Talking Babble Balls

Talking Babble BallsBabble Balls are made with improved technology that triggers interactivity whenever the pet breath, touches or recieves any type of vibrations caused when a pet walks past the toy. The Babble ball talks and make exciting animal sounds that pets will be sure to enjoy. The Babble Ball automatically turns off when you pet isn't playing with it.

Talking Babble Ball - SMALL 2 1/8"
Talking Babble Ball - SMALL 2 1/8"

($8.99)  $7.99
Talking Babble Ball - MEDIUM 2 3/4"
Talking Babble Ball - MEDIUM 2 3/4"

($9.99)  $8.99
Talking Babble Ball - LARGE 3 1/8"
Talking Babble Ball - LARGE 3 1/8"

($10.99)  $9.99
Animal Sounds Babble Ball - SMALL 2 1/8"
Animal Sounds Babble Ball - SMALL 2 1/8"

($8.99)  $7.99
Babble Balls are made with improved technology that triggers interactivity whenever the pet breath, touches or recieves any type of vibrations caused when a pet walks past the toy. The Babble ball talks and make exciting animal sounds that pets will be sure to enjoy. The Babble Ball automatically turns off when you pet isn't playing with it.

  • Each ball makes more than 20 different wisecracks or sounds, like "Rock 'n Roll Big Daddy," "Hey, What are you doing?," "Grrrrr!," "Sweet Puppy," and many more!
  • Available in assorted colors, please allow us to choose for you.

  • Hear the Talking Babble Ball now!
    4.50 rating based on 22 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Talking Babble Ball - SMALL 2 1/8"
    Great toy by HB from New Hampshire08/05/2013

    My dog has so much fun with the Babble ball, She plays with it all the time. I had to put it in a sock because she started to chew on it. Now she pulls it around the house & it keeps talking to her. Your pet will love it.

    Hours of fun by Jonathan Discount02/04/2008

    My dog loves Babble Balls! We are on our 4th Babble Ball (not because they break, but because they keep on getting lost!). Anyway, the sounds it makes are very cute and it is my dog's favorite toy. We bought the small one for a big dog (because it was the only size in stock) and it's taken some chew abuse. So we re-ordered the large one -- I recommend getting the appropriate size for your dog.

    Great Toy by Tigress1188503/31/2010

    I have a small Boston Terrier and she loves this ball. She has the babble ball and the animal sounds ball. She will play for hours with the ball and she loves the sound. She has been through a couple of these as the batteries have died as she will play with them nonstop. I have stocked up on these. This is a great toy and provides for hours of entertainment.

    ball by ken01/31/2009

    It gets kind of annoying

    YittyYak by LoBaby from Huntsville Alabama12/23/2013

    Lo my schoodle loves this ball!!! Will play with it till she drops. She hides it under her pillow and plays games. Wants you to roll it and she rolls. This is the best ever toy. However, my mini schnauzer who is older never took to it. He likes his racket ball ball. LoBaby is wild about this "YittyYak"! She has the animal sound one.

    Love It!! by Mary Jo08/13/2009

    Our dog absolutely loves this toy! The voice is cute, and tends towards easy listening. I find most sqeakers in dog toys annoying, but have no problem with this sound. Our first ball lasted around 9 months, which is impressive for the amount of abuse and use it has on it. Our dog has grown from puppy to full size at 50 lbs. with this toy; she bats, throws and chews on it, unlike any other ball we have tried with her.

    wonerful ball by lillygirl from Muncy, PA09/02/2010

    I have a Daschund/Basset Hound Puppy. She just loves this toy! She will push it around on the floor with her nose and loves the fact that it keeps talking to her. I haven't found many toys that will entertain her when we are busy doing something, but this is definitely one of them! You gotta try it! Warning: we took this toy along with us when we took our puppy to relatives houses. In the car, you have to hold onto the ball or put it in the cup holder, otherwise you will want to throw it out the window after a few short minutes as the vibration in the car, bumps, etc. make it talk and talk and talk... This is one of the best purchases I have made for our dog.

    hysterical fun by Debbie08/18/2009

    I bought a few of these at Christmas last year and my Silky takes it to bed with him. Everytime he moves it or for that matter we bump it we all start laughing. The dogs turn their heads and look at it and was their tails it is hysterical to watch them. We took it to the luxury doggy kennel and everyone there wanted one. Up until now I didn't know a website. We had gotten ours at bed bath and beyond at Christmas last year. You just simple have to get a few.

