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CALM COAT Equine Topical Spray - 8 oz.

Item: CC08
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This item has been discontinued.


This item has been manufacturer discontinued. We recommend trying CALM COAT Equine Topical Spray - 32 oz.

CALM COAT® Equine Topical Spray is a patented ALL-NATURAL topical spray that works with the skin’s natural ability to heal. Formulated for horses. CALM COAT® provides immediate relief to itching, allergies and skin irritations.

  • All-Natural Blend of essential oils.
  • Effective for all irritated skin conditions including mane and tail rubbing, sweet itch, tack rubbing, summer itch, girth itch and environmental irritations.
  • It relieves itching and allergic reactions from insect bites.
  • Soothes irritations from bugs including gnats, no-see-ums, culicoides, mites, ticks, deer flies, horse flies, black flies, mosquitoes and chiggers.
  • Encourages healthy skin and hair growth.
  • Helps speed the natural healing process of cuts, bites, wounds, burns, abrasions and lesions without burning or side effects.
  • Provides effective relief associated with fungus, including rain rot.
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