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Azodyl 3-PACK (180 Small Capsules) By Vetoquinol

Item Number: AZODYL3PK
Regular Price: $126.99Sale Price: $70.99
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* Pricing Reduced - Short Expiry Product (December 2014)

Helps clear harmful toxin build up in the bowel through a patented
formulation of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria (Kibow
Biotics®). Through these beneficial bacteria, Azodyl
metabolizes and flushes out uremic toxins that
have diffused into the bowel.


Azodyl is a patented formulation of naturally-
occurring beneficial bacteria Kibow Biotics®)
that can be used to support renal health.


Helps support normal function and
health of kidneys


This treatment is important for pets with
Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), which begins
with azotemia. Azotemia occurs when nephrons decline and non-protein nitrogenous compounds build up, impairing the kidney's ability to filter and eliminate waste. Azodyl helps reduce azotemia and slows the progression of CKD. Azodyl is safe to use and is compatible with other therapies.


• Reduces circulating uremic toxins through natural Enteric Dialysis
• Slows down uremic toxin buildup in the blood
  and helps prevent further kidney damage
• Minimizes the clinical and biochemical
  consequences of reduced renal function
• Ideally suited for use in IRIS
  stages II to IV


• Easy-to-administer, enteric-coated capsules
• Compatible with other therapies


Azodyl capsules should be given whole and not opened or crushed. If necessary, administer capsule with a piece of the animal's favorite food or treat. Keep refrigerated at 4º C for best results. Fresh water should always be available for the animal.

Azodyl FAQ

NOTE: We recommend Vaccine or Priority Shipping for Azodyl. Vaccine Shipping includes ice packs and is shipped via overnight delivery which is the best way to ensure Azodyl is received at a cool temperature. Other shipping methods are not guaranteed to arrive quickly or cold.

Read More Azodyl Testimonials!

"My kitty is now 18 1/12 yrs old and his kidney values continue to improve on this along with daily subq fluids.He's been on it since he was 17 yrs old. We had to take him off for about 4 or 5 weeks and the kidney values declined. As soon as he was back on it, they improved. Please ask for extra ice packing in the summer when ordering. The last shipment I got the gel packs were warm and we had 90 degree temps. This can destroy the bacteria that is so important for the success of this supplement."

"Love the product. Has really made a difference in my cat. Have been buying it for years."

"The new, smaller pill size is great and contains equal amounts of Azodyl as the larger caps (so I've been told) I'm fortunate with my cat who takes pills easily without any struggle or fuss. Only downside I've found is the small pill occasionally slips out of the pill popper I use - but that doesn't often happen. As for the efficacy of the medication, it seems to be helping my cat's comfort and also appears to inhibit the progression of his kidney disease. It's not a cure, but it is an excellent suppliment in treatment."

"This product was recommended by my vet for my 19 year old cat to help in keeping the kidney levels where they need to be. They have done that and for that I would have others consider it."

Azodyl is Available In:
Azodyl (60 Capsules) Azodyl (90 Capsules) Azodyl (180 Capsules) Azodyl (360 Capsules)

Usage Info

Azodyl is a nutritional supplement for supporting renal function in cats and dogs. Allow free access to fresh water during administration.

Administration can be for the life of the animal.

Store in a refrigerator.

Animals weighting up to 5 lbs: Give 1 capsule daily
Animals weighing 5-10 lbs: Give 2 capsules daily (1 capsule a.m., 1 capsule p.m.)
Animals weighing greater than 10 lbs: Give 3 capsules daily (2 capsules a.m., 1 capsule p.m.)

Capsules should be given whole and not opened or crushed. If necessary, administer capsule with a piece of the animal’s favorite food or treat one hour before the main meal.


Kibow Biotics® [E. thermophilus (KB 19), L. acidophilus (KB 27), B. longum (KB 31), Psyllium husk].
Azodyl (60 Small Capsules)Azodyl (60 Small Capsules)Reg price: $42.99
Sale price: $23.99
Azodyl 6-PACK (360 Small Capsules) By VetoquinolAzodyl 6-PACK (360 Small Capsules) By VetoquinolReg price: $254.99
Sale price: $137.99
Azodyl Small Caps (90 count)Azodyl Small Caps (90 count)Reg price: $75.99
Sale price: $61.99
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Customer Reviews

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4.87 rating based on 217 reviews

Because the directions say "overnight shipping rquired" I paid $32.97 to have it overnight shipped only to be dissappointed that this is the third day and I still haven't received the Azodyl. Upon contacting Supervisor "Nelson" at Entirely Pets I was told "it will be there tomorrow" which will be day four. My order was over $350.00 and there are advertisements all over the website saying "free shipping for orders over $85.00". Bottom line - good product, terrible service

Amazing effects by Susan in Norco from Norco, CA11/08/2012

I've been using this on my 17½ year old cat for about 2½ years now, and though it won't repair kidney disease, it has kept her BUN and creatinine nearly normal. She also gets Epakitin and I give her subQ fluids every 2-3 days. She looks just like she always has. I would highly recommend both the Azodyl and the Epakitin.

