Lazor Laube Blade Rake

    Lazor Laube Blade Rake

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    This item has been manufacturer discontinued. We recommend trying FURminator® Deshedding Tools

    Lazor Laube Blade Rake is effective for removing dead hair, loose hair undercoats, manes, tails and smoothing tangled coats. Lazor Laube Blade Rake is just the right tool to use on dogs, cats, horses, cattle, farm and zoo animals. Features an 8 position rachet head for optimal grooming.

  • 8 Positions Adjustable Angle Locking Head - ease for your wrist comfort
  • E-Z to Push the Rake through Short Hair, Long Hair, Medium Hair, Matted/Tangled Hair, Dried Muddy Hair, Blood, Cat Grease, Dirt, Food, Stains, Feces, Etc.
  • Quick E-Z Blade change and uses your regular or Standard Wide Snap on style Blades
  • Easily Resharpens
  • 75 Laube Blade Types Available including all the popular sizes!
  • Laube Comb and Brush attachments interchangeable
  • E-Z Push Ergonomic Deisgn - makes it go quick!
  • Perfect for Double Coated Breeds & Shedding Animals
  • Great for Removing Dead Hair, Loose Hair Undercoats, Manes, Tails, and Smoothing Tangled Coats
  • Perfect for Healthy Dogs, Cats, Horses, Cattle, Farm, and Zoo Animals
  • Super Lightweight
  • Hole Notch on the handle for hanging
  • Can be Disinfected, Cleans easily
  • Most superior in its class
  • Made and manufactured by Laube brand

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    90% perfect by Firemedic32 from Colorado Springs COlorado03/20/2010

    I like this de-sheding rake , MUCH better than the "FUMNINATOR"!! I havven to own both, & I can tell you that while both do an equally good job of removing the undercoat, & loose hair, the Furminator has many more issues that the Laube Rake does. The furminator, is #1. MORE expensive, #2. not adjustable to make for an EASY OVERALL groom, & lastly, if it's dropped, & the blad happens to hit the floor,( which for us groomers is a constant,) the tines WILL, & DO BEND or BREAK OFF. When this happens, It's IMPOSSIBLE to find a replacement blade. you cannot even find a replaement blade on the FURMINATORS website. you have to contact the company directly, & the price to replace a bent/ broken blade is just a few dollars less (NOT including S/H) that it cost's to buy an entire new Furminator!! The Laube is a MUCH better prouduct, as it easily adjusts to reach the hard to reach areas, without placing your body or hand into aquard, or paiful positions. The steel blades are MUCH harder, & DO NOT BEND OR BREAK as easily as the competition's does. ( The blade can & does bend, break of dropped hard enough), but if theis does happen, your able to buy & replace the blade with relitive ease. The only thing that I can complain about with this product, is that the HEAD of the RAKE offten loosens up & will ratchet to the fully open or closed position. This has happened on EVERY GROOM, I do which means that at least 7-10X per day, I need to snap off an end-cap.& tighten up the screw again. overall a moderate inconvience, (so keep the right size Phillips screwdriver handy). While thios is an inconvience, the amount of stress taken off of your body, & hands from trying to manuver a non-moving blade, is woth the inconvience!!

    Great purchase!! by akakellib from San Diego, CA.08/06/2010

    I just ordered this a week ago. It showed up quickly! My Himalayans and Newfoundland look awesome already... so much so when I had to babysit my Dads Bloodhound ( that is nothing but a fur factory) for a couple hours. I got a full grocery bag of fur, But he became a beautiful dog. He still sheds a lot, but at least for a while we can pet him without fur flying!! Dad has asked me to order him the same brush. I totally recommend this tool, partly because of the recommendation before mine that said I can get new blades, no problem. I haven't checked that out yet...

    Product Video - really?? by critter mom from West Chester, PA07/31/2012

    Would have been nice to see the product in actual use. Sounds like a good idea and I would consider it as a replacement for a furminator or to use with the horses.


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