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Barely Dog is an advanced nutritional supplement for dogs that promotes healthy skin and coat, freshens bad breath, supports digestion and may help to increase energy levels especially among senior dogs.

Eating grass is usually thought to be a sign of an upset stomach in dogs, but it's actually a normal behavior. Dogs do this in order to boost their body's supply of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Although the nutrients are beneficial, there are a couple of health risks associated with grass eating. Dogs are at risk of ingesting harmful chemicals that many lawns are treated with. They might also end up with throat or stomach trouble because of the tiny barbs found on blades of grass. That's why giving them a supplement like Barley Dog instead of letting them eat regular grass is a good idea.

Barley Grass for Dogs is a powder that can be mixed with a dog's regular canned food. It can also be used with dry food when mixed with a bit of water. It helps make up for the nutrients that many commercially prepared dog foods don't contain. It't contain. It's made from young barley grass that's made from young barley grass that's ground up into powder and flavored with hickory-smoked bacon, which dogs love. It also contains brown rice and garlic. Barley Dog gives dogs a variety of important nutrients, including vitamins C and E, chlorophyll, active enzymes, amino acids and beta-carotene. These nutrients provide several benefits, such as boosting energy levels, supporting proper digestion, supporting a healthy coat and skin and improving bad breath. Owners should use this product once or twice a day. The amount used depends on the dog's size.

Barley Dog (3 oz)
Barley Dog (3 oz)

($15.99)  $9.99
Barley Dog (11 oz)
Barley Dog (11 oz)

($28.99)  $21.99
3-PACK Barley Dog (33 oz)
3-PACK Barley Dog (33 oz)

($81.99)  $62.99

($21.00 Each)

Barley Cat (3 oz)
Barley Cat (3 oz)

($15.99)  $11.99
3-PACK Barley Cat (9 oz)
3-PACK Barley Cat (9 oz)

($38.99)  $29.99

($10.00 Each)

  • Dogs and cats instinctively eat fresh green grass which is rich in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. The problem with eating whole grass is that each blade is covered with microscopic barbs that can cause stomach and throat irritation. Since we use only fresh juice – without the barbs – our barley grass powder is good for your pet…and your carpet.
  • With the pesticides and other chemicals applied to lawns and fields these days, it may be harmful for dogs to eat fresh grass. That is why Barley Dog® is an ideal supplement for pets.
  • Our barley grass powder is loaded with active enzymes that are often missing in today's processed dog foods. Sprinkling Barley Dog® on your dog's food will not only enhance the taste, but will also enable more nutrients to be absorbed.
  • Samantha Bjone, Ph.D. and colleagues from the University of New England in Armidale, Australia found that dogs normally eat grass when hungry and that grass eating is a normal part of their behavior and not a result of illness or upset stomach. This is the first scientific study done in a controlled environment to investigate grass eating behavior in domestic dogs. A study published in 2008 by researchers from California who surveyed pet owners as to their dog’s eating behaviors added further support for the notion that grass eating is a normal behavior of domestic dogs.
  • Available in powder (3oz and 11oz bottle) BENEFITS
  • Provides active enzymes, vitamins C and E, beta-carotene, amino acids, chlorophyll, bioflavonoids and essential trace minerals.
  • Regular use promotes healthy skin and coat, reduces bad breath, improves digestion and restores energy levels - especially among senior dogs.
    Guaranteed Analysis:
    Crude Protein not less than . . . 22.0%
    Crude Fat not less than . . . . . 1.0%
    Crude Fiber not more than . . . . 3.0%
    Moisture not more than . . . . . 7.0%
    Ingredients: Powdered juice from young barley grass, maltodextrin, dried yeast (hickory-smoked, bacon-like flavor), brown rice, and garlic. Suggested use: Mix Barley Dog with, or on top of, wet or dry food. With dry food, if desired, you can stir powder with a small amount of water first. Use once or twice daily based on the following (1 tsp. equals approximately 3g): Small dog (2-15 lbs.) ¼-½ tsp.; Medium dog (15-35 lbs.) ½-¾ tsp.; Large dogs (35 lbs. and up) 1 tsp.
    Q: My pets are very finicky. Will they eat it?
    A: Both products are naturally palatable as dogs and cats already eat grass. However, they are formulated with additional great tastes so even the most finicky dog or cat will find them tasty.

    Q: What does Barley Dog® and Barley Cat™ do for my pet?
    A: Many of the testimonials we have heard from our customers include; healthier skin and coat, fresher breath, better digestion, and renewed energy levels in senior pets.

    Q: Why do you use barley grass as your main ingredient?
    A: We use barley grass because it contains active enzymes, vitamins C & E, beta-carotene, amino acids, chlorophyll, proteins and essential trace minerals.

    Q: When my pets eat grass they get sick. Will Barley Dog® or Barley Cat™ make my pets sick?
    A: The problem with eating whole grass is that each blade has microscopic barbs that can irritate your pets' stomachs. However, our products are made from only the juice of barley grass and do not contain the barbs that can make your pets sick.

    Q: I feed my pets the best pet food available. Why should I give them extra supplements?
    A: Both Barley Dog® and Barley Cat™ are designed to complement the foods that you give to your pets. Even the best pet foods are heat processed leaving them devoid of necessary nutrient components that pets would get naturally if they were eating fresh food. Our barley grass is processed using low heat that keeps chlorophyll and enzymes intact. Adding our product to your pets' food helps to restore the natural balance of nutrients that your pets need for optimal health.

