• Bene-Bac Plus Gel for Bird & Reptile (15 grams)

    Bene-Bac Plus Gel for Bird & Reptile (15 grams)

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    Bene-Bac Plus Gel for Bird & Reptile is recommended as part of the management program for birds and reptiles subjected to changing environmental or nutritional conditions or after antibiotic therapy.

    It contains a concentrated live culture of seven fat encapsulated microorganisms found in the intestinal tracts of birds and reptiles. The gel is a concetrated energy source that can be helpful to birds and reptiles under adverse conditions such as: showing, breeding, travel, worming, boarding, and others. This palatable gel is easily administered with the syringe.

  • 15 grams of gel
  • Concetrated energy source
  • Helpful to birds and reptiles that are showing, breeding, traveling, worming, boarding, and more
  • Contains a concentrated live culture
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    Usage Information

    The following amounts are guidelines. Bird Bene-Bac may be used more frequently if desired.


    Hand feeding: Feed gram on days 1, 3, 5, 7 and then once per week until after weaning from hand feeding. Mix with formula after heating, place gel directly into the feeding syringe or into the mouth if cross contamination is not a concern.

    Growing Phase: Feed gram once per week for the first 3 months.

    Maintenance: Feed every other week. Use gram for finches, canaries, parakeets, cockatiels, lovebirds, conures and other small species. Use 1 gram for amazon parrots, cockatoos, macaws and other large species.

    Changing conditions: Feed amounts shown above. Feed 3 days apart pre and post periods of nutritional or environmental changes. Place on food or directly into mouth.


    Use 1/2 - 1 gram 12 to 24 hours before feeding and again 2 to 12 hours after feeding. Place gel on food or in mouth.


    Dried Lactobacillus casei (avian strain) fermentation product, Dried L. fermentum fermentation product, Dried L. acidophilus fermentation product, Dried L. plantarum fermentation product, Dried Enterococcus faecium fermentation product, Dried Bifidobacterium fermentation product, Dried Pediococcus acidilacticii fermentation product, Sunflower Oil, Sucrose, Silicion Dioxide, Dextrose, Artificial Color.

    Store at room temperature. Not for human consumption. This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.

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    It belongs in my pet-medicine chest! by Noelle04/22/2012

    I like to keep this product on hand, as I have 22 snakes currently, several of which are geriatric. I've used Bene-Bac before with good effect...it's like the "pro-biotics" that we humans use after a course of antibiotics, to help restore the beneficial bacteria that promotes digestion. I actually have extensive experience with snakes, including the skill to tube-feed a sick one. This product can also be put in the oral cavity of the pre-killed rodent being fed, if the snake is able to take food, making it very easy to administer. Some snakes (especially with new owners) can get into a chronic regurgitation syndrome when they regurgitate a meal from stress (maybe handling too soon after eating etc) and if fed too soon after that, they will continue to regurgitate because their digestive system takes a while to recover. (it's best to wait several weeks before offering another meal) I think this is a product that can help in such cases, and by the way, chronic regurgitation can kill a snake. Mostly this is great to give if your pet has had to have antibiotics.

    Bene-Bac Plus for Birds and Reptiles by coomer09/24/2014

    My Amazon parrot tends to have low beneficial enzymes in his digestive system. This makes such a difference. I give it to him consistently. Because it tastes good he takes it right off of my finger which is a big help.


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