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12 Month Frontline Plus/ Frontline TopSpot Product

Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs - ORANGE, 12 MONTH
Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs - ORANGE, 12 MONTH

($167.99)  $132.99
Frontline Plus for Dogs 23-44 lbs - BLUE, 12 MONTH
Frontline Plus for Dogs 23-44 lbs - BLUE, 12 MONTH

($172.99)  $132.79
Frontline Plus for Dogs 45-88 lbs - PURPLE, 12 MONTH
Frontline Plus for Dogs 45-88 lbs - PURPLE, 12 MONTH

($186.99)  $143.09
Frontline Plus for Dogs 89-132 lbs - RED, 12 MONTH
Frontline Plus for Dogs 89-132 lbs - RED, 12 MONTH

($182.99)  $140.39
Frontline PLUS for Cats - 12 MONTH
Frontline PLUS for Cats - 12 MONTH

($174.99)  $133.89
12 MONTH Frontline Top Spot Orange: For Dogs up to 22lbs.
12 MONTH Frontline Top Spot Orange: For Dogs up to 22lbs.

($180.99)  $138.69
12 MONTH Frontline Top Spot Blue: For dogs 23-44lbs.
12 MONTH Frontline Top Spot Blue: For dogs 23-44lbs.

($186.99)  $143.69
12 MONTH Frontline Top Spot Red: for Dogs 89-132lbs.
12 MONTH Frontline Top Spot Red: for Dogs 89-132lbs.

($204.99)  $157.59
Temporary Price Reduction! FRONTLINE Plus Orange for Dogs 0-22 lbs

Recommended by veterinarians, FRONTLINE Plus Orange for Dogs 0-22 pounds is a powerful and easy-to-use formula designed to quickly and effectively kill fleas, ticks, and chewing lice. FRONTLINE Plus is specially formulated for dogs and puppies aged eight weeks and older weighing less than 22 pounds. Available without a prescription, FRONTLINE Plus only needs to be applied once a month for thorough pest control.

life cycle of the commom flea
Flea life cycle.
View larger.
life cycle of ticks
Tick life cycle.
View larger.

Quickly Kills Fleas, Ticks, and Chewing Lice

This powerful formula kills up to 100 percent of existing fleas in the first 12 hours after application, and it continues to kill new fleas for at least one month afterward. FRONTLINE Plus prevents the development of new fleas by destroying flea eggs and larvae and by destroying adult fleas before they have a chance to lay eggs. FRONTLINE kills chewing lice and all four major ticks, including ticks that may carry Lyme disease, keeping both your pet and your family protected.

Waterproof Formula

Thanks to its waterproof formula, FRONTLINE Plus won't rinse off when you give your dog a bath or when your dog goes for a swim. The active ingredient in FRONTLINE, fipronil, is stored in the natural oils in your dog's coat, so your pet is sure to stay protected no matter how many puddles he or she tramps through.

EPA Registered Logo

This FRONTLINE Plus product is EPA approved and registered, so it's guaranteed to be the exact same product sold by your Veterinarian. Click here for more information on EPA-approved pet products.

Package Contents

Box includes three 0.67-milliliter tubes of FRONTLINE Plus for Dogs.

for Dogs 0-22 lbs
  • Kills fleas, flea eggs, ticks, and
    chewing lice
  • Fast-acting formula
  • Includes 12 one-month
  • Waterproof formula
  • Easy-to-use applicator
  • For dogs eight weeks and older
    weighing less than 22 pounds
  • Per Dose: $11.17
More Info
Got Fleas?

A product guide to flea
and tick products.

Flea Facts You Should Know

Interesting flea facts to help your
pets be pest free.

Fleas: Understanding the Enemy

All about fleas and prevention.


Helpful information on ticks and your

FAQs about Fleas and Ticks
Frontline Plus for Dogs Lifestyle shot
FRONTLINE Plus for Dogs is Available In:
(0 - 22 pounds)
(23 - 44 pounds)
(45 - 88 pounds)
(89 - 132 pounds)
3 month
6 month
12 month
3 month
6 month
12 month
3 month
6 month
12 month
3 month
6 month
12 month
How FRONTLINE Plus Works

Use FRONTLINE Plus for fast-acting, long-lasting flea and tick control. When you apply FRONTLINE, fipronil, the active ingredient, is stored in the oil glands under your pet's skin. It's then distributed continuously to the skin and hair of your pet through the hair follicles. This way, FRONTLINE provides waterproof, month-long protection against future pests while breaking down the flea and tick life cycles.

Simple Three-Step Application

Applying FRONTLINE Plus to your pet is an easy three-step process. First, remove the Frontline Plus applicator from the child-resistant package and cut or lift off the plastic tab to expose the foil and then peel the foil down. Next, hold the applicator upright and away from your face and body and snap off the tip. Finally, place the Frontline Plus applicator tip on the skin between your pet's shoulder blades and squeeze the applicator to apply the entire contents in a single spot onto your pet's skin.

To prevent harm to you and your pet, read the entire label and enclosed directions before each use. Follow all directions and precautionary statements carefully.


To prevent harm to you and your pet, read the entire label and enclosed directions before each use. Follow all directions and precautionary statements carefully. Always point the applicator away from your face, especially your eyes, and wash your hands thoroughly after application. USE ON DOGS ONLY. Do not use on rabbits or other animals.

Weight Dosage
Up to 22 pounds Apply contents of one applicator (0.67 milliliter) once per month
23 - 44 pounds Apply contents of one applicator (1.34 milliliters) once per month
45 - 88 pounds Apply contents of one applicator (2.68 milliliters) once per month
89 - 132 pounds Apply contents of one applicator (4.02 milliliters) once per month
All weights Apply contents of one applicator (0.5 milliliter) once per month


Fipronil is a manufactured insecticide that works on a cellular level on adult fleas and ticks. It seeps into an insect's cells and blocks chlorine molecules from passing through. This stops the nervous system from working and paralyzes the insect.

Fipronil kills adult fleas and ticks on contact or when consumed, and it can be spread from one insect to another.


Because fipronil is so strong, it only needs to be applied once a month to continuously kill fleas and ticks. Once it is applied with an oily liquid to keep it on the skin of your dog, it slowly seeps into the hair follicles and oil glands where the fleas and ticks live.

Main Purpose

To kill adult fleas and ticks.


Methoprene is an insect growth regulator, which means it works by affecting the eggs and larvae of fleas. It interrupts normal levels of growth hormone, preventing a juvenile flea from growing and molting, leading to death.


Specifically designed to target developing larvae and eggs, methoprene prevents a flea population from increasing.

Main Purpose

To break the flea life cycle and stop further infestation.

Active Ingredients % by Weight
Fipronil 9.8%
(S)-Methoprene 8.8%
Inert Ingredients 81.4%
Total 100%

Some animals are sensitive or allergic to the ingredients in FRONTLINE, so be sure to watch for any signs of allergic reaction. If your pet shows signs of itching, restlessness, nausea, lethargy, or breathing difficulty, seek veterinary attention immediately.

Net Contents

Twelve tubes, each 0.023 fluid ounces (0.67 milliliters)

4.67 rating based on 503 reviews
Featured Reviews for Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs - ORANGE, 12 MONTH
great price for this product by pat from honolulu, HI10/18/2011

we use frontline every 3 mos and our pugs never have fleas.

Usual product for less by sbusi2410/11/2011

The products tend to be the same everywhere, I just look for the best deal and I found that here. :)

by ethan04/24/2012

Have used this product for years with successful results.

by laura from Memphis, TN10/25/2012

Great product at a great price! I would definitely recommend

Used this product for years by VA-Cacher from Northern Virginia11/28/2012

We live next to 35 acres of woods which is home to over 20 deer. Our dog is five years old and we have used this product since she was old enough to use it and she has never had a problem with ticks or fleas. So that tells me it works for her.

