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Anti-Microbial Shampoos

Anti-Microbial ShampoosAnti-Microbial Shampoos for dogs and cats. These great anti-septic pet shampoos get rid of bacteria on your pet's skin and coat. Use as directed. Protect your pet and pick some up today.

Etiderm Medicated Shampoo (8oz) by VIRBAC
Etiderm Medicated Shampoo (8oz) by VIRBAC

($10.99)  $7.99
Virbac Hexadene Shampoo (16 oz)
Virbac Hexadene Shampoo (16 oz)

($20.99)  $15.69
Malaseb by DVM Pharmaceuticals
Malaseb by DVM Pharmaceuticals

Vet Solutions BPO 3 Shampoo 3% Benzoyl Peroxide (16 oz)
Vet Solutions BPO 3 Shampoo 3% Benzoyl Peroxide (16 oz)

($13.99)  $10.59
Vet Solutions BPO 3 Shampoo 3% Benzoyl Peroxide (Gallon)
Vet Solutions BPO 3 Shampoo 3% Benzoyl Peroxide (Gallon)

($90.99)  $69.89
Vet Solutions Sebozole Medicated Shampoo (16 oz)
Vet Solutions Sebozole Medicated Shampoo (16 oz)

($29.99)  $23.59
Vet Solutions Universal Medicated Shampoo (16 oz)
Vet Solutions Universal Medicated Shampoo (16 oz)

($20.99)  $15.99
Mal-A-Ket Shampoo (8 oz)
Mal-A-Ket Shampoo (8 oz)

($15.99)  $11.99
Keto-C Shampoo for Dogs, Cats & Horses (16 oz)
Keto-C Shampoo for Dogs, Cats & Horses (16 oz)

($29.99)  $22.99
Keto-C Shampoo for Dogs, Cats & Horses (8 oz)
Keto-C Shampoo for Dogs, Cats & Horses (8 oz)

($25.99)  $19.99
ChloraSeb Antiseptic Shampoo (12 oz)
ChloraSeb Antiseptic Shampoo (12 oz)

($21.15)  $14.99
ChloraSeb Antiseptic Spray (8 oz)
ChloraSeb Antiseptic Spray (8 oz)

($15.20)  $12.39
ChloraSeb Antiseptic Flush (12 oz)
ChloraSeb Antiseptic Flush (12 oz)

($15.55)  $12.99
Sulfox Shampoo (12 oz)
Sulfox Shampoo (12 oz)

($17.40)  $14.99
T8 Keto Flush - 4 fl. oz
T8 Keto Flush - 4 fl. oz

($14.99)  $10.89
T8 Keto Flush - 12 fl. oz
T8 Keto Flush - 12 fl. oz

($25.99)  $19.99
DVM Chlorhexiderm 4% Shampoo (8 oz)
DVM Chlorhexiderm 4% Shampoo (8 oz)

($14.99)  $11.39
DVM Chlorhexiderm Maximum HC 4% Shampoo (12 oz)
DVM Chlorhexiderm Maximum HC 4% Shampoo (12 oz)

($16.99)  $12.89
DVM Chlorhexiderm 4% Shampoo (64 oz)
DVM Chlorhexiderm 4% Shampoo (64 oz)

($142.99)  $109.89
DVM Relief Creme Rinse (8 oz)
DVM Relief Creme Rinse (8 oz)

($43.99)  $33.09
DVM Relief Creme Rinse (12 oz)
DVM Relief Creme Rinse (12 oz)

($19.99)  $14.89
DVM Relief Creme Rinse (64 oz)
DVM Relief Creme Rinse (64 oz)

($83.99)  $64.39
DVM Relief SHAMPOO (8 oz)
DVM Relief SHAMPOO (8 oz)

($12.99)  $9.89
DVM Relief SHAMPOO (12 oz)
DVM Relief SHAMPOO (12 oz)

($20.99)  $13.89
DVM Relief SHAMPOO (64 oz)
DVM Relief SHAMPOO (64 oz)

($140.99)  $107.89
Dechra TrizCHLOR 4 Shampoo (8 oz)
Dechra TrizCHLOR 4 Shampoo (8 oz)

($16.99)  $12.99
Dechra TrizCHLOR 4 Spray Conditioner (8 oz)
Dechra TrizCHLOR 4 Spray Conditioner (8 oz)

($16.99)  $12.99
Dechra TrizCHLOR 4 Shampoo (Gallon)
Dechra TrizCHLOR 4 Shampoo (Gallon)

($181.99)  $139.99
Dechra TrizCHLOR 4HC Shampoo (8 oz)
Dechra TrizCHLOR 4HC Shampoo (8 oz)

($31.99)  $23.99
Dechra TrizCHLOR 4HC Spray Concditioner (8 oz)
Dechra TrizCHLOR 4HC Spray Concditioner (8 oz)

($28.99)  $21.99
Dechra TrizEDTA Crystal Flush (4 oz)
Dechra TrizEDTA Crystal Flush (4 oz)

($14.99)  $10.99
Dechra MalAcetic Shampoo (16 oz)
Dechra MalAcetic Shampoo (16 oz)

($22.99)  $16.99
Dechra Mal-A-Ket Plus TrizEDTA Spray Conditioner (8 oz)
Dechra Mal-A-Ket Plus TrizEDTA Spray Conditioner (8 oz)

($19.99)  $14.99
This item is Currently Out of Stock and Should be Shipped 4-6 Weeks.

Etiderm shampoo gentle anti-septic and keratoplastic pet shampoo for use in dogs and cats of any age. Uses spherulites and chitosanide to reinforce the anti-septic and keratoplastic properties. Spherulites provide slow release of ingredients long after the shampoo is rinsed. Chitanoside creates a protective film on the skin and hair.

Note: This item is restricted from shipping to California.
5.00 rating based on 4 reviews
Featured Reviews for Etiderm Medicated Shampoo (8oz) by VIRBAC
by from 06/27/2012

One of the best products on the market. Much more reasonable then purchasing from the Vet. This product really helps the skin of your dog and makes them smell great!!

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Etiderm by Rupert04/18/2013

A very thorough yet gentle shampoo. Will buy again.

An antiseptic shampoo by Camillo from Puerto Rico02/17/2013

If you catch your dog scratching or with excessive licking, I highly recommend using Etiderm, it is an antiseptic. It will help your dog with clearing up any skin irritation. You may need to use Hexadene to ensure you eradicate abnormal levels of yeast/fungi.

Excellent Service and Product by Edna from Riverton , Illinois01/29/2012

Super fast delivery and reasonable rates on shipping and handling ! This shampoo really does the job for my Shih Tzu ......Gizmo .........Tried everything else , and this is the best !

Featured Reviews for Virbac Hexadene Shampoo (16 oz)
great dog shampoo by Anya from White Mts, NH06/19/2012

I have a dog with allergies to environmental items, like some trees, grasses, bushes and also food sensivities. I changed her diet and started using Virbac Hexadene shampoo weekly for her severe scratching.She used to scratch herself raw, and chew her feet. Since using this shampoo she hardly scratches at all. Only once in a while if bored... but I think that is just a learned behavior. She doesnt bite and scratch with a vengence anymore. This shampoo has helped her and made her coat soft, shiny, and she smells great , really clean. I would recommend this for anyone with a dog with scratching issues.