Azodyl 3-pack by Max03/05/2012

My cat has renal failure and needs Azodyl; Entirely Pets has the product for over 40% less than what the Veterinarian charges. Be sure to pay expedite shipping to make sure it gets to you before ice pack melts. They also have Epakitin powder at greatly reduced price, which you may need along with Azodyl.

My Vet Recommended this product.... by PatMac from Fort Worth, TX03/16/2012

Our 19 year old cat went into a kidney/renal failure. For a 19 year old cat, he has been healthy until such, and after rehydrating him, with fluids, he was back to his old self. Our vet had previously used and talked about Azodyl for renal failure cats. He explained that protein affects the kidneys, leads to more destruction of the kidneys, and cats being carnivores, and can't completely restrict protein (and he doesn't care for the K/D diet-the cat not the vet!) but that Azodyl can help with the protein breakdown, that there is "good bacteria" in Azodyl that does this. He has had great results since! Excellent product. Another vet had not even heard of Azodyl. It is probably underused.

Excellent product by jcoombes02/09/2012

This product has made a huge difference. It came promptly and on ice. I have a 15 year old male cat with 2nd stage kidney disease. He has been very ill and I thought we would have to put him down. The vet started him on this and it is truly amazing. I soak it slightly in broth and put it down his throat. He then drinks the broth. He doesnt't like taking the pill, but he enjoys the broth. Also, tuna water works. You can't stop old age, but you can improve quality of life. Good luck to other older kitty owners....

by from 12/26/2012

I've ordered this several times from Entirely Pets without problem. But I ordered it again several weeks ago and it hasn't arrived. The tracking info just says "pending" and an email sent to the company a week ago got no response.

which by does from seemSo


Very Impressed! by Boriana09/22/2009

I already knew how great this product is; my 18 year old Siamese Suzy came back to life eating better and grooming herself again! I am also truly impressed with how professional and efficient is everyone I spoke with at Entirelypets.com; package arrived earlier than I expected it and still on ICE!! Thank you Entirelypets.com for the great price, as well! My very first experience here and I trust you with my Suzy's life!!

Happy this exists by Susan08/11/2009

Purchased this at Entirely Pets and noticed a nearly immediate response from my sick cat! She is more playful and doesn't hide now. Am grateful for this product. Azodyl and Epakitin are winners in my book.

Azodyl is Great! by Princess from Shelton, CT02/18/2013

I have been giving to my 9 yr old Pomeranian for about 2 years now. . She seemed to recover . I have a couple of suggestions.I give him the Azodyl, first thing in the morning and another at about 5PM. For the morning feeding, I clean his bowl carefully (no soap residue) and ensure he eats before I administer the pill. I want to ensure that she is not going to throw up. I also try to get him to eat before bedtime. I also have a water and I keep it refreshed with clean water a couple times a day.

AMAZING! by Susan06/17/2009

Our dog has made a complete turn around since starting this medication. He takes two in the morning along with 1/2 a pepcid and one more in the late afternoon. And, he's back to his old bouncy self! Truly a remarkable change!! We saw a difference within 24 hours and it's remained that way for the past 3 months. It's wonderful - now if they could get something like this to work for people!

Miracle!!!! by Maria06/03/2009

This stuff works!!!!!!!!!! My 10 year old cat was just diagnosed with kidney failure, devastated and willing to anything, i give him Azodyl once a day in his food and he gets fluids sub q every other night, i swear i have a new kitten! Amazing jumping playing his levels are perfect!! Drug should be mailed refrigerated and entirely pets DOES IT RGHT

Works really well by Jules from Baltimore, MD02/14/2010

My 12 yr old dog has been on Azodyl for over a year and it seems to have helped her alot. I'm not sure if she would have lasted this long without it.

The real thing by Teresa11/19/2008

This seems to work the same as the stuff I get from my vet only less than half the price...I'm happy with this and it really does work. It was recommended by my veterinarian....My dogs BUN and Creatinine are close to normal with the use of this medication. I only wish they'd try it on humans! I'm a nurse and work with people with both chronic and acute renal failure. Teresa, RN in North Dakota

My pet responded well by Julie09/30/2008

Within 3 or 4 days of starting these capsules, my dog Lucy started eating normally again and was no longer throwing up. She has been taking them now for about 2 weeks and I am so glad that my vet recommended them.

Excellent by Elaine06/30/2008

Our Vet reccommended this and it really works. I have seen a big difference in both of my cats with kidney disease. They have been on it for almost a year now. I love shopping with Entirely Pets. They are great!

