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Azodyl 6-PACK (360 Small Capsules) By Vetoquinol

Item Number: AZODYL6PK
Regular Price: $254.99Sale Price: $137.99
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* Pricing Reduced - Short Expiry Product (December 2014)

Helps clear harmful toxin build up in the bowel through a patented
formulation of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria (Kibow
Biotics®). Through these beneficial bacteria, Azodyl
metabolizes and flushes out uremic toxins that
have diffused into the bowel.


Azodyl is a patented formulation of naturally-
occurring beneficial bacteria Kibow Biotics®)
that can be used to support renal health.


Helps support normal function and
health of kidneys


This treatment is important for pets with
Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), which begins
with azotemia. Azotemia occurs when nephrons decline and non-protein nitrogenous compounds build up, impairing the kidney's ability to filter and eliminate waste. Azodyl helps reduce azotemia and slows the progression of CKD. Azodyl is safe to use and is compatible with other therapies.


• Reduces circulating uremic toxins through natural Enteric Dialysis
• Slows down uremic toxin buildup in the blood
  and helps prevent further kidney damage
• Minimizes the clinical and biochemical
  consequences of reduced renal function
• Ideally suited for use in IRIS
  stages II to IV


• Easy-to-administer, enteric-coated capsules
• Compatible with other therapies


Azodyl capsules should be given whole and not opened or crushed. If necessary, administer capsule with a piece of the animal's favorite food or treat. Keep refrigerated at 4º C for best results. Fresh water should always be available for the animal.

Azodyl FAQ

NOTE: We recommend Vaccine or Priority Shipping for Azodyl. Vaccine Shipping includes ice packs and is shipped via overnight delivery which is the best way to ensure Azodyl is received at a cool temperature. Other shipping methods are not guaranteed to arrive quickly or cold.

Read More Azodyl Testimonials!

"My kitty is now 18 1/12 yrs old and his kidney values continue to improve on this along with daily subq fluids.He's been on it since he was 17 yrs old. We had to take him off for about 4 or 5 weeks and the kidney values declined. As soon as he was back on it, they improved. Please ask for extra ice packing in the summer when ordering. The last shipment I got the gel packs were warm and we had 90 degree temps. This can destroy the bacteria that is so important for the success of this supplement."

"Love the product. Has really made a difference in my cat. Have been buying it for years."

"The new, smaller pill size is great and contains equal amounts of Azodyl as the larger caps (so I've been told) I'm fortunate with my cat who takes pills easily without any struggle or fuss. Only downside I've found is the small pill occasionally slips out of the pill popper I use - but that doesn't often happen. As for the efficacy of the medication, it seems to be helping my cat's comfort and also appears to inhibit the progression of his kidney disease. It's not a cure, but it is an excellent suppliment in treatment."

"This product was recommended by my vet for my 19 year old cat to help in keeping the kidney levels where they need to be. They have done that and for that I would have others consider it."

Azodyl is Available In:
Azodyl (60 Capsules) Azodyl (90 Capsules) Azodyl (180 Capsules) Azodyl (360 Capsules)

Usage Info

Azodyl is a nutritional supplement for supporting renal function in cats and dogs. Allow free access to fresh water during administration.

Administration can be for the life of the animal.

Store in a refrigerator.

Animals weighting up to 5 lbs: Give 1 capsule daily
Animals weighing 5-10 lbs: Give 2 capsules daily (1 capsule a.m., 1 capsule p.m.)
Animals weighing greater than 10 lbs: Give 3 capsules daily (2 capsules a.m., 1 capsule p.m.)

Capsules should be given whole and not opened or crushed. If necessary, administer capsule with a piece of the animalís favorite food or treat one hour before the main meal.


Kibow Biotics® [E. thermophilus (KB 19), L. acidophilus (KB 27), B. longum (KB 31), Psyllium husk].
Azodyl (60 Small Capsules)Azodyl (60 Small Capsules)Reg price: $42.99
Sale price: $23.99
Azodyl 3-PACK (180 Small Capsules) By VetoquinolAzodyl 3-PACK (180 Small Capsules) By VetoquinolReg price: $126.99
Sale price: $70.99
Azodyl Small Caps (90 count)Azodyl Small Caps (90 count)Reg price: $75.99
Sale price: $61.99
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Customer Reviews

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4.87 rating based on 217 reviews
Excellent by Elaine09/15/2008

Our Vet reccommended this and it really works. I have seen a big difference in both of my cats with kidney disease. They have been on it for almost a year now. I love shopping with Entirely Pets. They are great!

Shipping by lcps11/13/2011

It was very strange that we only received half of our shipment but nothing was noted on the packing slip. I had to call to get the remaining items.

Good stuff by Kate09/15/2008

Our dog seemed much perkier as soon as she started taking azodyl. She has been in CRF for over a year now. She has been taking azodyl for about 9 months.

azodyl by Carolynn12/18/2008

My 17 year old cat has been on azodyl for approx. 1.5 years. She has alsotbeen taking meds for thyroid and heart problems for 2 years. It was about 1 month into her treatment with azodyl that I noticed a remarkable change in her health. Her coat was shiny, she acts like she is in her 2nd childhood, her appetite is amazing. I would strongly recommend this product, as far as I am concerned it is the azodyl that gave her back her health.