Great product by Rick from Puyallup, Wa04/30/2013

I have an English Setter. Years ago I had found that this product is THE BEST medicated shampoo on the market. I would never change to anything else.

Very good Shampoo! by Rich from Bangor,Mi.06/09/2013

Excellent service and on time delivery,great company to deal with,product worked great on the rash on my dogs stomach!

The Product Really Works! by Chamomile T from Westchester, NY12/24/2012

I have a 17 year-old Yellow Labrador Retriever who had sarcoptic mange. Her skin was itchy and very dry and the hair on her legs was gone from the mange. After one use of the Hexadene Shampoo, there was dramatic improvement. I have been using the product twice a week for the last month. The vet said "she looks amazing" and her hair has almost completely grown back.

Great product by dogloverX3 from Central Wisconsin10/26/2011

Great product, smells good, and about half the cost of shampoo purchased thru my vet! My 14 year old Springer Spaniel has relief from his skin allergies!!

Hexadene by Maxie from Chicago, Illinois06/10/2012

I have a rescue Irish Setter that has skin allergies. She developed doggie MRSA. She is finally free of it, but requires weekly bathes with the hexadene soap and resiketochlor lotion. I order most of it from you. I love your company, you are so professional and FAST!!!!!!!!!! I don't worry about running out of the soap as you ship it ASAP!!!!!! I have recommended your company to many of my doggie friends across the country. Keep up the great work!

a necessary shamphoo by dodo60 from beaumont, texas11/07/2012

my dog has a allergy to something in the ground. this shamphoo and the conditioner helps keep him off of alergy medicines. he needed it 2-3 times a week - now 1-2 times a week. my older dog hair gets dirty a day or two after a bath. since i started using the shamphoo on her; her skin stays cleaner longer.

Virbac Hexadene Shampoo by Sea-Jay02/18/2013

My mom bought this shampoo for me and since she has started using it I am off of the antibiotics. She does have to bath me twice a week, and after the bath before drying me with a hair dryer she puts on ResiSoothe by Virbac. I am alot less itchy and the scabs have gone away.

by Rupert04/18/2013

An extremely good shampoo. Cleans very thoroughly.

by Sharkey02/02/2013

The best product for White English Bull Terriers with skin problems.

Excellent product for superficial pyoderma. by Edie07/09/2012

Previously, I had to purchase a similar product from Australia because Virbac did not distribute it in the US. I am glad they changed that.

good product by damy12/06/2012

this is a good product and it seems to be doing its job on my dog and her skin.

Excellent by Camillo from Puerto Rico02/17/2013

If your dog plays outdoors, runs through the woods and is exposed to climate changes, this antiseptic shampoo will balance out bacterial and fungal levels for an excellent shiny coat. Consider your pet allergy to grains as well. I have switched my GSDs to grain free food.

Hexadene shampoo by Carrie from Airdrie , Alberta/Canada.04/30/2013

Very gentle on my cats , this product works I use it on my cats when they need it/I love this shampoo and I'm very greatful it's available to me. ( Thank-you Virbac )

really works by apollo from Athens, NY04/25/2012

My dog is allergic to the staph on his skin--this product really helps to keep him clean and itch free--this makes both of us happy!!

Just what the doctor ordered by MB from Poinciana, Florida02/28/2012

Excellent product. Really takes care of problem skin on my dog.

Great for Cockers with skin problems by Ally from Ashland, Ohio04/21/2012

This or vet sold us a yr ago. Love it. So, we looked around and found it here for 7.00 lower. Works so GREAT on cocker spaniels with skin issues.

allergy relief by Mitzi12/24/2012

My vet sold me this product to help with my sweet Carrie's allergies. She scratches so much less when this is used. Buying it from Entirely Pets is about half what my vet charged.

by CAB11/19/2012

My dog has allergies and this shampoo is what his Allergy doctor wants used on him. Product works great on him and is much cheaper buying from Entirely Pets. Highly recommend.

Only Shampoo that has helped by scouts4 from Meriden, CT08/17/2010

Our Wheaten Terrier has severe allergies and this shampoo has made a huge difference in her scratching. We have tried so many shampoos and this is the only one that has helped her.

Hexadene Shampoo by JoannT from Michigan11/08/2012

Works great - our vet recommended it for our dog who has allergies. The shampoo doesn't lather but it does work.

Skin problem miracle product. by Sharkey from Fort Lauderdale, FL10/25/2011

Sharkey is a 3 year old English Bull Terrier. He came from an Animal Shelter will all sorts of skin problems and allergies.Every few months I had to treat Sharkey with $200 Convenia shots and all sorts of other drugs.Finally a Vet recommended Hexadene shampoo. It truly works like a miracle!No more skin problems,allergies and drugs.Sharkey gets a 20 minute bath every 5 days and and all is well! And, thanks to Entirely Pets, I get Hexadene Shampoo for half the price that I had to pay at the Vet's.

good product by dodo07/04/2012

my dog is allergic to something in the ground, it is hard to keep the itching down, the shamphoo with the leave on rinse helps. i wish it was alittle stronger; but without it my dog would have to have allergy shots so it is doing the job. thank you.

Great product by LSG from Cincinnati, OH11/30/2012

We have a white American Bulldog with skin problems. Our vet recommended this product and we were looking for cheaper prices than his office. We ordered online and we were really glad with the services. We received it quickly and did not have any problems. Will buy more soon!

Finger's crossed! by Ruby's mom12/17/2011

Fingers are crossed that this clears up her skin as beautiful as it left her coat. Rich lather that rinses clean, and her coat is soft & shiny. I am hopeful this will help get rid of a stubborn skin infection that she's taking an Rx for now. Chlorhexidene is a terrific antimicrobial that has worked in the past to clear up rain rot on my horses', so this just might do the trick. If possible I'll leave an update, as I used it this morning for the first time.

Great Buy by Korki from Conroe, Tx04/29/2012

This was the best price I found the VET wanted to charge me 28.00 for same size bottle. He can pay for his vette some other way!!!

by from 11/04/2011

My dog likes to lick her feet. It's not that she really likes it, but feels compelled to do it. Her allergies make her feet so itchy, that it's constantly lick-lick-lick. I took her to a doggie dermatologist who prescribed this shampoo. I pick her up (55 lb bulldog), put her in the kitchen sink, and wash her feet with the shampoo every other day. Others could probably do this in a bathtub, however my dog cannot walk up stairs so I would have to carry her up & down.

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Great product to relieve scratching by Mary from San Antonio, TX12/28/2012

Our dog was scratching for 2 months before we found this product. Changing food didn't help. A special (and expensive) diet didn't help. Then a friend told us what a doggie dermatologist told her in a similar situation. Buy this product and mix it half and half with the Virbac EpiSmooth. Bathe the dog and leave it on for 10 minutes. Repeat 3 days later, a week later, a week after that and then as needed. It worked great! Our dog scratched less right away. He has continued to improve so he rarely scratches. The hair has grown back on his paws. We are all much happier.

Excellent medicated shampoo by dogsbestfriend from Canton, MI12/07/2011

Great shampoo for dogs prone to bacterial skin infections and allergies. Does not lather well but leaves coat clean, soft and manageable.

