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Anti-Pruritic (Itching)

Anti-Pruritic (Itching)Anti-itching products will keep your pet from having the urge to scratch irritated skin. Skin may itch due to allergic reaction, irritation or even parasites. Every pet should be on a flea and tick prevention medication. Excessive itching can cause serious damage to your pet's health. Pick up anti-itching products today.

Allermyl Shampoo by Virbac - 8oz
Allermyl Shampoo by Virbac - 8oz

($38.99)  $30.00
Allermyl Shampoo 16oz.
Allermyl Shampoo 16oz.

($45.99)  $34.99
Dermal Soothe Anti-Itch Shampoo for Dogs & Cats (1 Gal)
Dermal Soothe Anti-Itch Shampoo for Dogs & Cats (1 Gal)

($185.99)  $142.99
Epi-soothe Cream Rinse and Conditioner by VIRBAC - 8  fl. oz.
Epi-soothe Cream Rinse and Conditioner by VIRBAC - 8 fl. oz.

($12.99)  $9.49
EPI-SOOTHE Cream Rinse and Conditioner by VIRBAC - 16 fl. oz
EPI-SOOTHE Cream Rinse and Conditioner by VIRBAC - 16 fl. oz

($23.89)  $15.99
Epi-soothe Shampoo (8oz)  by VIRBAC
Epi-soothe Shampoo (8oz) by VIRBAC

($33.99)  $25.99
Goodwinol Shampoo for Cats & Dogs (8 oz)
Goodwinol Shampoo for Cats & Dogs (8 oz)

($13.99)  $11.99
ResiCORT Leave-on Lotion (8 oz)
ResiCORT Leave-on Lotion (8 oz)

($23.99)  $22.99
Virbac ResiCORT Leave-On Lotion (16oz)
Virbac ResiCORT Leave-On Lotion (16oz)

($54.99)  $41.99
ResiSoothe by Virbac (8 oz)
ResiSoothe by Virbac (8 oz)

($12.99)  $9.50
Dermal Soothe Anti-Itch Shampoo for Dogs & Cats (8 oz)
Dermal Soothe Anti-Itch Shampoo for Dogs & Cats (8 oz)

($18.99)  $13.99
Eqyss Micro-Tek Pet Shampoo (16 oz)
Eqyss Micro-Tek Pet Shampoo (16 oz)

($20.99)  $15.99
PawGanics Itch Relief Shampoo (16 oz)
PawGanics Itch Relief Shampoo (16 oz)

($14.99)  $9.99
White as a Lily Shampoo (16 oz)
White as a Lily Shampoo (16 oz)

($19.99)  $14.99
Zymox Enzymatic Shampoo (Gallon)
Zymox Enzymatic Shampoo (Gallon)

($117.99)  $68.99
Zymox Enzymatic Rinse (Gallon)
Zymox Enzymatic Rinse (Gallon)

($117.99)  $68.99
Zymox Itch Relief Shampoo with Vitamin D3 (12 oz)
Zymox Itch Relief Shampoo with Vitamin D3 (12 oz)

($15.99)  $8.99
Zymox Enzymatic Shampoo with Vitamin D3 (Gallon)
Zymox Enzymatic Shampoo with Vitamin D3 (Gallon)

($119.99)  $65.99
Zymox Enzymatic Conditioning Rinse with Vitamin D3 (12 oz)
Zymox Enzymatic Conditioning Rinse with Vitamin D3 (12 oz)

($15.99)  $8.99
Zymox Enzymatic Conditioning Rinse with Vitamin D3 (Gallon)
Zymox Enzymatic Conditioning Rinse with Vitamin D3 (Gallon)

($119.99)  $65.99
SENTRY Medicated Shampoo for Dog (18 oz)
SENTRY Medicated Shampoo for Dog (18 oz)

($9.99)  $6.99
Epi-ClO2 Antiseptic Deodorizing Shampoo (32 fl oz)
Epi-ClO2 Antiseptic Deodorizing Shampoo (32 fl oz)

($51.50)  $39.99
Pet Relief Anti-Itch Spray (2 oz)
Pet Relief Anti-Itch Spray (2 oz)

($15.99)  $9.99
Pet Relief Anti-Itch Spray with Deterrent (2 oz)
Pet Relief Anti-Itch Spray with Deterrent (2 oz)

($16.99)  $10.99
This item is Currently Out of Stock and Should be Shipped 4-6 Weeks.

Skin allergies are increasingly common in pets and cause intense discomfort, itching, skin flaking, hives, and redness. Rid your pet of uncomfortable allergy-related skin problems with Allermyl shampoo. Soothe irritation and cease itchiness with the foaming micro-emulsion formula, which includes healthy fatty acids, gentle cleaning agents, and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Regular pet shampoos don't preserve the balance of oils in the coat and can actually worsen the condition with dyes or special scents. Allermyl's dye- and fragrance-free formula helps gently restore a natural balance to your pet's skin while providing a deep cleanse. Create a fine lather of Allermyl shampoo on your pet's coat during bath time. Let it sit for five to 10 minutes for maximum effectiveness, and then rinse completely. Reuse two to three times per week as needed or as directed by your veterinarian.

Active Ingredient(s): Water, cocoamphodiacetate, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium alkyl ether sulfate, propylene glycol, PEG-8 caprylic/capric glycerides, propylene glycol laurate, vitamin F (source of essential fatty acids), tocopheryl acetate, piroctone olamine, sodium chloride, L-rhamnose, chlorhexidine gluconate. Dye/fragrance free.

Frequency of use: Initially 2 to 3 applications per week for 2 weeks, then as directed by your veterinarian.

Note: This item cannot be shipped to a California address
5.00 rating based on 5 reviews
Featured Reviews for Allermyl Shampoo by Virbac - 8oz
best product by daisy02/27/2013

Tried many shampoos, and this one has been the best for my Sheltie. She doesn't itch constantly and she sheds very, very little. I was confident in results because Virbac produces good products.

Great Shampoo by Debbie from North Carolina12/19/2010

I use this shampoo for my miniature schnauzer who suffers with dermatitis. This shampoo is great for his skin. Soothes and stops itching instantly and leaves his coat clean and soft. Would recommend for dogs with dermatitis or skin allergies.

Next best thing for dogs with allergies by dogmom from Florida Keys02/16/2012

I bought this shampoo in hopes of replacing an old tried and true brand that is no longer available. The Allermyl worked great. I got the shiny coat, less itchy skin, and a much more comfortable dog. I will keep using it again and again. Great product.

Great stuff by Rosa from San Luis Obispo, CA01/30/2013

My Cairn/Westie had some very itchy skin that wasn't soothed by any oatmeal or soothing shampoos available at big retail pet stores. I monitored his diet and what he was exposed to carefully in hopes of finding the trigger but I couldn't. Then I tried Allermyl and he's a new pup! His constant scratching and chewing has stopped. He's so much happier now. I ran out of the Allermyl and went back to some "soothing" shampoo I had left over until my new shipment arrived and his itchiness came right back. This stuff makes a big difference! If your doggie suffers from itchy skin, you really have to give this a try!

A great product for a very clean, soft coat by Sugar's Momma10/09/2011

But I really bought this product for it's advertised anti-pruritic value. If you are looking for this shampoo to stop the itching associated with an allergic skin condition, forget it. It performed poorly.

Suds by Pudge from Raleigh NC02/16/2012

My groomer loves this. She says that so many do not suds so they have to use a lot to get the dog clean. This suds well just using a small amount so it lasts a long time.