Azodyl by Dell from Singapore11/30/2011

I have given Azodyl to my kidney insufficiency cats for many years. It used to be called Kibow. With Sub-Q & Azodyl several of my kidney cats live normal lives. 15 yrs old Hobbs' creatinine is just that tiny bit above normal range for the past 7 yrs. 14yr old Bagheera has kidney stones (ultra sound) and Ba has 2 tabs of Azodyl daily - one in the morning and one in the evening besides daily 100-150 ml Sub-Q fluid. It is a lot of trouble getting Azodyl to the tropics and it has to be hand-carried back to our cats. If i don't believe it works, i won't have done it.

Bad Shipping by Dave04/10/2012

This is the 2nd time ordering, this time ordered on a Sunday night with Priority mail shipping to assure it would be delivered before the weekend (as prior time was held at Post office over the weekend). Product was not shipped till Wednesday, was delivered in Saturday mail, but all "frozen" sleeves were completely melted and no where near cool. After spending this kind of money, have no idea whether product is any good. Will have to find another vendor next time, will not be fooled into thinking they can handle shipping this a 3rd time.

grat service by bandette from mulberry fl02/21/2013

vey please with price and service thank you

Fast Service! by ShyArtist10/28/2011

My product arrived very quickly. I was very pleased.

Good product by chris from Limoges, France11/16/2011

We can't find Azodyl in France. My cat still living with this product. He has a rhenal problem for 2 years. Thanks

Good product for kidney disease by Christian from Limoges, France10/23/2012

It helps us to save our cat. We can't find it in France. So thanks a lot for this product.

by from 11/06/2012

If your pet has kidney disease, please consider trying Azodyl.

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Positive effect on creatinine levels by Larry from Singapore11/09/2011

Our cat started Azodyl, together with Epikatin and a renal diet after being diagnosed with early stage CRF. We were committed to being away for 3 weeks during which time she did not get her Azodyl but remained on Epikatin and a renal diet. Subsequent blood test showed that her creatinine levels went back up, so by way of deduction we assume the Azodyl did indeed have a positive effect. We'll see now that she is again on Azodyl daily what the results are on her next test, but logic says that a prebiotic and fiber are never the less good. Price from entirelypets was best we found and service was excellent.

by from 04/02/2012

Azodyl is keeping our dog healthy by Farm Girl10/14/2011

We are so fortunate to be able to purchase Azodyl from Entirely Pets on line and have been doing so for almost 2 years now. Our dog's blood tests are consistantly showing that her BUN count is stable and most importantly, not increasing! Thank you Entirely Pets for providing this product to consumers on line. We appreciate it!

Great product by 2 Dog Lover from L.A., CA06/12/2012

I have been purchasing Azodyl from Entirely Pets for over 2 years now. Our dog has had great results with this product taken along with thyroxine for his hypothyroidism. Great price. It's shipped with cold gel packs wrapped around each bottle. Love it! Thanks!

It works!!! by Bailey from PA05/30/2012

I am thrilled, my dog was starting to show kidney failure and started taking Azodyl a month ago and we went for blood work in just 4 weeks he is at normal levels

A Very Good Buy by Andy from Ormond Beach, FL10/28/2011

Entirely Pets had the lowest price on Azodyl. I should know, I checked at least a half dozen other websites. I had concerns about having such a valuable and perishable item shipped to me. Entirely Pets was good about getting back to me by e-mail correspondence (several times). The 6 pack of Azodyl arrived overnight and was still cold in the Florida heat. The product seems to be helping my cat's kidneys. She's not drinking the volume of water (and urinating) as much as she had been. Hopefully, this will help extend her life.

Staying alive by Roccon from Sierra Nevadas04/25/2013

Convinced this med has kept our mastiff happy and well. We were prepared to lose her when azodyl was rx'd. Her renal function stabilized and we are so pleased.

Cat's Quality of Life better but no Change to Labs by Owen from Maryland02/07/2012

My almost-17-year-old cat has moderate stage kidney insufficiency. I have been managing that with various meds and prescription foods recommended by my veterinarian. This had been working pretty well for 2 years. Since kidney disease is progressive, despite our best efforts my cat's creatinine and BUN levels were starting to rise so the vet suggested I try Azodyl. The cat weights a little over 9 pounds and has been on 2 capsules/day for 3 months. After about 3 weeks his quality of life began to improve: better appetite, fewer bad days (from 1 or 2 per week to 1 every 2 to 3 weeks). I was surprised when his latest labs showed no change to his blood chemistry. For the time being, I'm continuing the Azodyl since it does appear to help how my cat is feeling. But - at least so far - I have not seen the reductions of waste products I was hoping for.

