• Canine Plus Vitamins (1000 tablets)

    Canine Plus Vitamins (1000 tablets)

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    This item has been manufacturer discontinued. We recommend trying Canine Plus™ Multivitamin for Dogs (30 Bite-Sized Chews)

    Canine Plus™ a multiple vitamin is a palatable, chewable nutritional supplement for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. Canine Plus™ increases the nutritional value of your dog's food. Canine Plus™ incorporates a delicate balance of vitamins, minerals, fat-dissolvers, and enzymes to enhance the physical and mental well-being of your dog.

    Each chewable tablet contains 900 IU Vitamin A, 75 IU Vitamin D3, 7.5 IU Vitamin E, 18.75 mg Vitamin C, 7.5 mg Niacinamide, 3.75 mg Para-Aminobenzoic Acid, 3.75 mg Riboflavin, 7.5 mg Thiamine, 3.75 mg Pyridoxine, 0.003 mg Vitamin B12, 0.003 mg Folic Acid, 0.003 mg Biotin, 7.5 mg d-Pantothenic Acid, 1.5 mg Carrot Powder, 1.5 mg Xanthophyll, 60 mcg Cobalt, 0.060 mg Iodine, 375 mg Potassium, 1.5 mg Zinc, 37.5 mg Magnesium, 0.0045 mg Copper, 4.5 mg Iron, 37.5 mg Phosphorus, 75 mg Calcium, 0.005 mg Selenium, 0.005 mg Chromium, 7.5 mg Choline, 7.5 mg Betaine HCl, 7.5 mg Methionine, 3.75 mg Inositol, 7.5 mg Lecithin, 3.75 mg Linoleic Acid, 1,125 mg Desiccated Beef Liver, 150 mg Dextrose.

    Amino Acids from beef liver: 41 Lysine, 10 mg Methionine, 45 mg Leucine, 50 mg Isoleucine, 45 mg Valine, 12 mg Tryptophan, 31 mg Threonine, 41 mg Phenylalanine, 61 mg Arginine, 32 mg Histidine, 21 mg Tyrosine, 4 mg Cysteine, 31 mg Serine, 105 mg Glutamate, 60 mg Alanine, 89 mg Aspartate, 50 mg Glycine, 75 mg Proline.

    Enzymes and Digestive Aids: 2.25 mg Pepsin (Enteric Coated), 2.25 mg Papain (Enteric Coated), 2.25 mg Bromelain (Enteric Coated), 2.25 mg Protease Enzymes (Enteric Coated), 3.75 mg Lipases (Enteric Coated).

    Ingredients: Desiccated Beef Liver, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Tricalcium Phosphate, Magnesium Oxide, Linoleic Acid, Isoleucine, Threonine, Tyrosine, Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Thiamine, d-Pantothenic Acid, Choline Bitartrate, Betaine HCl, Vitamin E, Lecithin, Para-Aminobenzoic Acid, Pyridoxine, Inositol, Riboflavin, Lipases (Enteric Coated), Iron Peptonate, Pepsin (Enteric Coated), Papain (Enteric Coated), Bromelain ( Enteric Coated), Protease Enzymes (Enteric Coated), Carrot Powder, Xanthophyll, Zinc Gluconate, Iron Gluconate, Potassium Citrate, Cobalt, Kelp, Yeast, Copper Gluconate, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Biotin.

    Suggested Use:

    Under 20 lbs: 1 tablet daily.

    20-70 lbs: 2 tablets daily.

    Over 70 lbs: 3 tablets daily.

    If giving more than one tablet, divide between AM and PM. Note: Do not cook with foods. Heat destroys vitamins.

    Customer Reviews

    DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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    Excellent Product by Doglover050910 from Michigan06/25/2013

    I have been using Vetri-Science products for many years. I used the canine plus vitamins senior vitamins on my geriatric dogs and now that I have young dogs again, I am using the canine plus vitamins. Their blood work is always outstanding.

    by from 12/11/2010

    2 in the morning and 1 at night, make my dobermans oh so bright,

    to by my from dogsI


    Very happy by fran from New Jersey02/16/2014

    I love this product for my dogs. Easy to break in half if needed. Lots of good stuff in them. I will order these again! Not a big review person.