Featured Reviews for Allermyl Shampoo 16oz.
Excellent Shampoo for allergies & yeast by Sheryl from Oviedo, FL11/15/2011

My dog has always had environmental allergies and now food allergies. This last breakout turned out to be Candida yeast which this shampoo helped clear her up along with the NZymes Healthy Skin Kit. I highly recommend this shampoo and using it twice a week until the dog is fairly cleared then use it once a week. I also gave her a baking soda rinse afterwards to ph balance her...3tsp per gallon of water.

Nice aroma by honey from River Vale, NJ12/01/2013

I like the aroma of the shampoo. Unfortunately she is still scratching!

Loved It by sunshire from Weatherford TX05/03/2012

Really helped my yorkie. His hair is now nice and soft.

Allermyl shampoo by AB from San Diego, CA10/23/2012

We have an extremely allergic English Bulldog and she requires bathing every 3 days. The Allermyl shampoo has been a God send for us as she reacts well to it, seemingly without depleting her coat of any natural oils. Anyone who has a sensitive dog should consider this product.

Severe skin allergies by Delilah from Las Cruces, New Mexico01/14/2013

9 year old labordor with severe skin allergies. Allergic to about 17 natural items. Have found she does pretty good with a 3 times per week bath with Allermyl shampoo (5-10 minutes lathered in before rinsing). Cut out the skin infections and reduced the itching. Do take care to rinse well and keep it rinsed away from human contact. Not sure, but required a Rx prescription initially.

Best Shampoo by Star from California01/01/2013

Helps my dog with his itchy skin. I can't use any other shampoo on him. Would highly recommend.

Skin Allergies by Delilah from New Mexico10/30/2011

Dog with severe skin allergies, works with frquent bath. Lathers well. Leave on 10 minutes and rinse well. Trained pet and works well in a walk in shower. Pre wash with baby shampoo.Rinse from your skin while waiting.

Severe skin allergies by Delilah Lab06/23/2012

Have used this product 3X weekly for over 6 years to reduce our Labs severe skin allerigies. Has done as well as can be expected and reduced the number of infections and constant itching significantly.

by BigT106/20/2012

Excellent product; cleans hair well, lathers very well, easy to rinse, and takes relatively little to do a large dog. One bottle does many baths. Hair is very clean and soft to the touch after drying; no skin irritation.

shampoo by Mary from Silver Spring, MD02/12/2014

Never received it. Thought it was on backorder that's why I didn't contact you.

Great Shampoo by Bichon Mom from Los Angeles, CA10/11/2011

One of my Bichon Frises has allergies which leaves his skin very sensitive to shampoos. This was recommended by a Veterinary Dermatologist to help soothe his skin which was often itchy and patchy after grooming. It really helps with the discomfort and itching.

Best Ever Purchase... by Baker's Mom from RI11/04/2011

I was thrilled to find this shampoo for my Golden who is 3 and has allergies...I bought the name brand product in the ear wash at the vet, they do not sell the shampoo...I will be trying it tomorrow...Delivery was so fast, I am so happy with this store,,I will be buying all products from them....Thanks for wonderful service...and always rave reviews....

Excellent Shampoo by BT_Pit Lover from Oviedo08/14/2012

Best shampoo to try to get rid of Candida Yeast. It helped get rid of the blackness on my dog's skin and has balanced her skin issues out along with using NZymes.com skin care kit to take care of the problem internally. Thanks to Allermyl and NZymes for making my dog look awesome again!

Best product by u11/12/2009

this is best product for dog allergy

Great Combo by Trixie10/03/2009

This, in combination with the Resicort conditioner is the best remedy for my very itchy, lots of allergies little bichon!!!! Try it and save youself a lot of grief!

Great Shampoo by ksmith05/04/2009

My cat developed bumps w/scabs on his lower back about a year ago. At first, I assumed it was something to do w/fleas the dog had brought in, but after getting rid of the fleas, the cat still had the problem. It was so bad the cat had literally licked himself raw & bald by Oct 2008. The vet gave him a cortisone shot then, but as soon as that wore off, the problem reappeared. I didn't want to do the cortisone shots so I also changed the cat's food to grain free, thinking maybe it was something in the food. I bought this shampoo and bathed the cat w/it once a week now for 3 wks and the problem is gone! I'm amazed. I still don't know what is going on, but this shampoo fixed the problem. I'm going to try reducing the use to every other week to see if I can maintain him on that schedule, but at least now the problem is resolved & if I have to bathe him every week, I'll do that. Thanks for a great product!


Our itchy yorkie is finally comfortable!! I have tried many products in an attempt to stop her suffering. Allermyl helped her so much we were able to wean her off prednisone!!!

great product by EHunnell05/01/2008

This is the first product that I have found to be completely effective for my dog's allergy and dermatitis problems. It delivers.

Best Allergy Shampoo by Pegg from Arizona10/24/2011

Best shampoo I have found for my allergy Patsy Girl. Has a nice clean smell; doesn't tangle and leaves her coat shinning and soft.

Good Stuff ! by X-101/23/2012

My dog has skin allergies and needs to be bathed frequently. The average pet shampoos irritate his skin also so my vet recommend Virbac. I use the allergroom for the weekly baths but sometimes depending on the time of year his skin allergies get worse. When this happens I use Allermyl to help his skin heal up. This stuff fixes him up so he doesn't feel so itchy.

Good Shampoo for Mild Allergies by Frances from South Carolina06/19/2013

Both my yorkies can have mild skin allergies. I even take this shampoo to the dog groomers rather than use their standard brand. It cuts down on skin irritations after grooming and so far, no major skin rashes.

Great value by Jean from Florida10/07/2011

Allermyl is soothing, fresh smelling, and itch reducing to your dog. The effects are long lasting. Yet, this is gentle enough to use several times per week.

Great relief! by ChrisM07/31/2012

My lab has been scratching for weeks, even though she's on flea meds. She's unable to use steriods due to other meds she uses, so the vet's only suggestion was to see an allergist. Before going that route, tried this product and the dog had relief within 24 hours! It will become a staple in our household.

by from 02/11/2012

I have a highly allergic mix (Cavalier KCS with Pom). We're ruling out what does and doesn't work on his itching, including diet. I've used Allermyl Shampoo for two applications so far, and it seems to calm the incessant back-end rubbing and high sensitivities. Still licking his paws...argh! However, I think more Allermyl Shampoo applications will help improve the condition.

wait by to from letThe


Featured Reviews for Epi-soothe Cream Rinse and Conditioner by VIRBAC - 8 fl. oz.
Soft and Smooth by dog owner from WA03/28/2013

Anyone who owns a long-haired dog needs this product. Epi-Smooth Conditioner works very well on our Cavalier. It's easy to use, rinses quickly and well, and leaves his coat and skin soft and conditioned. It's easier to comb Tucker out after he's dry and the clean, fresh scent lasts for days after his bath. We bought the Epi-Smooth Shampoo as well, and the two products are a great combo. Tucker doesn't seem to mind bath days anymore.

didn't seem to make a difference for my dog... by ColoradoScout from Colorado12/27/2012

I didn't notice a difference in my dog after using this product. It seemed like I had to apply a lot of the conditioner to his coat/skin, but I am not really sure how things should feel after application (I'm guessing not like human hair feels after applying conditioner) I am not saying this is a bad product, it sounds like there is a notable difference in other dogs. I will just stick to only using the Virbac epi-soothe shampoo which works really well for my dog!