A very good product. by Doris from Quebec, Canada11/22/2011

Due to her active chronic hepatitis, my dog developped skin problems. This shampoo controls the bacterial infections. Her coat is soft and shiny. She's enjoying her bimonthly baths!

New fresh scent by chloes_owner from Mercer County, NJ05/04/2012

Have been using Hexadene shampoo on my 45 pound shorthaired mutt for 10 years. It is effective in reducing her chronic itching and "hot spots" associated with her grass and tree pollen allergy. The shampoo in this last bottle was a different color and had a new pleasant scent and still leaves her coat smooth, silky, and dandruff free for 2 weeks.

Great Shampoo by GM from Pennsylvania08/26/2012

I have been buying Hexadene shampoo from entirely pets for quite awhile now...very good deal...price is amazing...will continue to buy from entirely pets because my dog has a skin condition that requires him to be bathed every 4 days...

The Best I've Found... by boxdude from Long Beach, Ca11/08/2012

My Pekingese has a skin problem. The dermatologist recommended this product and I must agree it works the best of all the others I have tried. I've been using it for about three years now. Give it a try!

YEAH! It helped! by dchristian999 from Lakebay, WA05/15/2012

I have a silky terrier with a lot of skin and allergy problems. My vet advised that I use this shampoo. It smells good, is gentle, and really does help her skin. My daughter is now also using it, and she has a 'smelly' (oily) Pug that now smells MUCH better too! I wouldn't use anything else now! Love it! Thank you Virbac.

Life-saver product by Hau from New York, NY05/30/2012

Hexadene is a life saver. My shih-tzu's skin problems are immediately relieved when I use this shampoo and the results are dramatic. I've tried many different ointments and creams on his frequent break-outs and scaly, flaky skin, but Hexadene is the best, by far. Highly recommended.

Works by Marcia from Houston, Tx04/21/2012

My Boston has severe skin allergies. The vet had her on another product that didn't seem to do anything. I got online and found Hexadene. I have to bathe her every other day. It works well. She doesn't scratch as much, if at all. It obviously does not dry the skin out either as i bathe her frequently. I dont always have time to let it sit on her for the 10 min. but even if you don't it still works.

Wonderful for Highly Allergic Dogs by Marilyn from Galveston, TX06/03/2012

I have a dog who is highly allergic to dust, many kinds of grasses, and some food types. Every shampoo other than Hexadene has aggravated his skin condition. He has used this shampoo for app. one year and his skin is not irritated after having a bath. I'm so glad this shampoo works for him and seems to help his skin condition.

Virbac they said they do not Guarantee their produ by Barbara from New Jersey01/03/2013

My vet said DO NOT use medicated shampoos from this site. Called manufacturer Virbac they said they do not Guarantee their products sold from this site. Only from authorized vets that receive their products from authorized dealers.

Finally relief for my chow/bordercollie mix by Sue08/20/2009

Last year, my dog had repeated visits to the vet for a recurring itchy staph infection. A "new" vet prescribed this shampoo (in addition to the meds). And wow!! Finally, no more staph infection! His long hair comes out looking beautiful, silky, with a very pleasant light fragrance. I love this product!

Final relief by Golden Retriever Owner06/23/2009

I have had years of throwing money toward hot spots and skin infections. A bath once a week with Hexadene has prevented any reappearance of these issues. I love this stuff!

Relief for my Dog! by Dog Owner02/01/2009

This shampoo was prescribed by our vet dermatologist and brought great relief to our dog!! Won't live without it now! He gets a bath in it weekly!

Great Product by LindaM11/13/2012

Love this shampoo! My Springer Spaniel has skin allergies and the shampoo really helps control it. It's mild enough that I use it on my other two dogs...smells great also!! Highly recommended! Thank you Entirely Pets for the great price and making this available!!!

Hexadene by Hexadene03/04/2008


Great truly medicated shampoo by wikiwicked from Biloxi, MS05/31/2012

HEXADENE is a gentle, antimicrobial and antiseptic shampoo not like the OTC medicated shampoos containing lidocaine and/or oatmeal. If your dog or cat has pustules causing bald spots or staph infections from itching, there is nothing better. Plus Entirely Pets is expedient in shipping orders!

Great shampoo by Diana05/03/2013

Works wonderful for my little baby, cocker spaniel who suffers w/many skin allergies.

Hexadene by Benton Shopper from Texas11/06/2012

I have a West Highland Terrier that has constant allergy problems. I have found this shampoo to be very helpful in keeping the scratching to a minimum. Entirely Pets offers a great price compared to purchasing the product at my Vet's office.

Great Response by Peteg from Catonsville, MD07/21/2012

Mowgli's dermatologist recommended Hexadene shampoos twice a week for our almost 13 year old shepherd mix. It really helps his skin allergy and recovery from scabies, Ttwice a week wasn't possible because he has trouble standing up long enough. Now we wash just the cysts on his elbows. Good price, arrived quickly and no RX hassel.

Featured Reviews for Vet Solutions BPO 3 Shampoo 3% Benzoyl Peroxide (16 oz)
great value! by pa#9 from Chicago10/23/2012

This shampoo cost much less than what my vet charges, for twice as much product!

Great Shampoo by paloloshopper11/09/2011

This shampoo is the only one that "cuts the grease" on our 85-lb Lab/Ridgeback/Great Dane. He had food allergies that gave him little bumps/rash all over his body. But this shampoo helped clear up the rash. Nice fragrance. We also have a bottle of the VET Solutions Medicated shampoo, which is gentler. I like the smell of the BP0-3 better and like I said, it removes the oil more effectively.

AWESOME! by Sparkygal12/10/2011

After being told that my vet could no longer get the Byopen shampoo she prescribed, I found this similar folicular flushing shampoo.I have to bathe my/our dog every other day to assist in her treatment plan for demodectic mites. This product is AWESOME! It lasts longer, lathers better and much less dandruff/scaling skin plus the lumps/bumps/scabbing improved. I have bought 3 bottles...not because it doesn't work but because IT DOES and you can't beat the price!

by from 02/09/2012

My vet had me purchase this product and it turned out to be a costly mistake.

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Good stuff by MuttleyCrewMom from Memphis, TN02/12/2013

I needed to find a shampoo for one of my dogs with skin issues. I researched and found that benzoyl peroxide shampoo would help. I hopped on Entirely Pets website, found the shampoo and ordered it. My dog's bald patches have started to fill in again and he smells SOOOOOOO much better!

Poor service- by Ilsa from Maine01/21/2012

It took so long for you to supply the shampoo, that I reordered again from Amazon. I now have $90 some dollars of dog shampoo- either here, or on the way-

Great product & Quick shipping by CC from Atlanta, GA10/17/2011

We contacted this company when our Pitbull got a rash at the local Dog Park. This shampoo worked Great and OZ is no longer itching. Now if the hair would just grow back in!! We were in a bit of a rush to receive it and were not disappointed when it arrived a day early. Great product / Great Service...Thanks!!

great product by jodi from Fall River, MA11/06/2012

I use this shampoo on my dog about once a month. She tends to get little black heads on her belly and this clears them right up. I tend to use it 2 days before applying my flea product as this shampoo is follicular flushing and can make a product less effective even if it's waterproof. The smell isn't anything to write home about but it's not terrible like some other medicated shampoos are. I will continue to use this product.

