never adds food dyes or wheat which can have negative effects on your pet. All ingredients are products of the USA.



As you keep trimming the stained areas, the newly grown coat will be totally clear. The growth pattern of your pet's coat will determine if it will be completely tear stain free anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks.

Angels’ Eyes® may help keep tear stains away by reducing oxidation released through tear ducts and may reduce the reddish brown colors that are binding with the animals hair. Extremely palatable.

Angels Eyes is safe during pregnancy and for puppies over 6 weeks old.

Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Dogs (30 gm)
Keep the tear stains away with just
sprinkle a day! Perfect for all breeds

  • Bichon Frise
  • Chihuahua
  • Coton Detulear
  • Havanese
  • Lhasa Apso
  • Maltese
  • Poodle
  • Shih Tzu
  • Terrier
  • Westie
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Find the right tear stain products for your pets need.

FAQ'S About Angel's Eyes

about angel's eyes.


Usage Info

SHAKE BEFORE DISPENSING. Suggested use: Give daily until tear stains subside and continue use for an additional 30 days. If tear stains reappear, repeat procedure. Store bottle in a cool dry place.

Pet’s Weight Daily Dosage Per 30 g bottle Per 60 g bottle Per 120 g bottle Per 240 g bottle
Puppies up to 3 months 1/8 tsp 120 days (4 months) 240 days (8 months) 480 days (16 months) 960 days (32 months)
Dogs 2 to 5 lbs 1/4 tsp 60 days (2 months) 120 days (4 months) 240 days (8 months) 480 days (16 months)
Dogs 5 to 8 lbs ½ tsp 30 days 60 days (2 months) 20 days (4 months) 240 days (8 months)
Dogs 8 to 12 lbs ¾ tsp 20 days 40 days 80 days (2.5 months) 160 days (5 months)
Dogs 12 and up 1 tsp 15 days 30 days 60 days (2 months) 120 days (4 months)

As you keep trimming the stained areas, the newly grown coat will be totally clear. The growth pattern of your pet's coat will determine if it will be completely tear stain free anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks.

Angels’ Eyes® may help keep tear stains away by reducing oxidation released through tear ducts and may reduce the reddish brown colors that are binding with the animals hair. Extremely palatable.

Suggestions on How to Administer Angels’ Eyes®
Most of our customers have told us the easiest way to administer Angels’ Eyes is to add the recommended weight dosage directly into their pet’s food once daily. Some people use it as a treat and mix it with some baby food, cottage cheese, yogurt, peanut butter, etc. Another suggestion is to add water to the recommended dosage and use a syringe slowly directly into their mouth.


Ingredients: 100% Pure Beef Liver, Tylosin as tartrate

Guaranteed Analysis:
crude protein...min. 67.6%
crude fat.......min. 10.6%
crude fiber.....min. 0.1%
moisture........min. 6.0%
ash.............max. 4.8%

Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. Absoption of drugs taken simultaneously may be delayed. If animals condition worsend or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian. An examination from a veterinarian is recommended prior to using this product.

For animal use only. Keep out of reach of children and animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.
3 PACK Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Cats (90 gm)3 PACK Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Cats (90 gm)Reg price: $90.99
Sale price: $45.99
Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Cats (120 gm)Angels Eyes Beef (120gm)Reg price: $67.99
Sale price: $23.69
Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Dogs (60 gm)Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Dogs (60 gm)Reg price: $37.99
Sale price: $24.99
3 PACK Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Dogs (90 gm)3 PACK Angels Eyes Beef Flavor for Dogs (90 gm)Reg price: $90.99
Sale price: $38.99
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Customer Reviews

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4.75 rating based on 102 reviews
it Works by Karen03/25/2008

Be patient - this really works. It took about 4 weeks for the staining to stop on my pup. Her eyes still water, but no staining. Just wipe the eyes off daily. My only complaint is it is a little expensive and will most likely need to be continued forever?

Wonderful Product by Cindy05/05/2008

I started using this on our Maltese about2 months ago and we noticed results after just 3 weeks. She is now tear stain free and I can not say enough about this product. Wonderful.

This works! by Dale11/09/2008

I bought this product for my Bichon and with two weeks his eyes have cleared up. I've spent a fortune on different kinds of dog foods, but his eyes were still stained. When I ran out, his eyes started to stain again, so I will keep buying it.

