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  6. Booda Small Dog & Puppy Terry Elephant/Chipmunk - Assorted

Booda Small Dog & Puppy Terry Elephant/Chipmunk - Assorted
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Booda Small Dog & Puppy Terry Elephant/Chipmunk - Assorted

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Puppies and small dogs need plenty of toys to play with, especially young dogs. Soft toys protect their teeth but they also help dogs develop their jaw strength as well as their chewing skill.

The Booda Small Dog & Puppy Terry toys meet all the needs of a puppy while providing entertainment in colorful play things that dogs naturally love.

The Booda Terry toys are made from soft terry material, which is extremely pliable and soft to the touch as well as the canine mouth. This is particularly beneficial to puppies who are still growing their teeth and mouths. The stitching is extremely strong so the toys won't fall apart from regular canine use. The toys come in two different colors, which makes them easy to set apart if a home has multiple dogs and needs to distinguish one dog's toy sets from another. The toys make for great tossing as well. Doing so helps dogs develop their hunting skills as well as protects indoor items from being hit by a hard object. Instead, the soft toys bounce harmlessly off walls, and dogs get to chase a favorite item.

The benefits of the Boody Small Dog & Puppy Terry Toys include:
  • Fabrication from easy-to-wash materials so the toys can be cleaned in a washing machine as needed.
  • Strong construction so they will provide hours of canine play.
  • Two toys per package so a dog will have plenty of entertainment with more than one toy
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