High prices, shocking service by Poppy's Mum from UK01/26/2012

I ordered the product on 2 January when I was told it would take 8 days to ship to me in the UK. This was important as I needed it urgently. The product was not even dispatched until 7 Jan and finally arrived on 25 Jan. The product is supposed to be kept refridgerated and although it was shipped on ice, this had long since melted after 18 days in transit so who knows if the product that cost $85 will even work now! International shipping is $36.50 on the website but I was charged $39.49 and no mention of any further charges so imagine my surprise when I got a letter from Parcel Force in the UK demanding a further $10 VAT and $20 'Handling Fee'. A massive $70 total shipping, Never again!

by from 11/01/2011

I an thrilled that I can purchase my pet's meds at a great price, considering the vet charges $60 for 1 bottle, and I can get 3 for $75. My only issue is that I purchase these along with the dry food for shipping conservation, but THEY DON'T SAY REFRIGERATE ON THE BOX!! I even sent special instructions last time, and still, NO REFRIGERATE on the box!!

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by from B."


Great Price! by Lady's Mom from Chesterfield, MI03/10/2013

This med is keeping my baby girl alive. She was diagnosed with kidney failure a year ago and has lived a pretty good life since then (way longer than the vet predicted). I'll continue to give them to her until the sad day comes. The price is much lower than what the vet was going to charge me too!

Azodyl Is Great by Westernbabe from Hamilton, OH12/11/2011

The vet diagnosed my 12 year old Jack Russell with kidney problems (renal) and advised this product would really make a difference. I have been using it for 3 months now and amazed at how much it has helped him. I highly advise asking your vet about this product if your dog has renal problems.

thankful to know this product by Chris from Milledgeville, GA05/31/2010

one year ago my Siamese cat started loosing weight, he also vomited a lot. Consulting a vet, I was told your cat is old, just watch him or try a different diet. I went for a second opinion: blood work revealed, that Sam had gone into renal failure. He is been on Azodyl for one year, his lab results have not worsened. He is a happy cat again

Azodyl 3 pack by MS10/23/2012

I was pleased with the purchase I mad of Azodyl in a 3 pack. The product came next day delivery and was packed with ice packs that were still cold when received.

excellent product by smudge2201/25/2012

This product has been extremely helpful in managing my cats renal failure. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a preventative product to aid in this aliment. She has shown signficiant improvement since being giving this supplement along with Epaktin.

Axodyl Is Great For The Dog by Westernbabe from Hamilton, OH10/24/2011

This is a great product for a dog with renal problems. It has made a big difference with his overall health for my mom's dog. The renal dog food from the vet plus this vet recommended product has made him feel perky, healthier and no stomach problems. I highly recommend this product if you vet suggests it.

Azodyl Best Purchase Ever! by Northern AZ. from Northern AZ01/26/2013

Our 15 y.o. cat is doing great. 18 months into kidney failure, we have a very exact regimen. Azodyl is an extremely important part of each meal, along with Epakitin force feeding, and subQ hydration. She romps like a 10 y.o. The commitment Entirely Pets makes to customers is great. I've tried other suppliers before landing on entirelypets [doorstep] website. Cold shipping is extremely important for the Azodyl. I also refrigerate the Epakitin. Great service and prices!!

Azodyl really helps cats in renal insufficiency by mary from Wilmington, DE03/05/2013

This product was given to my 15 year old cat who is in renal insufficiency. The thought is, it will help slow down the progression of renal failure. Though expensive, it along with wild Alaskan salmon oil, has stabilized my cats blood work for an entire year so far. I would recommend this product and Entirely Pets who give fast service, ship cold as required for this product, and the best price I have been able to find. Highly recommend both the product and Entirely Pets.

Wonderful product by Kelly W from Texas01/25/2013

I own a pet store and I have recommended this product to several of my customers who's dogs/cats have kidney disease. I use it daily to help support our foster dog who is a senior dog with kidney disease. His numbers have stayed stable since he has been on this product and a holistic food.

by from 06/07/2012

My little dog, Murphy, a red pomeranian, looks like a little red fox; he has renal failure, is blind, deaf and has had all of his teeth pulled.

him by on from AzodylOur


Keeps my dog alive! by AlliGatorRater12/29/2011

When I found out my dog was in renal failure he was knocking on death's door. His labs were so high my vet was surprised he was still alive. After 3 weeks on Azodyl and subq lactated ringers his labs recovered so well that my vet was at a loss for words. She had never seen such a response! Now he is on a 3 per day Azodyl and 3/wk Lactated Ringers which maintains him quite fine. Worked wonders for my lab/chow mix!

by from 06/09/2012

Does its job. 17 year old dog has an appetite again. If you are going to use this supplement, include a good anti-acid (10 mg of pepcid or like) and don't forget a daily dog vitamin. Make sure you give azodyl with food. Don't open pills just deliver into mouth and make sure they swallow.

within by a from week.Entirely


this." by Azodyl from Brillo's friendI


Great product by briarrose from Chicago IL11/06/2012

When combined with Epakitin & Vet solution Aller G-3, it has kept my dog's kidney function stable for almost 2 years.

