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Bravo! Dog Training Treats All-Natural Beef Hot Dog (4 oz)

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Bravo! Dog Training Treats All-Natural Beef Hot Dog (4 oz)The use of beef hot dog slices to quickly train a dog is one of those “secrets” used by professional trainers.

Dogs simply love a good hot dog and Bravo! has sourced a nitrate-free, nitrite-free human grade all-beef hot dog for a healthy appealing treat. Think of these as your “secret weapon” when nothing else seems to get your dog’s interest and cooperation.

  • Made from 100% muscle and organ meats and real Vermont Cheddar Cheese.
  • Contain no grains, fillers or unnecessary additives of any kind. Perfectly sized to be held between two fingers for easy hand-to-dog feeding.
  • Chosen for their pet appeal - they offer the perfect, flavor, texture and aroma that dogs love to "earn" for good behavior.
  • Freeze dried so they are not greasy or messy in your hand or in your pocket.
  • Packaged in a re-closable bag that helps keep them fresh.
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