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Tetra BettaMin Tropical Medley Flakes (0.81 oz)

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Boost the colors of your Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens) while also providing fully balanced nutrition with Tetra BettaMin Medley Flakes. This specialized food blend includes thin red flakes and freeze-dried brine shrimp that fish will eagerly gobble up at every feeding session. When dropped into the tank, the flakes stay together and don't cloud the water, so you can better appreciate the gorgeous colors of your fish. Unlike pellets, which quickly fall to the bottom of the tank, these fish flakes remain on the top of the water for a while, giving your fish more time to notice and consume them. These fish flakes also contain ProCare, a patented supplement that combines immune boosters, omega-3 fats, and metabolism-boosting biotin to keep your fish healthy and happy. You can use Tetra BettaMin Medley Flakes as the primary fish food for your Siamese fighting fish or switch it up with other fish foods to give your pet a more varied diet.

Customer Reviews

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4.75 rating based on 4 reviews
Happy Camper by Greeneyes from Kentucky02/05/2013

My little Dragon loves his new food! His little pucker mouth and his big black eyes eagerly await me dropping his food in. He's a Happy Camper for sure now.

by chipper from Pennsylvania11/30/2011

my beta likes the flakes over the pellets

Best fish food. by *emankciN rouY from Fl.05/23/2013

The best fish food I've ever used. Keeps your tank unbelievably clean.

My Betta's Second Favorite Food by Lizz08/01/2014

My betta loves this...he prefers small flakes, and would not eat the other types. Bloodworms are his favorite, but these add additional vitamins, etc. to his diet.


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