Did the job by goodstuff05/14/2013

I used BPO-3 on my pet Shepard and it lathered well and i saw considerably less flakes on his coat. i'll purchase it again.

Highly Recommended Product by Shani from Pennsylvania12/05/2011

This product came highly recommended by my veterinarian. I'm glad I found this website and purchased this product. My dog still has an ongoing skin problem, but this shampoo is helping to easy his problem, which means so much to me. Thank you.

Helps my demodex dog by Janet from Kentucky12/18/2012

My dog has had issues with demodex. I use BPO-3 and it helps him tremendously! He also has yeast issues between his toes. I wash his feet in this shampoo every few days when the has a flare. Great shampoo.

Wonderful by nildatech04/03/2013

Keep dog skin clean, no more redness love the product

Very effective by Hal06/13/2012

BPO-3 is great--very soothing, smells good and best of all, my dog likes it. Definitely relieves itching due to allergies.

Fantastic - Does the job very well!! by Nancy from Orange, CA10/23/2012

My Cairn Terrier has a very oily coat. This shampoo really makes her coat shine and removed the excess oil without stripping it.

Daisy loves this product!! by Beachhouse duo01/21/2013

Our sweet little dachshund princess has Cushings disease so regular skin care is paramount! This product helps us maintain her skin with minimal eruptions which could cause infection. Great product! Thanks for the great service!

BPO-3 Shampoo by Petra from Titusville, Fl05/31/2013

It smells good but lathers very minimal. it did help my dogs skin but I use it with another shampoo that I purchased through entirely pets, I first use the BPO-3 shampoo and shampoo him first that one first the I use the Dermabenss Shampoo and lather him up really good and let it sit, and the combination of both have made his skin much better. It is a good shampoo just does not lather a lot.

Featured Reviews for Vet Solutions Sebozole Medicated Shampoo (16 oz)
Awesome Product by Tiffany from New Orleans, LA08/01/2012

Love this Shampoo! Works great at reducing and keeping my dogs allergies away!!

by Con05/02/2012

My miniature schnauzer Lexus had a problem with constant scratching. She keep waking us up at night from thumping the floor when she scratched. After taking her to several vets I finally found one that suggested Sebozole a medicated shampoo. After several baths she stopped her constant scratching, which was a great relief for both her and the rest of the family.

did not work for my westie by kell11/14/2011

I have a westie with recurring yeast and and bacterial infection. The sebozole shampoo is very thick and sticky. Shampoo containing ketoconazole and chlorhexdine seem to work much better controlling the infections.

great shampoo by Furkid's mom from California06/05/2011

This shampoo lathers well and smells very good. It was easy shampoo to use on our very large thick furred dog and our short haired cat was extremely easy. We finally got rid of fleas with revolution for the cats and Trifexis for the dog and flea busters powder for the house.For over a year after tying every product on the market we have manged to get rid of this horrible infestation.The animal's skin has suffered in the mean time while trying to find a product that would work for them.This is why we got this shampoo. We have used many of the vet solutions products and have had good luck with them in the past. This shampoo also did the job well and I'm I am happy to say that both cat and dog have not been scratching. and their coat smells so good and is very soft and beautiful thanks to this shampoo. I plan on using it on 2 of our other thick furred cats and the other short haired cat. Thanks to entirely pets for supplying these wonderful products.

Great shampoo by GracieLou01/20/2013

This shampoo was recommended by my vet and I have been using it for 4 years on my basenji. She smells clean and has no skin issues when we use Sebozole. A bit pricey but the bottle lasts a long time.

Great Product by horsenround10/25/2011

My vet recommended this product for my dog's fungal infection. Your price is about half of what my vet charged.

Great Service by Garykari105/30/2012

Shipping extremely fast. Product was very inexpensive.

by boobearsdad from Gainesville,Florida11/01/2012

I had been getting Sebozole from my vet ,but they stopped carrying it.I saw it on Entirely Pets and for less than my vets price so I ordered it and was very happy with the how fast it got to me.Thank you for being so prompt with shipping!

Featured Reviews for Vet Solutions Universal Medicated Shampoo (16 oz)
by RayRay10/22/2012

Best shampoo for any dog on the market! I've used many other shampoo's and this one is the winner above all.

Excellent results by Turtlynne from Aiken SC08/19/2012

this shampoo did exactly what it said it would do - and smells good too!

by from 11/30/2011

I bought this shampoo because my dogs are on the N-Zyme skin program and this is a recommended shampoo. I have lots of shampoo so I didn't really need it but bought it because of the skin program.

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Good product by Effa05/30/2012

We use this for our dog who has seasonal allergies. This is part of the treatment we use yearly to help comfort her in the fall.

great shampoo by kidzkrnr10/31/2011

This shampoo lathers very well with only a small amount of product. It also rinses easily from fur. I purchased this product because it was recommended for dogs with skin allergies. I think it cleaned my dog very well without leaving any harmful stuff that would aggravate her allergies.

good shampoo by country girl from South Louisiana05/14/2012

It's a good shampoo that I tried in order to replace another anit- bacterial /anti- fungal shampoo that is no longer available. My dog has allergies and sometimes his rashes and itching get severe. I use this shampoo and also cortisoothe. I wash my dog twice, once with each shampoo two times a week. This shampoo is working well and my dog only needs allergy shots in the spring and fall. In the past I had to get him medicine or shots every 6 weeks. I also recommend blue buffalo dog food.

Great product!! by cro5601/10/2013

Was introduced to this product in Vets office. My dogs were allergic to flea bites. After eliminating the fleas this product helped heal her skin and left her coat clean and soft. The price was much less than in the Vet's office.

My Vet's choice! by max'smom10/28/2012

This shampoo was recommended for my dog who developed a mystery rash. His discomfort was relieved quickly. And, it smells nice!

wonderful by bibzie from plains, penna12/21/2012

this has done wonders for my dogs skin and hair. it was recommended by a friend of mine. i have a shih tzu. he is a happy dog

Only Shampoo My Girls Will Use by MoodyWitch from Huber Hts, Ohio05/30/2013

I have been using this product for at least 6 years ...When my Corgi, Chelsea RIP had gotten a skin infection and the vet recommended it...I liked the clean smell so much that I kept using it even when I got The Girls Crissy and Cleo almost 3 years ago...I was told it was safe for puppies so I just stick with it...After going to a groomer for for a haircut and bath for my Fluffy Cleo they used something and I had to bring my girl home and give her another bath...I told her now you smell like family again...

Best dog shampoo ever by Sweetie from Cowden, IL.04/09/2013

This shampoo was so much easier to use than the previous shampoo I'd bought !! This is the best product I've ever used that had a lasting effect on the itching !! Would recommend it to everyone !!

by Virginia from Florida02/01/2012

The shampoo worked great to help control odor regarding my dog and left him soft as well. It did not dry out the coat and It is an additional treatment that I am using with other products.

smelled niice by momi from Seminole Fl.11/05/2011

So far I have only used this once but it cleaned very good and she smelled nice.

Best shampoo for itchy dogs!!! by Lab Lover from Inveness, Fl05/03/2010

Works great for dogs with foul odor, itchy/flaky skin. It's all I use for my chocolate lab:) I must say it does have a very sterile like smell, but works GREAT!!! I will continue to but this shampoo!! it is worth the price and recommended by my vet!