Nothing Better by PD from Houston08/13/2013

I finally found what I needed for my poodle. Angel Eyes really works...no more tears and stains. I couldn't be happier...

It really works! by Joanne11/12/2008

My 8 year old bichon/poodle Sara had a terrible staining problem under her left eye ever since she came to live with me nearly five years ago. Just this past summer her right eye started to stain as well. I finally broke down and bought a bottle of AngelsEye and we've been using it for almost two months now. The results were amazing. Her right eye cleared up and there is a marked improvement with her left. Thank you for this great product. Her eyes look so much better without that unsightly staining.

by july12/29/2012

IT DOES WORK! before my dog's eyes looked really bad, i even had to shave the area around his eyes and used a lot of other products to remove his tear stains but nothing worked. Now i am so proud to post his pics on Facebook :)

very effective by C. Steinheimer10/12/2008

Very effective. We work as volunteers for a dog rescue group and we use Angels' Eyes on the rescued dogs we receive. Results take at least a week to notice, but be patient. After awhile the dogs seem to need less amount and less often. Hint: to make it taste better I mix the product with a yummy treat.

Really like this by Norma from Columbus Ohio05/21/2013

Took a few weeks but now I can see a big difference.I cut all the old brown off and now the new hair is real light this time, looks a lot better. Hope tobe a lot lighter in couple of weeks more.

it actually works by Azeneth10/19/2008

I have a maltese puppy who's stains where so dark that even the products at the pet store would not remove. I've used it for less than a month and already see the results

happy groomer by Cynthia08/11/2008

I've been grooming for 10 years & nothing has worked. A client started using Angel Eyes on her badly stained Peek-a-poo & now there are no more stains around the eyes mouth & feet. We always assumed it was just allergies. I'm purchasing extra Angel Eyes to offer to my other clients! I now have an answer when my clients ask, "What can I do about these unsightly brown stains?"

by KB05/02/2013

The product was shipped fast and works perfectly!

It Works by Barbara09/29/2008

I tried many products before discovering Angel Eyea, my Maltese has been tear stain free ever since.I now use it once a week . Whenever I see a dog with tear stains I tell its owner about it!!

It really works! by Veronica05/28/2008

I was skeptical at first, but this stuff really does work. I have a four month old Maltese and within four weeks he was completely stain-free.

Amazing ! by Janette06/02/2008

This product has done wonders for our Shih-Tzu, his face is white again and it really didn't take too long to start seeing a big change, I'm very happy with Angels Eyes ..

Angel eyes beef flavor for dogs (30gm) by Doris07/29/2012

This product really works my rocky is my Shizu he was smelling really bad from his yes having all that junk and we got angel eyes and it removed all that stuff out of his eyes.

This works, not a waste of $ by Lisa09/24/2009

I could sell this product myself it is a miracle. It is worth any price. My cockapoo ate uphis food like it was sprinkle with bacon at first but then got tired of it and wouldn't eat, I ended up after about a month I started having to mix it up with peanut butter as little treats and he's been loving those for 6 mos. His eyes and mouth area are white and adorable, (even the area on his belly that gets wet :-) is clean!! Love this stuff!!!!

it works!!!! by Mimi08/02/2009

My Shih tzu has had excess tearing, purplish/red staining and a stinky feet face for as long as I can remember. He would really get offensive to the nose, and visitors could smell him!!! My vet suggested Angel Eyes, and I got it off of Amazon for almost 1/2 price. I cannot even tell you the difference. No more stains, minimal tearing, and NO MORE STINK!!!! This stuff really works, no gimics!!!


I used this product for a year and my vet told me that my dog probably didn't need it. So i stopped using it when we ran out. No only did the hair around the dog's eyes get rusty colored but also around the corners of his mouth. So I am convinced that Angel Eyes does make a difference.

It works by Ashley Drury12/30/2009

I was really skeptical about this product at first, But it came recommend by my my veterinarian so I gave it a try. To my surprise it really works after cutting away the old stain over the next couple of months there has been no return of the stain.And as a good side note it made her coat really soft and has less tangles when I try to brush her. I highly recommend this produce give it a try you wont be sorry.

Amazing by sistersue08/03/2010

This works as well as you would hope it would. I have two bichons and neither of them have tear stains anymore. You can start with the recommended dose and then back off some after about a week. My dogs are beautiful and so very white . I tell everybody that will listen about this wonderful product.