Frontline Plus by doxie from NC11/07/2012

I used to buy this for my 2 doxies then switched to advantix b/c it repels mosquitos. One of my dogs acted crazy (very hyper) after applying advantix so I switched back. No problems, cheapest price I could find, fast shipping.

Frontlibe Plus Orange 0-22 pounds by Debster from Lakeland, Fla05/30/2012

I have a new TT puppy, she weighs about 6 pounds. I had no reservations about using Frontline Plus on her as well as my larger dog. She showed no adverse reaction after I applied and she is only 9 weeks old.

Kills them dead by kraleigh07/04/2012

Just gave our 4 dogs baths. 3 of the 4 had dead ticks or fleas. No live ones. We are in a semi-rural area.

Six dogs by Marty from Orlando, Fl05/29/2012

Having six small dogs make you vigilant of quality, price, variety, convenience, and customer service. Entirely Pets puts all this together in their website. Frontline took care of a flea infestation we got while using Advantage.

Awesome by The Pittlucks' Zoo from Lake In The Hills, Illinois03/15/2012

Best Prices for a Name brand product that works! Always had success with Entirely Pets and Frontline.

Been using it for years by Mike from Delaware10/28/2011

Dogs still get fleas but big flea infestations don't develop.

Wish I would have found EntirelyPets sooner! by Westie Mom from Louisiana02/16/2012

Can't believe I've been paying 20% more at my Vet's office for the exact same product.

Great Product by Marty from New York11/06/2012

Frontline Plus works very well on my shih tzu. He is free of fleas/ticks/mites since we've been using this product on him. Good work Frontline!!

Frontline Plus Orange for Dogs 0-22 pounds by MM03/01/2013

Switched from Advantage to Frontline Plus because the fleas in my area became immune to Advantage. The dogs are much more comfortable. The groomer is not seeing fleas and having to use a dip and my family is not getting flea bites. Vet recommended this switch in meds. and I'm extremely happy to be using it on my 3 dogs!

frontline plus orange for dogs by DotC05/30/2012

Excellent.....the ticks are terrible this year, this product really works even if a tick jumps on my dogs they fall off dead.

Frontline by Tina05/03/2013

I would recommend this product to anyone who has a pet. I have been using Frontline for the past 10 years and very satisfied with no complaints whatsoever.

Returned it, they kept my money by Boston Holly10/23/2012

My vet advised that my dog and 2 cats have fleas. I've used this product for years successfully , until I started purchasing it on-line.

Great product by SA10/23/2012

Great product and excellent service - Thanks!

Quality flea and mite control by SJP from Port Charlotte, FL03/11/2012

Have used for over 10 years....recently switched to one of the more reasonable priced products - not as good - so I'm back to FrontLine.

effective product by lu from Milwaukee, WI06/22/2013

Frontline Plus has worked well for the dogs in my family. We've had no fleas and no ticks since using this. I typically apply it just once every couple of months but ticks are bad this year so I've applied it every 6 weeks thus far.

by Lauren05/01/2013

Great product. I've done a ton of research, looking for the best price for Frontline, and Entirely Pets is the best around. Quick delivery, too. Very satisfied. Thanks so much.

Essential Protection by metrogirl from Gold Coast, Australia01/19/2012

I think it is vital to ensure the health and safety of your dog and that includes protecting it with Frontline Plus. This is a very good protection that keeps your dog free from fleas, ticks and lice. It must be used every four weeks though otherwise it's effectiveness lessens. Why would you allow your best friend to suffer. There is no "natural" way of protecting them. EntirelyPets also offers the best price for one year's supply, which is the most cost effective.

The best product for the lowest price by Happy Owner from Fairfield, CT11/02/2011

We've been using Frontline Plus on our cats and dogs for years, and it works. And this is definitely the lowest price in stores or online that I've been able to find.

Wonderful Product by Angela11/29/2011

Your prices I have yet to beat anywhere else.

Great Price by Spike03/02/2013

Very competitive price for a quality product. Will defiantly shop here again.

by annba8604/02/2012

The items I ordered arrived quickly. Will buy again.

by max from broward county florida02/21/2013

frontline plus is a good product. been using it for 5 years.

Works great by Jan01/23/2013

I have used Front Plus for many years and it does the trick for my 2 dogs. I live in a warm climate and I am happy to say that my dogs have never gotten fleas.

GREAT VALUE by Storm's mom from Maryland10/23/2012

Having done a lot of internet price checking, the sale price that ENTIRELY PETS offered was unbeatable! This is very helpful, especially in these economic times. THANKS FOR THE PRICE BREAK, E.P.!

Frontline Plus works by PJ03/09/2012

I have always used this product for my dogs. Recently I switched to a lower priced alternative - big mistake! My pup was covered with fleas after each walk, driving my dog and me crazy. This never happened with Frontline Plus so I'm back and won't switch again. Safety is a big concern but my dogs have never had any adverse reactions.

Good Service, Very Good Price by Penelope28805/30/2012

We haven't used the new EntirelyPets supply of Frontline Plus on our dog yet (still have some of last year's product, bought on another site). Assuming the product is of good quality, would have to say that we're completely satisfied with the company's service. The product was accurate and arrived quickly. The only glitch was that we didn't receive an e-mailed order confirmation. We called and were able to get the confirmation through EntirelyPet's customer service...not a big deal. We'd order from this website again.

Great Product by BA10/20/2011

An excellent product that does what it's advertised to do and the price here is as good as it gets.

good product by dlb from Portland, OR10/26/2012

I have been buying Frontline for 8 years for both of my dogs. I find that it works well. I forgot to apply it one month and one of my dog's got fleas. I applied Frontline and washed her with flea shampoo and after a couple of weeks they were gone. I know other people say it doesn't work, but that is not the case with me.

Frontline by Pela from Nebraska10/17/2011

Have ordered before and this time the order went just as planned as well. Much appreciated!

very quick delivery by Is from maryland04/24/2012

No problems it was delivered fast = this is a heck of a year for ticks --- it was just so warm -- be careful!!!!

Outstanding by Jen06/11/2008

This works great!

best product & best delivery service by mickey03/17/2012

frontline is the best flea and tick control ever I have a white dog and fleas seem to attach to white since using frontline not one flea.

by from 04/15/2013

I've been using this product for years for ticks, not fleas. It kills them after they attach. While I have found some live and feeding ticks over the years, for the most part I find dead attached ones. The idea is that the ticks die before they can spread Lyme disease.

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Frontline; a no-brainer by Robi from Pomona, CA03/16/2012

No pills No stinky sprays No bothersome collars Frontline is the easiest product I have ever used for flea control. I have 4 dogs; ALL different breeds. And this is one product I can use on all four to provide great protection from the "critters".

We love EntirelyPets by Deedle from Battle Creek, MI01/23/2013

Always prompt service and the best prices - very dependable.

Tick Control by randy from Costa Rica03/08/2013

We now live in Costa Rica and purchased a product locally. It did not control the ticks on our dog. We had a friend bring this product from the US and it is doing a pretty good job.

Best price ever! by skcs03/11/2012

Great product and with a 15% coupon plus free shipping, it's a fantastic deal. I've used Frontline Plus for many years on my Shih Tzu’s and it works great. I highly recommend this product.

Good product by fireflyy from Okeechobee, Fl06/29/2013

This is not the first time I used frontline on my dogs. I had used a product my vet had suggested until it got too expensive. Frontline seems to be doing ok. The only thing I have noticed id that when we take the dogs outside, they come back in with one or two fleas on them and it takes a while fro the frontline to kill them.

