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Bags on Board


Bags on Board

is a refillable dispenser which houses a roll of doggie clean-up bags. With bags on Board, you'll always have bags with you. It attaches to any kind of leash - standard or retractable. Bags on Board is compact and convenient!

Bags on Board Design Your Own Dispenser & Printable Skins
Bags on Board Design Your Own Dispenser & Printable Skins

($7.99)  $3.77
Bags on Board Refill Bags 8 Rolls (120 Count)
Bags on Board Refill Bags 8 Rolls (120 Count)

($10.99)  $8.99
Bags on Board Refill Bags (60 Count)
Bags on Board Refill Bags (60 Count)

($6.95)  $4.99
Bags On Board Bag Refill Pantry Pack (315 Bags)
Bags On Board Bag Refill Pantry Pack (315 Bags)

($24.99)  $13.99
Bags On Board Rainbow Bag Refill Pack (120 Bags)
Bags On Board Rainbow Bag Refill Pack (120 Bags)

($12.99)  $8.99
Bags On Board Scented Bag Refill Pack (120 Bags)
Bags On Board Scented Bag Refill Pack (120 Bags)

($12.99)  $8.99
Bags on Board  Original Dispenser Pack
Bags on Board Original Dispenser Pack

($6.95)  $3.19
Bags on Board Fire Hydrant Dispenser Pack
Bags on Board Fire Hydrant Dispenser Pack

($6.95)  $4.99
Bone Dispenser - Black (30 bags)
Bone Dispenser - Black (30 bags)

($5.80)  $2.90
Bags on Board Design Your Own Dispenser lets you customize your dispenser giving you a personalized look while on the go! Bags on Board makes picking up after your pets a walk in the park. The sturdy design makes for a dependable yet environmentally friendly tool for the most undesirable of tasks. All Bags on Board are 100 percent biodegradable with double sealed construction and a leak proof guarantee. Bags on Board is a compact, refillable dispenser which houses a roll of 15 large doggie clean-up bags. It attaches to any kind of leash - standard or retractable. With Bags on Board you'll always have bags with you..

  • Design your own dispenser and printable skins
  • Package contains dispenser, 15 bags and 2 printable labels
  • Dimensions: 9.84'' H x 5.12'' W x 1.77'' D
  • Directions:
    Visit www.mybagsonboard.com and choose a background image, add personal pics or choose from a variety of clip art. Print, peel and apply your pre-cut skin, no need to trim.
    5.00 rating based on 2 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Bags on Board Refill Bags 8 Rolls (120 Count)
    by AD from South Florida12/05/2012

    All the Bags on Board bags are very good. Last time I tried the scented but I found out the the scented bags are shorter than the regular bags, so I'm back using the regular.

    Use all the time by Bob C03/04/2012

    I use these bags all the time and they work great

    Featured Reviews for Bags on Board Refill Bags (60 Count)
    BEST POO BAG by DataChance from Pennsylvania05/23/2012

    The 'just right' bag. Highly recommend..

    Featured Reviews for Bags On Board Bag Refill Pantry Pack (315 Bags)
    Bags On Board --- Too Thin by Anna from West Chester, PA01/10/2012

    These previously reliable bags have become very thin, easily rip, in addition to less bags to a roll. When you are cleaning up after a dog, you need the security of a sturdy bag. Why not double up on the roll? Before I know it, the roll is finished. Something has changed drastically with these bags....and not for the better.

    by Connie from Davenport, Fl.07/17/2012

    I have 2 dogs and rely on Bags on Board to clean up after my pets. I have tried other brands but none of them were satisfactory and could not compete with the quality of Bags on Board. This is the only brand that I will purchase for cleaning up waste products from my dogs.

    by from 12/05/2012

    how can one review a product as requested when this product is backordered.

    ordered by it from waswhen


    by kccf26 from Mililani Hawaii09/22/2013

    Excellent product with great quantity :)

    Great Product by strecks85 from Ankeny, IA11/30/2011

    Good thick bags, don't rip! Great bulk product and easy to keep all rolls together!

    by from 01/28/2012

    We're firm believers in picking up after our dogs and it's tough to find a good buy on pick-up bags.

    make by a from greatBags


    purchasing by these from again."I'll


    ZERO! by TracyJ from San Francisco, CA10/29/2012

    This is an item that the design and quality changed unbeknownst to me, as I re-ordered an item I previously purchased. It took me using one bag to note the design change and the inferior quality. It is SUB par. There is nothing worse than sub par waste bags and having bought a large quantity bulk item. Your return policy should encompass at the very least inferior dog bags. There isn't much worse than picking up after your dog, having a failing bag and getting dog waste on yourself. Think about it a moment and think about being the customer that purchased the same item they bought previously and think about picking up after your dog. Personally, its one thing that is simple enough to get right,,, and if it goes wrong, well I will let you envision that.