Great product for problem skin by psc from Blairsville, GA03/15/2012

First used this on recommendation of vet to soothe terrier's itchy skin. The dog appears to have complete relief and her coat feels better to us as well! A great product.

by belle from Joshua, Tx04/28/2012

This product worked for my golden first bath. He does not itch as much and his skin seems to have calmed

Best Conditioner by MyGinger from San Diego,CA12/04/2013

A must have for your dog if they have have dry skin, flaking or other dermatological illnesses.

Excellent product by lkl05/07/2013

Have used EpiSoothe Shampoo and Conditioner for years (at least three previous long-haired dachshunds) -- it is easy to use, does a good job of clearing up tangles, and the dogs have a very pleasing smell for quite a while after they have been bathed. (It even works for "covering up" skunk - after washing several times with a skunk-off solution.) -- Thanks for a good product.

An Aveeno version for Pets by Camillo from Puerto Rico02/17/2013

It reminds me of the relief from Aveeno baths during chicken pox. My two german shepherds love it, after a great shampoo follow up with Epi Soothe, and it just soothes their skin. Both of my dogs are exposed to tropical weather and its insects so Epi Soothe soothes their skin from any insect bites.

Featured Reviews for EPI-SOOTHE Cream Rinse and Conditioner by VIRBAC - 16 fl. oz
Great medicated conditioner; smell is so-so by brownie200004/01/2013

I used this product in conjunction with Mal-A-Ket Shampoo to reduce my dog's lower back flaking and itching. The products work well together, but you have to keep in mind that you need to let the conditioner sit in the fur for a while and you will need to use it a lot more frequently than "normal" shampoo in order to get desired results. The odor is definitely not as pleasing as some of the other stuff on the market (i.e., your dog will not smell like a cinnabon roll), but it is very effective for dealing with skin issues. My dog is no longer biting her back and the dandruff is almost gone.

Epi Soothe by Sandee05/22/2013

Calms my dogs rash, smells great and I would not be without it.

Epi Soothe cream rinse and conditioner Virbac by Sheila from Montreal, Quebec01/02/2013

I have a Bouvier/Standard Poodle mix and I have to say this product really works for the tangles and matting of my dog Lily's hair. I also massage some in when she has been in the rain or snow and then towel her dry. Even after brushing her the hair goes back to soft curls. Before using Epi Soothe conditioner, after brushing her hair it would mat up almost right away. She also smells really nice, just like she had been to a groomer!

wonderful product by cairnjules02/26/2013

I bath my cairn terrier and then put this cream rinse on after...makes coat so soft and smells wonderful

Best Conditioner for my American Bulldog by Cheryl from Indiana01/27/2013

We use this product on our AB once a week and it is the best conditioner I have used to date. Finneus has a rare, genetic skin condition called Ichthyosis so it is critical that we find products that work for him. If this works for his terrible skin disease, then rest assured it will work for regular dry and irritated skin on your pet.

Awesome cream rinse by Dog lover02/06/2013

Soothing, non irritating cream rinse, smells very nice.

Did not work for us by wklarson from Rural, WA06/25/2014

I have a Mini Schnauzer that scratches until he has no fur left on his rump. I have used Zymox in the past and was just hoping for something that worked better. This does not. It has perfume in it. I followed the directions exactly as written. Just didn't work for us at all.

Great by lke11910/18/2011

My dog is prone to skin infections. Using this after a bath (with shampoo from the vet) helps keep her fur soft and dander down.

Best therapy for dogs with skin irritations by Callie Sloane from New York Tri-State Area03/19/2012

i have used the Epi-Soothe cream rinse in conjunction with the shampoo for over 17 years when my dearly departed Lhasa Apso showed signs of skin irritation and allergies. the two products work fabulously together. I now have a Cairn Terrier-Brussels Griffon with severe skin allergies that only Epi-Soothe seems to calm down. the shampoo and cream rinse make for a perfect combination so he lasts between baths without any itching. I highly recommend using the two in conjunction with one another. I use it for all my dogs. it smells wonderful.

Must Have Conditioner by MyGinger from San Diego,CA12/04/2013

Our standard conditioning application works great!

Good purchase by Lori from Orlando, FL08/03/2014

This conditioner really helps to soften the fur and skin for any dry condition. We live in FL but travel out west and my lab's skin gets very dry very quickly once we get where there's no humidity and this helps combat it very well.

good product by doggie lover07/29/2013

Used on dog and dog's coat looks very shiny and nice and soft.

Great Product by Lanne from Los Angeles, CA03/21/2012

Our dog has very dry, scaly skin as he is a red Aussie. Since the Relief products are no longer available, this is our go-to product for our dog. I should say our dog had dry, scaly skin. This cream rinse, along with the Epi-Soothe Shampoo, has cleared up his skin and makes his coat so silky and smooth. We recommend both Epi-Soothe cream rinse and shampoo for every dog who has dry skin.

by Leslie07/23/2012

great for skin - gets off excess hair of shedding dog and smells outstanding. His coat is shiny like a mirror.

Depends on the dog by Joanne from NH08/25/2013

Good for chronic skin infections IF your dog can handle it. One can, one had horrible dry flaky skin from it (used conditioner in both cases). Worth a try.

Overpowering scent by MRSCMJ from southern Oregon06/07/2012

I was excited to use this product as a follow-up to Allermyl on my dog. I used this 5 times, and it's just too heavily perfumed. I'm suspicious of the "fragrance" ingredient, since this is sold as a medicated conditioner and I am using it specifically for her dry/irritated skin issues. I have discontinued using it. It never hurt her or seemed to make her worse, though admittedly it also did not seem to help - I just find the heavy scent suspect and out of line for a medicated conditioner.

Epi-soothe by Mary Ellen from Massachusetts09/12/2013

This product is all I use to bathe my two dobermans. Helps to condition skin after a bath and really smells clean for days!!

Soothes skin allergies by megabulliedog06/30/2012

Recomended after shampoo for English Bulldog with skin allergies since birth - only product that has relieved the symptoms

Awesome by Crunch from Oregon02/06/2014

I started using this product back when I worked in the veterinary field, and honestly, it is wonderful. My dog tends to have dry and sensitive skin (not from food allergies) and since using the Epi-Soothe cream rinse after Epi-Soothe shampoo her skin and coat dramatically improved! She has very few flakes anymore and her coat is beyond soft and shiny. Best product I've found!!!!!!!!!!

Love Virbac by rattie from Duluth, GA01/16/2013

I use in combination with Virbac Epi-Soothe Shampoo to help with my dog's chronic skin allergies.

The finishing touch! by Betsy01/28/2012

This cream rinse, along with Epi-Soothe shampoo, gives the best bath results of anything I have ever used for Gus, my old golden retriever. It soothes his itchy skin, smells mild and clean, and his coat is soft and fluffy! Gus and I give Virbac products, especially this one, 5 paws/stars!

Soothing Cream Rinse Soothes Itchy Skin by Linda from ILLINOIS08/26/2014

Epi-Soothe is the best smelling and refreshing rinse after shampoos for allergy problem skin.

A great product by mac89 from Terr Haute, IN12/20/2012

I totally trust the Virbac line. A couple of years ago my vet recommended this product line and I'm very happy with it. A great price and always in stock.

Best ever by Betty from Fla keys05/04/2013

Dog had skin eruptions due to allergies. Vet had us use this along with Pyoben shampoo. It smells wonderful. Leaves coat soft and shiny. Lovely smell lasts and lasts. Her skin has cleared up and we now use this just to keep her smelling nice!!!

Virbac produces great products by Another great product12/13/2011

This was the first time that I tried the conditioner. I was pleased that it left his coat shiny and has a slight fragrance. I real compliment to the shampoo.