Never a problem and our dog is 6 years old. by Peggy from Philadelphia, PA10/23/2012

Have used this product from the time our dog came to us at 8 weeks old. We have never experienced any problems with the product and the product has done the job it is supposed to.

Frontline Plus by Mystery Reader05/30/2012

What can I say. It does what it says it does. But the good thing is Entirely Pets ships it quickly.

Frontline Plus by Sharon from PA05/30/2012

Always get what I need quickly and at the best prices around..

Good stuff been using for years by KIB from NC10/31/2012

Only had one incident of a flea in many years that i have been using this. No infestation though. Have 4 dogs and need to use all year due to warmer climate.

Frontline Plus Orange by LovesShih-tzu04/25/2012

Best price with reputable company; compare with others and you'll agree.

Good price on Frontline by crazy coton mom from Chicago, Illinois10/16/2011

With two dogs, medicine for them gets quite expensive. I was happy to find a good price for the frontline plus.

Doctor recommended by Happy Gal from Aiea, HI05/10/2013

We live in Hawaii so it's summer all year long and my dog has never had a flea or tick. It's also easy to apply.

Featured Reviews for Frontline Plus for Dogs 23-44 lbs - BLUE, 12 MONTH
This Product Works! by Dusty's mom from Pensacola, FL04/17/2012

I couldn't be happier with this product. Easy to use and it works wonderfully!

Great Product Best Price by meandmypets04/06/2012

My dogs have been treated with Frontline Plus since they were puppies. They have remained flea and tick free. One of my dogs has severe allergies. Frontline Plus has never caused him an allergic reaction. While the product is rather expensive, the 12 month pack from EntirelyPets was the most reasonable price I could find. Great product, best price, free shipping - good stuff.

Have the fleas become resistant? by CG10/29/2011

We've been buying Frontline Plus for years, and never saw fleas on our dogs until last month. Our three terriers were suddenly covered with fleas and we switched to Comfortis, a prescription oral flea killer, and the fleas died within a day. The veterinary staff told us they had heard similar stories from other clients, so I'm wondering if there is a resistant strain of fleas emerging.

Best Price Online by DogMom5504/11/2013

It was as described, and a great price. With the free-shipping, I was saved a lot of money by buying Frontline on Entirely Pets.

Frontline Plus Blue by Pat from Brooksville, Fl03/05/2012

We live in Florida. So the problem with ticks and fleas is year round. We have had 3 dogs, now 2 and have never had a problem with either. After searching the internet we continue to purchase from Entirely Pets for the best prices.

by from 10/30/2011

Frontline Plus BLUE for Dogs 23-44 lbs, 12 MONTH by dihof3 from Georgia05/30/2012

I was very pleased with my order. I have already recommended Entirely Pets to my friends and told them about the quality product at a good price.

Frontline Plus Blue for Dogs by pin11/15/2012

great and I like being able to get in 6 months supply

Really works by Nat from Renton, WA12/01/2011

We use this for both of our pugs and we have zero flea problems.

Frontline Plus Blue.23 to 44 pounds by Debster from Lakeland, Fla05/30/2012

I have always used Frontline Plus, on rare occasions, I have used Comfortis during a particularly bad flea time, but Frontline Plus is my go to flea medicine of choice.

FrontlinePlus by furbabies mom from Hendersonville,NC03/28/2012

I give this website 5 stars+..I ordered & recieved my order of Frontline Plus for my two Aussie's & am delighted to say the order was filled & sent to me in just 5 days. The price for this product is great & about half of what my Vet has been charging me, I am happy to get the low price for the Fronline Plus. I have used this website, Entirely Pets.com for many years, now with these two Aussies & for 6 yrs for my Husky who passed on 4 yrs ago. I did get all of her meds here & saved quite a bit of money from using EntirelyPets.com. Thanks for keeping your prices low & your service is great. Furbabies Mom

flea by laurie06/11/2008

i love this product i use on all my pets i have 2 dogs and 1 cat it works wonderful and easy to use

Completely Satisfied by dihof3 from Georgia12/30/2012

I have purchased Frontline Plus Blue several times from Entirely Pets. I always receive the product in a timely manner and feel that the price is the lowest that I can find.

Frontline by CP08/07/2012

I've used it for years and never had flea problems.

Dependable by 2Aussies from Youngsville NC10/25/2012

I have used Frontline for years and my pets have been free of problems. I started using Entirely Pets about 5 years ago and their service and prices are great. I always check them first when I need something for my Aussies.

Entirley Satisfied by Floyd12/29/2012

We started using Frontline on our Bichon "Buddy" with great results when he was just a puppy. His vet talked me into trying an oral tablet but it made him sick and we went back to Frontline. He tolerates it well and has had no fleas or ticks in the almost five years we have had him. The most economical way to buy it is purchasing a years supply from Entirley Pets online.

Ready for good weather by Jack&Jesse from Syracuse, ny04/16/2013

good timing for a sale. now all set for spring & summer with flea and tick protection.

Frontline plus vs pet armour by Tux from Chesapeake, va05/30/2012

Frontline wins. We use frontline for protection against ticks. We have shorthaired dogs and found frontline stays on longer. Don't know why, maybe doesn't wash off as easily?

Worth the money! by Zena11/29/2011

You need to keep your pets on Frontline! The alternative will cost you much more in vet bills for lyme and/or ridding your house of fleas not to mention the comfort your pet receives from not having ticks and fleas. Don't even think twice about it! You have to use preventative!

great price - great product by happy customer from Bridgeport, WV05/03/2012

You don't have to worry about fleas if you use this product monthly.

Kills ticks by 4bostons from Chesapeake, VA01/24/2013

This works very good for fleas, but we use it because of ticks. It provides good protection from ticks for 3-4 weeks.

very disappointed by dogfriend04/25/2012

I have several dogs and each one without exception continues to have fleas after application. This product does not last 30 days as a matter of fact it is not even effective for one day. It is way over priced for what it claims to do. I called the help line and they were of no help either.

Great Service! by Jersey Jo01/01/2013

Found Entirely Pets to have the best price for Frontline Plus products and received fast and free delivery!

Works like it should by pupmom from westerville, oh03/17/2012

I have been using Frontline for years and it does a great job keeping fleas and ticks off my pups.

using frontline plus for my cats and dog by ju from houston, tx11/06/2012

use this product over 10 years for all of my pets. Do not have any problem.

Great purchase by Shelby01/08/2013

The vet recommended this product. It has worked great for my two dogs!

Featured Reviews for Frontline Plus for Dogs 45-88 lbs - PURPLE, 12 MONTH
by from 03/14/2012

Frontline Plus definitely does the job right, and isn't greasy like some other products I've tried before I discovered Frontline Plus.

this by product from forHave


by from Regards

by from Sandy"


Worked great for 2 weeks by Shaun02/06/2013

Fleas gone for about 2 weeks then they were back. Have had better luck with other products lasting longer.

by from 05/09/2013

We live in central Florida on acreage containing wetland, woodland and scrub environments, and our curious, energetic, young dog has run of the entire place. We require maximum protection for our dog who plays outside but lives indoors with us.

tried by other from topicalThough


Works well. by DW06/05/2013

Entirely Pets has the best Price I've found for Front Line Plus for Dogs. They always ship quickly and I have used this company for years. Never have had a problem. Front Line Plus works great. Keeps fleas and ticks off the dogs. The only draw back is a greasy spot for a couple of days on their backs.

does the job by Travelbyrd from Upstate NY03/26/2012

We live near a wooded area and our dog plays in the park regularly. We've used Frontline for his weight bracket since he was a puppy and it has done well.

