Blinky Balls

Blinky BallsFlashing Blinky Balls by Pet Qwerks Inc, are motion activated, brilliantly illuminated balls that start flashing with just a slight touch. Each flash cycle lasts for 3 seconds, and then shuts off automatically. Our Blinky Balls are rated for more than 70,000 flash cycles, which is more than five times the life of comparable balls on the market. So, when the sun goes down, it's Blinky Ball time! Made of rugged, non-toxic, brilliant red plastic, and comes with replaceable batteries. Available in 3 sizes. Now packaged with a header card for pegboard display, making it easy for customers to test. Patents Pending.

X-Tire Blinky Ball 5"
X-Tire Blinky Ball 5"

($10.99)  $7.99

X-Tire Blinky Ball has a red flashing light inside that turns on when it is touched and turns off automatically.

This makes the X-Tire Ball great for playing with your dog after dark. The upgraded electronics package is great for long-lasting fun. It also comes with replaceable batteries.

  • Approximately 5"
  • Great for playing in the dark
  • Turns off automatically
  • Comes with replaceable batteries

  • Security Seals, Pet Supplies & Foods  Retail, Union City, CA


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