• Bach Rescue Remedy - Natural Stress Reliever (20 mL)

    Bach Rescue Remedy - Natural Stress Reliever (20 mL)

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    Try Bonies Dental Bones - Calming FormulaBach Rescue Remedy - Natural Stress Reliever is made from Dr. Bach's most famous Flower Essence formula, Rescue Remedy is one of the world's best known natural stress relief remedies. Bach Rescue Remedy - Natural Stress Reliever is an all natural form of healing that can reduce everyday stress and help maintain control of your pets health and yours too! Effective in virtually any situation that causes stress or anxiety. Helps restore a sense of calm and control.

    It's gentle, safe, and effective treatment for the whole family. No artificial additives.

    Active Ingredients: 5x dilution of Helianthemum nummularium HPUS, Clematis vitalba HPUS, Impatients glandulifera HPUS, Prunus cerasifer HPUS, Ornithogalum umbellatum HPUS.

    Usage Information

    Directions: The simplest method of use is to add 4 drops of Bach Flower Essence to your pet's drinking water or food daily. You can also apply directly into the animal's mouth, nose ears lips, or pads of the paw.

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    by from 10/08/2013

    I use Bach Rescue Remedy for my 6 year old Bullmastiff. I got her after she'd been living on a farm in Estonia, Europe and she was skiddish to say the least! In order to be able to socialize and train her I needed her to focus and lower her stress levels so I could meet the German behavior testing requirements for owning this particular breed while living over there. It worked great and she passed with flying colors. Recently, we've relocated back to America and I use this product to help during the shuffling between family's homes and new rental.

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    Extremely disappointed by Lady from Virginia12/21/2010

    The packaging and product itself were subpar. The eyedropper's rubber cap was cracked, and the glass part was crimped at the bottom, making it useless. Bought own eyedropper so I could use the product. Have not seen any change in dog's anxiety level or behavior. Emailed sales at entirely pets to notify them of faulty eyedropper and haven't heard back from the company to even say they would contact the manufacturer about quality control. Bad experience all-around.

    It works! by Gems from Panhandle of Florida12/06/2011

    My German Shep became very stressed when riding in the car; thunderstorms; loud, sharp noises. I found this product and gave it to her about 10 minutes before any of these stress situations occured, or even after as in the case of sharp loud noises. It is liquid, so she would lick it directly out of my hand, or I would put it on a treat. Worked great for her. Yesterday was her first trip to the groomers and I gave Bach Rescue Remedy to her about 20 minutes before we arrived. The groomer said she was a complete love! We like that it is all natural. The groomer wrote down the name for future reference, as did my veternarian when I took it to him to get his approval. Best EVER!

    Dissapointed by Kathjg5108/12/2011

    My cat is very skiddish. I can't brush her long fur, can't pick her up, can only pet her in ONE place--next to my chair, leaning over while she lays on the floor. I was hopefull this would help,since I can't even get her to the vet's office, but she smells it and runs. I can't even get it ON her! Maybe it's the alcohol, don't know, but guess it's hopeless for me. Too bad.

    Great product! by Dan from Lewistown, PA06/25/2013

    This helps my dog relax during tense times (thunder storms, fireworks, etc.)

    It Really Works! by Jersey Girl from Satellite Beach11/15/2010

    My cat over-licks and creates bald spots. Also he hates having his nails clipped. Since he does have a history of biting, we're always a bit hesitant when we clip. We have found few drops on a cat treat about half an hour before clipping works wonders, and also a few drops in his drinking water causes him to over-lick a whole lot less.

    rescued remedy by hoopee07/23/2012

    thought this was supposed to be for dogs. used it ,but saw it had some alcohol in it.concerned about giving it again

    Everyone should have a bottle on hand by Krisie04/16/2013

    This is an amazing product. I use it on our horse, cats, dogs and us.

    Not sure if this works by Suzieque11/06/2011

    This is my second bottle......I'm not sure if it works, or not. I can't get my cat to take the drops directly, so I've been adding them to her water. I don't know if she's been getting enough to make a difference.

    Bach's is great! by Tammy from Midwest01/13/2013

    Works on cats, dogs, humans, any stressful situation. I always have some on hand.

    Best Product! by question from Houston, Tx.12/14/2011

    This is the best product to help calm your pets. 4 drops per pet & they're ready for a great nights sleep. I 1st tried this on 13 years old chihuahua who is terrified of thunderstorms. It's safe for cats, birds etc but I purchase the non-alcohol for them. This goes further for 3 dogs than the non-alcohol one. It's safe, it doesn't knock them out; it just calms them down. Excellent! The Bach's also have drops for kids as well as adults too.

    Second purchase and always satisfied by storm trooper02/13/2012

    My little dog is deathly afraid of thunderstorms and rain. She gets so anxious! I make her a bed in the bathroom and give her the natural remedy drops and within a short time she calms right down. We LOVE them!

    Rescue in bottle by Peggy from Vancouver WA11/24/2011

    I use this product for my cats when they are stressed or upset about something. It can be applied to their ears or put into their water bowl. It is a nice non-drug way to calm them down. It's also good for us humans too! And the Entirely Pets price beat the local store on this by several dollars.

