ArthriMAXXAnimal Nutritional Products is proud to bring you ArthriMAXX™ for dogs and ArthriMAXX™ for cats. Oxidative damage plays a significant role in the aging process and advancement of degenerative diseases. ArthriMAXX™ is a combination of very powerful Nutraceuticals, Antioxidants and Anti-inflammatory ingredients, formulated especially for suffering dogs or cats. ArthriMAXX™ brings the best of science and nature together, to work synergistically with each other. This ensures your patient is getting the benefits from every ingredient.ArthriMAXX™ is formulated and processed in a state of the ard, FDA approved facility. It contains no sugar, starch, salt, wheat, yeast, corn, milk or soy derivitaves. Animal Nutritional products is dedicated to the production of superior products that can help with the overall health and longevity of your patients. ArthriMAXX Arthri MAX Arthri MAXXTry a more economical and better formula today. Buy Now.

Arthrimaxx For Cats (6 oz)
Arthrimaxx For Cats (6 oz)

($38.82)  $29.99
Arthrimaxx For Dogs (32 oz)
Arthrimaxx For Dogs (32 oz)

($64.41)  $43.99
ArthriMAXX Premium Joint Supplement (120 Chews)
ArthriMAXX Premium Joint Supplement (120 Chews)

($70.50)  $53.99
ArthriMAXX™ for cats is the only 1.5 ml palatable liquid dosage product for cats that suffer from Joint and Cystitis Ailments. It contains therapeutic amounts of Glucosamine HCL, Chondroitin, MSN Ester-C, Taurine and Manganese.

Active Ingredients:
Glucosamine HCL
Chondroitin Sulfate
MSM (methylsulfonylmethane)
Ester-C (calcium ascorbat)
180 mg
80 mg
40 mg
100 mg
50 mg
1 mg

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3.40 rating based on 5 reviews
Featured Reviews for Arthrimaxx For Cats (6 oz)
sucks by Mre Davis12/19/2009

Made my cat sick

It works for me by BC05/09/2010

I've seen a significant difference in my 15 year old cat since I started him on this almost a year ago. He seems to experience less pain and stiffness and is jumping up on things he previously avoided.

over priced, doesnt work by Dr.Hughess12/19/2009

Dont know how this company is still around..Its a copy of everyone elses hard work and research.

great for older cats by weppy09/25/2013

I have a 15 year old cat who has been on this supplement twice a day for several years. Although she is arthritic, I believe this product is the reason she still runs, plays with toys and her kitty friends.

Great Service by Tullycat from CT12/07/2011

The ease of shopping and speed of delivery were first class and I will continue to shop at for all my pets needs.

Featured Reviews for Arthrimaxx For Dogs (32 oz)
Worked great for my dog by AnnaB10/23/2012

I purchased this on a friends recommendation. She said her dysplastic border collie started climbing stairs again after a few days on this. I purchased a bottle for my 13 year old, very arthritic big shepherd. I saw freer movement in about four days and the improvement continued so much that others commented on it. He's been on this since 2009. I would not take him off it.

Arthrimaxx by scratsdad03/12/2012

I ordered the Arthimaxx for a squirrel, as recommended by another Rehabber. Not only did I receive it fast and in good shape but it's helping. She takes it without fuss unlike other meds the vet recommends. I'm even thinking about useing it if I get Arthritius.

GREAT ARTHRITIS RELIEF by joobee12/19/2012

This product was recommended to me by our vet. My 16yr old bichon has had arthritis problems for many years and this product has kept him pain free and walking well since his first dose!

by nicci from new york01/04/2014

Product is great.. I have used it for years.. and friends have with older dogs and they love it

Arthrimaxx For Dogs by Kekoa & Maile's mom from Washington, DC11/21/2011

I first learned of this product at the Pet Expo, directly through a rep from Animal Nutritional Products. Since purchasing two bottles at the event, I have since ordered it monthly and continue to give it to my dogs (8 and 5 years old - 75 and 55 pounds) in a maintenance dosage for the time being. My dogs have never had an issue with the taste, I pour it directly on top of their food in the morning (only) and they lick their bowls clean. I noticed a difference when I first started using it... neither of my dogs are geriatric in any sense, both are very active, yet I noticed a slight change in my older kiddos walk prior to the use of this product. Now I don't notice anything of the sort and I am still only giving him a maintenance level dosage. I will of course increase his dosage accordingly as he gets older. So far so good. I would recommend trying this if you already give your kiddo some form of joint supplement (it will replace it)... it also comes in a chewable form as well.

by marzy12/06/2011


by from 02/05/2010

OK, really the best. I raise and breed pitbulls. My dogs are strong and agile like Ive never seen them before across the board. I thought it was only my one dog that I tried it on three years ago but that wasnt the case. Great product!!

the by other from jointP.S.


kenner,la by from Jimbo"


13 yr old by meredith12/01/2009

This product has been wonderful for my 13 year old dog. She chases her ball and runs around like a puppy so much of the time....I think this must have something to do with her bursts of energy.

ArthriMaxx by Steff06/17/2012

Excellent product! We saw the difference in our 17 year old dog within a week! We pray it continues to work! I recommended your product and site to many friends with pets.

liked rematrix better by Wondermom 2007 from Colorado10/24/2012

Did not think this helped my older dogs at all. I think the rematrix worked alot better. would not purchase this again.

excellent by joe11/04/2009

great product, it really saved my dogs life. God bless you guys for making this product

Excellent med for my dog by Mosey32 from Jax, FL02/26/2013

I have a large 100 lb. lab, 12 years old, that suffers from arthritis in his front legs. This medicine, when given once a day in his food, helps his mobility and energy level tremendously. He does not seem to be in pain when we give Arthrimaxx to him and it lasts for a very long time!

Arthrimaxx For Dogs by Monk from Plant City, FL09/14/2013

It seems to be doing wonders for our 14-year old Golden Retriever and our 15-year old Sheltie.

Featured Reviews for ArthriMAXX Premium Joint Supplement (120 Chews)
Helps relieve arthritis somewhat by Otis's Mom from Central KY02/26/2014

My 9 year old chess has some arthritis in his hip. As long as he takes his supplements he loves to play and retrieve like he always has. It is still up to me to make sure he doesn't over do it, but he still plays. I find doggie aspirin daily helps too.

Best Med by Kat from Vonore, TN02/24/2013

I'm so happy my vet recommended I put my three Chihuahua's on this med. They are getting older and this has helped with their sore joints.

by from 10/22/2012

I purchased this over Glycoflex III, Joint Max, and Rematrix because of the 4, this one has the lesser of bad ingredients for dogs. Like soy, brewers yeast, maltodextrin,sucrose, vegetable oil, silicon dioxide, caramel color, and a few others. I have noticed Entirelypets has removed ingredients of some of these..which makes me not buy them at all or find ingredients elsewhere. Very disappiointed.

said..this by one from hasso


good product by Pepper from Florida01/26/2012

My dogs have done well on the liquid version and this is so much easier to dispense, they take it like a treat.

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