Best Price by rjeatonw from Arvada, CO.10/25/2011

The price for this priduct was the lowest I found.

as good as it gets by Ben04/10/2012

I'm not a fan of putting pesticide-like products on my dogs, but the ticks are so abundant this year that it's barely working. The product is fine...... I wouldn't use anything stronger, and certainly nothing weaker this year.

Great Price by FurIsFlyin' from New York01/23/2013

Great product and at entirelypets you get fast service and a great price. I've been using entirelypets for at least 10 years. It's the best online store.

frontline by MIKEY from sunrise, fl02/21/2013

been using frontline for a number of years-the product is great and your prices make it that much better

Great product & price by Rhonda from Visalia, CA05/30/2012

Frontline Plus is my choice for flea protection for my 3 dogs. I was extremely happy with price and fast processing/ship of my order!

Frontline Plus by Judy from CT01/09/2013

I tried the cheap stuff, Pet Armour and Pet Sentry and neither worked. Back to the good stuff!

Great Product by DoggyMommy07/12/2012

I've been using this product for 10 years on both of my indoor/outdoor dogs and have never had a flea problem. I choose Entirely Pets for competitive prices and the fast delivery. I've been totally satisfied with Entirely Pets service.

Works by HouseMom02/07/2013

This product is great, we use it every month for great results.

Flea and Tic control by JM from San Antonio, TX10/25/2012

We have used this product for 9 years with great results, we travel with our pets a lot and they are out in the woods so need more protection than the normal house pet and they get it with Frontline Plus. Great product

by warren05/12/2013

Have three labs and have used Front Line Plus regularly for 12 years and have never had a flea problem . Must be great stuff.

Awesome product - Excellent Price by Kim T from Ohio01/16/2013

I have been using Frontline Plus for years. It's a great product and I use it faithfully year round to protect against fleas and ticks. I have priced Frontline plus at the vet, pet stores and online and this is the best price I have found that is a US approved product.

by taz01/08/2013

we live in the woods and hike alot and like the way it works

cheaper then the vet office by mollylover from Indiana03/26/2012

I live in a small town so shopping around for pet supplies really isn't an option. I ordered the flea meds from EntireleyPets because they are a cheap alternative to getting the Frontline from our vet who charges $250 for a 12 month supply. I put this on my dogs from April until September and they never have had fleas or any adverse reactions.

It Works!! by dog-friend from delaware04/21/2013

Great product. We are surrounded with herds of deer.... no living ticks & never a flea.

good experience by beepipes from linden tn03/18/2012

frontline works extremely well for our four dogs. We live in tick country and even if a tick gets on the dog, it dies really quickly. The price was excellent and with the free shipping it was even better!

Great price & service by Kim from NY01/22/2012

Great price & fast delivery. Only place i buy frontline from.

Best Price by TwoRetrievers02/21/2013

I came across this website while googling prices for this product. Your price was hands down the best price and not even much more than the "Generic" prices. Thanks! I recommended this to someone else I know.

by WINSTON05/08/2013

Product was as expected and at a reasonable price.

Great savings!! by tina04/11/2013

I have been using this product for years and love it!!!

Price is right by kg02/10/2012

Good price and shipping was fast will buy from Entirely Pets again.

by jz07/23/2012

Product was just as advertised and arrived in a timely manner.

Effective all year round by J T from VA04/09/2013

I have used this for more than 3 years on our two rescue dogs. They stay outside except for extreme temps or when there's inclement weather. I have never seen a single tick or flea on them with the amount of time they are outside on 3 acres of land. On their annual visit to the vet, they're praised for being parasite-free.

Great by oconnorsusan8802/21/2012

I was very happy with the prices at EntirelyPets.com and the shipping time was as expected. Very pleased with the product and service. Will shop here again.

Love this product by lovethemK9s from Colonial Beach VA05/30/2012

Since using this product I have never seen a flea or tick on any of my dogs. Of course we live in the city and sometimes go hiking in the woods...as long as it's not too hot. They do go to doggie daycare and I still haven't had any issues with fleas/ticks. The only thing I don't like is how crusty the hair around the application area gets, especially on the short haired dogs. Eventually I'd like to go chemical free with flea/tick medicine but until I do, I'll keep using this product.

Works Great! by Nashmozzi from Brookings, SD04/30/2012

We have always used Frontline and it works fantastic. It's easy to apply and dries quickly.

Great flea fighter by Judy10/18/2011

All of my dogs are on this product & it helps keep them flea free. They have never had an adverse side effect to it & they have to another well known brand. Also you can give it to pregnant & lactating females with no ill effects.

Frontline Plus by berrylady from Powder Springs, GA03/27/2012


great product by Babe12/16/2011

Best prices and the shipping is fast. Absolutely no complaints. Try the company you will love it.

Prompt service by Mary from Phoenix, AZ11/13/2011

I have used Frontline Plus for several years and have found the price at Entirely Pets to be the lowest. The free shipping and prompt service make this an exceptional buy!

Used it for years - have never seen a flea by Recycler29 from SC11/26/2012

Excellent speed of delivery. Have been happy with all my purchases from Entirely Pets!

smooth transaction by sk from midwest12/12/2012

Good prices, fast shipping and processing.

Great Product by Our Three Dogs10/18/2011

This is an amazing price. If you get a coupon and free shipping, this is almost half of what you would pay elsewhere!

Frontline works by golden from Northern New Jersey12/01/2011

We are very happy with this product. After one of our hikes, my golden had a lot of ticks on her and within 24 hrs. they were dead and she was fine. The vet said if she didn't have Frontline on, she could have been very sick. We use this products 12 months.

by 5greyt12/04/2011

I have used this product on my five greyhounds and have been happy with the results.

GEAT PRODUCT by kay from Npales, Florida03/16/2012

I not only love Frontline Plus for Dogs (although I do worry about long range effects to my furry lovies!!)....but I really love ENTIRELY PETS....my orders arrive in great shape and the customer service is A+++.

great product / best price by KWEENHALLOWEEN from WAUCONDA, IL11/06/2012

I do a lot of comparison shopping and with 7 cats & dogs, I have to pinch every penny

Great product by Star71 from Oklahoma03/16/2012

I have used this product for years and it works great for my dogs.

Substitute Frontline not what I ordered by Gerri from Colorado04/10/2013

I ordered Frontline and was told it would be sent to me in a few days. After waiting nearly 2 1/2 weeks I received a substitute frontline from Europe not the Frontline made in the USA. According to your company Frontline was hard to come by So they sent me a substitute from Europe without even informing me of the situation. There is no Frontline shortage in this country so I don't know why they told me that to begin with. Second I would never give my pet anything from Europe that is not approved in this country. I should have been told of this shipment before they even sent it out to me but instead they just took it upon themselves to send me something I did not want . They did credit me the shipping but I had to pay for the shipping back to them which was no fault of my own. I doubt I will ever use this company again.

The only flea product I'll use by Emily from Tennessee04/28/2010

This is the only product I'll use for any of my pets. I have a boxer, a mastiff, and a cat and I use Frontline Plus for all of them. Some of the other brands peter out after a few weeks and you'll see fleas pop up here and there - not with Frontline! Here in the South, I use this all year round on my pets and we never have any problems. Works great even through weekly baths. Also, my mastiff has very sensitive skin and gets sick easily with certain meds; I've never had this problem once I started using Frontline Plus.

by House O' Dogs06/17/2012

Great product for parasite prevention in buggy Oklahoma! Keeps my dogs flea/tick free during our exceptionally long bug season!

Flea and Ticks BE GONE! by Kris from Ohio01/06/2013

Frontline Plus is by far the best product I have ever used to keep fleas and ticks off both my cats and dogs. I have tried other products and had horrible results, I'll stick to Frontline Plus...