Angel Eyes by Grdhouse03/15/2009

Amazing!!!! In just 3 days my maltese's excessive tearing had dried up, The heavy red staining that had dripped doen to his mouth have faded and I can actually see that as his hair is growing out, it is white!! He's been on it just 2 weeks, 1/2 tsp. per day and the results are significant. Thank you

It works! by Genie032511/08/2012

Prevents tear stains on our Zuchon's white fur. Works great!

Angel Eyes by Maria Mendonca02/03/2009

Angel Eyes realy works. I have a Maltese he is so beautiful, and playful until a few months ago he stared getting the stains around his eyes and his paws from licking it. I tried other products but didn't work. Then i hear about Angel Eyes i was a little skeptical to try it, i have been using Angel Eyes since November of 2008 and it really works. Now Toby is getting his whiteness back.

Angels'Eyes by Siidney Mudge01/20/2009

Product works very well for my miniature poodle who had constant staining

A Miracle by Lorena Higgins01/16/2009

I must say this is one product I swear by. I have a Maltese that is so white and beautiful and suddenly at the age of 5 he started with the staining. Angel Eyes has stopped it and he is always complimented when I walk him outdoors.

Do not see any difference by boop from saluda nc 2877301/21/2012

Maltese has red around eyes and chin. I have been giving 1 tsp per day, no difference in eyes and chin.

Angel Eyes by Pbrayburn09/09/2013

This product is amazing for getting rid of brown tear stains and brown beard. It may take a couple of bottles depending on the severity of the stains, but stick with it they will go away and on my pet haven't come back in four years

ugly gone by katie from texas06/26/2013

my white toy poodle has those ugly tear stains, BUT by using this product everyday, a little in her food, they are gone & her pretty eyes show up. very easy to use & economical

Finally! by Lisa12/10/2008

something that really works, no one is paying me! I got a really good price on this site and the chicken flavor was immediately well received by my cockapoo, my beautiful cutie face is stain free, eyes and mouth!

Great product!!! by Momma loves Fiona from Indianapolis, IN.06/07/2013

I was referred to Angel Eye's by a Co-worker it works!!!! I love it!!! All the red staining is gone and it worked in a matter of days!!!

Angel Eyes is Great! by Wendy J from California01/11/2012

The product works as advertised. Our poodles love the taste when mixed with their food. No more dark stains on their cheeks. A great product.

excellent product by katpal03/22/2013

Love the product and absolutely impressed with the quick shipping.

It works! by Frosty from Scottsdale, AZ04/29/2014

My beagle had nasty goop coming from his eyes. It was staining his fur. I would clean it and it would be back again in a few days. I now sprinkle this on his food daily and within a few days...the goop was gone! I now use it regularly.

by from 03/02/2010

Worked in three days! I have a Westie, 3 months old. Her tear stains were gone after the third day -she was pure white again. I did not use the full recommended dose...I use just a trace of the powder.

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Not browni around the eyes (angle eyes) by maryam from St. peters, MO12/17/2012

great product. My dog is a permenant user of your product.

Best price found by Winnie the Poo from Lubbock, TX06/16/2013

This was my first time to purchase Angel Eyes. I searched and found this site to be the best price. My dog didn't seem to care for the beef flavor, but I did see some improvement in her tear stains. They did not completely go away with this bottle.

Great tear stain product! by Di from Eugene, OR12/07/2012

I tried several other products claiming to rid my white dog of the unattractive tear stains and saliva marks. They were hard on my dog and unsuccessful. Angel Eyes is a food additive that really does the trick! Yes, it actually works. At EntirelyPets, I got the lowest price on the internet.

Great product! by westie mom07/06/2013

This product worked amazingly quick to remove the black in chin hairs and I now only need to use it a couple times a week and never the full recommended amount.

Really works by Jude02/10/2012

This is my second bottle that I use on my white Pom. It has really helped with his stains. Will keep on using it .

Works Great by Chris from Miami,FL08/05/2010

We have 3 Maltese. I have tried several other products. But Angel eyes is the only one that really works!

It works by doglovr from Chickamauga, GA05/26/2014

This is one product that delivers as it says. Dried up the 'tears' that stained his white fur. I use less than the recommended dose and it still works just fine.

Angel eyes by Bobbie01/01/2013

Have not received my last ordered from November


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