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    X-Tire Blinky Ball 5"

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    X-Tire Blinky Ball has a red flashing light inside that turns on when it is touched and turns off automatically.

    This makes the X-Tire Ball great for playing with your dog after dark. The upgraded electronics package is great for long-lasting fun. It also comes with replaceable batteries.

  • Approximately 5"
  • Great for playing in the dark
  • Turns off automatically
  • Comes with replaceable batteries
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    Fun toy by Pirate01/25/2012

    This ball is will make you smile, our dog can destroy an anvil but not this ball. Love the way it flashes and it is made of very durable material.

    haven't received by mindy01/13/2013

    When I ordered the product, I was told it was being held to complete a back order of another I item I ordered. It has been over one month and I haven't received it yet.

    X Tire Blinky Ball was too big by DebraMN51 from Ohio01/21/2015

    Our 60 lb dog found this too big after trying a few times to fetch , he gave up. His German shepherd mix friends gave up on it too. I think this needs to be down sized or only marketed to the giant breeds.

    Disappointing by lj from Brighton, CO01/24/2012

    Initially ball seemed to work, dogs were interested in it, then it stopped blinking all together in same day. 2 days later, found ball blinking non-stop on counter. Never stopped blinking on it's own. Had to pull batteries out of it, which is too much of a process to do on a regular basis.

    Loved the Blinky by Mel05/30/2012

    Our Bassett puppy just loves the toy. She pushes and chases it all over the floor. Great product and toy. Will be purchasing again once she wears this one out

    Excellent Purchase by ERudolfi from Clarks Summit, PA11/03/2012

    Our puppy LOVES this ball. Most toys come with sound to excite the dog, but our puppy is deaf so we knew something with lights would be of interest to her. Believe it ornot she has been unable to crack the plastic to this day and continues to LOVE playing with it !

    Blinky Ball by cjdim02/03/2013

    Our cattle dog wasn't as interested in this toy as she was in the talking ball. Also, after only a few plays, ball wouldn't quit blinking in spite of taking apart and repositioning the batteries which are tiny.

    Not a good dog toy by ej from Denver, CO10/22/2012

    Maybe a cat would like this, but it is made of hard plastic, so there is no bouncing of this ball, and my dog didn't really like it in his mouth. Plus after the 2nd or 3rd time flashing, the ball stayed flashing for several days. Obviously a defect. I'm not sure why this product is even being sold as a pet product. I guess I thought it would be more rubbery, like some of the other flashing balls I've seen.

    Very unlucky with both purchases by katie03/30/2012

    Flashing ball batteries lasted 1 day along with the babble ball. Really not a good buy. Sorry.

    This Blinking light toy is fasinating! by amynmi from Michigan01/07/2014

    Our bulldog puppy loved this Christmas gift! It's light weight and the red ball inside blinks its light every time it is moved, encouraging the puppy to interact with it. I love that it entertains him for so long! Con:? Our 5 month old bulldog is a chewer, on his second set of teeth? The black rubber tire (which is not rubber, but plastic) around the ball was too much for the dog to resist, and he has started chewing it. Now I have to supervise his playing with it. Still, it was a good investment, and we enjoy watching him play with it.

    Really fun by Brody's Grammy from New Jersey01/23/2013

    Brody is a 2 year old boxer, he really tries hard to annihilate his toys. He worked on this ball for about an hour, the ball won!!! This is a great toy, it's tough and lots of fun.

    Ball didn't impress by MoscowMom from Bristol, RI10/22/2012

    My dog just didn't like this ball. It was a very hard plastic so he couldn't really get it in his mouth plus he wasn't impressed with the blinking lights! It's also not very big. It could be just my dog, however, and if your dog is intrigued by flashing lights, he might like it.

    Broke very quickly! by leafwd12/28/2011

    The ball stopped flashing lights within 12 hours and was not broken on the outside.

    Great Toy by Ken from North Carolina02/10/2013

    My dog loves to play with this. I think it is the flashing lights that draw him. But what ever it is he chases it up and down the hall and has a breat time.

    by Kashi's mom04/07/2013

    My border collie loves balls and he also loves to chase lights (flashlights, lasers, etc) so I thought this would be a perfect combo, but he didn't seem to care about it. It sits on my desk and lights up every time I move something.

    a good toy by lea from Denver, Colorado12/06/2012

    Both the cats and dogs like it for short periods of time.

    did not work by tiki03/12/2013

    ball did not blink. very disappointed with the product.


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