Frontline Plus by Labrador Landing from Maine05/22/2013

Works like a charm, my girls are flea and tic free.

by from 04/16/2012

I shop everywhere and found this to be the best price. I wasn't going to buy the cats Frontline now but couldn't pass up the discount offered :) so I did.

to by a from forestWe


Frontline Plus for 4 Golden Retrievers by Jan Sofranko10/31/2011

I have found over the years that Entirely Pets has the fastest, easiest and most economical ordering for my monthly application of Frontline Plus for my 50+ pound Golden Retrievers. I have recommended this company to my Golden friends. I've never been disappointed with the service I've received and my product order ships immediately. Thank you for being available to those of us who live way out in the country.

Love the Price! by Jeneene from Ohio02/04/2012

This product is very pricey in the stores and especially at the vet's. I have two large dogs and need to keep my expenses as low as possible. Have cats too.

by Sharon06/19/2012

We've been using this product for several years on our two dogs and are really pleased with the result.

Great product by Roxie from Orlando, FL03/13/2012

I've used Frontline Plus for years now on both of my dogs and I have NEVER had fleas in my house or on my dogs. I have had ticks attach themselves to my dogs & occasionally they stay but 99% of the time they fall off dead the next day! I highly recommend this product.

Works for us! by Big Bad Woofer from Southeast Georgia03/05/2012

What can I say about Frontline Plus, well---it works!!!. We have used this product on our retrievers for years. It is safe and lasts all month and there are never any sign of fleas. It kills ticks too, just not as quickly. I do wish it repelled instead of having to wait until they bite. However, until a safe and proven product appears that does that we will use the Frontline Plus. Good price too.

good product by kspetlover07/02/2012

Easy to apply. We live out in the country, so lots of tick problems. Seems to be keeping them under control.

by from 01/01/2013

Ticks are terrible in western PA and Frontline plus helps keep them to a manageable level.

great by with from pricesEntirely


Good product by RescuedDogsandCatsRule from Rural Eastern CT11/13/2011

Living in a deeply wooded area, our three dogs are constantly picking up ticks. Since switching to Frontline the frequency of their being diagnosed with tick-borne illnesses has decreased dramatically. We wish there was something 100% effective, but this is the best we've found.

Featured Reviews for Frontline Plus for Dogs 89-132 lbs - RED, 12 MONTH
cujo says thanx: by tubby03/11/2012

i administered frontline,and i thought i heard little screams saying jump for it,were all dead anyway,might as well try.cujo doesnt look like hes trying to start an old motorcycle anymore.thanx

Great for flea and tick control by golden lover01/07/2012

We have not had any fleas or ticks on our dogs since we began using frontline.

Love Frontline Plus by Betty from Longview, WA11/11/2011

I have five good-sized dogs who seem to attract fleas anywhere, anytime. Frontline Plus almost immediately rids them of fleas, and lasts longer than comparable products. I like to stock up on it when EntirelyPets has it on sale; also appreciate their free shipping (I'm always over their minimum dollar amount).

my dogs love it by Ethel from TN11/07/2012

My 2 large dogs have been on revolution since puppyhood. They are now 8 and 7 years old.Never see signs of ticks or fleas, no positive test results for heartworm. Best on market

frontline plus by jrp01/27/2012

I've used this product for years, have tried similar ones but this seems to work best for my dogs. Great service from Entirelypets.com, recevied order within 6 days and got the best price for the other sites that were checked.

The best for us by Linda Kern06/03/2008

I own 3 Bullmastiffs and we live in the south. I have my dogs on this 12 months a year and have found nothing better to keep those pesky fleas and tics off my pets and out of the house.

by from 03/15/2012

I have been using frontline plus for years for my dog. It works great. I compared prices and EntirelyPets.com had the best deal. I ordered this item and received it just a few days later! Quick delivery!

Kaya by San Diego, CA from Thank

Frontline Plus

Frontline Plus Kills Fleas by Betty from Longview, Washington04/02/2013

I have five dogs and a clowder of cats. I used Frontline for some years, then changed to another brand for awhile, but found that it did not last as long, only about three weeks. Then Frontline updated to Frontline Plus and I returned to it. F-P is effective almost immediately, and lasts about four weeks, which I usually stretch out to five weeks to give the critters a break, except during ardent flea season. We don't have much of a tick problem out here in the Pacific Northwest, so can't address that. So...for flea control, I highly recommend Frontline Plus for both cats and dogs.

Frontline Plus 12 month supply!!! by Sharon from Weirton, WV10/11/2011

I own 16 dogs that were all rescued from local animal shelters. Every one of my dogs are spayed and neutered and each has received all vaccinations and medical attention as needed. With the cost of food and veterinarian services, owning all these critters has become financially burdensome. However, I insist that all of my furry children receive regular flea treatments every month. Entirely Pets has become a life saver for me. They offer the best price and their services are unbelievable. Most of the time, I can receive my order within one or two days after ordering! I just love this company and have told all my friends and neighbors about this wonderful pet store!

frontline plus by meimei from Austin Tx08/07/2012

My vet said this is the fleas med for my mommy dog, It safe and works. I used it for all my puppies and pregnant dog.

a product I have used for years with no problems by Barbara02/20/2013

I use it on my personal dogs and my fosters year around....

Works Great by kat39 from NJ06/24/2012

I have been using frontline on my dogs for years. It works great…if I find a tick on them, it is always dead. And they have no bad reactions to the product. EntirelyPets has great prices and customer service!

Fleas Be Gone by mrjackson from Martinsburg, WV11/29/2011

Have been using Frontline Plus for our two black labs for years. Have never seen a flea on them!! Have been purchasing from Entirely Pets for several years and have been very satisified with their prices and service!!! Thanks.

Doesn't work by CLB04/18/2011

This product doesn't kill fleas and ticks

Why review ? I never used it by Boston Holly10/23/2012

My dog is 18.5 lbs. not sure why being asked to review.

by from 07/06/2012

Would NOT recommend. It's all about trial and error as every dog reacts differently.



Entirely by Pets, from theyNo


Always the Best for my Pets by BezNez05/29/2012

I have used this product for years and it has never failed to take care of any flea and tick problems. I have two inside dogs and they have never had any problems and I live in the country where they are always subject to issues. Thank you Frontline and thank you Entirely Pets for taking care of my furry little kids.

great service by beth07/07/2012

ordered front line plus.FAST service..lower price. NO complaints

Frontline Plus by Mary Greaves from FL05/03/2013

Frontline Plus is an outstanding product that halts flee and tick problems before they begin. Our active Golden Retriever has lived in both the Midwest and Subtropical climates where flees and ticks are a real problem. Frontline Plus is quickly absorbed into the skin and dogs may swim afterwards without harming the effectiveness. Our dog is outdoors often in tall grasses and woods conditions and we never worry about flees or ticks coming into the house. Frontline Plus is easy to apply, effective, and affordable.

Frontline Red by tahoe 1 from Lynchburg VA03/19/2012

I have been using this product for many years and am very satisified with the results. It does exactly what they say it will, it is one of the bestproducts of this nature that I have ever used.

Best Prices - Authentic Product by nhskimum02/20/2013

We've used Frontline Plus for a long time and been very satisfied. Two big dogs and a field of ticks means we have to use something effective without harm to our loved ones - 2 and 4 footed. I've also looked extensively for a lower price but Entirely Pets can't be beat. And the service and speed of filling an order is very fast...usually in my mailbox in a couple of days. Even when I mistakenly ordered Frontline Top Spot instead of Plus, they quickly helped me out with no charge.