    My dog's favorite toy by troygirl1 from Burbank, CA09/06/2014

    My mini Schnauzer loves babble balls. He plays with them constantly even when the batteries run out & there are no more sound effects. I wish the balls came with additional batteries because that would be very convenient & save me from having to buy extra ones myself. The batteries last quite a while but my dog plays with the balls multiple times daily so they usually last only a few months.

    ball by ken01/31/2009

    it gets kind of annoying cause the love the sound ...A LOT

    Babble Ball by Michelle02/16/2009

    Oh My God, my 8 month old Shih Tzu cannot be with out this ball. It is a riot! It is like her best friend. She recently was spayed and she would go nuts if our other shih tzu went near the ball! It is really a unique toy. It is funny to hear it talking al day!!

    Pet Qwerks Babble Ball - Small by Aussie Mom from Takoma Park MD02/12/2012

    Excellent entertainment for inquisitive puppies. Phrases and voices are entertaining for people, too. Smaller size and rough texture are easier for large breed puppies to destroy. Recommend for smaller breed dogs only.

    My Dog Loves this by nomad1ne06/03/2013

    My dog loves to play with this toy, she loves the interactions and keeps her occupied when bored...recommend this toy highly.

    babble ball by shannon11/05/2009

    My little daschund has 2 of these balls. When I pulled it up on the comp. to play for some friends my little daschund went absolutely crazy trying to get her babble ball out of the comp. (my laptop) We haven't laughed that hard for a long time. This ball is absolutely hillarious and I would highly recommend it for hours of entertainment. (entertaining for people and dogs)

    Fun ball by Wendy from Sydney12/17/2012

    The hard plastic babble ball is a little smaller than I had expected (didn't read the description) but the (toy) dogs have lots of fun with it after initially freaking out because it talked to them.

    Best Entertainment by Neise04/03/2012

    This has become Emma's favorite toy. The other animals in the household love watching her play with this play.

    crazy fun toy! by nachos from Scottsdale AZ05/10/2014

    got this toy from a trainer referral for the Shih Tzu puppy. He didn't know what was going on at first and "barked" at it at the beginning( he doesn't bark usually) and backed away as if a stranger... I love the motion feature as it doesn't babble when not in motion! It has now become a favorite toy! Love it!

    Terrific Toy by SunLover from Los Angeles, CA04/07/2012

    The Babble Ball is one of my Yorkie's favorite toys. Not only is it a favorite of his but a favorite of many of his "friends". It's very durable & keeps him entertained when he's home alone - something that will talk to him.

    Babble Ball by Cee05/29/2012

    FANTASTIC toy! Izzy loves it and we play all the time with it. However, I find the screws a little difficult to get out, and the ball once just stopped working. I knew the batteries weren't yet dead, so opened the ball, cleaned off the batteries and it worked again. Good thing, because Izzy was having a crisis without his favorite toy!

    Can't Rate It!! by Karen01/03/2013

    On backorder, still! Paid for and still no items. Go figure! Very dissappointed puppies and Mom on Christmas morning!!!

    Talking ball is too hard by Domino from East Hampton, NY01/21/2015

    Although the ball captivated my dachshund for a few seconds at a time, he prefers his softer balls that he enjoys biting into to carry in his mouth. Every so often, he touches it with his nose to make it talk, but the hard plastic exterior makes the ball less appealing than softer balls he can more easily grab and bring to us for a snack. It's a great idea, but not soft and cuddly enough by far to be a favorite toy of his. The only reason I would recommend this ball to a friend is because the novelty of the ball might interest some pets more than mine, so it's worth a try to keep your pet's mind stimulated and amused.

    The Puppy Loves it by Jake from LA Ca01/23/2014

    The Babble Ball is a must for all dogs…I was priced right and arrived fast… Always a pleasure to buy from Entirely Pets

    Talking Babble Ball by Mame05/31/2012

    Sorry, wish my pet would have been wild over it but he was not. Pretty much ignores it. I think it is one of those things they like or don't, he didn't.

    Featured Reviews for Talking Babble Ball - MEDIUM 2 3/4"
    Your dog will go coo coo for this! by Hugenaturelover from Alaska09/20/2013

    My two dogs love this toy and will play with it for hours

    A Big Zero by WI SusanV from Mt. Horeb, WI01/01/2010

    I bought this based on the great reviews. Unfortunately my dog (a scottie) would have nothing to do with it, despite several tries on different occasions. Money down the drain for me, but maybe I can pass it along to a friend's dog and see if they have any interest.

    by tinkerbelle from Murphy, NC10/23/2013

    Kati is a 9 yr old Shiba Inu & she is terrified of the "babble ball". BUT,she is getting used to it, so maybe some day!