    Healthy dogs for life. by angelacatz from Los Angeles, CA06/05/2014

    I started my large breed dogs on these vitamins about 5 years ago, just to make sure all the nutritional bases are covered. I throw a vitamin to each of them to "catch" before their meals. They love that game. We do feed what we believe to be a well-rounded meal program to our dogs, but this supplement seems like it would cover any small gaps, plus they LOVE them.

    great by owners03/27/2012

    As always, great product, great price. Our dogs do great on the vitamins. We do not feed as per directions on dog food, so we supplement with these vitamins. Have bought from Entirley Pets before, will buy from again. Thanks!!!

    Canine Plus Vitamins by Candy02/13/2014

    I originally bought some in Dec to test if the dogs would take them willingly. They were capsule size tablets and the dogs loved them. When I ordered the larger size (I have 5 dogs), they came as a wafer type tablet. My dogs don't like them at all. I contacted the company by chat and Joey never called me back. The next day Gary never answered me. That day I sent an email to company and I have gotten no answer. I am going to call them this morning about the vitamins. I want to send them back. Maybe I will get an answer. I haven't had trouble with their last 2 products I ordered, but I never had to contact them before and I recommend not to use them because of poor customer service.

    DON'T BUY FROM HERE - great product though by goldenlady from Mission Viejo, CA03/05/2014

    BEWARE!! Love this product but healthy pets/entirely pets advertised a $100 gift certif for $90. However, they charged me $100 instead of $90.00 then charged me twice and the gift certificate number never even worked!! Tried their terrible customer service many times but finally had to decline the charges with the credit card company to get money back. But, then healthy pets/entirely pets illegally charged me $100 yet again!!! Also, they have sold me products expired or to expire within the month. BEWARE!!

    Great price by Joe from Phoenix, AZ07/28/2012

    This is a great price for a balanced vitamin for your dogs. 1000 vitamins may seem like a lot, but they don't spoil. If you are like me with more than one large dog, they make perfect sense.

    vet recommended by h2odogs07/31/2014

    My vet had me using these for my dogs ... WAY cheaper to buy in 1000 tablet buckets from Entirely Pets. Thanks for saving me a bundle !!

    Repeat Buyer - Excellent Product by mobulls07/07/2013

    I have been buying these vitamins for about 5 years and I feed them to all my dogs, we show French Bulldogs and my handler always comments on how good their hair coats are. The dogs LOVE them too!

    Essential for optimum health! by doublejdogranch.org from Hauser Lake, Idaho04/24/2013

    We have multiple dogs at the sanctuary on these daily vitamins. Best value out there!

    by from 07/17/2012

    Recommended by our rehabilitation veterinarian for all three of our dogs -- one young, two old -- as an excellent multi-vitamin, and a good addition to their other specialized nutritional supplements and physical therapy.

    (corgi, by corgi, from Lab)All


    uses by other from vetriOur


    has by the from bestAnd


    by from 05/09/2012

    We were looking for a vitamin to supplement our dog's diet and Cannine Plus was the perfect product.

    a by trusted from manufacturerVetri


    size by really from helpsThe


    canine Plus Vitamins by Nadine from Sequim, WA06/13/2013

    Our dog's vet recommended these years ago, because the vitamins we had been using contained a lethal ingredient (still being sold, too). Our 7 year old golden retriever has done well with these.

    by D RI from Foster RI08/16/2013

    They're good for them and they love the flavor

    No so liked by dogs. by Candy from Rowe, NM03/03/2014

    In December I ordered this product in smaller quantities and was sent caplets, in February I ordered a large quantity (5 dogs) and was sent tablets (1000) and the dogs wouldn't eat them. When I tried to get an answer no one would contact me. I went else where. I sent them back and haven't received refund yet ( probably haven't received them back. I am pretty sure they will charge a restock even though it wasn't the same item.