Very effective by whynotpugs from Carriere, MS12/01/2011

This product, unlike Advantix, has never given my dogs any problems or side-effects. I have several who are particularly sensitive to the ingredient in Advantix causing them to be lethargic and generally not feel well the first several days after applying. I buy the largest dose, which is very economical, and use the dosage recommended for smaller dogs. It's worked very well for my multiple dog household. Entirelypets.com has the best price I've found.

The One I Use by Zooey's Mom from Pacific Northwest10/22/2011

Have been using Frontline PLUS on my dogs for 12 or so years now. Have not heard of anything better so far. It has done the job. As it's rainy & misty a lot during the winter, I need something that will not wear off when rubbing the dogs (currently 3) after they're wet. As long as they're dry for a few days around the application, it works like a charm. It works pretty well on my cat...

by Lotsapups04/27/2012

This products works perfectly to rid our babies of the ticks out in the country.

Best Product Ever by MoeBaz from Titus, AL05/31/2012

I had been using Advantage II, but fleas were still a problem. After switching to Frontline Plus, my dog is so much happier. No more fleas. I will not switch again.

Excellent! by Jacque from Lk. Stevens, Wa07/25/2012

I have shopped at Entirely Pets for many years now. Always excellent products at great prices!

by Helen10/30/2011

Product has a reasonable price compared to other stores and the delivery time is excellent.

Great product by Cindy from Texas03/28/2012

I use Frontline Plus every month year all year long and have never had a problem with fleas or ticks. Wondeful product.

Featured Reviews for Frontline PLUS for Cats - 12 MONTH
Great product by Crazy cat lady from Western Pa.12/02/2012

We use Frontline Plus on our cats because it effective for killing ticks as well as fleas. It is amazing that with multiple cats in the house, we do not have fleas! One of our cats goes outside and with using Frontline Plus, he does not get ticks. Good stuff!

Best price by KWEENHALLOWEEN from WAUCONDA, IL04/16/2012

I shop everywhere and found this to be the best price. . We live next to a forest preserve and Frontline Plus is the only one that keeps ticks off the dogs for a whole month. The indoor cats sleep with us so we're protected a bit too!

frontline plus for cats by Sheila06/28/2013

Works well for my cats.Very happy with the discounted prices on the 12 month supply.

satisfied times nine by Sally10/23/2012

I used the Frontline Plus on nine cats. None had any side effects, and most important, no fleas! I also used the Frontline for dogs on my dogs with great results.

best by catspots from greenville, tx07/31/2012

love it. Easy to use, works as it is suppose to and does not cause irritation to the skin.

does a great job on ticks by djw06/28/2012

I've been using this product for years, it does a great job keeping our cats tick free.

by from 12/05/2011

I have used this product for years and my three cats have remained flea and tick free. My cats are outdoor/indoor cats so keeping them flea proof is very important to me. Additionally, I have not seen the cats experience any side effects.

product by with from theI


Reliable Service and Products by Rusty04/23/2012

You can always rely on Entirely Pets to carry U.S. EPA approved flea products. The price is always competitive. Their service is excellent and delivery is always on time. I have used Entirely Pets for years and will continue.

Excellent service and great price for pet oweners by MikuCutieChocolatte from Union City, CA08/22/2012

Since I have three cats who were all homeless kittens, I ordered the 12 month Frontline Plus as I do apply flea treatment for three of them at the same time. The product was shipped on the day I placed the order and received the very next day. It is nice to live in California for that reason, but their service has always been so speedy and handled with care. Thank you so much for all you do for pet owners for the great price as well. I keep coming back to you.

Great purchase by Chrys10/19/2011

A must have for our multi-cat household. We've been using this product for years and have been consistently pleased with the result.

by from 03/07/2012

I have been using 1800pedmeds. Your prices are a lot better and I will be buying all of my pet needs here.

quickly." by Frontline for Cats from CherleAlso


No Fleas Yet by Cat Owner06/05/2012

We have been using this product for several years. It works great.

by LORI from CLEVELAND, OH07/09/2012

the product was great and I will continue to use it for my animals.

check manufacturer by tawnya11/06/2012

If Frontline is manufactured in France, it is good to use. But if South Africa or some other foreign country, I would NOT use - my vet reported dangers from that country. But vets sell the Frontline from France.

Thankyou Frontline by Dyna09/13/2008

Since using Frontline I no longer have had any fleas on my cats or in my house! Flea free for 2 years! I recommend this product. Oh, it also reduced the # of ticks my cats brought home.

Frontline Plus: product old? by Canjanwill from Florida03/14/2012

I spent over $200 on Frontline for three families. We were trying Frontline over Advantage II to see if there were better results. Horrible mistake. All three families have worse problems now than they did before using Advantage II. The scratching is constant for all the cats involved. Either this product from here was old or Frontline does not work. We mixed all the doses up so no one family had just one package. Parts and pieces were given depending on the number of cats. If anyone else has experienced this, please reply. I feel I have definitely wasted at least $200 and will probably be cautious, if not sure, of ordering from this company again. And I have made many, many orders over the last couple of years!

by from 08/06/2008

best flea & tick prevention by Carole from Clifton, NJ07/03/2012

i always buy the Frontline Plus for all of my cats because it works fabulously at eliminating pesty parasites. use once a month and never worry about bringing unwanted guests into your house! the 12 pack is super-economical, especially when combined with one of Entirely Pets monthly coupon deals!

Works Great - No Fleas by Patrick03/03/2009

I have been using this for years. Works better than anything else I've tried. I haven't needed a flea bomb since using Frontline.

by from 02/01/2009

Returned it, EP kept my money by Boston Holly10/23/2012

I've used this product for years with success. My vet confirmed that my dog and 2 cats have fleas. To save a few bucks purchasing on line will cost me the price of the product PLUS $300 in extermination fees.

No Adverse Reactions by Dan in Ohio03/03/2008

My veternarian recommended Frontline PLUS after giving my cat, Stormy, a shot of atropine to counteract a severe reaction to a store bought "famous brand" of flea control. The Frontline worked like a charm and with no adverse reactions.

Hands down the best most complete protection. by cminniect from Bethany, CT03/27/2012

We've used Frontline plus for our cats for years. We live in a rural area and have lots of deer. Where there's deer there's ticks. Haven't had any issues with ticks or fleas on our cats ever. We apply once a month, no muss no fuss and feel secure that our cats will be protected.

Watch when you open! by Toomanycats from Central Kentucky10/24/2011

I guess this works okay for fleas, but using it is another problem in itself. I use this on 8 cats monthly and there isn't a problem with half of the cats. The other half seem to be in pain when I squeeze it on their neck. Also, in September, as I was opening a packet, I also caught the covering on the back of the vial, opening the entire tube and loosing that application. I called the company and returned the ruined vial to them. I was to receive a certificate for a replacement. Well, that hasn't happened and it has been over 4 weeks. Will be switching to something else.

Works great! by John from North Carolina06/10/2013

The Frontline Plus works great to keep my cats flea and tick clear. No other products are as good.

Great stuff by Christine from Rhode Island08/08/2012

I have six cats and a dog. All go in and out most of the day. We live in New England and there is plenty of fleas and ticks. Not once have I had a flea or tick problem since we began using this product. Highly recommend it.

Frontline takes a back seat by suzare11/14/2012

I have used Frontline Plus on my cats for many years, but recently after dosing them three times, I have not killed a single flea. I asked Entirely Pets to exchange this product for another, but they would not do so, so I had to pay for another brand in full. When you have six cats, that can really add up. I also contacted the manufacturer and they insisted I had not properly treated the home in spite of me telling them I had done so twice and have found no fleas in the furniture or rugs, etc. Then I contacted my veterinarian and they said they have also had many complaints about the Frontline products not working and are recommending a different brand. Something has changed with this product in spite of claims that it has not. All I can tell you is that it is now totally ineffective in killing fleas and I would try a different brand.

does the job by cat-a-tonic from Ohio10/20/2011

This is what is recommended by my vet. I have a number of cats. Although they are indoor pets, (except for the occasional visit to the porch), we seem get fleas in the house about once a year. Using Frontline for two consecutive months will completely stop the infestation. It seems to take two treatments for my cats - I think because I have a big older house and the cats are all over and that I have a small herd, - it takes a little longer to make sure that the flea cycle from cat to cat is truly broken. My thanks to EntirelyPets for its great pricing.