    The GREATEST by chf12/03/2008

    This is the GREATEST ball!! My Westie absolutely loves this ball! She plays with it for hours! The "Babble" has ceased to work - even after replacing the batteries, but that hasn't stopped her. We have hardwood floors so the hard plastic allows it to roll around really well - it slams into the base boards & keeps rolling. She likes to take it to the top of the long staircase & push it down the stairs. It hits the bottom & it sounds like a bowling alley! She literally does this for an hour at a time. The hard plastic construction makes it indestructable, except the babbling has stopped. At 1st - the babbling made us a bit crazy, but over time, we actually enjoyed it. We could mimic the babbling & she would go find the ball & playtime was on. If you want a toy that keeps your babies occupied, this is the ticket!

    Babble Babble by katie from Dana Point California02/07/2012

    These balls really keep young dogs amused, not so sure the older ones like them.My two older dogs ignore it, my friends with older dogs say the same. Batteries (3) do not last long and are expensive cheaper to buy a new.The ball i bought in the UK in November is still ok but the new ones bought in January here have already died. Great toy while it lasts.

    Fantastic! by Sjordan12/29/2008

    My GSDs are going crazy over this ball! They chase it, grab it, drop it and chase it again! Great entertainment for them!

    Babble ball by jreitman4 from Peconic, NY01/17/2015

    Three dogs looked at it once, then never again. It's too hard for them to pick up. The words are too hard to understand. Junk

    Wonderful Busy-Toy! by Erika06/21/2011

    This ball has kept our Westie entertained daily for over a year (granted there was a battery replacement in there!). She loves her 'talking my-ball' and will come running from the other end of the house if we accidentally bump it, then commence focused play for quite some time! Great purchase for dogs who need 'busy-time' to stay happy. Just know the 'babble' will take some getting used to by the humans in the house... but it does become less annoying after a few days, I promise!

    Pet Qwerks Babble Ball by Aussie Mom from Takoma Park MD02/12/2012

    Excellent entertainment for inquisitive puppies. Phrases and voices are entertaining for people, too. Larger size and smoother surface harder for large breed puppies to destroy.

    great product by annesg from Staten Island, NY03/06/2013

    my two shih tsus love this product, put the b all in a sock so your pet can actually grab it. If only it would come on a plush ball or "animal"

    Much more than I expected by Dog mom of 3 from Howell, MI03/01/2011

    We have 3 dogs, 2 German Sheperds and a Bernese Mt. Dog. The Shepherds compete for who will carry the ball around, while the Berner cheers on the dog who wins! It is hilarious to watch them listen so closely to this babbling ball. The dogs will hear the ball from across the house & come running.. One of the Shepherds will stare at it on the counter and ask for it. We do love it, however, since we did notice the adult shepherd likes to chew, we keep it out of reach when we are not supervising. The batteries died after about 2 months or so, but easily replaceable. We plan to buy another for dual play action.

    Featured Reviews for Talking Babble Ball - LARGE 3 1/8"
    TALKING BABBLE BALLS MAKE DOGS TALK BACK! by Aneta from Loomis, California02/10/2013

    These are absolutely great! Keep a dog interested for a long period of time. It's so fun watching dogs interact with this ball. It is best to put the ball in a man's sock and tie off the end as the encasement is very hard on a dog's mouth. These draw many customers and thus it is not surprising that oftentimes these great balls are on back order for some 8 months

    My dog LOVEs this and so do I! by amynmi from Michigan01/07/2014

    All dogs love squeaking nose making toys...Interactive "figure it out" toys. This talking large blue ball says the cutest things in a high pitched voice, that the bulldog has to keep nudging it or chasing it. It was a great Christmas gift for Zeus! Only con is that I wish the ball was bigger, because it fits in our 40 pound bulldog puppy's mouth!

    Not so good by Gml from Millington mi.07/07/2014

    Ball quit working 3 days after purchase.

    Keeps my puppy busy by lizzy from Minnesota04/08/2013

    She never tires of pushing this around. Loves it (and so does my 2 year old grandson) He starts it going and laughs so hard when the dog keeps chasing it!

    Somewhat fun by Cheryl01/02/2009

    This didn't work for very long. I had a puppy who was somewhat drawn to this toy, and the other frightened. I did not like the hard plastic construction, as it whacked the walls and furniture. The sound only worked for a very short time, then the toy was no longer of interest at all.

    Fun for my dog by Gsd mommy01/12/2012

    My 1 year old German shepherd absolutely loves this ball. He will choose this over all other toys in his box and will play with it forever. He gets so excited playing that he actually shakes and whines. We do have to take it away to calm him down at times. I also use it as his reward when training him. He is highly motivated when he knows he will get his ball. It is also very durable and does not show signs of wear and tear even with all of the handling. Some other toys I have purchased for him have been ignored or have not been very durable; not this one!