Great!! by IzzyLopez86 from Zion, Illinois03/13/2013

At a great price and super good quality, I finally found a good shampoo for my dog that has Allergies. You dont have to use that much since it lathers on soo good. It also smells nice leaving my best friend with a shiny coat that lasts for a while. I will definitely keep buying this product. Highly recommend it!!

Not impressed by Lor from Florida12/10/2012

First of all, I do not like the scent of this shampoo at all. Yuck. :( My dog was recently diagnosed with oily seborrhea, so my vet recommended this type of shampoo, did not have it in stock, so researched on line and purchased it based on reviewers recommendations. I used it once, but will donate it to the local SPCA.

Very good shampoo by Terry from Centennial, CO07/18/2012

I used this shampoo and it worked very well. My dog has subaceous adonitis and needs a bath quite often to keep her skin clean. I feel confident I can use this on her at least every two weeks.

This was recommended by my Vet by doglover from Livermore, CA05/15/2013

This product was recommended by my Veterinarian when my dog developed a skin condition. I started using is right away while waiting to see a specialist. The shampoo started helping his skin immediately. It has a pleasant odor, lathers nicely and my dog was comfortable with the product sitting on his skin that had a lot of raw areas from losing his hair in patches and the dry skin that had flaked away. I continue to use the medicated shampoo on a regular basis, even when his skin isn't flared up and I am very happy with it.

Best Medical Shampoo by MJ from Florida06/06/2012

This shampoo has been the best thing I ever purchased for my Westie in helping his allergic skin problems.

Vet Solutions Medicated Shampoo by Margaret08/17/2012

This is the best shampoo for dogs and cats who have allergies. Helps relieve my dogs itching. Will buy again!

Great shampoo for dogs with any skin irritations by doglover12/29/2011

My Chocolate lab has skin allergies and she breaks out on her belly often. We found this shampoo and it helps with the skin irritations but is gentle enough to use it each time we bathe her. Love this product!!

SMELLS GREAT AND SO CLEAN by SMiller07/12/2011

Extremely happy with this product. We found a stray dog that was covered in sores and seemed to have an ongoing skin condition. This product was recommended to me and I was impressed that for a medicated shampoo, the scent was pleasant and didn't smell like the typical medicated shampoos. It's mild enough to use once a week. Most importantly, it's been over a year since I've had my dog and his skin condition is completely gone! The only pet shampoo I will ever use!

Perfect shampoo by Docheart from Rochester, NY12/11/2012

Cleans well. Rinses off easily. Does not burn our dog's eyes. He smells great after bathing. Because he plays hard and gets muddy, he literally gets baths almost every day. It doesn't dry him out or irritate his skin.

Great by dawner10/27/2011

Currently using on my Golden and works great. Live in Canada and had no issues getting it delivered. Great work Entirely Pets! Will order again.

Works great and fresh scent by CindyW from Alabama02/20/2012

We use this shampoo on all our pets, dogs and cat alike. It is especially good for any pet that may have allergies. It also has a nice fresh scent.

Medicated Shampoo by Flaure from Miami Beach, FL01/18/2012

Excelent for sharpei / mixed dog skin issues. Super HAPPY!!!!

Good product by Abbysmom02/09/2013

Good for dogs with skin issues. Smell is a little strong

by from 06/06/2008

Hi all,

awful by case from ofJezebel


Featured Reviews for Mal-A-Ket Shampoo (8 oz)
My master is so smart by Nicholas from Gainesville, ga07/27/2012

If a dog, and I am a dog, a welsh terrier, thank you very much, has to have a bath, I prefer Mal-a-Ket. It is a great medicated shampoo, and with my allergies, it helps my skin so much. But while I love my vet, they were charging $10 more per bottle. So I get a great bath, and my master saves money using Entirely Pets. Maybe he'll spend the savings on a new toy!

Skin problem solved by Liston06/17/2012

This product has ELIMINATED yeast/candida problems in my dog's feet. It keeps his entire coat and skin healthy.

Great for Itchy Dogs by kelybo04/18/2012

This is great shampoo if you have an itchy pet, very clean smelling and wonderful for their coat!

Excellent shampoo! by islalvr from Chicago, IL10/31/2012

Love this shampoo, have been ordering it for awhile now. It is thin, which I was surprised about, but allows for easier all-over spreading of the product into the coat and skin. Rinses quickly with a nice conditioned feel, great scent. I leave this product on my pug for 10 minutes in the tub before rinsing, for full therapeutic benefits to skin. Highly recommend.

Good stuff by Ed from Kennewick, WA12/19/2012

I like this shampoo. It lathers up very well, neutral smell and it works! After shipping cost it is still about half the price of the Veterinarian supplied shampoo.

Great product!! by snoopylove from Atlanta,GA04/30/2012

I have ordered this product for my beagle that has paws problem. I used this product and I could tell that it help right away.

Get rid of the red color!! by sally from New York State02/19/2011

We bought this product to treat ringworm however, most of the cats we are bathing are WHITE. This shampoo is a bright red. My white cats are now orange stained and the color does NOT rinse out. We even rinsed with bleach water in attempt to get rid of the red staining. It does smell OK, it lathers well, but the red color is a non-plus in my opinion, even if it works.

No more itching by clpug from Arlington, TX05/06/2013

Our pug, Ronaldo was itching so much we actually thought he had a mental disorder. His coat looked and felt good so we were at a loss. It turns out he had yeast on his belly. Our vet had us use this and it worked fast. We follow the directions. It was expensive thru the vet so I found it here and keep it on hand and when he gets to itching we use it and the itching stops. I do set a timer for ten minutes before rinsing it off.

A Great Deal by Jan12/28/2011

I have been purchasing this shampoo from my veterinarian for my dog who has extensive allergies. The shampoo has helped and makes her smell like a pretty girl. I recently decided to check pricing on the internet and found a substantial savings by ordering it through EntirelyPets. I only wish I would have explored the idea sooner. I will continue to buy from this company when needed. The service was great. I received the product within days during the busy Christmas season.

Great shampoo by Dannimachile83 from Houston, TX03/15/2013

Love this product because it actually leaves your dog smelling clean. Most shampoos that I've tried leave my dog smelling like a "wet" dog. This shampoo seems to neutralize the smell, love it. Just wished I could find a bigger bottle of it.

Great medicated shampoo; smell is so-so by brownie200004/01/2013

My dog (50lb shepherd mix) developed horrible flaking and itching on her lower back. The sprays I had tried previously were useless and the antibiotics prescribed by the vet were good at clearing up the underlying infection but did not deal with the "quality" of the skin. This shampoo does not smell delicious, but it works. Note that you have to let it sit in the fur for a while. I have noticed that the flaking and itching has greatly been reduced since using this product in conjunction with EPI-SOOTHE Cream Rinse and Conditioner by VIRBAC.

Great shampoo by Great product10/26/2011

I use this on my dogs that develop skin irritations due to allergies. While it doesn't solve the problem it does help keep the skin issues under control if I use it once a week and let it soak on my dog for at least 10 minutes before rinsing off.