    Top of the line Multi Vitamin by Irish Wolfhound Breeder from Georgia10/16/2013

    I've used this product for years. You can't beat Vetri Science and I thank Entirely Pets for carrying top quality lines of products.

    A convenient way to give supplements by rescuedog from Sarasota, FL.10/19/2011

    Our dogs like these tablets, they are easy to split if we need to, and the price was good.

    Canine Plus Vitamins 1000 tablets by Vlad & Barkly's Dee from Nashville TN09/27/2013

    ~ Since we feed our dogs a raw diet, their vet is more comfortable knowing they're on a multivitamin. If we're giving vitamins, why not add extra digestive enzymes to their meals? ~ Prey model feeders say that dogs can't digest vegetables properly. Well I think the difference in my dogs obviously digesting (their feces is proof) the raw vegetables and fruits that I give them at lunch is the fact that we give them Canine Plus. ~ We feel better knowing they get the kinds of antioxidants that are in raw vegetables for one of their meals. The vet feels better knowing we give a multivitamin. Vlad & Barkly love the taste, and readily eat the tablets. Their coats are amazingly shiny. We ALL love EVERYTHING about Canine Plus!

    Regular Purchase by George from Studio City, CA09/15/2014

    We have been ordering these for our two doberman's for years. They love them and think it is the best snack ever...

    by Leah11/09/2013

    We've purchased these vitamins for years and the dogs love them.

    Australian Shepherd Breeder's Choice! by sliteleighme from Washington State03/18/2012

    I've used this vitamin/mineral supplement for years and am able to purchase it in the 1000 tub size here at a great price! Shipping is fast and reliable and I've always been happy with service from Entirely Pets.

    Great Value by Mrty from Ripon CA10/23/2012

    This vitamin was recommended through our vet but much more cost affective through Entirely Pets. We do everything we can to give our dogs the best possible products and give them a quality life.

    Great deal! by Jill from Forest, VA06/14/2014

    These are comparable to vitamins that you purchase at your vet, at a much lower price. When you are taking care of 3 critters the savings are a big help.

    Great Value by Joe P. from Phoenix, AZ05/17/2014

    Super economical way to purchase vitamins. Don't know if the vitamin recipe changed, but my dog doesn't go gaga over them anymore. Don't know if he is finally tired of the same taste or something else has changed. He will eventually eat them with a lot of coaxing.

    all products by speedy from san pedro,calif.11/20/2011

    all products i have bought here are excellent and i will continue buying them here

    Too bad! by Lois from NJ07/22/2013

    I thought this was gonna be a great deal! 1,000 vitamins for $67! Then I read the ingredients. I gave it 4 stars because it had evey good vitamin in it until I got to the aspartate. Why on earth would they have to put aspartate in a dog vitamin! Like a dog would know if its not sweet enough! Pleaseee! Everyone's gotta ruin a good thing!

    by Spike08/03/2012

    This is a great product. I have been using it for three years now and the dogs love them. Quick shipping as well!

    Execellent Price by goofy from Reno, NV 8950209/09/2013

    I have 7 dogs and I've been using this product for quite some time now and my dogs eat them like a treat. My dogs are happy and healthy. Carol

    by bearsley02/01/2014

    Great product at a great price from a great company, Entirely Pets. I have two healthy Rottweilers who use this product daily based upon my veterinarian's recommendation.

    by from 10/23/2012

    VetriScience is a terrific brand. Recommended by our holistic vet years ago as a supplement to our doggies' raw food diet.

    50 by lbs from andOur


    lasts by forever!!" from We've used these for years for our doggies...This


    Love the Canine Plus by DaniDee04/26/2012

    Have been using the canine plus for a little over a year and have noticed a big difference in all 3 of our dogs. Takes a little while to build up in the system but when it does...great stuff. My primary reason for getting this product is the Vitamin A as I have an Aussie with an eye disease and the vita-A keeps her eyes a little more wet/hydrated. All of us are also drinking Kangen Water and this was the first big boost before this product and the water makes the product work about 75% more effectively.

    by from 09/28/2013

    These vitamins were recommended by our vet, and our 3 standard poodles love them like they are treats!

    and by I from amAn



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