Too much fragrance by Cjspetsalon from Richfield, OH09/15/2013

As a professional groomer, I bought this to use on dogs with sensitive skin to follow with other Virbac medicated products. However, I felt like this has a very strong perfume fragrance & was counter productive of what I was trying to achieve: a gentle, soothing product for a pet's irritated skin. It's also very thin & didn't really make the dogs' fur soft. When an owner asks for something mild & has oatmeal, I don't feel comfortable using this.

Best Purchase Ever by Tigerhops from San Antonio, Tx03/10/2013

Epi-Soothe leaves my Havanese soft and silky . I highly recommend this for any dog with long hair or short hair.

wonderful stuff by rene from North Carolina08/17/2013

Epi soothe is the best product I have used for my poor 15 year old dog who suffers from horrible chronic rashes.

very good product by bd07/05/2012

no more dry skin,easy to use cot looks great!

Featured Reviews for Epi-soothe Shampoo (8oz) by VIRBAC
pet shampoo by Eddiesmom from Minnesota05/11/2014

Seems effective for my dog who has lots of different allergies. Used once or twice a week, it seems to bring him some relief. It appears it's always on backorder, however, and I might need to buy it from the vet.

Great product by mac12/13/2011

My vet recommended this for my dog, I love how it helps with his skin allergies. I was so happy to find this product at a much less cost than from the vet.

vet recomended by patsdelsol from florida01/02/2012

found it very good have used it on all my pets

Great product by dog owner from WA03/28/2013

Our Cav really doesn't mind bath time now. The Epi-Soothe shampoo Is easy to use, cleans his coat and skin very well, and is easy to rinse away. Tucker is left smelling fresh and clean with no heavy perfume smell. Epi-Soothe is a great product for our long-haired companion.

reduces scratching by JC from San Antonio12/06/2011

My vet sold me the first bottle of this. It reduces itching and helps with hot spots. It lathers up well and smells good. It is a nice gentle shampoo if you are dealing with allergies or hot spots.

Best Shampoo I ever used for my furry 3 Kids. A++ by Wally05/07/2011

Great Price, ( my vet sell is for $22.00 for 8 oz) Great Effect, Nice Silky Coat on my Yorkies, they were driving me crazy scratching all time creating scabs in their skin. Only one week in use along with the Conditioner and last but not least ResiCort and they scratch less. A Must have!!! Three days withought Benadryl. Awesome!!! Epi, my love Where were you for that last month?

best shampoo for any dog or cat. by annez from lima ohio01/01/2012

this shampoo works exactely as the lable says it does. for dogs with dry delicate skin thers is nothing better i've found. it is recommended by this dogs vet. it's kind of hard to keep the dog still in the tub while you let it sit for 5 to 10 min....but it works! some times i don't even leave it on that long. the skin is healthy and the fur is so shiney and beautiful and soft. very good product! good job entirely pets! and thanks for having what i need........

by janny012/26/2011

Our Welsh Terrier has developed allergies, and he has to have a bath once a week. Epi-Soothe shampoo seems to help with itchy skin.

Only shampoo to use by Patti from Arroyo Grande, CA11/27/2011

I use Epi-sooothe for my Westie. His skin is sensitive and this shampoo seems to comfort his skin. It lathers well and rinses out quickly. It's the only shampoo I will ever use. My vet recomended that I use Epi-soothe and I have been using it for 3 years.

Really helped my dog by Penny04/26/2008

When I adopted Lillie from Adopt a Pet in IL. She was covered with very fine dander. I was given Epi-soothe to try on her along with the conditioner, and little by little with repeated use she has a shiny black coat. The best part is that I can use it as often as needed without drying her skin or causing more agitaion. Simply a wonderful product.

gentle shampoo by lovestofish from Knoxville, TN01/18/2012

If your dog has sensitive skin-this is the shampoo for him.

by from 10/02/2013

This is used when my allergic dog is NOT having active problems. My opinion is that it doesn't really cure anything, but it does not hurt anything either. Hope you get the idea...

Corti-Soothe by product from forI


I like this shampoo It is the best I have found. by leroy from Gilcrest Colorado03/30/2012

My pet is very happy after his bath. No more diging at his skin.

Epi Soothe Shampoo by Jean from Bergen County, NJ07/06/2013

I first used this shampoo after purchasing it from my Vet's office. I really liked it, but not the price. When I saw it on Entirely Pets for a more reasonable price I bought it again and am happy I did. The shampoo is gentle, does a fabulous job cleaning and leaves his coat silky smooth. There's no skin irritation or fake perfume smells.

great for itching dogs by farm chick05/30/2012

great for my bichon, makes skin look and feel better.

Best Purchase Ever by Tigerhops from San Antonio, Tx07/21/2014

It is the best products ever used. It leavers it dog shiny .

Does a great job by jimbo131324579 from Jacksonvilee, Florida11/21/2011

I have two Scottish Terriers who are noted for having skin problems, particularly so because we live in Florida with its hot and humid climate. We bathe our dogs once a week and have found that the Epi-Soothe by Virbac does an excellent job of keeping the itch under control. Give it a try.

Amazing by Shadow from Miami. FL02/19/2013

My dog was having allergies and licking his paws, and the Vet recommended i get this shampoo. However, at the Vet it was 3 times as much. When i found it here i was overjoyed. This shampoo is amazing. It does not smell bad and it is soothing. After bathing my dog i could get a couple days of him not licking his paws. My other Vet also recommended this product and said that it is so mild that it could be used to bathe the dog every other day during allergy season.

Love this product by PoochParkWear from California11/06/2012

I use both the shampoo and conditioner and love it for Layla, thanks to you also for a wonderful service

Very good by Judy Lou from Newman Lake, WA08/24/2013

The product is gentle but really cleans my dogs. They don't hate to have baths so much after they have had their baths with this product.

Very Best Shampoo Ever by Debby from Benton Harbor, Michigan10/05/2013

This product is awesome, and I will continue to use. Sale, shipping and price can't be beat!!

by from 02/11/2012

Our West Highland Terrier is allergic to almost everything and is constantly itching.

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Great for dogs with senstive skin, like poodles by TM from WV07/04/2013

I have a mini, a Cafe Ale poodle and they are notorious for having sensitive skin. Mine can't use flea medications (fun huh?) because his hair falls out and he gets really dry, flaky skin with little blemishes everywhere. Episoothe is just about the only thing that has worked for any length of time until the flea meds wore off. I still use it for regular bathing, also. The Epi-soothe conditioner is wonderful, also. Highly recommend the set.

really cleans coats by Ray04/24/2012

really cleans coats on short & long hairs. really leaves a nice shinny coat.

Great product by mac89 from Terr Haute, IN12/20/2012

My vet recommended this shampoo for my Aussie's sensitive skin - we use it all year long even tho his allergies are summer time. I love Virbac products.

Featured Reviews for ResiCORT Leave-on Lotion (8 oz)
It is amazing!! by CJ from Vero Beach FL02/20/2014

I have a Westie that has a problem with licking & biting his feet. I took him to the doctor and he told me to try this lotion. The first time I used it on him the color of his feet went from fire red to natural color. He stopped licking & biting his feet! I have used it for six months & he still is not licking or biting his feet!! IT is GREAT!!

No More Hot Spots by Nancy from Central Coast, CA12/12/2011

I have tried many products and spent a lot of money at the vet trying to relieve my dog of hot spots that made her miserable. A friend told me about RESI-CORT. It was truly surprising how quickly it took away her itching. Thank you RESI-CORT! I will always have some on hand.