    Relief at Last! by Brynn11/25/2008

    This product is great for introducing pets and relieving stress or hyperactivity (can also use for humans!)!

    by MommyCat12/09/2012

    Our boy cat was becoming aggressive toward our smaller girl cat, so much so that we got a consultation from a behavioral vet who recommended Bach. Our cats love it. They will rub their whiskers against the eye dropper and lick it. We have noticed a change, which could be due to our Feeliway Diffusers in combination with Bach.

    Rescue Remedy by Tn Ducki from Tennessee05/17/2013

    This is a great stress reliever. Our Lab is very afraid of storms, especially when there's lightening. A few drops keeps him from visibly shaking and he settles down in just a few minutes. We've also tried the Rescue Treats and they work well also. It helps us feel better when he settles down during thunderstorms. Another plus -- humans can use this too!

    bach rescue remedy by Sheri from michigan10/03/2011

    best purchase ever. helped calm my nervous pomerian down. her anxity was so high she lost her hair and being on rescue remedy her hair has started to grow back, and she is a whole lot calmer.. even when it thunders during a storm.. Thank you rescue.

    A must for every house by Katzhse from Tucson, Az11/24/2012

    This is the best stuff for people and animals in all situations stress,fear, grief, I use it for everything that throws me for a loop--or the critters

    Rescue Remedy by Tony's Mom from Illinois07/30/2013

    My golden retriever has seizures. I had heard that RR was very helpful when a seizure occurs. Unfortunately,I recently had to use the product and I was so thrilled with the results. He settled down very quickly and the seizure didn't last very long ! Very happy with the product -And the quick turn around in receiving my order! Very fast service. Will be returning soon!

    by from 05/25/2012

    I ordered Rescue Remedy from Entirely Pets and it worked great - the bottle is 20ml and has a paw print on the label I actually had a hard time finding the product that the label specified "PET". Since I ordered from Entirely Pets once with great success, I knew to go back to that site whenit came time to reorder.

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    wonderful stuff by BassetMom08/23/2013

    I use this for one of my dogs who doesn't travel well in the car, and my other dog who is a rescue and is terrified of thunder and fire works. It works wonders. I do find that I have to give them more than it says on the bottle, Heidi gets 2 droppers full and Wulfgang gets 3 but it works and is worth every penny.

    Great natural stress reliever by BichonLover03/18/2014

    My dog panics when she has to go to grooming (even though her groomer is good and nice). I put Bach Remedy on her shoulders to absorb into the skin. My groomer says she can really tell the difference. No sedation; just a little relaxed.

    It Really Helps by Pet Mom from Chicago, IL12/09/2011

    I am the proud person for a scaredy-dog -- thunderstorms and more (wind, shadows, etc. ... oh my). I've tried many things. This helps. Not a magic cure-all but it definitely takes the edge off. I particularly like that it's so easy to get him to take it. And I also like it a lot that I can actually see his tenseness relax a bit.

    Yes, but NO by Angelika05/12/2011

    Rescue Remedy works. I believe that. BUT there are two forms of it, one made for humans, and one made for animals. The human version contains alcohol (toxic to animals) and should not be sold on this site for animals. Even though I informed customer service they have not pulled the product. I hope your pet does not get sick from it.

    Great for pets and people! by mbt from Minnesota05/21/2013

    This is a wonderful, natural, safe product with NO side effects. Takes the "edge" off nervousness and anxiety. Highly recommended!

    Good stuff! by Goldenluvr from Fairfield, CT03/27/2012

    I have one Golden Retriever, a shelter rescue, who just absolutely terrified of fireworks and thunder storms. A vet tech suggested the Rescue Remedy. All I can say it is works well, takes the edge off, and keeps my poor big-boy from being completely terrified. I was purchasing at the local health food store, but found it for less money thru your website!

    No problem with alcohol content by 27dogs1cat&nurse from Minneapolis, Minnesota08/29/2012

    Flower essence remedies are extracted in alcohol. Given the tiny amount that you use for your dog or cat, this is not a problem. I am a nurse, and I hate pharmaceuticals due to the side effects. We know how many people, dogs, and cats are killed each year from pharmaceuticals. This is why, whenever possible, I use natural products such as standardized herbs, Bach flower remedies, and homeopathic remedies. I research everything THOROUGHLY, PRIOR TO USE. There are no problems associated with using this remedy with animals despite the alcohol. Those customers who write about these concerns are people who have not spent any time doing their research or contacting animal specialists who use these. If you are concerned, go to homeopet......contact them and ask your questions. Come on folks......QUIT BEING LAZY AND STUPID!

    Bach's Rescue Remedy by rpnzl from Auburn, Maine08/03/2013

    It has calmed everyone-all 3 cats-remarkable!

    Hasn't helped at all by uma from NY11/10/2011

    Ordered this in hopes it would stop my 11 y.o.female cat from licking all the hair off her belly and inside of her legs. She started doing this a few months ago. This was touted as relieving stress and excessive licking.

    by I have no nick name05/12/2013

    Total waste of money. Works as well as colored water. Not worth the bottle it's packed in.


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