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  • Otis and Claude - Bumble Ball (3 PACK)

Otis and Claude - Bumble Ball (3 PACK)

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The Bumble Ball is back! Otis & Claude Dog toys Bumble BallŪ is the original retro interactive motorized dog toy made famous in the early 1990s.

Your pets will be entertained with the unpredictable jumps, shakes, wiggles and bumbles. Specially reinforced nobs for pets. Your pets will go "crazy" trying to catch this "Bumpy Ball".

  • Entertain your pets for hours
  • For small to medium sized dogs, not a chew toy, not for agressive dogs
  • Product Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches
  • Includes 3 alkaline AA batteries
  • Comes in assorted colors, please allow us to choose for you. Thank you.

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    IMPORTANT: Supervise Your Dog's Play. This toy is not intended for aggressive chewers


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    by from 03/21/2013

    I purchased these for my autistic child, as they seemed they would have durability if a dog could play with them. Within minutes he ripped the knobs off with his tetth.

    child by not from good,So


    Cheap Entertainment! by retreatowner10/28/2011

    We have a new Yorkie and have purchased these Bumble Balls for him for his first Christmas. Our other Yorkie absolutely LOVED these. He even learned how to turn them on and off. Best entertainment ever watching him ride it across the room!

    by from 03/06/2013

    My dog loves the ball but had two of the points chewed off in a matter if min. Sigh. Don't know how to make it last but it would be nice if Kong could get hold of it.

    I'm by not from happyNo,


    My Dog Loves It! by SanDBee from TN10/23/2012

    They may not last long if your dog has strong jaws like mine, but she has loved these from the first time we brought one home. Well worth the money to watch the fun she has with them! I love we can purchase multiple ones at a time, that way she always has a back up!

    Bumble Ball by nanner from Bath Pa03/24/2012

    In the past couple of years I must jof ordered about 50 Bumble Balls the work good but seem to wear out kind of quick there not for a pet but my son who has Downs Sysdrome he likes the way they shake

    by from 06/04/2012

    I bought the three pack they all worked well except one that burned out in about 2 days I have been buying these for a while because I have a child who has Downs Syn and he enjoys playing with them so I will keep on buying them

    nice by if from youP


    Bumble Ball by Bailey Boo03/28/2012

    My old dog loves his new toy. He is 12 yrs old and he had one of these bumble balls when he was much younger that he wore out. He was very excited to have a new one to play with. He loves action toys that make noise so this fit the bill.

    by cathiec12/22/2012

    Fun for a few minutes but the jack Russell stopped the motor i n about 4 minutes and ate off two knob covers in the next 2.

    by bizzyB05/18/2013

    I purchased a three pack and only one of the three worked upon arrival. I put new batteries in thinking they might have died, but, they still did not work like they were supposed to.

    Bumble Ball by None12/04/2012

    Pretty good product but was wondering why It is NEVER ON SALE

    by Shortie01/07/2013

    Good entertaining toy that provides hours and hours of fun.

    Bumble Ball by ami from Toronto, Ontario01/01/2013

    Our 10lb maltese absolutely loved the bumble ball. Unfortunately the first ball only worked about 1 hour total. Then it wouldn't turn on again and i could hear something rattling around inside it. Great toy, but they are obviously not well made. We'll see how long the other 2 balls last, and it's not like our little dog is tough on them. :( So far it's a poor product.

    Excellent training tool by Kim from Lansing Mi05/08/2014

    I use this product in my training classes as a distraction to the stay command. The dogs just love this product, and after they pass the test, they get to play with it as a reward.

    Gemma Loves It by The Bumble Ball from Kewanee, IL04/30/2014

    This item keeps my dog, Gemma occupied for hours. One thing I don't like about it is she can chew the spikes off of it & that jams the motor inside.

    Otis and Claude - Bumble Ball (3 PACK) by DG10/06/2013

    My cocker spaniel loves these. He can tear them up fairly quickly because he likes to chew on the knobs, but he loves to play with the vibrating ball. It was very difficult to remove the screws on a newly purchased ball to replace the batteries.

    by Hal01/16/2015

    Our dog just loves the Bumble ball. The only negative is that the battery run down quickly.

    bumble ball by jmbs04/30/2012

    not very happy as the first ball I let my dog play with stopped. Opened it up and one of the pegs had come off already. They just don't make them very good anymore.

    Not so good by tyleete from VA11/07/2012

    It's durable, but I honestly can't imagine too many dogs this not putting off instead of making them want to play. Too loud, to spastic, and there's no speed toggle. There should be. It's like a 2year old on coffee. I wouldn't recommend this personally.

    by from 09/12/2013

    These are the BEST!!! by ~janie from Seattle, WA10/23/2012

    I was so happy to find these because I hadn't seen them for years. And these didn't disappoint! VERY well made and HOURS and HOURS of fun!!! :)

    poor quality by patmoser from Ligonier, IN03/27/2013

    Did not meet our expectations. The product fell apart/broke after the first couple times our pet played with it.

    Awesome Toy by Karlee from Stephens City, VA11/16/2011

    My dog just loves this toy. It is her constant companion, she chases it and plays so hard she exhausts herself and then I turn it off and she carries it around with her and will sleep with it. I couldn't have made a better purchase!

    Bumble Ball by Susan12/18/2012

    I had a Bumble ball before, they are great entertainment for dogs & people. Not good for dogs who are strong chewers. Make sure to use under supervision or a strong dog can easily chew off the bumps.

    Waste of money by Dave from Murphy, NC03/07/2013

    The card does say it is not a chew toy. I got it, turned it on, gave it to our dog, and it didn't last 5 minutes. Our dog tried to pick it up and chewed the end off of one of the nubs and it stopped working. I won't buy another Otis and Claude toy unless I am able to hold it in my hands and closely examine it. The toy is a good idea, but very poorly made. I should have read the reviews before purchasing. If your dog will play with a toy without grabbing it, like in the video, then maybe it is for you.