Best thing for skin allergies so far by Zorro's mom from Norco, CA08/06/2012

I got this a couple of weeks ago, and so far it is the best thing I've bought for my chihuahua mix's atopy. I've been able to decrease the amount of steroids I give. It smells pretty strongly of orange out of the bottle, but the smell dissipates as soon as it's dry. I put it on after a bath or rinse, and again when I see him biting or scratching. It really works! I've bought lots of things to help him not itch, and this is my #1 product so far! It's not cheap, but it works and they send it out so fast, it is hard to believe. Fabulous service!

by ammamour02/08/2013

This is truly an amazing product. Only an injection from the vet relieved my poor spitz from the dreaded 'itch'. He suffered severely mentally, physically and spiritually. I did the usual bathe with his special shampoo, let him have a good shake and put the Resicort on. OMG I did that yesterday and he is actually back to the most playful boy. Brings tears to my eyes that to see him happy to be 'alive' again.

by from 02/15/2013

Great product! Super happy and so relieved. Jax was miserable as the skin on his big floppy ears dried out so much they would crack. Now, I apply the product 2 times a week and they are baby soft and his fur is finally growing back.

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it was a very good product by bev from chateaugay, new york02/25/2013

yes it helped my pet's problem and service was great!!

Excellent product by ph01/17/2013

I use this for my dogs that have spots that are irritated or itching. It is a leave in rinse and leaves the hair/fur very manageable .

Good purchase by June from Oregon01/10/2014

So far everything is fine.... itching is not completely stopped though.

Works for cats too by Spike's mom from Southaven MS11/09/2013

I've been owned by many cats in my life but never had one with seasonal allergies. Spike suffered with itchy skin and hot spots and kept most of his belly and legs mowed for months at a time. He's prediabetic so vet couldn't give him prednisone for his itching. Found this product in searching online and ordered thinking it probably wouldn't work. It has been nothing less than a miracle. Scratching stopped immediately and fur is growing back. Skin looks healthy. We're both happy. Thanks.

Can't Be Without It by Annie07/30/2008

My greyhound has grass allergies and food allergies. This product was recommended by her dermatologist and is invaluable as a topical, quick relief solution to the itches. It has a very pleasant, slightly peachy smell. Easy to apply and very pleasing to my grey.

Works well for itchy dog by chmdogmom10/21/2011

My MinPin gets very itchy from environmental allergies and this leave-on hydrocortisone lotion was recommended by my vet, since oral antihistamines don't seem to help much. I used it as a conditioner for her last bath after shampooing with Epi-Soothe, and have used it just on the itchy spots as a topical treatment since then. It seems to help more than anything else I've tried. And it smells like bubblegum. Quite pricey for what it is.

Assists in soothing sking allergy by Chris11/26/2012

My dog was licking the hair off his legs and with the use of this product and another containing Hydrocordisone my dog has stopped licking and hair has started growing back.

Will purchase again by catpep02/21/2013

It seems to help with the itching and licking but has not stopped completely Will continue to use in and see if it will help with more time

by from 10/17/2011

Have tried many types (natural & chemical) that did not work or irritated.

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ResiCORT Leave-on Lotion (8 oz) by Barb from San Diego, CA06/12/2013

This is one of the best products ever for itching, biting and scratching. Used this for over 4 years and we love it.

Great Product by Happy Pap from New Britain, CT03/09/2013

I would recommend this product to anyone who has a dog with itchy skin. I have a dog that has seasonal allergies and this offers her much needed relief from skin irritation.

Best Purchase Ever by debbie from hillsborough,n.c.08/17/2013

great for itchy dogs and does not leave them greasy

skin allergy relief by sha from New York08/06/2012

My dog is 11 yrs old and using Resicort is the best thing I have done for him.This product keeps him from licking, scratching and chewing the hotspots and skin allergies he suffers from. Very easy to use. I just rub the lotion into the coat and skin and thats it. Sometimes I do not need to reapply it for a whole month perhaps even longer. It seems to last for a very long time. I have tried so many products over the years. Resicort is the only product I need to use to help my dog from making his skin issues worse.

by from 02/08/2012

My dog is a rat terror miniature doberman pinscher. She is allergic to everything. Her eyes water and she itches like crazy, licking her stomach so bad the skill brakes open in patches. She also scratches her front elbows with her back legs and they get irritated and bloody some times. Using the ResiCORT along with the ResiSOOTH she is finally less itchy. She does not lick her stomach and her front elbows are healing. I use the ResiSOOTHE in between ResiCORT. I use it as a lotion for the rest of her flaky dry skin.

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Worked For My Cats by tbs from Venice, LA03/19/2014

Helped in healing my cat's irritated ears.Also helped with a second cat that suffers from skin allergies

love it love it love it by p.k. from kent wa.01/09/2013

my dogs skin and coat is oh so soft and no more scratching

Worked for our dog by kbd12/10/2011

Worked well, dog not scratching anymore. Rough patches have healed, very pleased with product.

ResiCORT , so easy to use by Westie mom from Texas12/02/2012

I was so excited to know there was something I could use for my pet's allergies in between baths. ResiCORT has a pleasant scent & is not hard to apply. I use it on problem spots After applying the lotion, I watch to see if the itch is better. She does stop itching the spots I have treated and they dry up much faster. They are fewer spots with hair missing from her chewing or rubbing off now thanks to ResiCORT.

Great Product by SueFK from Langhorne, PA01/12/2012

Very pleased with ResiCort Leave-on Lotion. It has helped relieve a great deal of my Shih Tzu's itching. Her hot spot areas are no longer hard and crusty. I use it while she is still damp from her bath. I will definately order this product again.

leave in lotion by dee from port clinton, pa06/07/2012

this is a A+++ product it works for my dog i recommend it to all animal lovers...

Lotion is easy to apply by country girl from LA11/12/2012

Works just like hydrocortisone cream in the store, but this lotion is easier and faster to apply. Stops the itching and my dog's fur on his tail has finally started to grow back. It's expensive but doesn't take as much as when using hydrocortisone cream.

by Sammi's mom11/02/2013

We have used ResiCORT lotion on our mini-dachsund for several years and have been very pleased with the results. It helps with our dog's skin allergies so she doesn't scratch herself constantly. ResiCORT also has a nice scent and leaves our dog smelling great.

Can't live without it by Pet Friend from Denver, CO09/12/2014

My dog was chewing on her legs and scratching all night long. The poor thing was just on fire. My dog groomer recommended this product to me and I couldn't believe what a difference it made using this along with the shampoo. This is the best hot spot lotion I have ever used and it's the best!

Really works by nut46 from Reynoldsburg, OH09/19/2013

this has helped clear up my dogs yeast infection on his skin. We use it weekly after his bath.

Featured Reviews for Virbac ResiCORT Leave-On Lotion (16oz)
Finally Something That Works by Donmiester04/01/2014

Our Maltese has some kind of skin allergy and has scratched and chewed most of his hair off his back and rump. We have seen vets and tried other lotions but the ResiCort leave on lotion combined with the Cortisoothe shampoo had his skin looking almost normal in an hour and now he finally has hair growing back. Thank You

Leave on Lotion by SueFK from Langhorne, PA07/14/2012

I am very pleased with Virbac ResiCort Leave-On Lotion. It has worked very well relieving the itching my Shih Tzu experiences.

Great Product!!!!!!!! by Annabelle11/11/2012

I have a dog with severe airborne allergies this is a wonderful product will continue to buy and use it, it really has helped her!!


My English Pointer has a lot of skin allergy problems connected to both food and enviromental issues. I can control the food problem, but can't control the enviroment issues such as pollen from plants and trees. I bathe her every 4 days with Dermalyte Pet Shampoo and then apply ResiCORT to her coat while it is still wet. Before, I was just shampooing her with the Dermalyte, but then she would start getting a reddish color to her skin and start scracthing herself. Once I started using the ResiCORT after shampooing her, she would do just fine with hardly any scracthing. I highly recommend this product!!