Highest Recommendation by Jean from Sebastian, Florida03/11/2012

My nine year old pomeranian looks like a litte red fox. He has renal failure, is blind, deaf, and all of his teeth have been pulled. Azodyl is the medication our vet recommended. He is now gaining weight, eating, running, walking and barking. He is alive and doing great and this product is worth it's weight in gold. Thank you for helping us keep him healthy!

Azodyl by DD from Michigan11/14/2012

comes packed well in cool packs Have been using for about 4 years for our yorkie with kidney failure.-He was very ill for a good while but now is doing great as evidenced by almost perfect blood work. Our vet was not familiar with the Azodyl but now uses it for most pets with kidney issues. It works that well. First urine test after starting this and the vet thought I brought in another dogs urnie.ha! We are using it now on all our yorkies 17,16,12, and 5 years old

This is a super product!!! by Ann from Bellevue, WA06/01/2013

Two and a half years ago, our veterinarian was very concerned about the severe weight loss of our cat...then 11 years old. He ran a blood test, and Chloe's bun reading was 88, indicating severe kidney failure. He put her on Azodyl, 2 capsules a day, for the rest of her life. Number of capsules depends on the weight of the cat. She is now almost 13 years old, and her bun reading has continued to lower, now down to 62 - normal for a cat is 35. She will never get to that point, but the Azodyl has made the difference.Chloe has gained back her weight, is pretty active and eats well...a KD diet and lots of water. We also give her a Ringers infusion every 4 days. At the beginning of this kidney failure, our vet said Azodyl is certainly worth a try to continue her life. We are certainly convinced.

by Penny01/29/2012

Shipped fast and packed cool. great company to work with

best suppier: 15 y.o. cat younger than ever by northern az from Northern AZ02/03/2012

our female kitty was diagnosed over labor day with CRF, less than 30% function- she's doing great with azodyl, epakitin, & rehmannia eight, also use vetoquinol's renal K+. We bought a water fountain, she loves it- also doing sub Q hydration every 3 days now. This cat is doing great, with Entirely Pets support- they get the supplies to us overnite- a must to ensure integrity of the azodyl- note about azodyl- at first we had to mix it in the force feeding meatballs- but after a couple weeks no more problems, she swallows caps. We do force feed a small amount 2x a day, mainly to get the supplents in her properly. Thanks Entirely Pets. accupunture picture taken in Sept. next photo taken in Dec'11.

GREAT by RAY from FOREST PARK,IL.02/28/2012


Azodyl by AJSanson03/15/2013

My cat has been on this for almost 4 years now. She went into kidney failure after being given Metacam for pain after a tooth removal. She is doing great! I highly recommend this medication!

by from 11/16/2012

Although this is costly, by purchasing in a 3 pack, I saved and items were shipped cold pack and arrived within a day or two. I do take the capsules apart even though it is recommended that your pet take it whole, but so far her urine specimen shows minimal amount of protein,so it has gone down even this way.

Entirely by Pets from isCustomer


by from 12/20/2010

After diagnosis of renal failure I did further research in holistic care (my two rescue cats were on Wysong and raw meats, fruits, vegetables) but I had given them a treat of what turned out to poison kidneys (won't mention name).... the regular vet gave them a few months.

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Azodyl - worth the money! by Kamac05/30/2012

This product is keeping my 'kidney cat" healthy! We have been using it now for 8 months, and he is doing very well. I had never used the entirelypets.com site before, but their shipping was prompt and the medicine was properly shipped in a little cooler with cool packs. No hesitation to use them again!

Highly recommend this product from Entirely Pets! by Azodylrocks03/08/2013

This product always arrives cold and packaged well, unlike other company's I've ordered from. I would highly recommend Azodyl from this company. The price is a lot cheaper then getting it from my vets, even though it has to be shipped overnight.

Azodyl by Jake's Owner04/22/2012

My 5 year old cat has the kidneys of a 15 year old cat. Our Vet gave us little hope he would survive. With special food and Azodyl his kidney damage is stable and I believe saving his life.

by tomf35212/11/2011

Items were shipped qiuckly and correctly

Cosaquin by Jon from CA10/23/2012

Great product, and your pricing is very competitive. Unforunately, I had to put down my wonderful dog Misty. Will be ordering from you, when I get a new dog. That probably will be awhile, as Misty and I were so close. We truly rescued each other, over 10 years ago. Aside from above, would highly recommend your site to any animal lovers.

Azodyl for kidney support by Catmistic from Minneapolis, Minnesota03/27/2012

Wow. This product is great. My vet recommended it for my 19 year old cat Alexis about 3 years ago. She has been taking one cap every day and from the results of her blood tests it works. My vet is really reasonable in regards to what he charges, but I found that I can purchase this product online from Entirely Pets for about half of what it costs when purchased from my vet. The shipping is fast and amazing. A great company.

thanks for your service by filomarti from Manchester, UK05/08/2013

Thanks for your service, delivered and packed as promised, unfortunately it was kept by UK Customs 6 days, but its not your fault at all. Thanks again we got it cool.

