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BASIX™ Joint, Bone, & Coat Food Supplement

BASIX™ Joint, Bone, & Coat Food Supplement


is a comprehensive joint, bone and coat superfood supplement for dogs. BASIX is composed of natural ingredients that have been chosen for their scientifically proven ability to prolong the health of your canine companion. Use BASIX in growing dogs, adult dogs and senior dogs of any breed to aid in recovery from injury or illness or to maintain good health. BASIX is best used daily for maximum results.

BASIX formula makes use of twenty-six ingredients that include Omega Fatty Acids, Dietary Fiber, Plant Nutrients, and other vitamins and minerals that work to maintain your dog’s body. These vitamins are distributed via a scientific manufacturing process that is designed to deliver nutrition to the dog’s hips, joints, bones, skin, and coat.

BASIX powder is easily served by sprinkling atop normal servings of the dog’s food. It comes in packs of 1 lb, 2.5 lb and 2-Pack 5 lb sizes. A 1 lb package is approximately a 60-day supply for an average-sized dog.

BASIX™ Joint, Bone, & Coat Food Supplement (1 lb)
BASIX™ Joint, Bone, & Coat Food Supplement (1 lb)

($22.99)  $11.99
BASIX™ Joint, Bone, & Coat Food Supplement (2.5 lb)
BASIX™ Joint, Bone, & Coat Food Supplement (2.5 lb)

($39.00)  $19.99
2-PACK BASIX™ Joint, Bone, & Coat Food Supplement (5 lb)
2-PACK BASIX™ Joint, Bone, & Coat Food Supplement (5 lb)

($80.99)  $38.99

($19.50 Each)

Comprehensive Joint, Bone & Coat

Nutritionally Supports Wellness

BASIX is a comprehensive joint, bone and coat superfood supplement for dogs made from natural ingredients. BASIX gives your pets the basic building blocks necessary for superior health. Its nutrient-dense ingredients are mixed in exactly the right portions to deliver nutrition to hips, joints, skeletal structure, skin, and coat.

Key Ingredients

BASIX formula includes a wide variety of phytochemicals (natural chemicals synthesized by plants) that have anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-carcinogenic properties.

In order to provide protein, the major building block of the body, BASIX also includes Ground Beef Bone and isolated proteins and amino acids. These proteins are used to build muscles, skin, hair and bone.

Additionally, BASIX includes a large amount of seeds, grain and vegetables to provide magnesium, potassium, iron and calcium which are essential in bone and teeth health and assist with energy metabolism.

A Simple Solution

BASIX is easily sprinkled over pet food for daily consumption and can be given to cats or dogs of all ages. BASIX can be used to aid pets that are in recovery or it can be used to provide daily maintenance to a pet's joints, bones, skin and coat. BASIX gives your pet the basic building blocks for superior health.

Basix is Available in:

1 lb., 2.5 lb and a 2-Pack 5 lb.
1 lbs is approx. a 60 day supply for 1 average size dog.
2.5 lbs is approx. a 90 day supply for 2 average size dogs.

BASIX Joint Bone & Coat Food Supplement

  1. Comprehensive joint, bone and coat superfood supplement for dogs
  2. Easily sprinkled over food
  3. Gives dogs the basic building blocks for superior health
  4. Suitable for all life stages

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Add BASIX to your animal's diet according to its weight. As with any high fiber product, start with small amounts and gradually increase to the recommended level over the course of a week or two. Some dogs may benefit from a loading period by doubling the BASIX intake for the first 90 days following the adjustment period. The daily intake can be divided into two or more servings if desired.