Great Stuff by Sunshire from Weatherford TX05/03/2012

If it makes my dog happy it really make me happy too No more rubbing his back on the carpet

ResiCort by SueFK from Langhorne, PA03/25/2012

It only took a few applications of ResiCort for my pet's skin to improve. The rough patches smoothed out and my dog's itching decreased dramatically.

Working better than everything else tried so far! by dog mom08/10/2012

I have tried a number of products to try and moderate my dogs skin condition (combined allergies and seborrhea), and this is working the best by far. The dogs itchiness has abated considerably, and his coat no longer has a foul odor a couple of days after his last bath!

Lotion by Delilah10/24/2012

Seems to be very helpful for a Lab with severe skin alleregies. Little on the expensive side, but seems to help.

by from 11/29/2012

I have 3 dogs. Two of them have no particular sensitivity to fleas beyond occasional scratching. I've been successfully controlling any problems with topical preventives.

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Vibrac ResiCORT Leave-On Lotion by Chris01/12/2013

Best conditioner for West Highland Terriers. Both of my Westies had soft silky coats shining bright white and no itching!

Excellent Product! by Sandy from NY06/19/2012

I have a 12 yr old shih tzu. He started having allergies at age 8. We tried several strategies to contain the itching, corncobbing and hot spots - including injections. None provided the relief that Resicort made. No more bleeding paws and bad smells. I would recommend this product to anyone whose dog has allergies.

Virbac ResiCORT Leave-On Lotion (16oz) by dodo60 from beaumont, texas10/11/2013

my dog has allergy's to bacteria i have to bathe him quite often--this lotion helps the itching and the spots. also the price entirely pets has is very good



Sure helped my dog by Mr. Reporter from Miami Beach FL08/01/2013

This product greatly alleviated my dog's skin problem. Each time I apply it, his condition improves and he scratches less. He should soon be completely over it.

helps relieve itching by cairn jules02/26/2013

It seems to keep him from licking at his paws if used regularly

good product by CJ from Darien, CT04/15/2013

This works great on my dogs skin problems

Awesome stuff!! by redhead from Tennessee09/26/2013

I've tried pretty much everything to help my little terrier stop itching. He is soothed for about 24 hours after his bath, but then the scratching begins. This is great stuff and it doesn't take much at all. I put plastic gloves on and just put a little on my fingers and rub it in. I put it in all the itchy areas and it seems to help him for about 2 to 3 days. I reapply as needed.

Excellent product! by Marty from New York10/23/2012

I have a shih tzu who constantly licks himself due to allergies. After a bath, I rub this lotion all over his body. He loves it and the lotion arrested his itches. In the past he would start scratching and licking himself a few hours after a bath. With this lotion, he is itch free for at least 2 days and then when I see him starting to scratch, I would rub the lotion on him and it calms him down. So, no more meds and injections. This product is great!!

So pleased that I found your website by CC from WA07/04/2013

My Basset Hound has a skin allergy that comes from within his body. He also has a heart murmur so we are not allowed to give him meds. When we started using this product, it helped quite a bit. Vet's were charging 4 x's more for a smaller bottle. So between this and fish oil tabs he is one happy boy. I was very impressed with the service your site has given us. I highly recommend this site to anyone that needs product. No problems with order and it arrived ahead of schedule. Thank you!

ResiCORT leave-in lotion by Eddiesmom01/19/2014

Vet recommended. Seems to alleviate itching with regular use. Wish it were not so expensive.

No more skin problems by Lilly from South Carolina12/06/2011

Have 2 Bichons, and one with the worst skin allergies. Before this she had balled spots, and always seemed miserable. Now, her coat is beautiful and full. She is much happier., and so am I.

Great product by BT_Pit Lover from Oviedo, FL08/14/2012

I used Allermyl shampoo and used this to soothe itching. This product is great if it is only an itching issue. If your pet breaks out with sores or blackness on the skin then it has Candida yeast. Then you should buy the skin care package from NZymes.com so you can straighten out the GI Tract of your pet. Long process but so worth it! This product here is great if it is only a outside issue of the skin not internal issue.

Great combination by Trixie10/03/2009

This, in combination with Allermyl shampoo gave Trixie the best relief she's had from her allergies and itchy skin. Works great together.

Life saver! by Chris05/01/2008

My Lhasa Apso has super sensitive skin. He used to scratch day and night for 2 weeks after grooming and a bath. I now rub this creme all over him after his bath and it has helped him tremendously. Now we all can sleep!

Lab Skin allergies by Delilah Lab06/23/2012

Have used this product 3X weekly for over 6 years to reduce our Labs severe skin allerigies. Has done as well as can be expected and reduced the number of infections and constant itching significantly.

No itching by DeAna02/19/2008

Just the first time and I noticed a difference. My dog's coat was so much softer and his skin is not as flakey.

Resicort works the best. by Brutus' Mom01/16/2012

My dog has skin allergies and Resicort helps to stop the itching and scratching. We use this almost everyday.

by from 10/10/2013

I first bought this product in 2000 when my Lhasa Apso developed skin allergies. It is a leave on conditioner for use after bath OR on dry coat/skin as a healing lotion.

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Itchy dog by Delilah from New Mexico10/30/2011

Have used close to 4 years for a Lab with severe skin allergies. Frequent bathing and ResiCORT have alleviated much of the itching.

best anti itch product ever by animalgram from Alabama05/14/2011

I've been looking for something to stop the incessant itching on one of my son's older dogs. Nothing had worked very well. I bought Resicort Leave-On Conditioner to try because of the reviews. It has surpassed all my expectations. I'm ordering more so my grandchildren can use it on their dogs. I highly recommend this product if you have itchy animals.

by from 09/28/2013

My dog has allergies and was constantly licking/biting her paws. I used Resicort on her paws only, and it helped almost immediately. Per my vet recommendation, I used it for 4 days and then used it 3 times a week. It has relieved the itching tremendously.

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Stops itching! by Suzanne06/05/2012

My cocker used to itch badly all the time. Since I have been using Resicort on her she hardly scratches at all.



Resicort by Hurricane from Mitchell Illinois10/15/2013

Once I figured how to use the product it worked very well. Wish I had know about this 11 years ago for my GSD. His skin allergies have really made for a low quality of life for him. The first time I used it per the instructions which was right down the middle of the back. I used to much to begin with and left his fur gunky. I ended up wiping some off with a damp rag. The next time after shampooing him I used a damp rag to remove excess water. I put a little in my hand and worked it in to his skin. That worked much better. It took a few handfuls but really worked well. Did the same for the other two pets who are much smaller and got great results with them as well. I have not noticed the flaking as of yet. Great product.

Works very well to help control itching & scaling by Pico's MOM08/13/2014

My dog has allergies and perhaps even seborrhea and I use this product weekly to keep both at bay. Although it doesn't entirely resolve the problem from (weekly) shampoo to shampoo, it definitely relieves the itchiness and the scaling he can develop on his skin.

Terrific product by dog mom09/24/2013

ResiCORT has done wonders for my dog's skin. She suffers from skin allergies, and will bite, lick, and scratch herself raw. Daily treatment with ResiCORT cleared up the skin wonderfully and stopped her itching, biting and licking. Then I use it on occasion, just to keep her clear. When she sees me coming with the bottle, she rolls over immediately so I can get to her belly and inside her legs...so it must feel good. I heartily recommend this for anyone whose dog has skin issues!

