PENNY SAMPLE BONIES Natural Calming Formula MINIS 2 BONE PACK (0.7 oz)

    PENNY SAMPLE BONIES Natural Calming Formula MINIS 2 BONE PACK (0.7 oz)

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    BONIES Calming Formula MINIS 2 PACK (0.7 oz) is a unique treat that uses all-natural ingredients made to be healthy for your dog help maintain calm behavior, anxiety, nervousness, frayed nerves, excess barking, abnormal urine marking, trembling and clean teeth.

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    Potentially Dangerous by lyra12/28/2013

    My lab mix decided to chew the hard treat up into large chunks and swallow them. I can only hope they dissolve in her stomach and don't cause a blockage and costly vet visit. Definitely not worth the risk for a penny sample!

    Bonies by bnatural02/28/2012

    Bonies are a great snack and my Yorkie loves them. He gets very excited when I ask him if he wants a BONIE, he runs to the counter where I keep his snacks and waits for me to get there.

    My beagle loved these by cje09/26/2013

    My beagle loved these. He wants me to get more for him.

    Nice for calming pets by Westie mom from Texas07/26/2013

    My dog loves this calming formula Bonies.

    Love these for little dog by IMOScout from Texas11/18/2012

    Our chihuahua loves these. Helpful with busy days (traveling, visiting, etc.)

    by from 07/10/2012

    Bonies by kaliel from Port Orchard, WA02/04/2014

    3 of the 4 dogs loved this. Our very picky Rat Terrier, Brisco, wouldn't touch it.

    Calming? by DoggyMom from Mesquite, NV12/03/2013

    We tried these for our smallest dog on a car trip that was to last several hours. She enjoyed the 'treat' however it did nothing to 'calm' her. Won't be trying them again...

    by from 04/21/2013

    Bonies give my dog great chewing pleasure. He looks forward to his daily treat.

    works. by Butch from crawlsThe


    Bonies--Calming Formula by Jean G from Pensacola, FLBonies


    Penny Bonies by beutynthbst from Peoria, Az07/15/2012

    What else can I say other than my dogs devoured them.

    Delicious Treat by spotties from Atlanta, GA04/24/2012

    Bonies Calming Formula are yum. Just ask me. I'm an energetic girl who finds it hard to unwind at the end of the day. But if I'm treated to a Bonies Calming Formula, I can really settle down. Why? I don't understand all that stuff, but Mom says the ingredients are healthy, and she trusts Entirely Pets to sell only super good products. That's good enough for me. I'll just enjoy my Bonie and get ready for bed.

    Great gifts by Amber01/24/2012

    I do not have a dog. (I have six cats and a turtle) But I gave these out as gifts to my family that has dogs. They loved them. They are at a great price too!

    sample size by jasonnryan from san francisco, CA12/09/2012

    excellent sample, loved it, individual size is great for traveling

    Love the Penny Samples and So Do My Dogs by Cocker Spaniel Fanatic from Pennsylvania01/06/2013

    My dogs enjoyed this sample. This is a great way to try new products.

    really works by lucky from NE Pennsylvania05/30/2012

    they take the emotional edge off her when she is left alone and she likes them. much easier to use than pills.

    Very good treat. by Bobbybo from Lindenhurst n.y.01/24/2013

    My dod treats it like a bone. Goes off in the corner and she really enjoys it. They are small, which is good, not too big for a treat.

    Surprisingly delicious by Bobby from moline, il11/25/2012

    I got these as a penny sample, they were yummmmy. I'm a little bichon, my mommy says I do have anxiety issues (i dont know what she's talking about) so she gave me one of these during a storm, I didn't calm down much but I did focus a lot on them. they're yummy, I hope she buys the whole bag for me next time. I'm usually pretty picky, but these were gooood! Woof! -Bobby

    My Dogs Love Them by Hugenaturelover from Alaska09/29/2013

    I don't know if they actually "calm" the dogs but they sure do love the taste of these, and they're very inexpensive.

    they like them! by MamaJo from SW IOWA01/04/2013

    My dogs liked these! Great chew/treat bone.

    happy dogs by zeus from Pacific Northwest11/05/2013

    Both of my picky dogs were very happy with these bones.

    Great product by cam from Magnolia, Texas01/02/2014

    My dogs love these and they're great for cleaning their teeth.