Azodyl by Jules05/30/2012

This is such a great product and the 6 pack is so worth the price. It needs to be refrigerated so I have this sent overnight.

best service by ckost from Hazle Township, PA11/23/2011

We are very famaliar with the product since Madison has been on Azodyl for one year. However, I was overwhelmed with the expeditousness of the service. The 6 pack of Azodyl (which requires constant refrigeration) arrived within 24 hours in a container with 5 "frozen packs" and was chilled perfectly.

Wow by Sammie11/15/2011

I ordered 6 pack of Azodyl using Vaccination Overnight Shipping to ensure the product was packed with ICE packs. It was shipped from Oakland CA to Orlando FL Next Day Air - arrived on time and the Ice Packs and foil insulated envelope inside the box were still ice cold. Thank you for doing what you promised!

Azodyl purchase by zoez03/12/2012

The product unfortunately was not cold when it arrived. The cold packs were completely melted. The product left on Tues., but we did not get it till Fri. afternoon. For $29.97 shipping, I feel it should have been sent overnight or more cold packs. I have no idea now, if the product (which requires refrigeration) is still effective and I have 6 bottles of it.

The gift of life by Mikmin02/09/2013

We started buying this product 3 years ago when our dog was first diagnosed with kidney failure. I know this medicine has extended his life, and given us more quality time with him. I don't know how much longer he will be with us, as he also has other health issues.I would definitely recommend this product if your pet is suffering from kidney failure.

Seems to work by sciurid from Seattle, WA06/05/2012

I don't believe that this product is proven to reduce kidney levels but the first year of our cat being in kidney failure with twice daily Azodyl doses her levels remained stable and the second year, her kidney levels did finally lower quite a bit so we are pleased with this product.

Good stuff by Scotty dog mom06/25/2012

Can't say enough about this product. I swear by it. I truly believe my Scottie would not be alive if it were not for this stuff. Use it as directed. Give it about 30-45 days to "kick in", then have your dogs bloodwork run again. You will see a difference in BUN and creatinine levels. I have been using this since it came on the market about 5 years ago.

Affordable supplement treatment by cat mom11/27/2012

Thank you for carrying this supplement. We have used Azodyl for several years now in cats who have had severe kidney damage. As a result of this additive to regular veterinary care, we have been able to extend our pet's lives at an affordable price. This is the same product our vet sells for more than three times the price.

really happy with the product and price by tartanrocker10/17/2011

...my beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog has has kidney issues since we got her, and will require kidney support pills for the remainder of her life....my vet introduced me to this product, but charged a ridiculous mark-up price, so I researched online, found Entirely Pets, and ordered....this is my second purchase, and I am very happy with the product and service.

Great price and speedy delivery by skinnybelly from Singapore03/06/2012

I ordered this product from Singapore and the delivery was really speedy, and the price is really competitive too. Very happy with my purchase.

by from 01/04/2012

We have been giving our cat azodyl who was diagnosed with severe kidney disease.

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Azodyl by Kat from Burnsville, NC03/03/2011

I have a cat that was diagnosed with kidney failure approximately 7 years ago and has been taking Azodyl for 6 years. She was 5 years old at the time of diagnosis. It has worked wonders in allowing my cat to live a full life, along with subcutaneous fluids and a KD diet, and she is healthy and happy. For anyone thinking of long term care for a cat with kidney failure, this drug works really well!

Azodyl purchase by xxxyyy04/28/2012

Shipment of Azodyl requires refridgeration during the shipment. Entirelypets.com packed the items in styrofoam with coolants, and they arrived chilled, as required. Entirelypets is careful to ship not for weekend delivery, and it arrives at a business address Mon-Fri. Good work. (Any rights I waive in connection with this review are not waived concerning any other activity in which I might participate.)

Azodyl very effective for renal failure by alyse from Pgh, PA07/29/2012

Azodyl helped my 16-year-old Maine Coon to combat renal failure for over 9 months. His blood tests initially showed substantial improvement and then demonstrated that he had stabilized. His ultimate demise was caused by cancer, unrelated to the renal failure. I was able to give Percy the Azodyl easily in diluted tuna water. He literally ran for the dish when he saw it twice daily. The Azodyl always arrived overnight, chilled, as promised, with considerable savings, since I could order a 6-pack of bottles for the same shipping fee as for a smaller number of bottles. With the end of Percy's life, I have given the last full shipment of Percy's meds to a dog in renal failure at my vet's, so that the meds are not wasted and can continue to help another family to enjoy the life of a companion animal for as long as feasible.

by from 05/27/2012

Effective by Barb from Pensacola, FL01/23/2013

We had a black and silver male schnauzer, Gunnar, born with congenital kidney problems. His prognosis was not good; however we kept him on K-D diet and Azodyl by Vetoquinol and he did well considering his limitations. Unfortunately, we lost him two weeks ago at 3-1/2 years old to renal failure.

Great for treating kidney failure by JenDye2104/03/2012

This product has helped my dog for years. The vet did not think that she would make it through her kidney failure. She pulled through and has been on Azodyl ever since. She went 4 years with no kidney problems and is just now starting to show signs. Our vet increased her dosage to the amount recommended on the bottle and her kidney numbers are once again improving.


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