Featured Reviews for ResiSoothe by Virbac (8 oz)
by from 09/08/2013

This leave on conditioner is great for dry skin and leaves my dogs smelling like coconuts.

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Wonderful Product by Judy11/18/2012

My dog has allergies and this product gives him much needed relief.

Good Conditioning Treatment by Bichon Mom from Los Angeles, CA10/11/2011

This product was recommended by my Veterinary Dermantologist to soothe my allergy prone Bichon Frise's itchy skin. It really helps keep him from itching after bathing. His coat is also quite soft and healthy with this treatment.

by from 02/08/2012

My dog is a rat terror miniature doberman pinscher. She is allergic to everything. Her eyes water and she itches like crazy, licking her stomach so bad the skill brakes open in patches. She also scratches her front elbows with her back legs and they get irritated and bloody some times. Using the ResiSOOTHE along with the ResiCORT she is finally less itchy. She does not lick her stomach and her front elbows are healing. I use the ResiSOOTHE in between ResiCORT. I use it as a lotion for the rest of her flaky dry skin.

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Amazing Leave In Conditioner by MyGinger from San Diego,CA12/04/2013

Must have product! My Ginger feels relieved when massaged into her fur.

Really good conditioner by summer from Colorado12/09/2011

My dog was itching and chewing on most of her body. After one use of the Resisoothe she has almost completely stopped both. She is a long haired German Shepherd and it left her coat very soft, smooth and not any residue left on her hair. No perfume smell, just clean fluffy coat. We will use again and I'm sure she will stop itching altogether. Highly recommend this product or any Virbac product.

Best product! by Lab owner from AZ01/29/2012

My lab has intense skin allergies. This product was recommended by his vet. For $25 a bottle i was hesitant until I saw the results! He will scratch until he bleeds. This product is safe for wounds even. It actually help the healing process. Great price and product!

Works Wonders by Marlee from Wilson, NC10/29/2011

My youngest dog has been troubled with the "itches" since we have moved to this state. Using this leave on product has really helped her. It also keeps her so soft. Thank goodness it has nothing in it to irritate her skin.

by from 05/30/2012

great product by rddy from florida05/29/2014

my 15 yr old chow mix has a skin problem.within 2 hours of applying this lotion his skin is almost back to normal

Soothing Lotion by RAH from Winston-Salem,NC06/25/2012

We use ResiSOOTHE Lotion after our dog's bath and he loves it! He loves to have this product massaged in! And the product smells good. It dries completely and is not sticky.

Highly Recommended! by Diana from Missouri06/20/2013

My Beagle thinks that if it is dirty, it must be fun to play in. As a result, she gets baths often. I was worried about her skin drying out so I started using this product as a preventative. It works very well, does not leave any sticky residue (If it does, you are using too much.), and it has a nice mild scent. I have noticed a couple of times when I didn't put it on her that her coat is much more coarse and she scratches more.

The VERY BEST Purchase Ever by Dobe Girl from Santa Rosa, CA05/05/2012

My dobe's skin was shedding like it was christmas snow flakes. My vet recommended ResiSoothe. I tried it and it cleared all the flakes and dry skin. Wonderful Product!

GREAT MOISTERIZER by JOE from Miramar FL03/04/2014

I have a pet pig and for his scaly skin, this is a great lotion/moisterizer to put on after a bath and it smells great too. His skin gets softer after an application. I love it and it is reasonably priced.

Smelling Sweet and Soothing Deep by Rainbow from Savannah, GA10/18/2011

Really helps my dog's itching and leaves an incredible smell behind. Only leave in conditioner I use.

Changed dogs quality of life. by Carrie from Murrieta CA.06/02/2013

This product treated the itchy flakey coat of a little chihuahua with only two legs who could barely scratch herself. The scratching was constant, day and night. Her skin and coat dry and dusty looking. But with this lotion, the coat is soft smooth and the dry skin is completely gone! She and her owner are thrilled with the results.

superior product by psymon from san antonio. TX06/19/2012

rescued 16 week old white terrier puppy that weighed 6.5 lbs with severe dehydration. dog also suffered from extended exposure, lack of nutrients, and multiple ant and mosquito bites. used ResiSoothe once a day and within one week the dog had showed marked improvement. it was soothing to the animal and with the many cuts and bites it was important that it did not burn or sting.

cat licked it all off over 2 days by none06/21/2012

Maybe good product, but even after it dried, my cat (whom was pulling out hair before the product) spent 2 full days of licking it all off....while I tried constantly to stop the licking. He then reverted to pulling out his hair again. Maybe he needs a prescription for stronger stuff.

by from 08/24/2013

This product relieves itching skin and leaves my dogs coats so soft and they smell so good.

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Great product by Greenport Lady from Greenport NY06/18/2013

Due to itchie allergies, my Vet prescribed Resi-Smooth to apply after shampooing. This product relieved her irritations and gave her peace from constant itching! I highly recommend this product - it works!,,

Perfect for my dog by Esmeralda09/13/2011

at last a product for my dogs itchy dry skin

Great stuff by Sue03/14/2013

It relieves the "dandruff" of our new (black) labradoodle puppy better than anything else the vet suggested. Due to her color, the results of my experiments with various products are readily seen. This is great in between baths too. It has a subtle nice smell.

Featured Reviews for Dermal Soothe Anti-Itch Shampoo for Dogs & Cats (8 oz)
Great shampoo and conditioner by MICHELE from Lutz. FL03/16/2014

This shampoo and conditioner works great for my Lab, who has a lot of allergies and is on bi weekly injections. It's soothing to him and it's scent is good enough for us to use on ourselves. Great product. Just make sure to leave on your pets coat 10 mins or so. Very happy customer and pet.

Wonderful Product by pugluver from Richmond, VA10/25/2013

Great product. Used Relief shampoo, but didn't work as well as Dermal-Soothe. Following directions and leaving on for about 10 minutes is essential. Doesn't lather up a lot, but works great. Would highly recommend.

Contains dangerous chemicals by 3DogMom04/02/2014

I did NOT use and returned this product as the directions state that gloves need to be worn and there is a WARNING label stating that "This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer." YIKES! No way I want this stuff in my house let alone on one of our beloved dogs!

The ONLY shampoo to use! by Noelle08/23/2013

Not long after I adopted my dog, I realized that ordinary pet store shampoo would not do. My veterinarian recommended this shampoo, and its companion cream rinse, and that is all we will ever use! His skin is not dry; he does not itch; the scent is pleasantly clean; and, being a black and white dog, his black richly glistens, and his white is the color of fresh snow. I am always receiving compliments on the condition and color of his coat. I have been using this product for eight years, and honestly, it is the best. I hope that if you try it you will be as impressed as I am.

Poor Service from Entirely Pets by Sally05/06/2014

While the shampoo was fine - delivery from Entirely Pets was very slow and then the delivered product had a quick turn around expiration date (4 months) on it. I was very disappointed with Entirely Pets.

Featured Reviews for Eqyss Micro-Tek Pet Shampoo (16 oz)
Microtek Shampoo by Ben08/03/2014

I have been using this product for years on my dog because it makes her smell good and relieves her itchy skin.