    Willie is crazy for his Babble Ball by Dr. Randolph from www.MyPetsDoctor.com01/06/2012

    We couldn't be happier with our Babble Ball. I wrote a review of it before it arrived, knowing Willie would love it. Boy, did he. This is the link to the original post: . This is a link to the post with video of Willie playing with his Babble Ball: . Don't be surprised if your dog is unsure about it at first. Willie was, but he caught on REAL fast!

    Featured Reviews for Animal Sounds Babble Ball - SMALL 2 1/8"
    fun by Cocker-Friend from MD12/26/2012

    many different animal sounds. I have another w/people sounds. The dog plays for 10-15 minutes nightly w/it.

    Animal sounds & talking babble balls by kathysgarden2 from East Greenwich,RI12/24/2010

    Great! Dogs have alot of fun.Ive bought both,nice and sturdy-had them for a year and only had to replace batteries inside 1X.each.Good interactive toy!!

    Good purchase by Victoria from Houston, TX08/21/2014

    My miniature dachshund loves it! And small it´s the right size for her.

    animal ball with sounds by mag01/12/2013

    Neither of my dogs took a interest to this ball.. But that is not to say other dogs wouldn't . It certainly does what it delivers and was very reasonably priced.

    A hit right out of the box! by Shuggah from Sedona, AZ01/02/2015

    Other reviewers have expressed their pets were fearful of this toy, so I was a bit apprehensive. Our Bentley is 6 years old and has spent his life in a breeding situation...NOT a puppy mill!!! Just a situation where he was never socialized...never walked...taken for car rides...or given toys to play with. He is smart as a whip, and we are having a lot of fun helping him to have confidence and not be afraid of everyday things. When I pulled the plastic tab and this ball began making noise, Bentley was thrilled. He approached it a bit slowly, but in less than a minute he was playing with it and loving it!!! He is completely torn between wanting it all for himself and wanting me to play with it with him. It is so fun to see him so excited like this! I think this is a great toy...just hoping the batteries don't wear down too fast!

    wonderful fun! by slinky12/03/2010

    I bought this for my sheltie, who also had the regular babble ball & loves it. This one he REALLY loved. Unfortunately, it gave out way too soon so I'll buy a spare this time. I'm aware that the batteries can be replaced but that didn't seem to be the problem, just a lemon. But the toy is so great & strong enough to be picked up by the dog & thrown to run after makes is worth replacing as necessary!

    Animal Sounds Babble Ball by Shiloh from Canby, Oregon01/06/2012

    We rescued a miniature schnauzer in October. He's a wonderful, sweet dog but we found that he didn't know how to play. If we tried to play with him he'd run off with his tail between his legs acting rather frightened. This little ball did the trick. He was so curious about the sounds. At first he'd just stare at it and tilt his head, then he'd walk by it and as it would "babble" out animal sounds he'd start to wag his tail. He finally picked it up and started throwing it around. It seemed he wanted to hear more sounds. That was the beginning of getting him to come out of his shell with us. Now he's starting to interact with us more playfully, too. I need to order the other talking ball. Just fun to watch his reactions to a talking ball! So happy to see him play like the 2 year old that he is!

    It will drive you crazy - in a good way by Hugenaturelover from Alaska09/20/2013

    My two dogs went nuts over this thing and as such it's all I hear from the moment I put it on the floor until I take it back again. The sounds are good enough to keep my one dog (who is difficult to keep entertained with toys) interested!

    Our dogs favorite toy by JoyL from Portland, OR02/25/2011

    Our dog was a bit afraid of this when it first arrived. It is now her absolute favorite toy. Biggest problem is her losing it under couch and wanting us to drop whatever we're doing to get it for her.

    Animal Sounds Babble Ball by SusieQ from North Canton, OH04/27/2013

    My dog Buster recently went blind and one of the hardest things to watch was the fact that he could no longer chase after balls. That was his number one love of life. Then I found the Animal Sounds Babble Ball. I chose the one with the animal sounds. It is amazing to watch this blind dog be able to track and find this ball due to the animal noices he hears. What a great invention. It has given my Buster great joy to be abl to again find and chase his ball due to being able to track it from the sounds coming from it.

    Small Size - Big Noise by Laura from Georgia06/19/2014

    Prepare for a loud pet toy! It makes animal sounds continuously as your pet plays with it. My chihuahua cries and growls with it. My cats chase it.

    Not happy with Entirely Pets by amber from Reno, Nevada03/23/2012

    I received my order and it was not what I ordered. I ordered the animal sound babble ball and received the regular sound babble ball. I was informed after I received my order that the animal sound ball was on back order so they just sent me the regular one without giving me an option. HORRIBLE company that I will not use again.

    Constant chuckle by GingerF from Portland Oregon01/16/2014

    Every time we walk by the toy it lets out an animal sound that gives us a giggle and distracts attention from another focus. My dogs sister found it lots of fun form about 15 minutes and then we put it up for a while.

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