ArthramineArthramineTablets For Healthy Joints and BonesArthraminefor dogs is a unigue formulation of nutritional supplements important for joint health and support. Reduce the deterioration of aging joints with this tasty, liver-flavored supplement. Contains Glucosamine and other essential nutrients.Active Ingredients in Arthramine: Glucosamine (500mg), Vitamin C (120mg), Manganese (20mg), Omega-3 fatty acids (20mg).

Arthramine Small/Medium Dog (120 Tablets)
Arthramine Small/Medium Dog (120 Tablets)

($20.99)  $11.99
Arthramine Large Dog (120 Tablets)
Arthramine Large Dog (120 Tablets)

($26.39)  $16.99
Try Bonies Dental Bones - Hip & joint FormulaArthramine for Small/Medium Dogs 120 Chewable Tablets

Arthramine Advanced is a unique formulation of nutritional factors important for joint health and support.

  • Helps cushion joints from every day stress
  • Aids new cartilage and joint tissue development
  • Replenishes body's own supply

  • Plays a primary role in the formation of collagen and connective tissue
  • Essential nutrient

  • Aids in the production of the body's own anti-inflammatory agents
  • Derived from pineapple plants

  • Improves joint mobility and activity in older animals

  • Helps create and maintain adequate levels of nutrients required to naturally build and repair connective tissue
  • A necessary catalyst in the formation of key elements in joint integrity such as chondrotin and other connective tissue components
  • 5.00 rating based on 6 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Arthramine Small/Medium Dog (120 Tablets)
    Relief in a bottle by bassetboy1mdf01/08/2014

    Two of my 10 yr. old pups (litter sisters) have arthritis in their back knees. After a short time on Arthramine, they have returned to their active life style as they were when they were two yrs. old. No side effects whatsoever. You would never know they have arthritis. No more pain medications - they no longer need them. This stuff works better than the high priced supplements. Vet advised to continue what I'm doing, because they are both thriving. My girls are happy, pain free, and are mobile. Sometimes, I can't even keep up with them! Great product!

    by Foxydoxie from Waupaca, WI02/01/2013

    I have been buying Arthramine for 8 years and my doxie is now 16 years old and I think with her taking it she has had a very good life. She has had minor back problems which I think would have been worse if not for the Arthramine.

    Great Product by Durga from Waupaca, WI01/07/2012

    I have given arthramine to my mini dachshund since she was 7 years old and she is now 15. She gets around with no problems. She still has a spring to her step.

    Excellent for Older Dog's Joint Pain by sugarfoot05/30/2012

    I have been giving Arthramine to all my older dogs for years. It has worked great for all of them.

    Excellent by Candace02/20/2008

    This is an excellent product !! It kept us from having to give our older dog pain meds for over a year, She is almost 17 yrs old and it helped her quality of life so much ,I give it to our 11 yr. old dog preventively. When we felt it was easier to give her Metacam we did ONLY for convenience sake and her age. She was NOT in pain as long as she had Arthramine daily. Wish we had discovered this sooner!!!

    by from 03/13/2013

    I was looking for chewable tablets for our two dogs in this type of product. Found them at Petco in St Joesph, MO on one of our shopping trips. We live some 70 miles from St Joseph and don't get there that often. We do not have pet supply stores any where near us. When it was near time to re-purchase. I went into Petco's online shopping to re-order. They do not offers this product on online. Then I found your website...:o) Very satisfied....!

    Rural NE Kansas by from Judy"

    Shad-do & Gabe

    Featured Reviews for Arthramine Large Dog (120 Tablets)
    works well for my eleven year old dog by taz10/23/2012

    All the poducts I purchase from entirely pets work well for my dog she is on s-adenosyl and bladder support, along with the arthramine

    smell bad by cherb01/17/2014

    The bottle i received has the black lab on it when i ordered before the bottle had a German Shepard on it. The bottle with the lab on it the pills smell so bad that my dog turns his head away an will not take it.With the other bottle my dog loved them an the smell good and it's to bad cause they were helping him.They show you the one with the Shepard but that's not the one you get.

    Great Product by PETS05/22/2013

    My dogs have been taking this product for 2 years and I am very pleased with this product.

    by BEV from Rural No. California07/23/2012

    My German Sheppard has hip displaysia.. This product seems to keep her relativly comfortable. Without it she's pretty uncomfortable. She thinks the tablets are a treat and begs for them.

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