Shampoo for allergic dog by rox from Virginia01/14/2014

This is one of two shampoos recommended on the French Bulldog Rescue website to combat the fungal and bacterial skin infections that plague many Frenchies. The other is Zymox. I ordered both. So far, I prefer this Micro Tek over the Zymox because my Frenchie's coat gets a bit oily within a couple days after a Zymox shampoo and does not with the Micro Tek. Micro Tek has a stronger scent which I find pleasant, does not bother my dog, and helps him not smell "doggie" longer than Zymox. I do note that the active ingredient in Micro Tek is triclocarban. This is a form of the stuff in antibacterial hand soap, which now they tell us is harmful if overused. So I am alternating the two shampoos for weekly baths so as not to overdo this chemical. So far we have been about 4 months fungal and bacterial infection free, even with the soggy ground during a wet winter.

by LBStcok from Palmdale, CA10/22/2012

Brand/Product does not live to its claim. If my dogs have alerties to the environment, we wash them every weekend and shortly after they dry, they are back to itching.

Best Shampoo Ever by BostonLover from Oviedo, FL07/24/2014

Love using this shampoo and after I rinse the dogs they are left with a conditioner type feeling on their fur. Smells great and it fights bacteria on the skin.

Featured Reviews for PawGanics Itch Relief Shampoo (16 oz)
Best dog shampoo ever! by Barbara10/10/2014

While not a medicated shampoo, after using just once on my 2 dogs - each of whom had a skin problem that failed to resolve after using antibiotic spray/cortisone cream/prescription cleanser/etc. - their skin issues vanished, their fur was silky and shiny, and they smelled great (not fruity or perfume-y - just CLEAN)! This shampoo is a KEEPER!

by marsha06/09/2013

I have tried so many itch relief shampoos and this one works the best! Also, the shampoo goes a long way and cleans with just one application. They still scratch but not nearly as much as they used to. I spent 7 mos./year in Tx. and the sandfleas really bother my dogs even with Frontline. So,any relief for them is great!

Featured Reviews for Zymox Enzymatic Shampoo (Gallon)
Zymox Shampoo by Ozzie from New Jersey05/29/2013

Presentation is good The pump work ok, the amount of product coming as you activate the pump ok for a medium size dog. the product work ok washing and degreasing the fur, nice light sent, skin feels relieved and clean, Now I would wait few more washes with the product to address effectiveness as a medicated shampoo in specific skin conditions.

Excellent shampoo by Anita from Boise, ID02/14/2014

Dog has severe allergies. This really works!

Featured Reviews for Zymox Enzymatic Rinse (Gallon)
Zymox Rinse by Ozzie from New Jersey05/29/2013

Product presentation is good. The pump work ok. and amount out of the pump is enough for a medium size dog or cat. Product, condition and hydrate fur nicely. Rinse out fast. Fur and skin feels fresh and relieved.

Featured Reviews for Zymox Itch Relief Shampoo with Vitamin D3 (12 oz)
Our Favorite Dog Shampoo by Lynn Marie from Lynchburg, VA04/30/2013

We use the Zymox Enzymatic Shampoo on a regular basis along with the Zymox conditioner on our golden retriever. It is great for his skin and coat. We wouldn't want to be without this. I believe anyone would like this for their dog.

Great product. by Sherry05/28/2013

This shampoo and the conditioner are great. My dog has very dry itchy skin and this really helps. I don't wash all of the conditioner and that helps keep his skin moist.

Prior Was Better by Donn951 from Hometown IL12/28/2013

I had purchased Zymox shampoo before and the earlier shampoo was better. It stopped my Yorkie from itching and scratching with this she is still scratching so next time I will buy the earlier Zymox. It was in a bottle with a yellow label and that one really works.

Another Zymox winner! by Gigi from Halifax, NS10/20/2013

My Puli was scratching his body a lot. I was very impressed by the fantastic results I had with Zymox Otic HC 1.0 for his itchy ears, so decided to try their shampoo. It did the trick - another winning product Zymox - Bravo!

Really works ! by blonde in Florida09/25/2013

Our allergic black toy poodle (11 yrs) had been scratching like crazy---but worse he always smelled like popcorn. I looked it up online & learned that smell is usually something to do with a fungus infection. On closer exam I could find scaly stuff like dandruff in his fur. I had tried ZYMOX ear treatment in the past for a big lab who had a resistant ear infection & was very pleased so wanted to give this a try----also bought conditioner & happy with both. Bathe him weekly and he smells so good & it relieves itch.

Pretty Good by mrs c04/26/2014

Both shampoo, and conditioner are good for cleaning, and conditionng purposes... But, unfortunately, not for itchy skin conditions...

Awesome product by gwoman123 from Fallbrook, CA07/16/2013

My bernese mountain dog has seasonal atophy and gets itchy every summer. I bathe her with the Zymox shampoo and use the rinse and she is feeling better practically instantly! The big plus is that it also smells very clean and fresh! Thank you for a product that helps my 11 1/2 year old girl so much.

very very good. by sandy04/26/2014

My dog is a Dalmatian species. Dalmatians have always had a skin disease. Use all looked good shampoo. However, there was no effect. But do not scratch zymox using the shampoo. So thankful. The smell is almost unscented. Dry the smell good. I love zymox

Featured Reviews for Zymox Enzymatic Shampoo with Vitamin D3 (Gallon)
Shampoo Awesome-Company Terrible by Staci12/18/2013

I have been using this shampoo for a couple of years. I first saw it at a grooming expo. One of the best shampoo's I have ever purchased. As for this company, I will never order from them again, IT WAS A HEADACHE FROM THE START!!!! Customer service could not be bothered by what I had to say.I will find another place to order.

great shampoo by newfowner from Maine09/18/2013

Our newfoundland has allergies and this shampoo helps tremendously by keeping the itching controlled.

by Staci McHale01/01/2014

Product is Awesome Company is the worst I have ever dealt with. Needless to say I will never order from them again and have let many people know how difficult they were. I am a groomer and do recommend this product, and have told my customers not to order from this company that I will help them find an alternative.

Featured Reviews for Zymox Enzymatic Conditioning Rinse with Vitamin D3 (12 oz)
zymon conditioning by Italian mama from Hobe Sound Fla.06/16/2014

Its been five years with problem skin for Lucy Lou my female Maltese and this is helping,,,,,The shampoo too and and I have purchase also the ear medicine and the cream in the tube ,, it so much better,,, Italian Mama

You smell so good! by Lynn Marie from Lynchburg, VA04/30/2013

Since we started using the Zymox Conditioning Rinse, we always take a few special moments after our Golden Retriever's bath to love on him and tell him "you smell so good!" I can tell it makes him happy. Besides smelling good, this is very good skin care for our dog. We get the benefits for his skin and coat and and for a pleasant bonus, a great smelling dog. We do not ever want to run out of this. We have tried others but this is by far the one we like the most. I do not see how anyone could be disappointted in it.

awesome shampoo by maui pit bull lover from Hana Maui, Hawaii10/19/2013

my older dog has major allergies..and this shampoo and conditioner together seems to do the trick..smells great too!!

by james04/26/2014

Makes the dogs hair shine and smell so good.

by from 07/01/2013

Zymox products are wonderful. I have a lot of rescue animals and one of them came to me with terrible allergies. She is an elderly dog (12) but is very young at heart (a Setter) and 'skippy' but for almost two years I have been trying to cure her problems. The vet would always offer steroid injections but at 12 I refused these because they can lead to other diseases. Honestly, I have spent hundreds of pounds on her (thousands with the vet fees), seizing on every solution that other people had written about...but nothing worked! She had lost all her fur on her hind quarters, she had bald elbows on her back legs, she was losing the fur on her neck and her feet were always sore.

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Featured Reviews for Zymox Enzymatic Conditioning Rinse with Vitamin D3 (Gallon)
Excellent coat product by Sandi06/30/2013

I use it on my corgis and my great-granddaughter. It is all around beneficial to dog coats and human hair.

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