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Breakaway Flea & Tick Collar for Cats

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- Breakaway design allows a cat to free itself if its
collar catches on a fixed object.

- Molded plastic buckle greatly reduces the possibility of
neck irritation and buckle failure.

- Kills fleas and ticks for up to six full months.

Customer Reviews

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4.27 rating based on 15 reviews
Great flea protection by Texas Chick from Austin, TX03/02/2012

Breakaway-Plus Flea Collars work far longer than monthly "spot-on" treatments. For the price of just one month's spot-on treatment I could get up to eleven months protection with The flea collars.With multiple cats the spot-on would have cost me almost a hundred dollars a month! For the same money I get most of a year without fleas by using the Breakaway Plus Flea Collars. Also, the spot-on treatment only kills adult fleas but the Breakaway Plus collars kill every stage of fleas: eggs, larva and adults. I have thirteen cats with thirteen very different personalities and every one of them accepted the collar without wanting to get it off. Now my cats are happier without biting fleas to worry them and I am happy at the time, trouble and money I saved.

Great product by iafox from saugerties ny06/01/2012

I have used these collars for years. My cats were always in and out all day. As long as I put fresh collars on when recommended my cats never got fleas and if I did find a tick it was dead. I plan to continue using this product.

by mudslut06/10/2012

great price and fast shipping...........

breakaway great product by Active cat owner from NJ01/02/2013

My cat is an outdoor /indoor cat and quite a hunter. I was always concerned about a collar getting caught on something during her very adventurous travels. My town requires that she have a license, so drops would not solve the problem. This collar keeps her free of the many ticks in our very active wildlife area. Jinx is very happy with the collar.

"Nonallergenic" flea collars by Bren from Virginia Beach (hot & muggy)04/13/2012

I have asthma & have tried 3 other collars on my 2 cats. I could hardly breathe around them because of their scent. This is just what I've been looking for. In addition, they've had no fleas since I applied them about 5 wks. ago. Thank you so very much. (I was going to let you know anyway before you asked for my opinion. I'm sure someone else will benefit.)

Excellent Protection by amychri11/03/2012

After a very heavy tick season in 2011, I purchased these collars for my 3 cats for the 2012 season. It was remarkable. They didn't get a single attached tick all season. Occasionally we'd see unattached ones in their fur, but never attached. The collars did wear out just as the box says, at 4 months, at which point ticks were able to attach. They have also prevented fleas. I have had Lyme disease, so it's important to me to keep ticks at bay. This is an excellent product that I do recommend to other pet owners.

Great flea collar by yamadama10/10/2011

I have been buying these collars for a long time. As long as I replace them regularly they provide great protection for my cats.

great flea collar by stanley10/24/2012

I have been using this product for years. I have always had indoor/outdoor cats, I still use this collar and think it gives great protection.

by caroljo07/15/2013

i found out it dose not work my animals scratch even more

Had to throw away by Nav08/15/2012

I was very hopeful as I have been trying many different flea products on my cats. These collars have a very strong chemical smell that was unpleasant to me and I can only imagine how my cats must have felt with a heightened sense of smell. My Maine Coons coat dulled and my Siamese became withdrawn. I left them on for at least 3 weeks hoping at least they would chase away the fleas, but they had fleas on their heads and legs. When I returned home from a short vacation I cut them loose and they seem to be bouncing back.

the best one! by michelle11/06/2012

it works great!!! I'm really happy with the results!!

by tinyangel16611/08/2012

The collar smelt horrible. I couldnt let my cat wear it for a day because of the smell. I dont know about how effective it was because my cat didnt have it on long enough.

best flea collar for cats by darlenedell from vermont05/31/2012

i have nine cats that i've rescued with various lengths of hair. the collars fit everyone and the breakaway feature is great to have on the three cats that spend alot of time outside. i don't see any fleas. my vet recomended these collars.

good job by blb from south carolina07/23/2014

Wasn't sure about this collar but found it works great! Will buy more when needed.

Great product by valady from Virginia countryside09/13/2013

I love these collars for my cats. I have seven and have been using these for about a year now. Started purchasing from my vet, at a higher cost. Because I need so many I have to purchase for the best price. This site fills the bill for me. They are easy to use and break away or stretch away from their necks if necessary. They never get stiff and they don't have a bad smell. My cats don't object to them at all. They also last about 5-6 months, so I usually replace them twice a year.

Disappointed by shotzy from Northampton, Ma.09/18/2013

I thought I was buying "Vet-Chem". The name Vet-Kem was deceiving. The collar did nothing for the fleas. I will still buy from Entirely Pets but need to be more informed.


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