Naturvet Quiet Moments Cat Calming Aid Plus Ginger (50 soft chews)

    Naturvet Quiet Moments Cat Calming Aid Plus Ginger (50 soft chews)

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    This item has been MANUFACTURER DISCONTINUED. We recommend trying NaturVet Quiet Moments Calming Aid Plus Melatonin for Cats (50 soft chews)

    Quiet Moments Calming Aid is a tasty, natural formula that helps reduce stress and tension for cats. These soft chews are easy to feed, and your cat will enjoy the ginger flavor. Calming Aid is ideal for situations when your cat may become overly tense, including: while travelling, during fireworks shows, while boarding or grooming.

  • Natural Formula
  • Calms nervous cats, ideal for: traveling cats, during fireworks, while boarding or grooming

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    Usage Information

    For use in cats over 12 weeks of age. Give 2 soft chews per day 30 minutes prior to episodes that may cause stress on the nervous system such as traveling, grooming and thunderstorms.


    Active Ingredients per 2 soft chews:
    L-Trytophan.....50 mg
    Chamomile.....6 mg
    Thiamine.....6 mg
    Ginger.....1 mg

    Inactive Ingredients:
    Brewer's Dried Yeast, Cod Liver Oil, Flaxseed Meal, Glycerin, Lecithin, Natural Flavoring, Oat Groats, Rice Bran, Rice Flour, Sorbic Acid, Vegetable Oil and Wheat Germ.

    Customer Reviews

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    Calmed the Bully by Cappy from VA Beach, VA04/21/2013

    These are working wonders on my big bully feral cat that I brought into the house a few months ago. One to 1 1/2 in the morning and "Mr. Barry" behaves himself for the rest of the day. The girls are still a bit afraid of him but less and less each day that they realize they can walk near him without being brutalized.... He is mellow more than sleepy which is the outcome I wanted. I also put flower essences in their water and everyone seems to be a bit happier.

    Another ok purchase by LittleOne from Elkins, WV11/15/2011

    I purchased this product along with the gel. My cat is much happier eating this treat than licking off the gel. Still not a remedy for the improper spraying.

    These help by Jan01/11/2013

    If these are mixed into food, x2 ea. day, along with the anti- anxiety homeopathy, my cats are calmer. We are moving and were traveling over the New Year. It definitely offered much needed support.

    She likes it! by Cat Lady03/03/2013

    I bought the calming treats fearing my high-strung cat might refuse to eat them. She ate two and begged for more! Great product.

    Repeat Customer by Marnie from Cape Canaveral, FL10/24/2012

    I buy these for my little "spitfire" to calm him down at bedtime. They work like a charm!!

    ok by dragonfly08/14/2013

    They seemed ok... I have 4 cats. one cat didn't like them. Another did not have the calming effect (I took him to the groomer, that didn't go well). The other two cats seemed to have the desired effect of being calmed.

    GOOD PURCHASE by JEM, MI07/20/2013

    This product helps my cat Smoke, but because she is a Siamese, it takes several of these treats to calm her down.

    What a Difference! by Grammy12/12/2011

    My little cat family has always been very docile. Suddenly, one of them became quite aggressive to the others at bedtime really causing chaos. I ordered the Naturvet Cat Calming Aid Plus Ginger and not only does he love the soft chews, our bedtime ritual has once again become a fun time. I would recommend this product to anyone who has a rambunctious cat.

    Natural Tranquilliser by DebB from Sydney, Australia05/06/2012

    It's that time of year when toms and hot female cats are on the nightly prowl. This so upsets my beautiful neutered red point Birman that he runs around like a loony constantly sniffing, preoccupied with outside foreign smells and occasionally sprays inside the house. He has been put back on antidepressants to alleviate his anxiety and spraying but now I have discovered Calming Chews I hope to eventually just use these. He and my other two neutered felines (females) immediately took to these chews, even seeking more, and the effect has been outstanding with calmness being restored at high emotional times. They can be used as a "treat" because they seem to be so tasty. Mostly one is sufficient for the desired effect.The biggest effect is that the male sleeps more in the 24 hours but that's with the antidepressant in his system as well. If you are trying to achieve a more peaceful environment in times of high stress with the added benefit of a product that's natural, this is awesome but don't use any more than 2 chews for each cat as they may be too sleepy to play. By the way, I think that I've noticed less furballs. Maybe the ginger has helped!

    Was hoping for a miracle!!! by njm08/13/2013

    Would love to be able to say that this product works wonderfully, unfortunately my crazy kitty will not touch it. I tried mashing half of one and mixing it in with her food, but then she would not eat her food. I gave it 3 stars, which is average, simply because I cannot say if this product works. I was hoping for a miracle, will just have to keep trying other products (unless they come out with a chicken flavored one, which I'm sure she would eat).

    Disappointed by stormsl from Marquette, MI07/31/2013

    Purchased this to use with one of my cats who is a little more anxious than the other three. Can't get him to eat it but one of the other cats (the most laid-back one) loves them. Oh well!

    Good for Picky Eater by farmpair511 from Port Angeles, WA07/17/2012

    My cat loves the smell and texture of these. Indoor cat, have noticed an improvement with hairballs and she does get nicely mellow if she's edgy. Love that these are all natural as well. No mineral oil!


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