Combat Tug Toys

Combat Tug ToysCombat Dog Toys are Battle Tested

Most plush toys are destroyed within hours, exposing materials that pose a serious danger to your dog's health if ingested. These toys have been "Battle Tested" to ensure they can withstand rigorous play. Combat dog toys are made with durable material that outlasts other soft dog toys on the market. Order now and save!

Other Pet Toys Gone in 60 seconds
  • Most pet toys on the market are quickly destroyed by aggressive dogs
  • No goverment protection standards, unlike children's toy
  • Small parts become dangerous choking
  • Digested stuffing can become fatally lodged within intestines

  • Bamboo = Tougher, safer toys

  • Developed in partnership with veterinarians, leading pet authorities, consultants and manufacturers
  • Highly durable material similar to luggage
  • Quality-crafted construction passed extensive testing
  • Protected squeaker withstands persistant chewing
  • Maintains pet appeal throughout entire life of toy

  • Bamboo Combat Bone Tugger Dog Toy
    Bamboo Combat Bone Tugger Dog Toy

    ($10.99)  $7.99
    Combat™ Extreme Squeaker Dog Toy
    Combat™ Extreme Squeaker Dog Toy

    ($10.00)  $7.95
    Made of an ultra-durable, ballistic style nylon material designed to outlast most other soft dog toys. Bamboo Combat Dog Toys have been "Battle Tested" to ensure they can withstand rigorous play.

  • Heavy-duty material
  • Protected squeaker
  • Floats in the pool
  • Machine washable
  • 3.62 rating based on 8 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Bamboo Combat Bone Tugger Dog Toy
    Best toy we've bought by Candlelinn from Cleveland, OH09/04/2012

    We got this a couple of years ago and it wasn't until we got our beagle pup last year that it got any real use. She is a relatively heavy chewer - goes through a large Nylabone in 3 months. She loves this tugger toy - thrashes it, whacks the other dogs with it to entice them to play, drags it outside, sits in her kennel squeaking it. No rips or tears - just a little fraying on the edging and the heavy nylon material has softened due to all the thrashing. Would definitely want another one should this one ever fail.

    not for real tough chewers and tug of wars!!! by kei from texas02/11/2012

    my dogs loved them enough to destroy in short space of time. only for medium chewers!!!

    Very rugged, so far. by Gene from Seattle11/29/2012

    I was a little concerned that my 65 pound Labrador puppy would rip this apart on the first day; but so far I can not find any damage and it seems to be holding up very well after a couple of weeks of rough play.

    excellent tug toy! every dog should have one by Ran10/28/2012

    My dog and I love this toy. We spend countless time together tugging and tail waging. I am always the winner in the long run, because of the relationship we create playing.

    Fun only for 2 hrs by Puppymommy from Franksville, WI09/19/2011

    Bought this for our 8 month old Springer Spaniel and she had the seams ripped open and stuffing out within 2 hours of getting this toy.

    Bamboo Combat Bone best lab swimming toy ever by lablover10/15/2011

    This Bamboo Combat Bone floating retrieving toy is the best most durable, loved and prefered by my labs ever. My Maddie will swim for hours retrieving this toy. It's superior construction and fabric make it last. You will not be disappointed.

    repeated purchase of favorite toy! by buddy03/31/2013

    The most durable pull toy we have found that was discontinued at the store we first found it. We have purchased several of these because they last longer than any other toy we have tried. We highly recommend the product and Entirely Pets!

    bamboo combat bone tugger dog toy by txtrndo07/10/2012

    Not happy! My 2 dogs had it shredded within 10 minutes.

    Featured Reviews for Combat™ Extreme Squeaker Dog Toy
    The best ever by Shrek and Buddy01/30/2009

    This is the best toy we have ever had. It has taken me and my brother shrek a full two years to finally unstuff what we call our star man. We were really looking forward to getting a new one.

    Tough Stuff by Mercy04/01/2008

    My family was surprised that my Combat Extreme toy lasted through a whole day, it actually wore me out. I'm so glad that I can tear into this toy and it will be available for me to play with whenever I want it. Also, it saves my parents money because they don't have to keep running out buying me toys that I'm just going to tear up. I just love this toy! Love Mercy, the Rotweiller

    by from 02/01/2008

    My mum got this for me and I just cannot unstuff or tear it to bits. This is the first toy that seems tougher than me! And I am an expert de-stuffer after all. I even took apart mum's chair cushion and ate the piping one day.

    Spaniel" by Even tougher than it looks from Ivey Patterson--Ivey


    Gone in less than 5 Minutes by Sonic from USA06/20/2014

    I'm a 2 year old Golden Retriever....I admit it, I'm a power chewer. My mom bought this for me based on other reviews. Well... I was able to rip it apart in less than 5 minutes. Even though my Mom said "be gentle", I got so excited with the new toy and now it's gone... in the garbage. Think I'll go chew my Nylabone.... at least that lasts.

    Not long by MM06/11/2014

    Did not last more than 45 minutes before she had a "start" on one of the corners and the stuffing soon after.....

    Not for aggressive shredders. by Judy from Lafayette, In.07/10/2014

    42 pound German Shorthair Pointer had the stuffing out within 25 minutes. It is well made but if the dog likes to chew and pull stuffing out, I would not recommend it.

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