• Azmira Holistic Animal Care Giardia & Parasitic D'Tox (1 oz)

    Azmira Holistic Animal Care Giardia & Parasitic D'Tox (1 oz)

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    Azmira Holistic Animal Care Giardia & Parasitic D'Tox provides an excellent compound containing bitter principles, which activate digestive secretions and blood cleansing. Azmira Giardia & Parasitic D'Tox is strong acting upon a wide range of worms, amoebas and parasites, including heart worm. Can be used safely to clean out the colon, even with IBS, when parasites are the suspected trigger. This extract can also be used internally, as well as topically, to address parasitic fungal and yeast growth.

    Fresh Wormwood, Quassia Bark, Fresh Black Walnut Hulls, Neem Leaves, Bilva Herb, Embelia Ribes, Eclipta Alba, Phyllanthus Amarus, Gentian Root, Fresh Ginger Root, Grain Alcohol.

    Usage Information

    Shake well. Do not use undiluted! Give orally, first mixing extract in a small amount of warm water or apple juice. Repeat dose 3 to 4 times per day in between meals, for optimum results. Azmira Giardia & Parasitic D'Tox can be mixed into food if needed, but do not double the dose to increase assimilation.

    Use 1 drop per 5 pounds of body weight per dose. Can be doubled initially to build up therapeutic properties or as needed for acute situations.


    Fresh Wormwood, Quassia Bark, Fresh Black Walnut Hulls, Neem Leaves, Bilva Herb, Embelia Ribes, Eclipta Alba, Phyllanthus Amarus, Gentian Root, Fresh Ginger Root, Grain Alcohol.

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    Azmira Parasitic Holistic Animal Care by TamJam from Bloomington, Indiana06/03/2014

    This is one product that works fine for me. It is a lot more cost effective than a really steep vet bill and all the toxins he might use instead. I like that it can be used not only for a killing of current parasites but also to maintain a parasite free pet. Or as in my case 17! I will post the ones I just got up on this computer. However this is not recommended for use in very young kittens! SO be sure to read the instructions before using it.

    great product by 4irfokfgl; from Palmyra, PA08/09/2014

    Animal owners have peace of mind knowing their animals are protected from parasites and heartworm in a holistic way. This offers them a healthier animal as well as no complications from side affects.

    It helped. by Jodelle from Hemet, CA01/18/2015

    Azmira Holistic Animal Care Giardia & Parasitic D'Tox seemed to "slow down" the Giardia in my cat. I used this exactly as directed, but it didn't clean her system of the parasite. I ended up having to get antibiotics, which cured my Annabelle from this nasty parasite. I don't know if I would be willing to use a holistic remedy again. "A" for effort, I suppose.

    Holistic Animal Care Giardia & Parasitic DTox by Tammy from Bloomington, In.05/22/2014

    I have on 2 or 3 or 4 times taken different cats to the vet for the Giardia nasty! The cost was each time out of this world. I bought some of this stuff and gave some to my son for his cats and both of our formerly sick cats are just fine. Keep in mind that neither of us had to administer a fulll 2 weeks of treatment to restore our cats back to good health. Now given the choice, I would much rather buy some of this and have it on hand and use it on my cats than have to haul them in to the vets office and pay an arm and leg and have to force them to swallow a nasty liquid daily! None of my cats like that. I can put this into their food and they eat it all.!I like that this is an herbal remedy and cost effictive.

    A BIG DIFFERENCE ALREADY by Kathy from Waymart, Pa.01/01/2012

    Just started using Azmira Holistic Animal Care Giardia & Parasitic D'Tox for my three year old Golden Retriever, Maggie, who was diagnosed with Giardia in late November, and my Vet prescribed PANACUR for her along with ALBON. I must say she has only taken 3 doses of it with food and seems to be so much better. I hope this works for her. Hats off to Holistic Animal Care for developing such a great product.

    If you have puppies this product is a must! by Sixstar Danes from Southern California01/07/2012

    Puppies put so many things in their mouths that they often end up with loose stools and upset tummies from Giardia & Coccidia and the like. I've used this product with multiple successes and am very glad as its so much gentler on their systems they chemical wormers. Very easy to give too. :) I put some in a little bit of apple juice & water, soak a small amount of bread in it and top with some raw honey and pups just gobble it down!


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