This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.
Daily Intake:
Size of Animal Daily
Under 25 lbs 1 Teaspoon
Up to 50lbs 2 Teaspoons
Up to 75 lbs 3 Teaspoons
Up to 100 lbs 4 Teaspoons
INGREDIENTS: Ground Flaxseed, Glucosamine Hydrochloride, Freeze Dried Beef Liver, Cane Molasses, Rice Bran, Primary Dried Yeast, Sunflower Seed, Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal, Dried Carrot, Ground Beef Bone, Dried Fish Solubles, Freeze Dried Oyster, Ground Barley Grass, Dried Kelp, Zinc Methionine Complex, Lecithin, Selenium Yeast, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), Niacin (Vitamin B3), Garlic, Taurine, Yucca Schidigera Extract, Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Thiamine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B1), Folic Acid, Vitamin B12 Supplement.
Guaranteed Analysis
Represents minimum levls per level 1 Tbsp.
(3 tsp.) = 8g unless otherwise stated:
Crude Protein (min) 20%
Crude Fat (min) 28%
Crude Fiber (max) 18%
Moisture (max) 10%
Linoleic Acid (Omega 6) (min.) 450 mg (5.6%)
Linolenic Acid (Omega 3) (min.) 1000 mg (12.5%)
Glucosamine (min.) 315 mg (3.9%)
Glucosamine (max.) 415 mg (5.2%)
4.00 rating based on 1 review
Featured Reviews for BASIX™ Joint, Bone, & Coat Food Supplement (1 lb)
doesn't work by dixiedobie09/01/2013

This product was suggested after Missing Link failed to make a difference in my flaky-skin, dull coat but other wise healthy doberman. Her coat very quickly went back to looking worse - worse than when she was on Missing Link, and almost as worse as not taking anything at all. Maybe it will work for other people's pets, but it did not do anything for our poor itchy girl.

Basix works wonders by Dusty from Long Island, NY10/18/2013

This is one supplement that I make sure not to ever run out of. I have literally seen this product work miracles in dogs. After just a week, my dog that had trouble walking, was acting like a puppy. Another dog who had swollen legs and my vet could figure out why, now has normal legs after being on Basix for 2 months.

by from 10/18/2013

I read the reviews and purchased this product although with some doubt. I did not doubt what the reviewers wrote but doubted that my Jax would be helped. He was having a very difficut time getting up from his bed or anywhere he chose to lie down. I took him to a vet and he was prescribed glucosamine. This medication made him so sick I thought he was going to die. I took him to a different vet who told me about the hip and joint problem. She replaced the glucosamine with four different prescriptions and he got somewhat better but still had a difficult time getting up.

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Basix it really works by Gary Handerson10/18/2013

I have a 7 year old pitbull with bad hips 2 weeks on basix you can tell he was more active and not in pain. This stuff really works

great product!!!! by Fuzzy10/18/2013

Does exactly want I wanted. Improved the coat and luster to my dog coat. I use this as a preventative as well for his joints.

Works great! by Wonderwoman from San Francisco, CA10/16/2013

Used this product on my Maltipoo and could see the results just after a couple weeks! His skin and coat feels soft and looks shiny. It also helps protect his joints since he's a small guy.. Will definitely keep him on this product.

Tasty Powder by maseROTTI10/18/2013

This product works great and my pets love the taste of it. It must be like a dry rub on bbq for them with the way they go for it. And it makes their coat so much nicer and I can see positive improvement in the way he goes from sitting to standing even now that its getting colder everywhere.

Basix joint and Bone Supplement by jane from los angeles11/17/2013

Phoebe isn't limping any more......I think Basix is the reason for her come back!

Great Product!! by Randolph from Green Bay,WI10/18/2013

I have given Basix to my dog for over 4 months now and She is glowing with health. Joint problems disappeared, zero skin problems.Her coat Is soft and shiny,She is the picture of health! I will always feed this supplement to my dog and always have a good supply so I never run out.

great by Ron10/16/2013

my dog loves the taste, so its not a problem giving it to her!

Featured Reviews for BASIX™ Joint, Bone, & Coat Food Supplement (2.5 lb)
Better Then The Next by Close Companions from Greenbay, WI07/30/2013

A lot of people who need a supplement such as Nupro should really consider switching to Basix. I was very skeptical at first as switching my pets diet doesn't usually go well. Boy was I wrong, not only did my dog have an easy time adjusting to this supplement. But I have also seen better results then ever before. In my opinion it covers allaspects from your daily needs of vitamin and mineral but it also has ingredients that help with your pets joints as well as their skin and coat. Take it from me it is a Superb product, it will not do you wrong!

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