Great value by Jean from Maryland04/10/2013

works on both fleas and ticks, easy to apply, good price

Great company & product! by Maggie07/19/2012

The product is effective & the company is honest, efficient, and the package arrived promptly.

by from 02/10/2012

Reliable Product by June Bug10/18/2011

Last time I tried Advantage II and my poor cats suffered. I'm back to Frontline PLUS.

by Madcats from Rutherfordton NC07/04/2012

I have a shelter for abused and homeless cats and I use Frontline on them every month. It works...

Recommend Entirely Pets and Frontline by wendy04/27/2012

Entirely Pets has special offers quite frequently and the Frontline works very well on both cat and dogs.

Best Flea protection ever by Dana Fillmore05/23/2009

Frontline is the only flea protection that works on my cats and dogs. We live in an old neighborhood with lots of squirrels and they carry fleas from one yard to another. Spraying yards just doesn't work.I tried the "natural" products and they made my cats extremely ill, I thought they were going to die. Fronline does a great job and my cats don't get sick.

never fails by lv from NC03/17/2013

I have used this product for my cat for many years and it has never failed me. We do have mosquitos in this area and i wish they had something like the advantix but they do not have for cats yet so I stick with what works.

Good product by Gail T.12/01/2012

Frontline has always been my choice for flea products and your price beat everybody else hands down!

great product / best price by KWEENHALLOWEEN from WAUCONDA, IL11/06/2012

I do a lot of comparison shopping and with 7 cats & dogs, I have to pinch every penny

Fleas gone by pip910/31/2012

Frontline works for all 4 of my cats, including the one allergic to flea bites.

NOT ONLINE by ceb10/25/2012

I've used this product for 10 yrs with success.BUT, this recent purchase online of Frontline Plus for cats did NOT work. I tried for 2 mos with this product from this website and the fleas kept getting worse. I took my cat to vet and it was explained to me that Merial(the mfgr) will only guarantee their product that is sold thru vets not online. In other words, there is no quality control for what is being sold online. I bought some from my vet and yes, it was more expensive, but within 24 hrs my cat(s) had stopped their incessant scratching. We will have to hire an exterminator as well. I will not be buying this product online any longer. Merial also backs up their product guarantee thru the vets with a promise of paying for any extermination if fleas are still a problem after using Frontline for 3 consecutive months. Only guaranteed if it was bought through the vet. Hope this helps all you cat lovers out there.

Frontline Plus for Cats by northcountry nurse04/13/2012

This is an easy-to-apply and very effective tick control for CATS. Comes with little sticky notes for your calendar so you will remember to apply once per month.

Always Love Entirely Pets! by Bunkie from Heber Springs, AR06/18/2013

Entirely Pets website is so easy to order from - just place the order & it's done! And, the order comes directly to me when it is promised! The other plus is that Entirely Pets offers this Frontline product at less cost than anywhere else I have priced it - I will always order from Entirely Pets!

I have used for years by dolly from Virginia Beach, VA10/12/2011

It was the real thing and not from a foreign country with a different cat on the front of the box. Must be careful who you order from.

best purchase by tigger7746105/03/2013

this product was cheaper than I've been paying and it came with free shipping and came in a timely manner.

best purchase ever by dee from Philadelphia,Pa10/25/2011

frontline plus was recommended by a vet, over ten years ago and it still has proven to be an effective reliable product. I am confident it will continue to do the job it was created for and would highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to rid their cats and kittens from fleas. EntirelyPets also makes the product affordable and the free shipping is a plus.I would consider this the best purchase ever. .

by bruin10/19/2011

Worked great on the fleas--not so well on the ticks.

great product by anita from utica, new york03/16/2012

great product for my 3 cats. Always great prices,fast delivery, customer service.

by debc03/07/2013

Frontline Plus is a great product, have used it for years on my cats and feral cats.

Frontline plus by Siderf05/03/2012

We have never seen a flea or larvae on any of our pets. This is an excellent product and a mainstay in our home!

Love This Product by Karen from Russell, PA10/26/2011

I purchase this product regularly. It works great for me and I purchase the largest quantity because of having 3 cats. I like Entirely Pets because they have great prices, fast shipping and I can just order from my computer instead of running around to find the product.

Fantastic Item by Marlene10/23/2012

I have purchased this product for the past two years for my cats. I highly recommend it. My cats don't mind the application and it works better than any flea control I have previously used.

prevents infestation by Lana6404/26/2012

I have 4 cats, and one goes outside. Frontline prevents an infestation in my house by keeping the fleas at bay. Also, Frontline seems to be better tolerated by my older cats (11 yrs.) than other spot on flea products.

by bearcatmom from Doylestown, PA04/15/2012

Best price on Frontline Plus that I've found any place. I LOVE a bargain!

No More Fleas by MoeBaz from Titus, AL05/31/2012

I had been using another product, but the cats (3 of them) still had fleas. My house got infested with the pests. I switched to Frontline Plus, fumigated the house, and -- No More Fleas. Works great.

Entirely Pets purchase by darncat11/27/2011

I will not buy from this company again. Right after I placed an order, the product went on sale. Of course, I was not offered the sale price until I called the company and complained. Shoddy customer service. The rep on the phone was rude and I decided I do not have to buy from companies like Entirely Pets.

Frontline is good stuff by Berkshire cat lover from Berkshires, MA06/27/2012

This flea and tick treatment is a real advance over the flea collars and powders and shampoos I had to use on my cats back before spot applications containing fipronil came on the market. No more flea infestations in the house and because we live in a tick and Lyme disease area, less worry that a tick will make our cats sick or ride into the house on them and make us sick.

Love Frontline Plus by Betty from Longview, WA11/11/2011

I think Frontline Plus is the best, longest lasting non-prescription flea control spot-on product I have used, and I live in a area where fleas abound. I just wish my cats liked the actual application better!

by Madcats from Rutherfordton NC04/02/2013

I'm very satisified with Frontline Plus for cats. I buy it every month for the cats in my shelter. I also put it on a couple of little possums that hang around my back porch at night.

Frontline Plus for Cats by SmileyAnn from Long Island, New York03/29/2012

This is a good and safe product and does what it claims it kills fleas and if your cat doesn't have any it prevents them from getting fleas.

Great product! by curlyq from Nashua N.H.03/06/2013

I have 3 cats and this product does what it says. My cats don't have any problems with ticks or fleas. It is easy to use and Entirely Pets always has the best price and great service. I've been a customer for many years now and I happily recommend them to others.

Great Product-Great Price by JudeMc11/07/2011

The review title says it all. Frontline PLUS works on my cats (I am surrounded by woods and deer so need to ward off ticks and fleas). Entirely Pets offer it at a great price and delivery is incredibly fast. I ordered on Monday evening and it was delivered on Wednesday... for less that $5. Now THAT is excellent service!

No Fleas by Pat K from NY03/30/2012

I've been using Frontline for a few years now, and I strongly recommend it. Apply once a month (except winter) ... I haven't had to flea bomb my house since I began using this 5 or 6 years ago. It really works for my cats.