Effective but pricey by Mom03/28/2013

I use the Mal-A-Ket shampoo on my 10-year old Westie, Dolly. Dolly has severe allergies and battling the effects of them on her skin is a never-ending challenge. The shampoo works really well but we have to use a lot to get good coverage because Dolly's coat is thick. We recently took in a 9-year old Cairn Terrier, who also tends to be very itchy. Again, because of her coat, a lot of shampoo is needed to really reach the skin. Good product but not really affordable for ongoing use.

Mal-A-Ket medicated shampoo by Lacy from Detroit, Mi.10/30/2011

I've been buying this shampoo for years but this company offered it at the lowest price I've ever seen. They had speedy delivery and the product is just exactly what I've been buying at our vet. I'll be making my purchases here from now on.

Excellent Shampoo for sensitive skin by lotus from Los Angeles, CA02/27/2013

Best to treat fungal infections or bacteria infections. Highly recommend if your pet has allergies to food/allergens. Leaves coat soft and clean. Excellent results when using warm water and little shampoo works a long way.

by Dog Lover10/23/2012

Mal-A-Ket has been life changing for my Jack Russell. For years I'd been taking her to the Vet. and Vet. Dermatologist due to all her allergic break outs. It was truely sad to see her broke out in hives and in such pain. We didn't know if it was food or environmental, so we tried different diets, expensive shampoos for dogs with allergies and she still continued to break out. Well, to make a long story short we found a kitten that ended up having ring worms and my Jack Russell came down with ring worms, so I took her to the Vet. and he gave me this shampoo to bathe her. I noticed that the entire time she was using Mal-A-Ket she never broke out once. WHO KNEW! that the very shampoos that the Vets. were giving us to treat my dog's allergies were breaking her out. Now I only bathe her with Mal-A-Ket and she's never broke out since.

Finally a shampoo that works!! by Bev07/05/2012

This shampoo has done wonders for my elderly dogs skin and coat. My dogs itchy and scaly skin is so much improved and no more bad smell even days after bathing.



Super antifungal dog shampoo by MariP from California11/07/2012

We use this on a friend's dog that was experiencing recurring yeast issues on the skin (itchy, smelly, funky). By bathing with this shampoo and following it with a diluted cider vinegar rinse (to help restore a normal pH level to the skin), the yeast overgrowth has been controlled. Important to let the lathered shampoo sit on the skin and coat for 5-10min before rinsing in order to allow it to do its job. Highly recommended.

Excellent Product by JO from Newark, Ohio01/26/2013

This is the only shampoo we can use on our dog. We only wish there were more coupons or sales on this product.

Awesome shampoo! by Sheree from Mahomet, IL06/01/2012

My 7-year old pit bull suffers from skin allergies, and is on a regime of weekly allergy injections. When he has a breakout, he gets staph infections on his skin. This shampoo has helped so much. I started out using it every other day and after only a few weeks have been able to reduce the frequency to once every 4 - 5 days. The shampoo has a pleasant fragrance, and does not burn his skin and my hands like so many of the other medicated shampoos that I have used. It also lathers up very well, and therefore is very economical. I would highly recommend this shampoo for anyone who has a dog with skin problems.

Great Product! by Yorkie Mom from Winchester, TN02/10/2013

This is a great shampoo for my yorkie. He has allergies and this has helped a lot and you can't beat the price!

Mal-a-Ket Shampoo by shirleys21 from Evans, GA05/03/2012

I have used this product for quite awhile now and would not use any other for my Shar-pei. She is 10 years old, gets her bath every 2 weeks. Her coat is soft and thick.

Works great! by PetLover03/29/2013

Awesome product!! Will definitely be buying more of this. Considering the gallon size(!)

Shampoo made for for dog! by wacko10/23/2012

Finally I found a shampoo that really works for my dog who has a very sensitive skin.I let my friend use it because her dog itches and after just 2 shampoos she said that it is working.

great -- gives our dog relief by bill11/18/2012

Our dog, Benny, has a persistant yeast infection. The Mal-a-Ket shampoo gives him relief from the itching and it also keeps his hair soft and great smelling. We would recommend it to everyone !!!

Mal-A-Ket for your Pet ! by Bill M. from Ohio03/29/2012

Great shampoo for a dog that has allergy caused fungal skin infection; also leaves the coat shiny and smelling very good. Before and After Mal-A-Pet photo.

worked pretty well by Sandy from Virginia03/31/2013

i used this product for a long time on my bully and was pretty happy with it but for us i found the duoxo ps shampoo worked better. worked well and left her coat soft n shiny just didnt work as well on her yeast and bacteria issues as the other.

Best Product on the market by Kari from Pennsylvania06/24/2010

I purchased this product after reading the review with the hope that it would have the save effect on my cat as it did the reviewer's pet. Well, I'm so pleased to report that this shampoo is the greatest thing since the invention of the sandwich!! It really does the job that it says it will do. My cat looks great and feels great. The shampoo got all of the grease, grime and dirt out of her coat and left it shiny and soft. I highly recommend this product to you and yours. I am making this product part of my cats regime. Thanks so much for this wonderful product.

Malaket shampoo by punky from Tampa FL05/30/2012

This was recommended by our vet for our allergy doggy. After using this shampoo on a regular basis along with another shampoo, he is feeling so much better. Entirely pets is cheaper than vet even when paying shipping.

Wonderful by ET02/01/2013

This shampoo is great! Healed up my bulldogs coat like nothing else! All the hot spots have healed. Has stopped his constant scratching!

Mal a ket by Motherof3 from prairie village kansas04/29/2012

Best shampoo for keeping staph under control. I use it weekly on my English Bulldog - prone to staph. works great! use the wipes for inbetween baths.

YEA..Mal-A-Ket Shampoo! by trouble from Lake Seminole, GA11/17/2011

Shipping was FAST!! & PRICE beat the vet's by a long shot!! This product has cleared up my dear "Houdini's" fungus..but must bathe your pet at least twice a week with it. WIPES are great for in-between. Thank You ENTIRELY PETS for having this shampoo.

Awesome Product!! by Jen03/02/2013

Our vet prescribed this for our dog about 8 months ago when he was having some skin issues. Since we started using it he doesn't chew at his paws or legs and he has stopped rubbing his back on my furniture and walls. I would recommend this product to anyone who has pets with extreamly dry skin or allergies.

by from 04/11/2012

After battling yeast and fungal bacteria on my elderly Westie, I'm finally seeing results! The vet recommended shampooing every day but after a week of that, I cut back to every other day. Used the medicated Malaket Wipes in between baths. These products, plus antibiotics and Ketokonazole were a huge help in getting the problem under control.

use by Malaket from asI'll


Great Stuff by Sharon06/29/2012

My 6 yr old Westie suffers from skin allergies and with the coming of spring and summer she becomes very itchy. The veterinary dermatologist recommended that I bathe her frequently with Mal-A-Tek. It soothes her skin instantly and gives her relief for several weeks. Her coat is shiny and healthy looking. But best of all, she's comfortable and happy!

Mal-A-ket by Jackie from Lauderdale by the Sea, FL10/22/2012

I have 2 shar-pei and one has great skin and the other, well let's just say he doesn't. I wash him regularly with this shampoo. It keeps his skin in check and smells really good when it dries on him too.