    50/50 by Kathy01/04/2014

    My one dog loves it, the other dog that is a little finicky will not touch them.

    by from 10/17/2013

    Free Sample Calming Bonies by Barb'sDog from Miami, Florida07/28/2012

    Love this choice, use them as a treat and tried them especially during thunder storms. A nice loving choice for your dog.

    No calming benefits by Krans from Indianapolis01/07/2013

    This product did not last very long with my active chewer, and I saw no calming benefits from it.

    terrible by stephbny1 from tyler, tx05/17/2014

    i would never buy these again. they felt like plastic when i took them out of the packaging. they also contain an ingredient that is known to cause bloat in large breed dogs. so i will not be buying these again for my furbabies.

    Nice and Calm! by Sandy from Long Island, NY06/18/2013

    My rescue pup is petrified of loud noises, especially fire works. I give her a calming bonie and she will curl up in her crate, definately helps to calm her nerves!

    Yummy by Mel03/11/2013

    Both of my dogs loved them. My big dog would like them in a larger size.

    Guilt free treat by dashiemom01/09/2013

    Just felt better about giving bones w/purpose over empty treat - not sure of calming effect w/one dose

    They loved them. by totallycharmed11/27/2012

    My pet rats loved these. I don't have dogs, but my rats love these kind of treats.

    Absolutely Love it by Bella from Arvada, CO09/14/2012

    My dog loved these treats. She changed and got more relaxed. Also, can not beat the price.

    I'm to active and I need to slow down. by Cool Man from Live Oak, FL05/19/2013

    I have had trouble with my little Buddy with separation anxiety. He was chewing the furniture and on the walls, but since I give him the Calming Formula he has settled down. I have tried other things to help him with his problem, but they have all been unsuccessful. Thanks so much for this product!

    May buy these in the future by Jazzy from Madison, WI02/09/2013

    I got a free sample with a recent order and my dog loved these. I currently buy separate treats for fighting off plaque on her teeth as well as calming treats I give her when I am gone for a longer period of time. This would help with both issues!

    I bought one for a penny at xmas time. by rennie from sault sainte marie,MI.02/23/2014

    Our little dog did'nt know what to do with it!! She threw it up in the air a few times, then ran around the house with it in her mouth. Then finally ate it!! Now every time I give her one she has the same game!!!! It' s adorable.

    didn't calm by bizwiz01/19/2014

    My dogs liked this as a treat but I didn't notice it calming them

    So good I had to purchase some bags by Natalie from Dartmouth, NS05/27/2013

    Katie enjoyed the sample so much that I bought a couple of bags on my next order. They are great and she can't wait to get one.

    by Rat from Michigan City, IN03/31/2012

    Product was ordered 3/14/12 and was back ordered, still haven't received the product as of 3/31/12. I ran out of the Cosequin and my two 11 year old labs and their mobility suffered and had to purchase at walmart to get by until my order arrives. I will never trust to get a order to me in a timely manner nor will I ever order from them again

    by animallover03/04/2012

    my dog absolutely loved them and he is usually really picky about treats

    calming bonies by greenice77 from Lubbock, TX10/07/2014

    these do work, just wish that they were bigger, we have a large dog

    loves them by CECE from Vegas08/08/2014

    my Lab loves these she now knows what they are and cannot wait to get on

    Great Item by colnagocat from CA09/12/2013

    Used as a training treat. Special treat for special training!

    WRONG sample sent by Cid from BC, Canada10/31/2012

    I was hoping to try this sample on my dogs, but I was sent something completely different that was of no use. I would probably have recommended it if I had gotten the right product.

    Great Treat! by SJR07/29/2012

    My dogs loves these Mini Calming formula bones.She loves the taste.

    My York loved these bones by Yorkie from WI12/28/2012

    He loved the taste but I cannot say if they had a calming effect as he is such a pistol.

    by from 03/24/2013

    didn't receive by Karen from VT06/26/2013

    Paid for this penny sample, didn't receive product

    Great mini's by TrudiS from Marietta, GA08/26/2013

    Daisy smelled the Mini's and was patiently waiting for her least that is what she thought!

    Yum! by Abby's Mom from Boston, MA02/02/2013

    I can't comment on the treat's calming components but my puppy loved them!


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