Frontline always by justme from MA12/11/2012

Frontline is the best product and quite frankly the only product on the market that treats ticks (not at good as it used to) and fleas for my wonderful outdoor/indoor family member (cat).

by from 10/22/2012

Great Product/Great Price by Deb's Friends from Atlanta, GA11/29/2011

Our cat is an indoor/outdoor cat. So we do not want unwanted fleas & ticks in our home!!!!

Glad to get it by TB03/04/2013

Ordering in my home is convenient. It comes quickly to my door and I have it for my pets

"HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN" BY THE FOUR GIRLS by Pat from New Smyrna Beach, Fl03/17/2012

I have been using Frontline from Entirely Pets for quite some years now. I could not have been more pleased with this product, the price is so reasonable and the shipment is immediate. 'Immediate" is the word for how quickly the fleas disapear. I started out with only 1 homeless kitty but I think she spread the word around to the other strays that if they come to live at my house they won't be constantly scratching anymore And their fleas will be gone. Now I have four kitties.

Best Value by gjs12/20/2011

This product works great on my cats, it is better than any other flea treatment I have used.

by Slay from CT06/12/2012

Great product, great price! I will continue to buy from Entirelypets!

consistently dependable by pogo22pogo from Connecticut06/12/2013

I have used this product for years. It has always kept my cats tick free.

fleas bad this year by crazycatwoman from florida04/11/2013

I usually purchase the Advantage multi spot on but they are eating my 7 cats alive no matter what so I tried the frontline plus this time... The fleas are still winning...

frontline by tim from va.06/06/2012

it is just fine the cat are ok with it thanks

Excellent Product by 207lisaz from Lewiston, Maine10/07/2011

Frontline Plus has helped my 3 cats stay flea free for many years. This product works great!!

by from 04/22/2013

We've been using this product for years. It was first recommended by our cat's vet. We have tried similar products due to the lesser cost or their claims of providing superior results. Yet, we have never found a product to be superior regardless of the cost.

the by product from weFrontline


My kitties are safe by Suz from Averill Park, NY05/21/2013

Both of my kitties are explorers. Frontline keeps them free or fleas and ticks. If it could keep mice off my front porch, it would be the bext product ever!

satisfaction by lupe01/14/2012

I have purchased a few times from this site and it have always been to my satisfaction.

Extremely Reliable Flea Control Product by Anna11/11/2011

I have been purchasing Frontline Plus for years and apply the treatment once a month. The product works incredibly well.

Frontline Plus by GA from Alabama06/25/2012

I have two cats and just reordered a 12 month supply of Frontline Plus. I recently took one of my cats to the vet cause he had tape worms. The vet asked what flea medicine was being used, I told him Frontline Plus. He recommended a switch to Revolution since Frontline Plus isn't working for one of my cats. I asked another vets opinion and they agreed Revolution is a better product. I was hoping to return the Frontline Plus supply and exchange for Revolution but found out Entirely Pets does not carry Revolution. Can I get a refund? I have used one tube. When will you carry Revolution?

It Works by RedBelly from Balto.,MD03/28/2012

Frontline Plus for cats continues to work for both of my cats. Effective at killing fleas and deterring ticks. Only con is that ticks do still attach themselves to head & neck region only. Haven't found any product that provides head to toe coverage for ticks. Overall I'm pleased with the product and would recommend it.

Beware of where Frontline is made! by Kat10/23/2012

My cat had a bad skin reaction to Frontline and my vet showed me the small print on the package where it says which foreign country made the stuff. So now I only buy flea meds from my vet -costs a bit more but worth it!

Frontline for Cats by Sally from Utica NY03/10/2012

Quick shipping, good packaging, best price, safe to use, and effective with cats.

Works well by Sparky18 from Stamford CT05/22/2013

Have been using Frontline on my cats for several years and found it to be totally effective for fleas, and reasonably effective for ticks. When I do find a tick on one of my cats it's usually dead...

by Rabbit05/30/2012

Excellent since it kills adult fleas, eggs, and ticks

Great for flea control by golden lover01/07/2012

This was very easy to put onto our new cat who tends to be skittish. It is great to have a product like the one we use on our dogs to control parasites on the cat also.

GREAT product!! by CATMOM715 from N WISCONSIN01/10/2012

I brought fleas in to my indoor only cats late last summer and, unfortunately, didn't think that I needed to treat them because they WERE indoor only boys.........WRONG!! Frontline Plus is very easy to apply, works quickly, and doesn't leave that icky sticky mess that many products do. The price at Entirely Pets was great too........which means a lot when you have multiple pets to dose.



by Cat Lady06/11/2012

This product is easy to use and it works and an ounce of preventions is worth way more than a pound of cure when it comes to fleas and ticks. I went one season without it, big mistake! I have 5 cats and a dog so buying in bulk was a money saver for the year.

Featured Reviews for 12 MONTH Frontline Top Spot Orange: For Dogs up to 22lbs.
definitely works! by maria from Des Plaines, IL08/03/2010

I have been using this product on my dog. One time, I was late a couple of weeks on putting this on him, and I noticed fleas on him. So, I put some on him right away. This mistake made me a believer of this product.

Best Flea and Tick Product by Jim02/22/2013

Have used this product for 12 years and my dogs have never had any ticks. Would not change. Great product.

Advantage by Pat from Bay Area, CA07/17/2012

I have purchased Advantage from EntirelyPets for over 3 years. The product is effective as my Cairn has never had a flea or tick. Also, EP has offered the best price and fast service. I recommend this product from this dealer.

wonderful by Karen06/11/2008

Been using this for my dogs for years. Love it, it works

Featured Reviews for 12 MONTH Frontline Top Spot Blue: For dogs 23-44lbs.
iT WORKS! by Vicki McBride06/11/2008

I only use Frontline in the summer, but it certainly does the trick on our dog/cat who spends much time outside, and lives inside.

It Works! by Ducklady08/08/2012

Because I have two parrots, spraying for fleas in our home would be impossible. Our dogs were on k-9 Advantix, but the warning for possible harm to cats scared us away. So now my three dogs and three cats are treated with Frontline Top Spot for Dogs and Cats, and three years later, I can brag that my pets and our home are still flea and tick free. Very happy with this product!

Featured Reviews for 12 MONTH Frontline Top Spot Red: for Dogs 89-132lbs.
No Communication! by nhskimum01/11/2012

I don't treat my dogs this time of year and have never used Top Spot. In fact, I bought it accidentally. I usually use Frontline Plus. I wrote Entirely Pets to tell them about my mistake and asked what the difference was between the two products but I have yet to receive a response. I don't want this product and also asked what I can do to exchange it for Plus. But no response on that either. Instead, I get this offer to review the product which is basically what I asked Entirely Pets to do for me! Still waiting for them to respond!

Excellent Product by d d from akron, ohio01/23/2013

I have two large dogs that are at the dog park daily and exposed to all sorts of critters and I have used Frontline Top Spot Red for several years and have never had a problem with my dogs bringing home fleas or ticks. A big worry for me is bringing home fleas to my three cats and since using Frontline Top Spot Red my worries are over!

Best prices anywhere by Val05/30/2012

Entirely Pets has by far the best prices for Frontline Top Spot! This is essential for us as we have a very large dog who lives indoors with us and we don't want any fleas or ticks inside. We also adopted 6 cats who had no home so getting a great product at the best price is very appreciated. Plus free delivery!

Frontline by sheilah6 from Albbemarle, NC01/29/2013

I have used Frontline for years now and find that it works better than anything on my dogs and cat. I tried the cheaper version but quickly went right back to Frontline because the fleas laughed at the other one.

by mrjackson from eastern west virginia01/01/2013

have been a customer with entirely pets for several years. i have been satisified with the products, cost and service.

frontline for large dogs by katherine somma06/11/2008

This is one of the best products out there.Works fast.

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