Great Stuff! by CB from Illinois08/14/2012

Use this on my dogs and horses. Works well.

Silky coat with long lasting smell by Momroe05/16/2013

Love this shampoo! Lathers really well, and has a pleasant, long lasting scent. Very good for problem skin.

A comfort for my dog by Izzy05/30/2012

I have a West Highland White Terrior, Westies, she has some skin issues. When I bath her with this shampoo for the itiching skin, she says thank you with her eyes...I can see her relaxing as it soothes her skin. I would recommend this to any dog owner with skin issues and I plan to continue using this product when needed.

best purchase ever !!!! by foxy green03/23/2011

This shampoo is the best !!! I tried other shampoos and they only made my dogs skin worse. The shampoo lathers well and leaves her skin soft. Its great for rashes and bacterial infections. Although the shampoo is red, it does not stain her white coat. What I love the most is that with a little shampoo it does the job. Make sure to use plenty of water to rinse it off, if not your pet will be red.

Great for my dog's skin issues! by cvl from NW IN03/15/2012

After DVM discontinued it's line of products, I turned to this shampoo. It's very fresh smelling, and long lasting in regards to smell and fresh coat. I shampoo my pug every 2 weeks. I have seen negative reviews about the shampoo's color which is a bright orange; I find it not to be a problem. My pug is fawn/light in color and contrary to other comments, this shampoo does not stain my dog's hair. The only negative comment I have about it is that it does not lather as well as the DVM brand used to, but a decent shampoo nonetheless.

Good Product for Challenging Problem by blackdawgz from Camas, WA05/09/2013

I was hospitalized and ended up boarding Woofie at a Vet Shop. They kept him in a filthy cage and he got some challenging fungus/bacterial infections that MAL-A-KET appears to be very effective against. A tablespoon of it in a pint of warm water is good for foot-soaking.

Excellent for Bulldogs! by TXBULLDOGGER from El Paso, TX04/29/2013

I bought this shampoo after reading all the positive reviews online. My english bulldog suffered from yeast and this shampoo worked great! No more corn chip smell or paw licking and the fragrance smells awesome!

Mal-A-Ket Shampoo for Allergies by Daisy's Mom from Tulsa, OK02/10/2013

This product was recommended by a groomer for allergies. It's an anti-fungal shampoo and stops the itching and scratching of allergies. My West Highland Terrier is known for skin allergies, so this product is a must-have. It also kills the stinky feet smell which is caused by bacteria between the toes. Great product for the money.

Itchy Fox-dog by why from Georgia08/18/2012

The Mal-A-Ket shampoo has been excellent for Foxy's skin problems. The Vet gave me a sample of it when I was there last, but didn't have any in stock when I called to get some, so that's when I ordered from Entirely Pets. She smells really great just after her bath and her itching has just about quit completely. Thanks for your prompt shipping.......

Excellent Shampoo for Yeast Allergies by TailwaggersInc06/12/2013

Have been using this shampoo for years for my dog with yeast allergies - it works great! One bit of advice, these medicated shampoos dont clean perfectly so I do a 1st wash w/ a hypoallergenic shampoo and then do the 2nd wash with Malaket letting it soak in a bit before washing off, works great!

The Best Product for Older Dogs by Jim12/26/2011

Best product on the market. Great for older dogs and dogs with skin problems. Our groomer has been telling me about this product for years. She uses it on her own dogs as well as the dogs she grooms with skin problems. After his bath, my dog will sleep very content. No scrathing, chewing,or moving.

Best Product ever! by sassy17 from Wisconsin10/23/2012

Our chocolate cocker spaniel has suffered relentlessly for 4 or 5 years with skin issues from seasonal allergies. She used to break out in big dry patches of scaly skin and would scratch non stop. Nothing helped, until we found this shampoo. One shampoo and all the scaly patches were gone and haven't returned in 2 months now. This shampoo is worth the price! We will never buy another shampoo!

by Gordie from Lakeland Fl.07/31/2012

Great Product for my dogs skin. We been using this product for many years.

Best Shampoo for Dogs with Skin Allergies by ShelBel01/16/2013

I have to bathe our English bulldog weekly because he has severe skin allergy issues. This shampoo has been the best for keeping him as itch-free as possible in between baths.

Mal A Ket Dog Shampoo by Sherlock08/20/2012

Works great on my cairn terrier's skin issues. Recommended by my vet.

No more rash! by vettech from Los Angeles, CA02/23/2013

I purchased this for my Corgi who is allergic to many shampoos including tearless baby shampoo. She developed a rash in her female area and was given the Mal-A-Ket wipes to use once a day. I bathed her wth the Mal-A-Ket shampoo and her skin and fur became soft and white again. No longer is her skin red and irritated!

Great shampoo!!! by Marty from Sunland, California10/18/2011

I use to use Malaseb but it has been discontinued. This shampoo works great for my 2 little dogs. They have allergies and very sensitive skin. It's got a red tint to it so you have to rinse very well. I have a little white rat terrier and it leaves no tint on him. I will continue to buy this shampoo.

Skin allergy helper! by Sam from Essex, Mass.04/24/2012

Helps with my dogs skin allergy. Has a nice scent.

Featured Reviews for Keto-C Shampoo for Dogs, Cats & Horses (16 oz)
keto - C by Judie01/13/2013

Love the medicinal results of this product. We oreferr the brand Keto-Chlor Our dog has big time allergies and get very resistant sores on his belly. He is also diabetic so it takes multiple steps to knock out his infections. Keto C does the job but it stains clothing like using a bleach..THe color is orange and everything it touches turns orange or it bleaches out the color to any clothing or clothes. We have not had this problem KetoChlor shampoo. We have been able to buy this product from you before but it was not available on our last order. If Keto C by Stratford was the only option we would use it because it does the job.

Keto-C Shampoo by Kit10/12/2011

I have seen this work wonders on my own dogs. It can, when used regularly, turn black, hairless skin on the apron of a bloodhound into rabbit fur. Use carefully around the eyes, on hocks and anyplace you have a yeast infection or bacterial skin infection. Also works well on spot cleaning of hot spots. I wouldn't be without this product.

Great product by Jul from San Diego, CA05/03/2013

I've tried many shampoos to cut the grease buildup on my German Shepherd Dog. This product is fabulous. You have to use the shampoo consistently, at least once a week, to notice a difference, but it is very effective.

Featured Reviews for ChloraSeb Antiseptic Shampoo (12 oz)
Good Stuff by Suzy11/08/2011

My dog had an alergic reaction to a flea medication. Washed him in this shampoo as soon as it arrived. He immediately stopped itching and had a very peaceful night sleep, so did I...thank you!

Pleasant Suprise by Westie mom from Texas10/23/2012

Not only does this CloraSeb shampoo get the job done, the odor is nothing like a medicated shampoo. It smells wonderful. I have tried many antiseptic shampoos & I like this one best.

Great smelling medicated shampoo by Mz T06/13/2013

I love the citrus smell and it has helpe my Chihuahua's yeasty smell.