Azodyl- really helps my old cat by KevinA from Folsom, Calif04/29/2012

I have a 17 yr old cat with kidney disease. The AZODYL has really helped keep his disease under control and keep him stable. I am grateful to Entirelypets for being so prompt about sending this when I order it and having a good supply on hand. With some luck, Geronimo(my old cat) may just be around awhile. Thank you EntirelyPets !!!!!

Excellent by Kary05/20/2013

Prompt overnight delivery. Medicine still cool.

Great service, great product. by Sue from San Francisco06/05/2012

Azodyl is very effective in treating feline renal problems. It was delivered quickly and kept cold with ice packs. Good price also.

Good stuff by Kate01/21/2008

Our dog seemed much perkier as soon as she started taking azodyl. She has been in CRF for over a year now. She has been taking azodyl for about 9 months.

Thanks! by Kathi from Minnesota04/16/2013

Glad I found Entirely Pets.... great price on this Azodyl. I wont buy it anywhere else now!

by from 08/20/2010

We had previous experience with several of our cats with this product, one of which was involved in a clinical trial.

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So Far So Good by Odie from Nashville TN03/22/2012

So far so good with the Azodyl. I feel my 17-year-old cat is eating better now on the pill and staying awake more. We are supposed to be giving her two a day but only giving her one. We have to liquiefy it and shoot it down her throat. So as I said before so far so good. She has only been on it about two weeks so I am excited to see how she is doing in two months.

Helped with Kidney functions by Cocoa's Mom from Sonoma, CA01/02/2012

This product, which was recommended by my vet, seems to have helped my almost 18 year old cat maintain his kidney functions at acceptable levels. Prior to starting him on Azodyl, he had very high levels of liquid going in and out - now that all seems to have stabilized.

Azodyl for Kidney Failure by Alyse from PA10/25/2011

The product I purchased for my elderly but alert and active Maine Coon is identical to the medication I purchased for him at my vet's office after he was diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure. By ordering online from Entirely Pets, however, the savings were considerable. My cat requires a bottle of 60 capsules every three weeks. At my vet's, Azodyl costs nearly $50.00 per bottle. Through Entirely Pets, I was able to buy three bottles for about $108.00. I was able to track the refrigerated shipment, which arrived within the specified 24 hours so that the capsules would remain cold. I am hoping that my guy will do well for a relatively long-term on his new diet and this medication, which he is able to swallow in tuna water. He is the final remaining member of our gentle family of Maine Coons. The savings through Entirely Pets are helping me to pay the vet bills and to supply him with the products he needs to improve his outlook.

Sydney My Greyhound by Joyce from Franklin, NC 2873410/29/2012

Sydney is now 11 years of age. She has had Kidney disease for about 5 years. Her Creatinine and BUN were high. She has been on Epakitin for all of the five years. About three years ago she started also on Azodyl. Incredibly her Creatinine has now returned to high normal. This is an outstanding product. It is best to have it shipped overnight.

Works for my elderly cat by HChan11/29/2011

Multiple vets told me this was worth trying when my cat started showing signs of minor renal insufficiency. They said if you wait until the kidney function declines, it's not likely to work. I started my cat on it almost a year ago, and she also gets subcutaneous fluids every other day. After almost a year, her kidney function has not declined at all- it remains slightly insufficient only. I believe this does work, since the only other cat I've had who also experienced renal insufficiency declined pretty quickly with fluid treatment only.

New life for our cat by Cromedog11/06/2012

We have been using Azodyl for over 2 years now and it has saved our cats life. She has is 14 years old and runs around the house like a much younger cat. A truly amazing product.

Azodyl 3-Pack by Doug from Sterling Heights, MI02/18/2012

Azodyl is helping keep my dog's kidney function at lower more acceptable levels. He is getting older (15 years) and our vet said he would probably have to take this supplement for the rest of his life. Since finding Entirely Pets, through an internet search, I have been able to reduce my cost of Azodyl approximately 50%. Am extremely happy with both the product and my savings.

Life rescuer by muttki from Warsaw, Poland, Europe06/06/2012

Azodyl saved my most beloved cat's life! He has been suffering from heavy uremia for the past few years and since he takes Azodyl his condition significantly improved. And your service as well, because after first dramatic deliveries lasting for approx 4-5 weeks, now I receive it after 5 DAYS! I hope - thank to Azodyl - to enjoy my cat's company for many years to come!

