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Booda Bones Biggest (5 pack) - Assorted Colors
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Booda Bones Biggest (5 pack) - Assorted Colors

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Dogs love chewing on bones and similar, but natural leftovers aren't always the healthiest chew toys. In fact, they can splinter, creating choking hazards. Additionally, they tend to rot quickly, creating a big stink wherever the bone is left.

Instead, with Booda Bones, dogs can enjoy the fun of a chew bone without all the mess and risks involved.

Booda Bones come in a 5-bone package, packed with nutritious ingredients and designed to help remove tooth plaque on a dog's choppers as well.

Booda Bones are extremely delicious for any dog taking a smell and bite of them. Further, they are wheat free; instead, the Booda Bones are packed with protein and plenty of fatty chew. That mixture makes it easy for a dog to chew on a Booda Bone for a long time without completely eating the whole thing in one swallow.

Plaque and tartar are big problems for dogs. Let's face it, Rover is just not very good at brushing his own teeth every morning. However, with Booda Bones, dogs can chew their way to better health because:

  • The Booda Bones help remove plaque and tartar that would otherwise stay stuck on a dog's teeth.
  • The Bone helps dogs improve their chewing muscles, using their teeth more and shaking off old plaque with strong use.
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