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Crazy Cat Catch-A-Bubble Catnip Scented Magic Bubbles (Assorted)

Item Number: CARD98217
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Crazy Cat Catch-A-Bubble Catnip Scented Magic Bubbles (Assorted)
by. Crazy Pet

Magical long-lasting bubbles scented with catnip are the purr-fect interactive toy for kids of all ages and their cats. Bubbles will stay for hours. Fully safety tested to industry standards. Comes with a wand and fun shaped bottle for hours of fun.

Crazy Cat Catch-A-Bubble Catnip Scented Magic Bubbles package
Non-toxic and tested to ASTM standards, will not stain clothing or furniture.

Customer Reviews

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4.00 rating based on 7 reviews
by feline friend04/09/2013

the cats at the animal shelter where I volunteer just loved the bubbles twice a week we give them bubble enrichment.....they just have a blast

Fun to watch by Angelique02/29/2012

My cats like the bubbles. They have a lot of fun playing with them. They are a bit sticky, but easy to clean up. They really last a long time too unlike the other cat nip bubbles I've purchased in the past.

Long-lasting by Ksz713 from Annapolis, MD06/26/2012

These bubbles are amazing. The bubbles can literally last for days. Our cats love them!

Long Lasting Bubbles by Lanie from Seattle, WA01/02/2013

I like the idea of these bubbles more than my cats do. They do pique a little interest in my cats, so I blow bubbles only occasionally to keep the experience novel. I think a dog who enjoys popping wafting bubbles would find these fun.

Not so great by mel.10/31/2012

My cat didn't like them, but does like regular bubbles. When the bubbles pop, it leaves a crusty stain where ever it lands - carpet, clothes, fur, etc. It can only be vacuumed/ machine washed/ brushed out.

by from 08/11/2012

Oreo loves to chase these bubbles. Jasmine finally figured out that they were fun to chase - but she had to get over being afraid of them. I will purchase them again. I gave bubbles to all my kitty loving friends. Great interactive activity. Now my kitties wait for me to play with them.

local by pet from storesToo


A Ton of Fun in a Bolttle by MsHollygolly from King City Ontario Canada01/15/2013

I am happy to say ... all three of my rambunctious kitty-kats love this product. The bubbles are so strong that an hour later some of the bubbles were still there on the floor. My cats love to chase and pop these bubbles and they look so adorable when you see all the bubbles landing on their heads and bodies and my kitties trying to outrun them, it's hilarious ! Although you can't keep blowing the bubbles as the room would be full of them, they are a great distraction and well worth the money for the time spent watching them playing. This product really keeps their attention for a long time.... finally ! Two thumbes up : My finicky kitty-kats approve !

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