    Q: Can my pet overdose on your product?
    A: It is virtually impossible for your pet to overdose on Barley Dog® or Barley Cat™, as both products' main ingredient is barley grass juice, which is a green vegetable. However, we recommend that you follow the suggested serving size for your pet.

    Q: My veterinarian told me that my pet is allergic to barley. Is your product safe for my pet?
    A: It may be that your pet is allergic to barley grain and not barley grass. Many dog foods contain barley grain components, but our product contains only barley grass juice. You may want to clarify with your veterinarian to verify that our product is safe for your pet.

    Q: Will cats and dogs stop eating grass if they take your product?
    A: Many people have reported that their pets stopped or drastically reduced eating grass after taking our product.

    Q: Can both newborn and senior pets take Barley Cat™ and Barley Dog®?
    A: Our products are safe for pets of all ages. However, you may want to start with a reduced serving size for smaller sized, newborn, or senior pets.
    5.00 rating based on 1 review
    Featured Reviews for Barley Dog (3 oz)
    barley dog by cheryl05/20/2008

    This is an excellent product for skin and digestive conditions,

    Featured Reviews for Barley Dog (11 oz)
    Barley Dog is great by D.Baker05/30/2008

    I have 2 senior greyhounds, both had bad breath and my older had stomach issues and threw up a couple of times each week. After just a couple of days of Barley Dog, their breath has improved substantially and my female has not thrown up at all in the 5 weeks since I have started adding the Barley Dog to her morning meal. Thanks for a great product

    No More Eating Grass! by Maggie'sPackLeader from NC10/23/2012

    Barley Dog works like a charm! My dog used to run out and start eating grass the minute she got out the door and then later, we were running to the door to let her out to be sick. No More!! She loves the taste too! She'll be getting Barley Dog from now on!

    Big Mistake by ILoveDogs from Texas10/20/2011

    I used a lot less of the product than what was recommended on the label, and it gave my dog diarrhea. I called customer service and was told I'd have to call the manufacturer for a refund. Do not buy this product unless you want your dog to have the runs.

    Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Barley Dog (33 oz)
    A great solution for grass eating dogs by steve04/17/2013

    My labrador grazes grass like a sheep unless she get 3 tsp. Barley Dog per day. Unlike grass, she doesn't vomit with Barley Dog & loves the flavor.

    Great stuff!! by Sduffy55 from Boston, MA02/06/2012

    We love Barley Dog and so does our dogs!!

    Yes, it works by broken01/29/2012

    My dog cost me $3000 for acting like cow and stuffing herself with so much grass that she became impacted and almost died. Since using this product, dog doesn't try to mow the lawn anymore. Dogs love the bacon flavor.

    Featured Reviews for Barley Cat (3 oz)
    Our beasties love this stuff! by DocChic (and cat lover) from San Diego, CA10/29/2011

    Multiple times, i have found each of my kitties licking their bowls completely clean because they love their Barley Cat that much. it has been great for their overall health as well as less fleas and random vomiting.

    yums up for Barley Cat by october13 from Massachusetts10/31/2013

    Barley Cat was recommended by a vet 15 years ago to help digestive problems my kitty was having. I have two cats that turn their noses up to it, but my male is addicted to it and won't eat his dry food without it. I use it for flavoring purposes and cannot comment on the medicinal value.

    Cats Lose Weight and Love This! by Camryn01/17/2009

    My cats have grown to love Barley Cat even more than their actual food; often they'll just lick the green powder off of their dry food and leave the rest of it alone. Since they were all getting fat (no amount of food seemed to satisfy them), this has been a huge step in the right direction. Barley Cat seems to satisfy the vitamin cravings where nothing else could--I tried vitamin pills; supplements; changing foods; everything. I highly recommend this product...though do wish it came in larger amounts. 3 cats go through 3 ounces mighty quickly.

    cats love it by dinah02/13/2013

    Both my cats loved this from the first taste. I don't know if it's helping with vomiting or not. But I'm sure it's pretty good for them and they're both on the thin side, so I'm glad they are eating a little more.

    My Catz Love It by UpstateNYQualityGirl05/07/2013

    This is a great product for my indoor/outdoor cats, who especially appreciate its "green-y" aspect in the winter months. The rest of the year they enjoy it as a welcome treat (the chicken liver component). Hint: sprinkle just enough for the cat to scarf up at one sitting, on only a small area/few pieces of food, because it will not smell "fresh" after an hour or so.

    My cats love Barley cat! by Sheila05/31/2009

    I have 2 cats, different ages & different breeds. My tabby took a while to like BC, but now looks for it to be included with her soft food, and she loves it.! My Torti immediately feel in love with the BC and both their coats feel just like silk. Great stuff. I will keep this stocked for my pets and order this again!

    Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Barley Cat (9 oz)
    An essential by KE01/29/2014

    Cats graze in the wild. They crave the nutrients and roughage that barley cat safely provides. Sprinkle a little on your cats food today and see the new enthusiasm blossom

    my babies love their barley cat! by animal chica from San Diego, CA02/29/2012

    if i don't feed my cats barley cat with every meal, i get in big trouble. they love it and will eat it plain right out of the bowl! so good for their digestion and coat.

    Sorry I bought 2 containers by Valia from Chicagoland area05/01/2013

    I have 5 cats. They hate it. Would not touch their wet food that they adore. Waste of my money. Wish I new some cats that like it so I could give it to them.

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