Great Price/ Fast Delivery by molly's mom10/16/2011

I couldn't be happier with this company. Molly has kidney disease and needed her meds quickly. The other companies had raised their prices which forced me to keep shopping. Entirely Pets had the best prices on the meds AND the shipping, and my purchase was here in two days, packed on ice.

azodyl - saved our kitty! by marty from Mobile - Al12/04/2012

our Chocolate Siamese - Cocoa-Puff - 17 yrs. was suffering from kidney failure - we lost another one previously to the same disorder before this Wonder-product was developed - it has completely restored Cocoa to his original (seiously as a fixed cat can be) Machobut tender self - can't say enough kind words about azodyl.

by from 11/28/2011

This web site offers the best prices that I have found for the products I use. And, overnight means overnight! Not always so with others. I was paying for $63 for one bottle of pills at my vet and with Entirely Pets the pills were $25 a bottle before overnight shipping and $34 after.

have by a from customerEntirely


Keeps our Schnauzer's liver under control by Ron from Tampa, FL03/21/2012

This is one of several natural remidies that we are using for our Schnauzer's liver issue. It seems to be holding his liver condition status quo which is excellent considering what he was born with.

azodyl with the new year coupon by Carl from corona,ca.01/30/2012

I saved with the coupon, it was like getting 1 free bottle of azodyl! I buy it every few months for my 16 year old cat "Trixie", who has CRF. She's been on this product for about a year and she looks better and is eating much better. Ordering from Entirely Pets has made it so easy. I order on line and it comes in the mail within a few days! Thanks Entirely Pets! Your loyal customer, Carla Celano

seems to be just fine by ed from NJ10/23/2012

lot cheaper getting this here rather than thru vet

Azodyl + Epakitin does help CRF by Patch feline age 14+11/28/2011

Patch has been taking Azodyl and Epakitin for over a year. His bun, creatnine & phosphates lowered significantly and stayed lower for over a year.

This really works by DD12/12/2011

We've been using Azodyl for 6 years and our yorkie is still with us and doing very well. Kidney and liver labs are perfect and they had not been when first dx'd with kidney failure. He is now 11 years old.

by from 10/30/2011

This is a very good company to do business with. They have always had in stock the items I needed. Their prices are very reasonable. They ship fast and know proper shipping procedures (keep at room temperature) for Azodyl.

Entirely by Pets!" from Excellent TransactionI


Sent back by karsmitty from Pennsylvania03/30/2012

I ordered this product for my cat, who is in very early stages of CKD. I should have only ordered 1 bottle, not 3, my mistake. When I opened the bottle, I realized how large the capsules are, & knew there was no way I would get this down my cat's throat. It's just too big IMO. I tried opening the capsule & sprinkling some on my cat's canned food & mixing it in, but my cat refused to eat any of it. I returned the 2 unopened bottles. Unless these could be manufactured into a much smaller package that a cat could swallow whole, I can only see this being used for dogs.

Product seems to work by Ron06/24/2012

Although the price of Azodyl increases every few months, this is a good product. Another increase in price and I will find something else that will work with my dog. The price increases are the reason for my four stars. Well packaged to keep product cool.

AZODYL- MOST AMAZING PRODUCT EVER!! by BIG RED from Huntington Beach, CA05/04/2012

I have been purchasing this item from Entirely Pets for 3 years now for my 16 year old male tabby Maxwell Smart. We have been living with kidney insufficiency since late 2009 and Azodyl has been a LIFE SAVER for my precious Maxwell. He has been taking 2 of these amazing capsules twice a day for almost 3 years ( every day without fail). We go to our vet every 3 months for a blood panel checkup; namely to monitor BUN and Creatinine numbers. I am PROUD to say that his numbers have remained STABLE for almost 3 years!!! Purchasing Azodyl in the 3 pack from Entirely Pets is always an excellent experience since their orders are always shipped in a timely manner and packed very well with ice packs since Azodyl MUST be kept cool in order for it to maintain its effectiveness. JOB WELL DONE Entirely Pets!!! Thank you from both Maxwell and Mommy!

A Fine Purchase, but No Tracking! by Greta from Pennsylvania06/24/2013

I have been using this product for about a year for my 18-year old cat. I believe it helps her out. However when I tried to track the progress of the shipment online, it kept telling me it was "in warehouse" or something similar. I kept checking for at least two days after I ordered--then the package finally arrived overnight delivery (perishable product). Luckily I was home when it came. The very next day I got an email saying it had been shipped. This is the first and I hope the last time this feature does not work correctly.

by from 11/15/2012

Thanks to Azodyl & other kidney supplements, my 18 y/o cat's Creatinine is now normal. It was high (2.8). But, I have to give God the credit, in large(est) part because it was a miracle only God could do.

on by Azodyl from (3)Mickey


Azodyl 3-pack 180 capsules by Betty from Boca Raton, FL03/14/2013

Great value for the money. The product seems to make a difference for my 13 yr. old Westie who has trouble with her stomach and incontinence.

by from 02/26/2013




Helping my cat with CRF by CMS in Brooklyn from Brooklyn, NY02/13/2013

A high end animal supply store recommended Azodyl to me for care of my geriatric cat with Chronic Renal Insufficiency/Failure. We have been using it for several years now, in combination with sub-q fluids & quarterly bloodwork to monitor his health. The illness progression has been significantly slower since we added Azodyl. I appreciate that EntirelyPets has a great price on this product and ships overnight with ice packs to maintain the pills (which must be refrigerated).

by Kim02/19/2012

This product seems to be keeping my Kitty healthy 2 years after she was diagnosed with kidney failure.