    Great Value/Bag by Samson from Dallas, TX02/05/2014

    This product is very reliable and easy to use. The pantry pack is packaged great versus bags normally sold in.

    Love the Bulk Container by BeBe from Philadelphia, PA10/24/2011

    Just love these bags...so easy and sanitary. Love the bulk container--keeps them handy and in one place.

    Durable, dependable bags by Eve from Portland, OR01/15/2012

    Bags On Board bags are large and durable for minimal mess. The pantry pack is a convenient and economical option. My only regret is that these bags are not biodegradable.

    Great Price for Great Bags by erinrgray5 from Norfolk, VA10/27/2011

    Never had a bag rip or tear. Can pick up the giant piles my 120lb Rottweiler leaves behind.

    Good value by Eve from Portland, OR02/07/2014

    The Pantry Pack is a good value for a reliable product. These bags are convenient and they don't leak. I regret that they are not biodegradable, but the biodegradable bags I've tried are too small and messy.

    A must-have by Eve from Portland, OR05/05/2012

    These bags are large and durable so they minimize mess. Plus, the pantry pack is a great deal. The only disadvantage is that they're not biodegradable.

    Featured Reviews for Bags On Board Rainbow Bag Refill Pack (120 Bags)
    Great Bags not Biodegradable by Charley08/23/2012

    These bags are Dregradable not Biodegradable. Degradable is still better than regular plastic bags but not as good as biodegradable bags. Heres a quick explanation: "There are two primary differences between ‘degradable’ and ‘biodegradable’. Firstly, heat, moisture and/or UV exposure most often causes the degradation of a degradable product, whereas microorganisms degrade a biodegradable product. Secondly, degradable products tend to take much longer to break down into carbon dioxide, biomass and water." http://www.packagingknowledge.com/degradable_biodegradable_bags.asp

    by from 04/29/2011

    No where on this product do the words Biodegradable appear. I have spent a lot of time trying to reach the manufacturer without success. I have yet to receive a response to my e-mails or phone calls.

    indicates by the from productTo


    own by risk." from Biodegradable? NOT!!!Use


    Love These Bags by camdenvw from Chicago, IL05/29/2012

    My Giant Schnauzer and I like to go for walks and he already had the 'fire hydrant' to carry his clean-up bags. I needed more and you had them. I love that he can carry his own bags and people have commented on them. My only wish is that they were a tad longer, making the tying of them a bit easier. Otherwise I love them, especially the neat colors. Thanks.

    Great colors! by cherryobebe from Phoenix, AZ11/07/2011

    I have been using these bags everyday for some time. They work really well and the colors are great!

    Featured Reviews for Bags On Board Scented Bag Refill Pack (120 Bags)
    Love 'em by Lulu from Thousand Oaks, CA09/15/2013

    they're big enough for 3 poops and I just tie them on their leashes so I always have them on hand.

    by blackdahlia22 from Delaware02/28/2012

    I was very impressed with these bags. Bags were sturdy and have nice capacity. Sometimes dog makes 2 stops and I dont need to use 2 bags. (I use this in conjunction with the Doody Dangler and can keep bag untied for the additional stop) Very pleasant scent.

    Bags on Board Scented by babsbeck from Huntington Beach, CA03/18/2012

    These definitely help with the odor when you're having to carry the "feces" for any distance. The bags dispense quite well from the container, better than other brands. Just wish they'd make a product that was considered 'biodegradable' in CA.

    by from 07/09/2012

    Strong and practical by Mar01/11/2014

    I recommend these because I like the scented bags and they are strong enough to do the job. What I dislike about these and all dog pickup bags is that it's hard to find the tear line, but these are no better or worse than other bags in this respect, and at least they indicate where the top opening is.

    by Nerual12/20/2011

    This was a good price for a lot of bags. They smell good, and the bags fit in my dispensers even though they are not the same brand as the bags.

    Featured Reviews for Bags on Board Original Dispenser Pack
    wonderful must-have product by maw maw from Louisville, KY11/08/2013

    I purchased the scented type refills and several of the dispenser packs so as to have one always with me. I love this product and the scent of the bags really help with the smell of the poo. Just wish I could figure out how to fill the dispenser with the refill bags. Presently I have empty dispensers and have to always make sure I have bag rolls in my coat pockets when I walk my dog. "Pop off lid" is not an option as it breaks the dispenser as I broke my first one and had to throw away. :( Guess old women and these dispensers just doesn't work together.

    Featured Reviews for Bone Dispenser - Black (30 bags)
    Good Product by Kim from Quakertown, PA02/27/2013

    I only bought these because I wanted to get the free shipping, but the bags are a nice size and tear off easily. I am very happy with the purchase.

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