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  Dogs can suffer from arthritis or, as they get older, limited mobility. Since two of the top activities for dogs are eating and sleeping, you can make your dog’s life and movements easier with a range of dog beds and feeding stations designed to help dogs with arthritis or restricted mobility. Even dogs with full mobility will enjoy the ease and comfort that comes with the products.

Orthopedic dog beds support and comfort the joints. The beds can be raised on an elevated platform or framework that making getting in and out of them a breeze. They can also come with special insulation or features, such as textured foam, which more evenly distributes your dog’s weight to relieve pressure from his joints. Cooling beds and heated beds are other options.

Elevated feeding stations and water bowls can also make life much easier for your pet. They generally feature a raised plastic or metal framework into which you insert the food dish and water bowl. This allows your dog to easily dine and drink while maintaining good posture and so they do not have to struggle to reach his dish on the floor.
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