Great prices by Buzz from Simpsonviell, SC10/20/2011

I saved a lot of money on the meds. Will continue to shop at Entirely Pets.

Thank you Azodyl! by superdancernyc from Astoria, NY03/17/2012

My dog is 17 years old and was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure 5 months ago. We were told he will not have much to live but to make him feel more comfortable, my vet recommended this pill. We have been giving him this pill along with 150ml of subQ fluid every night and the result is pretty remarkable. Back in December, his creatnine was 3.45 and BUN was 115. A month ago, his creatnine was 2.99 and BUN was 65. He might not have much left but he seems to be enjoying his life and is in good spirits! Thanks Azodyl!

Great Delivery by animal lover02/09/2012

I received my order quickly and it was packed very well with ice packs. Thank you!

Awesome product by bmsbrenda10/27/2011

This product has basically saved my dog's life. She was diagnosed with renal failure and because of this medicine her kidney values have returned nearly to normal!!!

Life Extension for our cat by Momcat12/12/2011

Our cat was diagnosed being in the beginning stage of kidney deterioration common with aging cats. She was 15 at the time. I give one capsule twice a day, in breakfast and dinner. At my vet's instructions, and contrary to those of the manufacturer, we open the capsule and sprinkle it on her food. She has maintained her good coat, kept her weight on, and will be 18 in April. We are very pleased with the results. Worth every penny we spend on it.Of course, your results may vary as each case is unique and complex.

This product helped save my pet's life! by Jewelz03/01/2012

My little 10 yr old dog has renal failure however, this supplement has significantly improved the quality of her life AND the cost at EntirelyPets is much cheaper than my vet!!!!

Seems to be doing the trick! by Lyn05/02/2012

Bought the Azodyl for our 14 1/2 year old Lab. Seems to be making a diff with her kidney readings. Also using Denamarin...cant say enough about this one as well. Entirely pets are beyond great at shipping the Azodyl because it needs to be chilled. Dont charge and arm and a leg for this type of shipping. Thanks Entirely Pets for helping me to keep our girl healthy and here!!!!

It has potential by Roz from MI10/26/2011

Based on my research of the azodyl (called Kibow in the human form, which gives more information on the product), i think it has potential to help slow the progression of CRF. But i can't say based on laboratory values because i haven't repeated the labs. I am currently using it with my less advanced CRF cat once a day by sprinkling it in his canned food. This is not the way the company says to give it BUT the capsule size is too big for a cat (size 0 and it needs to be a size 3 for a cat). So it is palatable to this cat but wasn't to my more critically ill cat who wasn't eating well anyway. With the very ill cat, I did try putting the powder into a smaller capsule but enteric coated capsules are next to impossible to come by so i used a gelatin capsule. The animal needs to be eating to keep the capsule moving through their GI track. I wish i could be of more help as this is a very heartbreaking disease when the animal becomes more advanced. Overall, i think it is worth a try in slowing the CRF because it does make sense that bacteria could help with the toxic byproducts of the protein in the pet's diet.

Great product, but not so good shipping service by BrendaZ from Murrells Inlet, SC11/15/2010

Azodyl has been a lifesaver for my CRF kitty. However be careful ordering from Entirely Pets. They don't always ship on time, hence the product does not always arrive in the time you would expect it to. I recently had a breakdown in shipping. I place the order on a Monday and they did not ship until Wednesday. I ordered 2-3 day priority and it's now 8 days since I ordered it and I still don't have my order. And customer service hasn't been very helpful about this. I'm very disappointed...

Azodyl 3-pak by Nan from Bend, Oregon10/29/2011

My products arrived in a very timely manner, and the ice packets were still cold. I saved money by buying from Entirely Pets, and will order from them again. Excellent purchase!

Great online shopping experience. by Linda C.10/30/2011

The price was so much better that what I was paying at my Vet's office. Packaged great (refrigerated product) and shipped quickly. Thank You, I will visit again and recommend.

by from 10/27/2011

What a great product. My 16 yr old cat, Geronimo, has kidney disease. The AZODYL really controls his Kidney disease and gives him more quality time on this planet. I highly recommend this product and ENTIRELYPETS for feline/canine care products and food.

for by your from help!Thank


Keeps her going by T's momma03/26/2012

Our mini-goldendoodle was born with congenital kidney disease. Once we found out, we took her to a kidney specialist who recommended her current medicine regimen, which includes her taking Azodyl every day. Our pup will never be "cured," but she is full of energy and life!