    Fun toy, but doesn't last at our house by Duck Lady from Los Osos, CA02/07/2013

    Like the directions say, don't leave this toy and your pet unattended. I made that mistake and our Boxer mix took it apart, pieces were everywhere. Even though it is a fun toy, I don't recommend it for large dogs if you plan to leave it out like you would a ball.

    special purchase by DT from Deer Park, TX03/29/2013

    I buy these for my 25 year old special needs son. It was nice to find them again. I am disappointed that nothing seemed to have changed much on them. Sometimes the switches don't make contact and that's why the ball quits working. I have an engineer friend who works on them if they "die" prematurely. I used to buy these at Walgreens 3 for $11.98. The batteries were not included, but you can buy a lot of batteries for $14.00. However, I am glad you are making them as this has been his favorite toy for 20 years. I will order again.

    Otis and Claude-Bumble Ball 3-pack by EMMA from Fairfield, CT04/08/2013

    Within 5 minutes all three bumble balls DIED!!!! My husband kept opening them up and repositioning the batteries. Our lab was nudging them and jumping around them wagging his tail furiously. What a waste of money!!!!! Bought these several times for our other dogs when they were made by the ERTL Co. Needless to say we'll NEVER purchase again. A real shame, cause all our dogs really loved this toy. Lesson learned!!!!!!!!

    Its awful! by Stephanie Ray12/11/2012

    I bought this for my dogs and gifts. It was a waste of money. Its super hard plastic (I thought it was hard rubber, not a deal breaker), my dogs, who like every toy and then some, wouldn't even touch it. I gave one to a friend and her dogs. Same reaction.. nothing, they waited until it was dead/stopped moving and went in for the kill. Out of all the dog toys I buy, this one is the worse.

    Bumble Balls (3 Pack) by Auntie Char05/20/2013

    I buy these balls for my 37 year old nephew which is disabled he loves these balls, he just giggles and has so much fun with them. It makes my day to see him so happy. They are very well made and very durable. I will be buying more of these. He plays with them so much the motor burns out after about a month of happiness!

    Good but needs an upgrade by Animal Trainer05/31/2012

    My dog LOVES this toy. But I am concerned the quality is not what it used to be. The motor burns out very quickly now. Once the installed batteries are dead, it seems nothing will resurrect the device. Sadly I cant justify the money anymore for a toy that only works once. I have bought lots of these. If this can be made so that the motor does not burn out so quickly, I would totally be on board again as my dogs is a big fan.

    Bumbled by buying this product by Corgimom10/29/2012

    I says it is made for dogs, but within a couple of minutes play the caps came off and my dog nearly choked on the piece. I went to put away the toys and discovered that the battery had heated up and even melted some of the plastic ball. I am glad I discovered it before it started a fire!! (the switch was in the OFF position) Would NOT recommend this for any dog.

    Waste of money by konigtum01/21/2015

    This (rather expensive) toy lasted approximately one hour. Battery life too short, fell to pieces in record time.

    Bumble Ball by Kat from Vermont07/09/2014

    one never has worked and can't take apart to find out why. Rip off

    Bumble Ball by Kathy C from NH08/22/2013

    I love this. The pups are facinated by it. We have so much fun when we bring this out for them to play with.

    by from 10/27/2011

    I bought the three pack to put into Halloween props to make them shake and rattle (boxes were marked, "Danger - Spiders" and the box bounced around near my spider "room" display.

    showed by some from interestThe


    great by find." from Just what the doctor orderedOverall


    Disappointment by Bruno's mom09/15/2013

    My dog loved it!!!! Till it died 3 minutes later, couldn't change all the batteries because one of the screws were stripped. I continued to let him play with it, as he was obsessed, he killed the whole thing in 20 minutes, parts and all!!!

    Boring by Joey from Laredo, Texas12/17/2012

    I thought my pets would love this but instead zero out of four dogs did not seem interested at all. It does and is just as described, but for some reason they're not interested.:(

    Bumble Ball Broke by Winnie05/15/2014

    This is a great idea for some dogs. It is a very good distraction and keeps them occupied until they catch it and then it's all over for the ball. It's too easy to chew apart.

    Fun Interactive Toy by AC08/08/2012

    My puppy goes crazy over the Bumble Ball. I only wish they were a little larger.

    Beastie's Bumbleball by mimi62181 from Seattle, WA02/27/2012

    I purchased the Bumbleball 3-pack. It arrived quickly, which was great. Two of the balls immediately needed their batteries changed--one ball had two stripped screws, but luckily we managed to get all of the screws out and will be replacing them. The dog LOVES the balls, although she isn't a big chewer and I can see how that would be a problem. The batteries don't last very long. They're not terribly well-made, but for $30, I figure I got my money's worth.

    by from 10/13/2011

    We buy these not for our pets, but for our daughter who has Down Syndrome and is developmentally disabled. She loves these balls and could play with them for hours, if only they would keep working past about 30 minutes of continuous running. They are copies of a toy from 20 years ago by Ertl for developmentally disabled children.

    often by from from EntirelyI


    Terrible Product by maggie from Calgary, Alberta, Canada11/28/2012

    Fun for the first 10 minutes while it worked. Actually opened the 2nd one we purchased and it worked for about 30 minutes, really dissappointed

    bumble ball by john12/10/2012

    All three are broken .spoke to a rep about 3 weeks ago ,was told a return sticker was in the mail. haven't seen it . Its been two weeks. John Will call my credit card company and stop payment.


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