Pleasant fragrance by Jillington from Kansas City03/12/2012

It surprised me that this shampoo has a fresh fragrance rather than medicinal. It lathers nicely and rinses cleanly. My dog enjoys her showers, especially with a nice batch of bubbles.

by from 03/29/2012

My 10 mo. old bully has had these bad skin issues. We used other antiseptic shampoo's in which the next day it looked like he had hives.

shampoo by left from hisThe


Featured Reviews for ChloraSeb Antiseptic Spray (8 oz)
Really works great by dperfetto from North Carolina05/08/2013

I would highly recommend this product, and will do business again with Entirely Pets.

Must have item by Weaveroo from Portland, Oregon03/27/2012

As a certified animal assisted therapy handler I have taken my teammate into a variety of environments that could put him at risk of contracting zoonotic and fungal diseases. ChloraSeb spray, wipes, and shampoo are must have items in my AAT gear bag. When entering and leaving public facilities, I simply spray or wipe my pet partner's paws down. I also like this product for treating fungal infections between toes and pads on dogs with webbed feet. I love this product!

Short Expiration Date by wls12/05/2012

I ordered 3 bottles of Chloraseb in November 2012 for my dog's skin condition, thinking that I could use it for a long time. However, when it arrived, I saw that it had an expiration date of January 2013. It was on sale when I bought it, but I still didn't expect to be sent product that was so close it's expiration date.

Antiseptic for my first aid kit by ACDgirl11/23/2012

This is a good antiseptic that I use for any small nicks/cuts or flea bite dermatitis for my dogs. I keep it handy in my SUV's first aid kit for when we are on home, on the road or in the field herding and lure coursing.

Great Product by greenmb from Nashville, TN11/24/2011

My 14 yr old cat had several scabs on her back towards her tail.After only 3 applications, the scabs fell off and haven't returned yet! This was a little over one week ago. The spray seems to be very gentle and did not seem to sting her skin or bother her in any other way at all. It also has a decent smell to it. I am glad I found this product!

Very Pleased by I<3Hershey from New York02/27/2013

This is the first time I have tried this spray. It has been really good during the in between bathe times and relieves by dogs itchy skin.

Featured Reviews for ChloraSeb Antiseptic Flush (12 oz)
Works well by Droopy06/24/2013

Used for oily skin problem with good results.

good stuff by Sandy from Virginia03/31/2013

i have an english bulldog with yeast and bacteria issues and i just love this stuff. i use it alot in her ears and even the ear canal and it keeps me from having to go to the vet with her ear infections. i also use it in her tail pocket and on her back for her black skin and hair loss. i also use it for her tail pocket yeast and on her paws when they get red n yeasty or on her interdigital cysts. its just an all around good product that lasts a long time.

Great Multi-purpose product by Georgia11/07/2011

My big old dog has had numerous allergy-related problems, skin, ears, butt/tail area , that have caused him (and us) torment, We've tried many products, including those from our vet. While it's been less than a week of using this product it seems to be helping him a lot and it is more reasonable than some other products, considering we are using it frequently.

substitute by hbkt10/23/2012

bought as replacement for Malaseb, which is no longer available. Fungal agent is different, don't think it is quite as good, but will have to do!

Choraseb for facial yeast in Bichons by Bichon Fancier from B.C.11/11/2012

I used this product on my show Bichons for the frequent yeast infection they get from moisture beneath their eyes from tearing.First, I used the antifungal shampoo to start with a clean area.Then, have been following it up with this Choraseb flush, at least daily and twice a day in the dogs more heavily affected.I simply apply it to a clean cotton pad and cleanse the affected area under the eyes well. I also dry the area after with a blow dyer. It is easy to use and gentle and it has really helped get rid of the smelly socks odour and the irritated skin.Their hair is becoming whiter in the affected areas. I will continue to use this product.

great bargin by mrs bob08/01/2012

My newfie had a yeast ear infection & the vet gave me malasab flush 4 oz at $19.00 a bottle This product is the same formula at3xthe amount and much less cost.

Works well by MyDogs01/28/2013

Works well to clean cuts without hurting the dog..

Featured Reviews for Sulfox Shampoo (12 oz)
Great Medicated Shampoo by Al B05/11/2013

My English Bulldog is burdened with terrible allergies, and skin infections. By using Sulfox weekly, his infections has nearly disappeared, red spots/lesions are totally gone, and ALL the bare spots are filling in.

By far my favorite antiseptic shampoo by Mary from Mason, MI10/22/2012

This shampoo really helps sooth the skin and provide healing relief from skin irritations. Important to leave the product on for the recommended time to get the benefits. Does not have medicine smell some shampoos have.

helped her skin a lot by gagidget06/05/2012

nice product. left her fur soft and nice

Sulfox Shampoo by nina01/24/2013

I was very pleased with this shampoo, it works as well as Suloxy , that I used to get form my Vet's office, the big difference is the smell, this is very pleasant! Sulfox leaves my dog soft and clean!

SULFOX Shampoo by Ozzie from New Jersey06/12/2013

Im not sure if I will recommend the product. I used it on my Persian cats skin condition. I expected more fro the product, I follow the directions according to the skin condition, but it didn't do the magic.

Very Good Product by nannyjoyce from Kentucky12/26/2012

I have been using this shampoo for over a year on my schnauzer. It seems to stop him from scratching so bad. I recently purchased a bottle for my daughter's pug.

Sulfox Shampoo by vrshopper from California07/18/2012

This product worked great on my dogs dry itchy skin.

by from 07/21/2012

I have been using this twice a week for my boston terrier/shih tzu who has demodex and a chronic yeast infection of the skin, from a bad immune system, and also on a litter of kittens I am fostering that have ringworm. It is clearing them all up nicely. LOVE THIS!!!

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Featured Reviews for T8 Keto Flush - 4 fl. oz
by from 11/12/2008

Have a black lab who has had constant ear problems (10+ years). We've been on all the different regiments. One of our vet techs suggested we try this in between bouts of oral antibotics & antifunals etc... So far so good - been a year (4 seasons) with no flare up so far.

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by from 10/28/2009

I have a Standard Poodle which developed regular ear infections even with a strict regimen of removing deep ear hair and cleansing. I made every attempt to keep water out of the ears, etc.

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Featured Reviews for DVM Relief SHAMPOO (8 oz)
Great Shampoo! by Jessica01/25/2008

I have a dog with allergies and our veterinarian recommended this product to give him relief. I have used nothing else since and his skin looks good and his coat is healthy again. I buy it on line to get the best price. Thank you.

Featured Reviews for DVM Relief SHAMPOO (12 oz)
Releif shampoo by Penny08/17/2008

This is a great shampoo for itching dogs. My pug and boston terrier both scratch a lot. I use it about once a week and leave in for about 5 minutes. The scratching starts again before the week is out so I should shampoo twice a week. No time!

works for feline allergies by catperson09/23/2010

One of my cats has food and seasonal allergies. The constant grooming and scratching due to itch makes small plugs of hair fall out with skin attached. During hot dry summers, it seems to get worse. I gave her a bath two days ago and as soon as she was dry I could tell she was grooming and scratching much, much less. Don't know how long it'll last, yet. If you use it, leave it on for awhile before rinsing it off, as directed on bottle.

Best shampoo I have found! by Yorkiemom from Sanger, Texas08/20/2010

This shampoo really works, and makes the pet hair soft after bathing. I tried to purchase this product at my vet office but they told me it was no longer made! I'll continue to look for it as it's a great shampoo!

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