Great product and even better service. by Mr.Bill from San Jose, CA12/06/2011

I have been using Azodyl for several months for my 19 year cat's declining kidney function. Very easy to use in powdered form sprinkled on Spunky's food. The vet assured me that only a minimal loss of activity occurred when breaking open the capsules. As great as the product is the overnight delivery of the meds on dry ice was as promised and arrived in perfect condition.

Amazing medicine by JC from San Antonio11/05/2011

My cat has been on Azodyl for over a year and it is amazing. I sprinkle one capsule on her food twice a day. Withing a week or two she had stopped vomiting the clear foamy liquid and she was purring and rubbling my ankles again. I could really tell that it made her feel better. I buy 3 at a time and pay for overnight delivery. It arrives on my doorstep with the ice packs still frozen. Even with the shipping charges, I save about 30% over what it would cost to buy it at the vet. It is a probiotic so you have to keep it in the refrigerator or it will go bad. The microbes perform dialysis in the gut. Amazing.

AZODYL by ngibb10/31/2011

My dog was having kidney troubles and this product seems to have worked wonders. In May, I thought she was near the end but my vet recommended this product and she is doing great now. She is an 11 year old JRT and I hope to have here for at least a few more years. Hopefully, this product will make it a possiblity.

Great natural product for my poodle by JenniferLedford from Alameda CA10/13/2011

Our little Baxter had a miraculous recovery from acute kidney failure. Thank you God! After that his specialist recommended Azodyl for a natural dialysis in the stomach. He has been taking it ever since and every time he gets blood work done his numbers are normal. Entirely Pets offers the best price I have found so far for this invaluable product!

Warm and worthless by Lisa03/14/2013

These arrived totally warm with all of the ice packs long since melted. Entirely pets customer service informed me that it was my fault for not getting special shipping.

Great Product by Terry from Tennessee05/02/2013

I've used Azodyl in the past on Renal Failure dogs and have been very pleased with it's results. Highly recommend Azodyl for Renal Failure pets.

great product by bteeter35 from Farwell, MI04/03/2012

this is one of several products I purchase here due to the fact I foster yorkies with liver issues, and these products assist the liver to work less strenuously and help the dogs to live long and happy lives.

Azodyl helping my kitty by jane12449 from NJ11/07/2012

My elderly male cat has renal problems. The vet suggested I try giving him Azodyl capsules twice daily. Have been doing that for about 6 months now, and his kidney values have improved a bit. That's all that can be hoped for - that they not get any worse. Have found that the cheapest way to get the Azodyl, which is not cheap, is through Entirely Pets, which sends it ice-wrapped via Fed Ex so that it arrives cold and I can put it directly into the frig.

by from 11/11/2011

We've been purchasing Azodyl from EntirelyPets for our Dog, Brillo. She's 16 years of age and combined with Azodyl , a healthy diet and exercise she's doing great. We really like the three pack Azodyl purchase along with your great delivery times.

service" by Great Price and Delivery from Choopies Momthanks


bad kidneys by Peoplefood from Bedford, VA10/24/2012

My vet prescibed Azodyl for my Scooter who is in total kidney failure. In combination with other things it must work or my girl would not be here anymore.

The right price and fast delivery by HarleysDad100 from Burbank, IL.01/08/2013

My Tessa, a German Shepherd, requires special food and medications for her ailments. At her advance age, we want her to have the best and to make sure she is comfortable and with us for as long as possible. Good pricing with the fast delivery is helping us greatly.

Great Delivery by Josie from Singapore04/29/2012

Ordered Azodyl for my 9 yrs old suffering fm kidney issues. Was worried that delivery would take 10-14 days with international USPS as stated in the standard shipping. I was very glad to received it by the 5th day after i ordered it. Item was nicely packed with ice pack and was still cool. Great savings for me and now I have confidence to get my supplies on time. Thank you Entirely Pets for your great service. Greatly appreciate it :)

KEEPING MY GIRL HEALTHY! by KELLYGMOM from Northeastern, PA01/10/2013

A year and a half ago my 11 year old JRT was in kidney failure and I never thought she would live. She's still here and people think she is a puppy. She will be 13 in February. This product is a miracle. She would not swallow the capsule so I open it and sprinkle it on her food twice a day. It is wonderful!

Perfect Purchase! by fallrivernan from Bend, Oregon04/14/2012

I used to purchase Azodyl from my vet, but I had to drive half an hour and pay more, so I was very happy to be able to order from Entirely Pets and receive my product in a very timely manner, and packed so it was still cold. My dog is doing better, I'm sure, to Azodyl. She is eating better, and seems to have more pep.

by RDossett from Ozark, AL12/02/2011

The veternarian placed my pet Abby on this supplement. She needs it to aid with her kidney function. It has worked a miracle for her. Entirely Pets provides the best price and has the ease of receiving it directly to my home without the hassle of running to the vet every month. Thank you.


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